One of the best parts about being married was all the kisses he got. Back when they were only bestest friends, Pinky and The Brain didn't ever kiss ever. Not that they didn't show that they loved each other in other ways, like hugs and bops to the head, but it just wasn't the same as a kiss. And when they first said "I love you" to each other, there were a couple kisses, but Brain was so shy at first, Pinky had to start most of them. It was adorable really, his grumpy-growly scowly-scowl bestest friend getting all red and embarrassed whenever he wanted a kiss and didn't know how to ask. He'd give him lots and lots when he'd act like that!

When they were newly marrieds though, it was kinda like that too - since their definition of married was just to say "I do" and then suddenly it was husbands instead of boyfriends, but it was still a very important day. It was much easier for his chubby hubby love to bop or grab or yank or pull or pat when he wanted to touch-a touch-a touch or show affection. And Pinky loved each and every one of his displays! He really did! But sometimes, when he was pondering with Brain or making him tea or randomly dancing, he wanted Brain to reach out and be the one to give him a kiss.

It made butterflies flit about inside his belly whenever he did; before and after love things was always a time where Brain would cup his cheeks and nuzzle him and press their lips together. Any other time he was too embarrassed and Pinky chalked it up to the same reason he couldn't always say "I love you" when it wasn't love things time. Still, he loved him and knew he was loved back and didn't mind giving kisses, was quite happy to do so.

So he was surprised when a kiss came freely after his tail got tied in a knot. He'd been trying to train it to listen better, as it wiggled and wagged and had a mind of its own, and somehow it'd gotten tangled up in itself. At first it didn't hurt, but then the muscles began to cramp and all the tugging and pulling he'd been doing on it only made it hurt worse. So he did what he always did when he didn't know what to do. He went to Brain.

The megalomaniac sighed mid-scolding when he noticed the state of his husband's tail, patting his side to get him to turn. "How on earth did you manage this, Pinky?" Brain followed the lines of the knot with his eyes and then a fingertip before deftly untangling the knot.

"I can't manage it, Brain," he replied, looking over his shoulder to watch. "That's why I was putting it through Tail Training. Narf! But as you can see, it just doesn't want to be trained!" Pinky pouted, gesturing towards the appendage, less than satisfied with its behavior.

"Tail Training?" Rolling his eyes, The Brain untangled the knot and gave the appendage a pat and a light kiss. It was ridiculous and silly, but he knew his lover well enough to expect him asking for a get-better kiss.

His tail spazzed, from being freed and from the feel of his lips. Pinky couldn't even scold it, his blue eyes wide. Oh, he was so used to asking for them, it never occurred to him that his smarty chubby hubby would do it all on his own. A get-better kiss! Right on his tail! His wide-eyed stare lit up and he beamed at him, lashes fluttering. "Oh, Brain!"

Cheeks coloring, Brain released his tail and brushed his hands together. "Yes, well. Go and play, my dear. But keep your tail from tangling in on itself again."

Pinky took his tail in his hands, holding the part Brain's lips had touched to his cheek. "Right, Brain! Zort! Thank you!" He leaned in and placed a noisy kiss to one of his burny cheeks.

"You're welcome, Pinky." Clearing his throat, Brain turned back to his plans and waved him away.

Pinky saluted and skipped off; both he and his tail feeling much better already. It was after that that he started paying attention to the kisses he got after getting owies. Even ones that didn't hurt (which he didn't really consider as an owie, but Brain seemed to). Once he bonked his head really hard on one of Brain's machiney things. It was fun-fun silly-willy and made him all topsy-turvey in his noggin. He landed on his rump and laughed, rubbing his head.

"Pinky!" Bops to the head were certainly nothing new, but The Brain was normally the one to deliver them. Accidental blows were something different. Brain snapped up his goggles, setting a blowtorch aside before marching up to his husband. He ran his fingers through the messy tuft of fur atop his husband's head, scowling. "You imbecile," he grumbled. "I told you to halt your jumping about."

