"My Patient"

By Quick-n-Popular

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Chapter Three: Road Blocks

The evening had been eventful for one Evangeline McDowell, however it did not end the way she had intended.

It had been a grand scheme, one that would have ended a decades' old curse brought upon one by the insufferable man, Nagi Springfield. Her efforts were good, she had managed to strike fear into the heart of the Thousand Master's son, yet she hadn't accounted for the ten year old's magical knowledge and the aid of one Asuna Kagurazaka That girl, what a troublesome sort, she was. Evangeline's Magic Barrier was by all brilliant yet this, mortal, ordinary upstart, managed to twice penetrate her barrier and hurt her in the process. Even Chachamaru had difficulties but, from what she suspected, the boy-mage probably made a pactio with the ginger-haired girl.

Besides the downfall, the evening had not been an entire waste. Evangeline learned more about the boy and Asuna, impressed at what a team they made. Not that she would say it openly but the boy's declaration of ridding the spell that had her restricted to the school had quite the impact on the immortal vampire.

After her downfall on the bridge, Evangeline went to change and retire at home, hoping that sleep would wash away the humbleness of the evening.


Chachamaru's voice drilled its way into her tired psyche and she half-heartily replied back to her.

"What is it, Chachamaru? The evening has drained me."

The robotic girl bowed her head, "I looked into the matters of that "night" you have asked for."

Evangeline shook herself out of her half-sleep-idled stupor and looked inquiringly at her servant.

"Yes? Go on."

Chachamaru bowed her head again, "My sensors have found no being on campus that caused that influx of demonic energy."

Evangeline sighed, "Thought so. I imagine the old man knows but he never tells anything willingly."

Chachamaru nodded, "However, Master, there's a rather odd person whose been admitted to the Infirmary on campus who, when I did a thermal-body scan, seemed to have a rather peculiar seal on his body."

"A magic seal?" The adolescent-looking, English girl, asked.

Chachamaru looked away, off to the side, and was silent before she closed her eyes, "The reading came out as UNKNOWN, Master. Its not a magical seal and the language written on it is completely foreign."

"That's impossible, Chachamaru, YOU have a 'universal language system'. How is it possible that you cannot identify its origins?"

The green-haired robot bowed her head, "I am sorry, Master."

The blond vampire growled out of fatigue and irritance. Her mind, sluggishly, pondered this new development. She supposed that this individual came from the Magical World on Mars but Chachamaru should have been able to decipher anything related to that world. If he didn't come from this world or that one, then he was an oddity.

"Chachamaru, it's imperative that we find out all we can about this person, possibly even meeting."

Chachamaru nodded, "Do we ask the Dean or go around him, Master?"

Approaching the Cottage, Evangeline sighed, "I don't have an answer, right now. I'm tired. We'll talk about it tomorrow."

It was a great feeling, getting out of that bed. However, the promise of returning to that bed meant that Naruto would be savoring every second he was out of it.

It had been agreed, by both the Dean and Shizune, that he would be able to be in a wheelchair and be allowed to move about the campus of Mahora, well with certain conditions at least. What he knew was that he would be allowed a couple of hours to move about but he would need to be escorted by either Shizune or Ako and that he wasn't allowed to be alone for an extended period of time.

What Naruto didn't know was that the Dean placed a magical seal on his wheelchair that prevented him from getting up and alerted, those who needed to know, his exact location at all times.

So, Naruto finally had the, short, freedom of leaving his bed knowing he'd be back there in the evening.

"Well, here we go..."

Shizune steadied him as the awkwardness of his limp, unstable, body stood up from the bed and then he made the slow process of sitting down on the cushioned wheelchair.

"Miss Izumi? Are you ready to show him around campus?" Shizune asked the silver-haired teenager.

Ako, who was staring out into space, blinked and then nodded. She strode off to the back of Naruto's chair and grabbed the handles.

"Now you two behave yourselves. There's a lot of people still doing their club activities and I don't want to hear of you interrupting them."

