"My Patient"

By Quick-n-Popular

Disclaimer: "Naruto" and "Negima" Are not mine. Nor are their characters.

Chapter One: A Stranger at Mahora

"Get him inside, quick!"

One Ako Izumi had to dive out of the way as two men were dragging a person, who had his arms around their necks with his head slumped down; inside the infirmary where Shizune, the Mahora Academy's nurse, led the three to the nearest bed. One of the men whispered into her ear and she nodded.

"Alright, all necessary precautions will be made, I'll treat his wounds and then tell Dean Konoe when he wakes up."

The men nodded and then made their way out, passing by Ako who gazed at them curiously before she looked back to the occupied bed where the injured person lay breathing shallowly. The silver-haired girl gulped and took a conscious step back as she saw the extent of his injuries. The person, a boy, roughly her age; dressed only in orange track pants lay with his entire chest and midsection covered in slashes, cuts, and bruises. It looked like he had been mauled by a lion.

Ako could feel her hemophobia taking over and she felt woozy.

Shizune, cleaning and bandaging the boy, looked up and noticed her. "Ah, Miss Izumi. I'm sorry I didn't see you there. Have you finished your application for the Student Nurse position?"

Ako closed her eyes and shook her head before looking at the Shizune, "Y-Yes, I did, Shizune-sensei."

Shizune smiled, "Well put it on my desk on your way out, I'll look at it when I'm done."

Ako nodded and then looked at the face of the boy she was treating. He had a messy top of spiky blond hair, a round face and, if she wasn't imagining it, three marks on his cheeks that looked as though they were whiskers. She assumed they must be birth marks but...

"Miss Izumi?"

Ako snapped out of her stupor and a pink tinge appeared on her cheeks as she looked at the floor in embarrassment. "Um, Shizune-sensei, w-who is that boy? Does he go to the boy's middle school?"

Shizune raised an eyebrow but a small smile replaced it. "No, dear. He was found earlier and nothing more is known about him; it's quite the mystery."

Ako nodded and took one last look at the boy before saying her goodbye to the nurse before leaving.

The next day was the first day for Mahora Academy to be open and for school to start for the large academic institution. Swarms of girls either ran or used other methods to get to the school on time as an announcement blared on the speakers around the entire campus to tell the student body to get to school on time.

Ako heard this as she idly chatted with her best friends since elementary Makie Sasaki, Yuna Akashi, and Akira Okochi. The topics were varied and they soon were amongst the first of many who arrived to the school buildings.

Ako prided herself for being athleticly fit to survive the gauntlet that all the girls take to get to the enormous school grounds, her more than average ability in soccer was a testament to that.

Soon she and her friends found themselves in the 2-A Classroom which was alive with activity. Ako recognized everyone as she had met some during elementary and others here and there. Soon she was seated and chatting with Chao Lingshen who, along with Satsuki Yotsuba, were passing out meat bun treats. Yuna ordered some for all of them while Makie told/complained about her rhythm gymnastics troubles.

Ako smiled and nodded along, adding a comment here or there, but at the moment her mind was preoccupied by what happened yesterday and seeing that boy in the condition he was in.

' I hope he's alright, now. I wonder who he is...'

Shizune looked up from her writings as she heard some groaning coming from the beds, which all were unoccupied save for one.

Getting up from her desk she made her way to the room with the beds and soon stood from the front of the bed where the blond haired boy lay. As she suspected he was stirring and was slowly coming to, if his groans were any indication.

Looking at the boy, she thought back what happened after he came in and when Izumi Ako had left. The Dean came in and gave her a little more info on how the boy was discovered and why precautions were being made to put magical seals around his bedside to restrain him and to alarm those in need, if need , he had been found on a branch of the World Tree, in the state he was in, and was surrounded by demonic energy healing black rods that were protruding from various parts of his body. Once the demonic energy had dissipated, they had caught one of rods and analyzed it and had found the energy to be unknown.