"Sorry, Brain, but I couldn't help myself!" He blinked at him and his scowly self, at least what he thought was him. There were several wibbling about. "Gangnam Style!" he giggled, throwing his arms out. "All the cool kids are doing it! Troz!"

Fairly certain that he'd made that up, Brain rolled his eyes. "Yes, I'm sure. But you should still have enough sense to not bounce about beneath low-hanging machinery." He nearly asked Pinky how many fingers he was holding up, but that would require counting. By the time he made it to one, the night would be over. "I don't see a welt, so I suppose your dumb luck has been of assistance once again." He brushed his lips to the top of his head, nuzzled gently. "Now be careful, Pinky."

"Naaaaaaaarf," he cooed, ears falling as his tail swished gently. His heart filled up, all big and warm and so in love. He gave him a get-better kiss even when it didn't hurt all that much. And during a plan thingy too! "'Kay." Pinky smiled at him, his vision returning to normal and he focused on the one and only Brain. "I will, Brain."

"Good." Brain gave him a last pat before snapping his goggles back over his eyes. "Now, then, if you're alright, we have work to return to."

Pinky nodded enthusiastically and hopped to his feet. His dancing still continued as he worked, but he was more conscious of the machine, like Brain wanted him to be. He was all floaty inside too. A kiss from Brain during a plan thingy, it was a very rare treasure.

But after a few days and few more tomorrow nights, he noticed that once again he was initiating all the kisses. The tail kiss and the head kiss had happened very close to one another. They got him excited and hopeful that maybe Brain would start them more often. Except he could tell that his chubby hubby still got all flusterdy when Pinky kissed him if it was outside of their cage or during a plan. Yet he hadn't been all that flustered with the get-better kisses.

All the thinking had Pinky's head hurting, but it seemed like something worth thinking about. He wanted more kisses from Brain, and only got them when he was hurt in some way... Hmm... There was a connection to be made somewhere, he just knew it. The question was where.

As Pinky pondered this he was in the middle of making tea for him and his husband and accidentally splashed some of the hot water on his front. It was an "ow" feeling very briefly, only processing as pain for a second, but he went to Brain regardless, thimbles of tea in hand. "Brain! Brain, I got tea on me!" he called out, considered a moment, and then added, "It hurt!"

The smaller mouse turned, fingers still at his temples where he'd been rubbing at the burgeoning headache. For Pinky to spill something on himself was normal enough, but for it to hurt was an entirely different matter. Scowling, he took the thimbles away from his husband and set them aside. "Where did you spill it, dear?"

He pointed from low on his chest to his belly, pouting. "Here. Poit."

Brain reached out, taking his fingers through his husband's damp fur carefully to make sure he hadn't burned himself. "Does it still hurt?"

"Umm... what happens if I say no?" he asked, blinking twice. Pinky stepped a touch closer, liking the petting.

Eyes rolling, he quickly deduced that the spill hadn't burned him and smoothed his husband's fur back down. "Nothing will happen if you say no, Pinky. I do prefer you not to be in pain," he grumbled and brushed a light kiss to his husband's chest before plucking up the tea. He handed over Pinky's thimble, took a sip from his own and closed his eyes on a sigh. Wonderful as always.

Pinky looked down at his chest and his cheeks warmed. "Narf." And the connection he'd been trying to make became clear. He got kisses when he got hurt, so if he wanted more kisses all he had to do was hurt himself more! Egad, brilliant! Oh, wait no... wasn't hurting oneself bad?

Well, it was in the name of love, so it couldn't be all bad. Surely this was an exception. Beaming, he took a sip of his tea and then hugged his thimble. He'd come up with his own very good plan, and it was all thanks to his husband. "Oh, thank you, love!"

"Mmhm." Brain turned back to his blueprints, gazing at them with fresh eyes thanks to his brief break and the tea. He took another sip, humming to himself. "I'm nearly finished with tonight's plans, Pinky. You go and do... whatever it is you care to do."