Ako, inwardly, sighed. She knew what kind of attention they were going to draw because of Naruto's looks and his charisma.

Naruto, in the meantime, was looking blankly at the doctor, "Why would I do that? I'm going to be lost in this place."

Ako smiled and Shizune chuckled.

Naruto sighed, adjusting his seating, "So, can we go now?"

Shizune nodded and turned to Ako, "I'll leave it to you, Miss Izumi. Take care, you two." With that, she left.

They watched as she left. Well, Naruto did. Ako just looked off into the distance.

"So...where are we going to, first?" Naruto asked. When he was met with silence, he shifted his head to the side and looked up. "Ako-san?"

The girl blinked and looked at Naruto, "Yeah?"

"Where are we going?"

Ako pushed the wheelchair and hummed to herself. "Well...I could show you the Boy's Soccer Club, I manage. Or we could see Akira or Yuna's club meetings."

Naruto nodded, "Let's just get out of the building, first. I miss feeling the sun on my skin."

Ako nodded, she could understand his wanting to getting into the outside world, she thrived in it. Part of her life was lived in soccer and she couldn't imagine not doing it or stop doing it.

As they were going through the floors to the ground level, Ako touched her neck and her eyes clouded over as foggy, incoherent memories came over her. They were strange. Some seemed to be of her and her friends along with that girl, Evangeline, from class. Ako couldn't make sense of them and there also seemed to be another person, a much shorter person, but he was clouded over as well.

Ako assumed it was a dream, yet Makie and Akira also mentioned having similar dreams as well.


The silver-haired teen stopped and looked down at her patient who was looking up at her with raised eyebrows.

"You're were walking us into a wall, for a minute there."

Ako's face turned red and she stammered before looking to the ground.

Naruto smiled, "Got a lot on your mind?"

Ako sighed, "Yeah, you could say that."

"Fumika, are you sure she went this way? We've been looking for almost an hour and we haven't seen any clue!"

"Fuka, you give up too quickly, I'm sure Kaede's around here somewhere."

Up in the treetops, the Koga Chunin, they were searching for, was chuckling to herself as she watched them search around the tree trunks and lower branches. It was only a matter of time before they would think that she might be higher than that. However, she took pride in the fact that the Narutaki Twins were quick to grasp the concepts of what she was teaching them.

Deciding to lead them on a little chase, Kaede Nagase hopped from branch to branch until she soon saw a building in the distance. According to her memory, which was horrible for school work but great in locations and shinobi skills; she figured she was about where the Tetsumiya Shrine was. Maybe she'd fine Mana there and the two of them could have a little chat before she had to go out and meet with the twins.

She had only been to the shrine a couple of times and met with Mana on a few occasions. Kaede didn't know much about her other than she, like Setsuna, kept to herself. Which she respected as she didn't tell anyone about her self-taught profession, except for providing hints to people like Negi Springfield and the Narutaki Twins.

Reaching the Shrine, Kaede found the dark-skinned biathlon sharp-shooter dressed in her Shrine Maiden clothes and leaning against a wall talking to Setsuna, who was leaning against another wall of the shrine.

The Kunoichi couldn't hear them, choosing to keep a good distance away from their impeccable eyesight, but that didn't mean she couldn't read lips.

"So you decided to skip out on meeting with that boy?" Mana asked.

Kaede watched as Setsuna closed her eyes and sighed.

"He was...preoccupied at the time. I'm still not sure if meeting with him is a good idea."

Mana nodded, "Your choice, I guess. Meanwhile, I've been finding out some things about him that some of the faculty has let slip."

Setsuna raised an eyebrow, "And?"

Mana looked off into the distance, "Well, for one thing, he's not a normal civilian. He's a ninja."

Kaede's normally shut eyes, widened. 'What?'

Setsuna looked away from Mana and looked into the distance. Whether or not she could see her, Kaede couldn't guess.

"What else?"