The Dean had his theories, none were mentioned to Shizune, about where the boy might have come from but he needed to do a little research first. After that, he left her and asked her to inform him once the boy had awakened.

She supposed she should do that, but, before; it was her duty to treat her patient.

"Hello? Young man, can you hear me?" She asked softly as the boy's eyes were moving behind the lids.

He made no reply, just continuing to groan.

However, after a few minutes, his groaning ceased and his eyes slowly opened.

Shizune was greeted by a pair of oceanic-blue eyes that blinked once...then twice.

"Young man?" She tried again.

What happened next surprised her. Tears formed in the boys eyes and then the boy whispered, "Hinata...I'm so sorry."

Shizune found herself in the Dean's office. He wasn't alone as Takahata Takamichi was there as well, smoking a cigarette as Shizune told them what she heard the boy say before he sobbed himself to sleep.

Konoe stroked his beard thoughtfully while Takahata starred off into space.

After a minute or so of thinking, Dean Konoe stood up.

"Let me see him."


Ako knocked on the open door of the infirmary and peered inside. She was here to see if she could be of some help and if Shizune-sensei was finished with her application form.

However what greeted her was the sound of...crying?

Curiosity over coming her, the silver-haired teen girl followed the sound to where the beds were and stopped as she found the source of the sound. It was the boy she had saw earlier.

"I'm so sorry. Kakashi-sensei...Sakura-chan...Baa-chan...I...I...I let you all down."

Ako felt her heart swell with sadness hearing this boy, who was apologizing so profoundly. Ako, whether she knew it or not, made her way to a chair that was beside the bed. Once there she sat and listened as the boy kept on making apologies to so many other people. She had no idea on what to do or say. However, she remembered that when someone is in pain it helps to let them know someone's there.

"Hey...it's...it's alright. I'm...I'm sure they forgive you." She whispered softly.

"Sasuke...I couldn't keep my promise to Sakura-chan...Will you...will you ever come back?" He cried some more, his voice becoming croaked because of over use.

Ako looked down, unsure as to what next step to take. Slowly she raised her head and reached out her hand, retract it, and then reached out again and took his in her hand, squeezing it softly.

Ako then began humming a song that the band she was apart of, "Dekopin Rocket", recently rehearsed; humming the bass notes that she performed.

Unbeknownst to her, two things happened: One, the boy ceased his apologies and his breathing became more mellow. Two, she had more than one audience member.

"Hoho, I dare say you have the making of an excellent healer on your hands, Shizune-chan." The Dean said from where he and Shizune, along with Takahata, stood at the doorway.

Shizune chuckled, "I'm surprised as well."

Takahata smiled, "Are we sure she's not a Mage?"

Once Ako finished, she opened her eyes and was taken aback by a pair of deep blue eyes looking straight at her. Instantly her hand came off of his and was at her side as she stood upright in alarm.

The boy continued to look at her, blinking once, then he closed his eyes and turned his head back onto the pillow, starring at the ceiling.

Ako blushed and slowly sat herself back down.

"Um...Hi." She said, lamely.

The boy turned his head back to her and held her gaze before a small smile spread and he replied, "Hi."

His eyes seemed to have a hold on her and she was so mesmerized by them she found herself lost and unable to say anything. However the spell was broken when he began trying to sit up and winced painfully by the process.

Ako went for him to, at least, try and steady him.

"Whoa! Are you sure you want to do that?" She asked.

The boy sighed loudly and slumped back down onto the bed.

"I guess not." He replied and chuckled, ruefully. "I can't remember the last time when I was in this bad of shape."

Ako nodded slowly and sat back down on the chair. "I...I saw you when you came in. You looked...pretty bad."

The boy eyes seemed to cloud over and he soon became quiet again. He remained that way till he closed his eyes and sighed.

"So...what's your name?"

Ako, who had been focusing on her feet, looked back up and then to the side. "I'm Ako. Ako Izumi."