"'Kay!" He saluted his husband with the wrong hand, then rushed off, suddenly very eager to think up ways he could get more kisses. He couldn't be too obvious; one thing he'd learned from Billionaire Batch Baker was that you need to play it cool and coy and not throw it all on the table! He didn't know what he'd be throwing on the table, but he didn't want to. Even if they weren't dating anymore and were actually marrieds, he didn't see why he couldn't spice up their love life every now and then.

Draining his thimble, he felt ready to tackle the challenge of getting kisses! Pinky looked around. There were lots of things he could use, but like he'd been thinking he needed cool and coy. Something that wasn't too out of the ordinary. Well, nothing was really out of the ordinary for him. His dress-up box in their cage caught his eye and his first idea concocted. Not only would he get a kiss, but he'd get a fancy new outfit out of it too!

He sat down to sew, getting decently far in the dress he was making, then he purposefully stuck himself with the needle. Oh dear, it didn't hurt that much. Plus, he'd stuck himself accidentally before and didn't always tell Brain about it. Just like with the hot water, Brain might be able to tell it didn't really hurt him. Tongue peeking out and brow furrowed, he poked a little harder. It didn't feel like much more than a tickle, not as pleasant, but not quite an owie. He started jabbing other parts of him, to see if any of them would hurt more than his finger; his arm, his leg, his other leg.

Warily, he looked back at his tail. Sensing it was being watched, it moved away from the needle. "Poit." Pinky reached back to grab it, but it just went to his other side. So he tried again and again, but his tail was sneaky. Finally he latched onto it and gave it a firm shake. "It's in the name of love, tail," he told it sternly, then eased up a little. "Sorry." Closing one eye, he leaned back as he took aim with the needle and stabbed. "Ow!" Tears actually pricked at his eyes and he blinked rapidly to keep them at bay, dropping the needle as he ran to his husband, clutching his tail. "Braaaaaaain!"

"Pinky?" Scowling, Brain paused. He'd already been on his way to the cage to locate his husband; it was time to enact that night's plan. "What on earth is the meaning of this?"

"Brain! I was sewing and I- and I poked my tail!" Pinky whined. He held out the injured appendage, lower lip quivering as his eyes shimmered with the tears he was trying to hold back.

"Pinky..." Sighing, detesting the fact that there were tears in his eyes, Brain didn't even register the oddness of Pinky coming to him twice in a short amount of time with injuries. His high pain tolerance generally kept him from feeling things for long. "Don't cry, dear, shh. It's alright." Brain cupped the injured appendage, seeing a pinprick of red where he'd jabbed himself. "We'll get a bandage and you'll be just fine."

He sniffled, squirming when Brain touched it. "It needs a get-better kiss too," he whimpered, even though he did like bandaids and figured one of those would be helpful as well. But he wanted the kiss more than anything. "Please, Brain?"

"Yes, dear. One now, and one after you get your bandaid." Anything to quell the whimpers and threatening tears. He brushed his lips against the appendage, keeping a hold of his tail as he carefully guided him back to their cage and to their bed. "Now sit."

Egad, two kisses? That cheered him up enough to keep him from crying. Pinky sat on the edge of their bed, watching Brain with big blue eyes and also pondering just what he'd done different to get two kisses instead of just the one.

Brain nudged their noses together, pleased to see him a bit more cheerful. He walked to the first-aid kit, plucking it up and carrying it back to the bed to fetch out a small bandage. He quickly cleaned the small area, covering it properly, and then pressed a light kiss to the spot. "There now. Does it feel better?"

Lacing his fingers together, he held his hands under his chin and nodded. "Mmhm. Thank you, love." Though he still didn't know why he'd gotten two kisses, and was afraid to ask lest it embarrass his hubby and make it so that he never ever got another get-better kiss again.