Mana sighed, "Well, no one seems to know where he's from. I've heard the name "Konoha" a couple of times but whether or not its a place, I don't know."

'Konoha?' Kaede thought to herself.

Mana got up from the wall she was leaning on, "I may go and meet with him, seeing as you are still hesitant."

"Well, you'll have your chance. I heard Izumi Ako tell Akira and the others that she's going to be escorting him around campus, today." Setsuna said, removing herself from her leaning position.

Mana smirked, "Alright then. You're coming with me."

Setsuna blinked, "What?"

The two looked away from each other at the slight rustling of leaves in the distance.

Mana closed her eyes, "How long has she been gone, do you think?"

Setsuna walked away, "I think somewhere between you talking about "Konoha" and you deluding yourself into thinking that I'll be coming with you to meet that boy."

Mana looked away and then a smile came to her face, "What if he meets Konoka Konoe today? I hear she's returning from shopping with Asuna."

Setsuna stopped in her tracks.

"Over here is the gymnasium where Yuna practices with her club and right next door is the swimming pools where Akira meets with her team. I practice and supervise the Boy's Soccer Club in the fields over there."

Naruto nodded along as Ako was giving the tour while pushing his wheelchair, only to be stopped when Naruto had a question or to say hi to some of the faculty they passed.

This world was strange and foreign to the boy who lived in militaristic times. It was quite different than the Shinobi World he was from and everything here was peaceful and free of bandits or other villainy. He was told as such by both the Dean and Takahata but seeing it first hand was another thing altogether.

"Over here is where...uh oh..."

Naruto snapped out of his thoughts and looked ahead to see a trio of girls chatting with each other. Well, two were chatting to one, that one had red hair brought back into a spiky pony-tail in the back. It reminded Naruto of Iruka-sensei and Shikamaru Nara, those whose hair was similarly styled. He saw she was writing what they were telling her, at least he thought so, and she seemed to be done talking with them as they had turned away and she was left writing.

Ako brought her head down to Naruto's ear, "That's Kazumi Asakura, a girl from my class. Unless you want to be asked a thousand questions and have your life published in our school's newspaper for everyone to see, we should and try to avoid her."

Naruto shuddered. Great, he had found another Ino Yamanaka here. He hoped to avoid the, how did the Nara out it? Troublesome girls who gossiped like crazy.

"Yeah, lets try to go back the other way."

Ako nodded and the two turned around only to be almost ran over by a small boy followed by two girls.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry." Came the English-accented boy, "I didn't mean to, oh, Izumi-san, is that you?"

"Negi, you brat, you need to watch where you're running to-"

"Oh look, its Ako! Who's that with her?" The brown haired girl called out.

Ako shuddered as she heard from behind her the fast footsteps of the news journalist of the school, closing in on them.

"Hey, Ako! Ah, you brought him along I see! Just the guy Yuna was telling me about."

The Red haired journalist bumped next to Negi as she whipped out her notebook.

"Ako...help..." Naruto whimpered.

Ako sighed, "Well I guess there's no way around this. Naruto, these are my classmates and teacher: Asuna, Konoka, Kazumi, and Negi-sensei."

Naruto slowly nodded, however his eyes turned towards the shortest of the group. "You weren't kidding, after all."

Negi Springfield bowed, politely, "Its nice to meet you, Naruto-san. Are you from the boy's middle school?"

Naruto shook his head.

"You must be a visitor, then. Too bad you got hurt on your trip here." Kazumi said, scribbling away in her notebook.

"Yeah, too bad." Naruto said, looking away.

Ako looked at him concern and sadness, which didn't go unnoticed by the gossip-hound or Konoka.

"So, is "Naruto" your full name or do you have a last one as well?"

"Uzumaki." Naruto said, still looking away.

Konoka, with Asuna tagging along, slipped around their sensei and school's journalist, and turned around Ako, forcing the silver-haired teen to pivot around to meet them.