The boy nodded, "I'm Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki. Can...you tell me where I am, Ako? Where in the Elemental Nations am I?"

"Elemental Nations?" Ako asked, cocking her head to the side.

"We'll answer your questions, if you'll answer a few of our own, Uzumaki-san."

Ako and Naruto turned their heads to the entry as three people approached. Ako launched herself out of her seat when she saw that it was, not only Shizune-sensei, but the Dean himself and Takahata-sensei as well. She began to make an apology when Shizune-sensei chuckled and raised a hand to stall her.

"Relax, Miss Izumi, you're not in any trouble. If anything your actions have further influenced me to grant you your position, here in the infirmary. However, next time wait for me instead of treating the patients while I'm gone."

Ako blushed but nodded her head.

"Could you please wait outside while we talk, Ako? There are things we need to clear up with Naruto-san, here." Takahata said, smiling.

Ako nodded, "I probably should get going." She then stopped with one foot forward and pivoted on the spot and bowed to Naruto.

"I'm happy you're feeling well."

Naruto smiled, "I am too."

Ako smiled and bowed again to the faculty before going out the door.

Naruto watched as she left and strangely it left him a little...sad? He shook his head and looked as the man with the oddly shaped eyebrows that reminded him of Rock Lee and Maito Gai, sit in the seat Ako had left vacant.

"So...where am I?" Naruto asked, looking at the three people.

"You're at Mahora Academy, an all-girls school, in the infirmary, to be precise." The Dean chuckled as he saw the look of confusion on the boy's face, "I take it you aren't familiar as to where we are, the island country of Japan, yes?"

Naruto shook his head, "It..Doesn't sond familiar, but then again I never liked the boring lectures at the academy about the Elemental Nations." He chuckled, nervously.

"Elemental Nations, you say? I dare say, you are far from home, Uzumaki-san. You're not in your world, to be exact."

Naruto looked confused at first and then his eyes widen in panic. "Then...where...am...I?"

The Dean began stroking his beard, "Like I said, we're in Japan. Tell me, when we found you, you had black rods sticking out of you, can you tell as to why?"

Naruto looked at the ceiling and sighed before closing his eyes. When he opened them he began recounting everything that has happened to him, beginning when he lived in his village, Konoha and when he became a Shinobi. He withheld certain things like what he learned in the Academy, what he found in the forbidden scroll, and...the Kyuubi. He finished telling about battling a man named Pein, who was from a group named Akatsuki, that had been after him, but again, he didn't specify as to why.

The Dean listened and didn't interrupt him, but when he finished he asked one question.

"Was it because you have a demonic energy around you? Was that why you were hunted?"

Naruto began to have sweat beading down his forehead and he audibly gulped. However he didn't answer.

Takahata sighed, "You know, you aren't the only one here at Mahora with this problem."

Naruto's eyes widened and he turned his head to look at the smoking man.

Takahata nodded, "I know of a girl who is actually half-demon. Are you the same?"

Naruto turned his head back and sighed, "No. One was sealed into me." He then told them what he had omitted earlier and when he was done, he waited for his sentence.

The Dean sighed, "Well, that's quite the story. Now that we know, we'll have to figure out where to put you, once you're healed."

Naruto's eyes widened. They were...okay with him?

Takahata hummed, "Well, there's room in the faculty apartments. Can't put him with the girls, Negi-kun is already caused a commotion over there, no need to add more, wouldn't you say?"

Shizune chuckled, "If Miss Izumi's any indicator, he'll cause an even bigger commotion since he's their age."

Naruto had question marks above his head, totally lost on what they were talking about.

Ako, after finishing getting dressed went to her bed on the top bunk and got under the covers. Both of her roommates were fast asleep and she ended up staring at the ceiling thinking about all that transpired today. She didn't know what was the biggest shock, getting little Negi Springfield as a teacher or meeting Naruto Uzumaki.

She smiled to herself, maybe this year would prove interesting.

To be continued...

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