"You're welcome. Now come." Brain cupped his cheeks, nudging their noses together briefly. "Your sewing materials will have to wait to be cleaned until later. We have a world to conquer."

"And take over? Troz." Cheeks tingling and warm, Pinky nuzzled his hands while he left them there, enjoying this husband moment before it was time for the plan. He hopped off the bed, letting his tail have a few experimental swishes before deeming it recovered enough for world domination.

Brain gave him a bland stare. "Yes. And take over." He clasped his hands behind his back, striding off towards his blueprints and beginning to vocalize that night's plan.

During the plan thingy, Pinky didn't look for ways to hurt himself. Brain's plans were very important after all, and he didn't want to distract him from it. Besides, he was quite pleased with the two for the price of one that he'd received. And when his hubby's plan exploded like usual, they both got get-better kisses for all their owies (as Brain did tend to get a lot during his plans). Pinky gave each of his aches a special kiss, then bestowed several on his lover himself because the biggest owie was always to his dream of taking over the world.

As he kissed him, Pinky felt a little bad for giving an owie to himself on purpose when Brain got his on accident, but comforted himself by reminding him that he'd give Brain all these kisses no matter what. He needed to get hurt to get his, so that made it okay. Because they were husbands and in love and their hurts, bumps, and bruises always went away quickly.

Brain was fond of the kisses, receiving and giving. And as much as he would've preferred to kiss him more often, they were best saved for after the plan when he could give his husband his full attention. He didn't want his focus half on plans and taking over the world when he had his lover pressed close. He wanted Pinky to have all the attention he deserved, so drew their lips together with fervor and clung tight.

Oh, he could feel his love and need in this kiss, drawing him in and making his heart go pittery-pattery. It wasn't a get-better kiss - it was a before love things kiss and it both excited him and made him feel so special. "I love you, Brain," he breathed against his lips, sliding his own over them and reveling in the notion that his husband had started this particular one.

"Yes, my dear. You too." He wanted to say it, but that would require many more kisses. Brain nudged their noses together, humming softly.

"Naaaaarf," he cooed, leaning even closer to bump their foreheads together and he giggled as he gazed into his husband's pretty pink eyes. "I know." Pinky nuzzled affectionately, wriggling against him. "I know you love me. Poit."

Brain paused, Pinky's simple knowledge still such a surprise. But he still wanted to say it, so rolled his husband over and rubbed against him in return, pressing their lips together. "Just where all did you get hurt during this plan?" he purred. "I'd like to make sure I don't miss a single spot."

Laughing, he arched into him and curled his fingers in his fur, petting his chest. "Oh, lots of places, Brain." He tipped his head to the side, eyes sparkling. "My shoulder from when we got smushed by that thingy." His lips brushed against his husband's shoulder to show him.

"Of course." Brain scooted down, pressing kisses from his cheeks down his neck to thoroughly kiss and nuzzle his shoulder, suckling warmly on the patch of fur. "Where else, Pinky? Tell me where you need kisses."

Pinky hummed, his breath catching as he shimmied gently. Brain was a very good kisser, no wonder he wanted him to do it more often. "My elbow," he giggled, lapping at the soft, pink inside of his ear. "And my knee, annnnd... poit. My lips."

Ear twitching, Brain slid back up and rubbed their lips together. "Of course, my dear. But your lips don't need to be hurt for kisses." With a pleased hum, he sank into a deeper kiss and gently stroked his husband's sides.

"Mmm..." He rubbed Brain's back in nonsensical patterns as his hips moved from side to side. "But they hurt when they're not being kissed." His legs lifted up to wrap around his husband's waist and keep him there, warm and solid and pudgy and wonderfully soft. "They miss yours."

"Then we should take care of that, my dear." Cupping and caressing his husband's hips, Brain sank into a warm kiss. He nibbled lightly on his lips, lapping at them to soothe.

His lips parted for him, all a-tingle inside from the attention they were getting. "I love you," he whimpered, clinging tightly to him. "I love you so, so much." He didn't care that he'd already said it; he could easily say it forever.