"So, Ako, is he the boy you've been treating all this time?" Konoka asked, smiling.

Ako sighed, "Yes, he was assigned to me by Shizune-sensei."

Asuna nodded, looking over Ako's shoulder to see Naruto struggle with a question Kazumi asked him.

"So, what's he like?"

Ako's eyes widened and a blush spread on her face before she repeated Asuna's question and realized it was not a suggestive one.

"He's interesting. He comes from a place that doesn't have a lot of we have here. I'm having to explain a lot of stuff, especially sports to him."

"Must be a pain. At least he's not a brat like Negi-baka." Asuna smiled.

Ako smiled, "It's not a pain at all. In fact, I look forward to everyday I see him."

"Is that so?"

Ako turned around and was met with a devious smile on Kazumi's face and a furiously blushing one on Naruto's. Her face soon matched Naruto's and the two avoided eye-contact as Kazumi chuckled.

"Well, I think I have all that I needed. If I need more, I know who to go to." She winked at Ako. She then reached behind her, "Now for prosperity. Smile you two!"

Both Naruto and Ako looked curiously at her only to be blinded by the flash of her camera.

"Gotcha! Thanks for the scoop guys!" Kazumi pocketed the camera and left rather quickly.

A moment of silence followed and was interrupted by Naruto sighing.

"So much like Ino..."

"Who's this Ino-person?" Konoka asked, smiling.

Naruto looked faraway before he gave the four of them a description of the blond haired girl. However, he was careful to leave out her being a Kunoichi. By the time he was done Asuna snorted.

"Yeah that sounds a lot like 'paparazzi-girl'."

Konoka and Ako chuckled while Negi's attention was caught by something white moving along the ground and then hopped on to his shoulder.

"Yo, Negi-brother! Where have you been?" The creature spoke.

Negi winced and looked around before whispering to the Ermine, "Psst! Not now, Chamo."

"You have summons, here?"

Negi was unfamiliar with the term "summons" and thought it wasn't directed at him till he felt a hand tap the shoulder that Chamo wasn't on. Turning his head, he was met with the sharp blue eyes of Naruto.

"Does he belong to your clan, or something?" He then turned to the white, perverted, Ermine. "Yo, name's Naruto Uzumaki. Do you know of the Toads on Mount Myoboku?"

Chamo blinked and then turned to Negi, shrugging his shoulders quickly.

Negin chuckled, nervously, "Uh, Naruto-san, Chamo is a pet."

Naruto blinked, "You keep a summons as a pet?" He then turned back to the Ermine, "Man, do I feel bad for you."

"Hey, you idiot, I'm not a sum-mmmph!" The Ermine was muffled by Negi's hand as he turned to Konoka and Asuna, the latter, who was looking at the Mage and partner with a raised eyebrow; "Asuna, Konoka-san, I have to get back to the room. So, I'll see you all there! Ako-san, Naruto-san, it was nice to meet you!" He then ran with the Ermine sitting on his shoulder.

"Oi! You brat, wait up!" Asuna yelled and left after the young teacher.

Konoka chuckled and turned to the smiling Ako and the confused looking Naruto.

"I got to go after them. It was nice meeting with you, Naruto. Ako, I'll see you in class tomorrow." She then turned and left on her roller blades.

Naruto waited until they left before looking at Ako with a raised eyebrow. "Your classmates are alright but your sensei is strange."

Ako shrugged, "Those two know more about him more than the rest of us."

Naruto sighed, "Should I expect to meet anymore of your classmates out here?"

Ako wasn't sure whether or not to say yes or no.

Kaede watched from a distance, unsure as to whether or not approach this guy and see if those things that her two classmates said were true about him being an actual ninja. Unbeknownst to her, two others were in the vicinity and were struggling with their decisions.

Evangeline, Mana, and Setsuna were also debating on whether or not approach the boy. However, one thing they all decided on was that they would meet and talk with a certain person the next day and ask questions.

Ako was in for a lot the next day.

To be continued...

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