Chopper coughed and spluttered as he pulled his head out of the snow. That wasn't the way Chopper had imagined arriving home would be like. Looking around Chopper couldn't see any of his nakama, he must have been thrown further from them then he realised.

First thing, Chopper needed to get his bearings. For, though Chopper grew up here everything was still covered in snow, and often the land marks are hidden. Chopper got up and began to brush the snow off his fur.


Chopper looked up in the direction of the voice.

"Someone, please help!" came the voice again more urgent this time.

Without any more hesitation the reindeer ran in the direction of the voice.

"Help someone!"

As Chopper cleared the last snow covered hill he paused taking in the scene before him. There was a man with a girl of about 8 years old who Chopper assumed was the man's daughter. There was a large white tiger crouching down getting ready to pounce. The man had no weapon, though he was trying to position himself between the creature and his daughter.

Chopper began to run towards the seen changing into his heavy point, however; before he could get there the little girl ran around from behind her father's legs and throw a snow ball at the tiger.

"Get away, mean kitty!" yelled the girl.

"Danielle!" yelled the man. The tiger reached out one of its large claws bringing down on the girl knocking her to the ground, as her blood spluttered onto the snow.

Chopper finally closing in the gap, drew back his fist and smashed it into the tiger's face before it could make another move. The tiger was thrown several meters before crashing down in the snow.

The large animal got up clearly angry. It watched the new comer with distaste, however it wasn't in the mood for a fight turning the tiger slunk away disappearing into the snow.

"Danielle!" cried the man kneeling beside his daughter.

Chopper reached down and began to assess her condition. She was still breathing so that was a good sign but she did have some nasty slashes across her chest and was losing lots of blood. Chopper grabbed his back pack which he always kept with him and began treating the girl.

The man just sat there in silence for a while watching Chopper work as tears fell down his face.

"Will she be alright?" asked the man.

Chopper nodded, "She will be fine but she has lost a lot of blood, I need to get her back to town as soon as possible."

The man nodded solemnly. "My other daughter, Selene was with us when the tiger attacked, as we ran we got split up, but I heard her calling out about getting help, so I am assuming there will be others coming soon."

Chopper nodded again.

"Thank you for saving us," said the man gratefully, there was a pause then the man continued, "If you don't mind me asking. What are you?"

Chopper was about to reply when there was a loud bang and he felt sudden pain in his left arm.

"Get away from them you monster," came a voice for behind him. Turning he saw about a dozen of the towns folk armed with guns all aimed at him. (Also understand that Chopper was still in his Heavy Point form he had been to focused on the situation and hadn't changed to his usual form).

"Get out of here," yelled another man as more guns went off. The man who Chopper had helped tried to protest but no one heard him. Chopper ran. The people chased after him, a couple stopped to help the man with his daughter.


The guns kept on firing. Chopper gripped his arm as blood pour out of the wound. Sudden pain exploded in his leg as another bullet hit him. The reindeer fell to the ground; just as he was scrambling to get up he noticed a flash of green cross his vision.

Looking behind him the humans' guns had all been slashed into pieces and standing between him was none other than..

"Zoro!" exclaimed Chopper in relief.

"What happened," exclaimed one of the men.

"Who the hell are you," one of the men asked the new comer.

Zoro didn't answer; he didn't need to, just one look from him, made all the men begin to tremble. In the end there was stumbling over one another in their attempt to flee.

Chopper sighed in relief.

"Hey Chopper,"

"Zoro," Chopper said again this time tears were beginning to flow down his face, "I am still a monster."

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