"Yes, Pinky, you too," he murmured, kissed him again until he was dizzy. "Love you too, yes." They rolled, freeing Brain's hands to stroke down his husband's back, to pet his tail. His fingers brushed the bandage from earlier and he pulled him into another kiss, this one far more gentle as he recalled the tears that had filled his eyes. Pinky was usually so careful when he sewed, the megalomaniac detesting that he would accidentally injure his happy, wiggly tail.

Pinky rubbed against him, back bowing under his hand. His tail loved the attention even more, swishing this way and that before realizing that it didn't give him optimal touching time, so it pressed into Brain's palm instead. His heart started thumpety-thump-thumping at the words and poured more love and devotion into the gentle, sweet kiss. He was getting kisses and "I love you"s, the best way to spend a night after the plan thingies.

Content to stay beneath him, Brain began kissing his way down. He licked down the curve of his neck, nibbled along his shoulder, and pressed warm, open-mouthed kisses to his chest. Lower and lower, continuing to pet his tail as his mouth teased every centimeter he came in contact with.

He whined and squirmed above him, the constant, damp kisses overwhelming his little mind. Pinky tangled his fingers in Brain's fur, petting and catching over his hips as he needed and struggled to hold. "Brain..." He nuzzled his ear, breath fanning over it.

"Shh, Pinky, let me take care of everything you need." Purring, Brain shimmied lower and nibbled fondly on his hip. Quietly, he marveled at how simple it was to forget all the aches and pains the foiled plan had instilled when he had that limber body above him and that taste on his tongue. "You're so beautiful, my dear," he purred and lapped his way to the other hip.

"But Brain, it's..." His hips shifted subtly, enjoying his mouth and tongue and lips. "I can't shhh when it's your kisses," he protested dazedly. The compliment sent warmth spiraling through him. From his cheeks to his tummy and even his tail.

"I'm flattered," he murmured, flicking his gaze up. He rubbed his cheek to Pinky's hip, tugged carefully at his tail. "On your knees, sweetheart."

"'Kay." Pinky lifted up onto his knees, gazing down at his chubby hubby love with half-lidded blue eyes. "Troz. What now, love?"

"Now the kissing continues. You did say your knee needed one." Brain slid down, pausing briefly to nuzzle and lap at his groin, before shimmying out from beneath him entirely. Rolling onto his own knees, Brain began licking the back of his thighs, pressing warm kisses to them now and again and he switched from one to the other. His fingers brushed teasingly over the back of his knees, his crooked tail spasming slightly. "Mm. You can stretch back out now so I can kiss properly."

Moans and gasps spilled freely from him after the first nuzzle and lick between his thighs. Pinky slid onto his stomach, stretched out obediently and rolled his hips. His tail lifted, to stay out of the way, but it also left him exposed as his legs spread slightly. "Mmm... I love your proper kisses," he giggled breathily.

"I should hope so. You're the only one who gets them." Brain ducked his head, tongue gliding slowly over the back of his knee while his hand slid up, slipping beneath Pinky's body to knead his groin and coax his arousal.

"Nn... naaaaa-aaarf..." Pinky rubbed his face into the pillow, heat swelling within him. His tongue, his hand, his tongue - it was so hard to focus on one and both were making his mind all melty. "Egad, Brain," he panted, rutting lightly as his length began to peek out. The muscles in his calf jumped as his leg twitched and toes curled. His husband was taking unfair advantage of that sensitive spot, but he couldn't complain.

Pleased, Brain cupped his length and kneaded it firmer. His tongue slid up his thigh so he could nip his lover's behind. "What else needs kisses?" he teased.

He yipped, tail jerking straight as he wiggled. Any laughter was caught up in his moaning, because even while it felt so good it was still awfully funny that his tail did that. And with Brain touching his thingy so nicely, it was hard not to just dissolve into squeaks of pleasure. "Oh, all of me, Brain." Pinky lifted his head and looked back at him, gaze dark and sultry. "It all hurts when I don't have you."

"We can't have that, Pinky." With a purr, Brain slid his tongue along the curve of Pinky's bottom to get to his tail. He nuzzled and licked until his relaxed again, kissing his way along the length of it. Special attention was paid to the bandage he'd put on earlier, slowly unwrapping it. Seeing that the little pinprick had healed, he gave the spot a soft, special kiss before rolling his husband over to kiss up the length of his arousal instead.

His tail and the rest of him was so deliriously happy. He sang squeaky love songs praising and adoring Brain, smile shining in his blue eyes as he watched his lips. Oh, this was a wonderful idea. Still tingling from all the kisses, his tail swished in agreement. He was surrounded in love, basking in it, and Brain really was kissing him better all over. Really a wonderful idea, and clearly Brain loved kissing him better just as much.

Brain lapped the pink shaft thoroughly, the songs heightening his own arousal. He captured Pinky's tail, running it through his fingers as he crawled up to claim his husband's lips and swallow those delicious sounds. He eagerly fed back his own, rutting his hardening length against his lover's.

Pinky gasped squeakily and eagerly kissed back, willingly parting his lips to let Brain take whatever he wanted. His legs wrapped around him again, helping to grind their shafts together as wave after wave of pleasure assaulted his senses. "Brain...!" He ran his hands all over his hubby's body, looking for the best place to cling to, but he wanted to touch it all.

Brain tugged lightly at his tail, releasing it to worm a hand in between their bodies in order to wrap his fingers around his husband's length, cupping it as they rutted and moved together. "Pinky," he moaned, tongue darting between his parted lips to explore.

Feeding his lover all his squeaky love songs, Pinky curled his fingers in his fur and rocked faster into his hand. He suckled on his tongue, rubbed his own against it, whining as he was confined by his husband's fingers. The ball of heat in his belly spread everywhere, filling him more and more as he moved against Brain.

Brain whined back, every buck of his hips sending him spiraling. His husband was so very beautiful and mobile beneath him, pleasure building between them. He continued to knead and caress the pink muscle, gasping when his hand brushed his own length. "Pinky. Pinky, touch," he whined, lips going to his neck to suck on the pulse point, feeling the rapid beat beneath his tongue.

Pinky's head fell back on a sharp squeak, his hands scrabbling through his fur as he sightlessly sought what his husband needed. He cupped Brain's length and squeezed, mimicking the motions to his own. Pumping quickly, he rolled and writhed beneath him, arching into his hand. "Brain, ohhh, Brain-!" His moans were pressed right into his ear, lips moving against the pink inside, kissing and lapping and nuzzling.

Brain rutted into his hand and against his body, his own hand moving quicker. His free hand found Pinky's tail again, mimicking the motions to his shaft as he whined and moaned into his neck. He pressed heated kisses to the column and along his shoulder, sounds shifting into squeaky songs of praise.

His hips tried to go faster, but his body was already rocking wildly out of rhythm. He let his hand pick up the pace, working his husband closer and closer to the edge. His own release was building up, could feel it everywhere, making him squirm and wriggle to get away from all the feeling until he couldn't and then he simply squirmed more. He couldn't stay still under his talented, gorgeous husband. Panting as he squeaked and squeaked, tongue lolling, Pinky latched onto Brain's crookedy tail, pumping, squeezing, kneading it. "Brain, I can't- I can't-!"

Neither could he. Oh, neither could he. It was too much. So much motion beneath him and that hand was so clever, both were. His tail twitched, as mobile as it could get, to try and get more glorious attention. And his hips just couldn't keep up the pace, his body tensing as he drew closer, closer, closer. Pinky's words took the last of his control, the megalomaniac crying out as he let go. "Yes!" he exclaimed, crushing their lips together as he came between them.

The warm seed splashing his hand and stomach sent him over the edge, the happy "yes!" ringing in his ears as his release came on a desperate outcry of his husband's name. Pinky arched up beneath him, his hands still sloppily moving as he lost himself in the kiss and sweeping sensations. "Love you, love, love you, Brain," he babbled into the kiss as he came down from his high.

"Yes," Brain sighed, removing his hand from between them before sinking down atop his husband. "Love you too, dear. Yes." Light, breathy kisses were peppered over his face.

Still caught up in his delirium, squeaky giggles escaped as he tried and failed to catch the kisses. Pinky gently stroked his crookedy tail, the hand between them staying there, messy but warm from the heat of their stomachs. His tongue danced in quick swipes along Brain's chin and cheeks when the kisses allowed him to.

Brain brought their lips together again on a humming sound, clean hand sliding up to cup his husband's cheek. Kissing Pinky was highly beneficial.

Purring against his lips, Pinky sank into it and savored the gentle unity. He rubbed his cheek against his palm and blinked the daze from his eyes as he smiled brightly up at him. "Hi, Brain."

The megalomaniac lifted a brow at the greeting, ducked his head to touch their noses together. "Hello, Pinky. Did the kisses work?"

He wriggled beneath him and nodded, releasing his tail to pet up and down his back. "Oh yes, Brain! You made me all better! Narf!" Batting his lashes, he giggled and rubbed his nose to his chubby hubby's little ol' button one. "Did you get enough kisses?"

"There's no such thing as enough kisses as far as you and I are concerned, my dear." Brain smiled slightly, far more content now than he had been when they'd first trudged home from the failed plan.

Pinky gasped happily, tail thumping against the bed as claimed several enthusiastic kisses for himself. "That's what I'm pondering too!"

"Mm." Of course it was. They only seemed to ponder the same thing when it involved romance of some kind, and even then it was rare. Brain rolled, taking Pinky with him, to reverse their positions. Purring quietly, he rubbed their noses together and gave him another kiss. "Go and fetch a wet cloth, dear. I don't want us to go to bed sticky."

"'Kay!" he chirped, nuzzling him before rolling away off the bed. It took him a few minutes, but eventually the dim-witted mouse located a cloth and moistened it before hopping back over to his lover. "Found it, Brain!" Pinky bounced on the bed and crawled up to lie beside him, placing the cloth on his chubby belly.

Humming, Brain snuggled into their bed and gave his husband a small smile. "Thank you, dear." He reached up, petting his ears fondly.

"You're welcome, love." Pinky finished cleaning him, his ears flicking up into his hand and he tilted his head so it would rub against the top of it. "Narf." Handing him the cloth next, he laid back beside him, pillowing his head right above his lover's shoulder.

Brain brushed a light kiss to his brow, taking the cloth over his abdomen, cleaning him quickly in order to cuddle. The cloth was folded and set aside to deal with the following morning, the megalomaniac snuggling close to his wayward husband. He nuzzled him fondly, pressing another kiss to his cheek. "Fear not, my dear Pinky. Tomorrow night's plan is certain to gain us the world," he murmured, rubbing his nose against the spot he'd kissed.

"Right, Brain," he purred, closing his eyes as he wound his arms around the smaller mouse, holding him to his chest. His belief in him infallible. "It's your destiny. Poit." His tic permeated the yawn that squeaked through as he cuddled closer.

"Yes." His adorable husband. Brain kissed his cheek again, the contagiousness of yawns causing him to give his own. Sighing contentedly, he wrapped himself securely around the taller mouse and let his eyes close. "Goodnight, Pinky."

Smiling, he hummed a giggle and nuzzled him sleepily. "Goodnight, Brain. I love you."

Brain hummed his response, fingers curling into the fur above his lover's heart as he drifted off.

Written by myself and the wonderful StarShineDC!

This idea was sprung from the hypothetical question posed by the both of us: Who would enjoy burning themselves?

We both realized Pinky would if it meant get-better kisses.

Thus this fic was born.

I must warn you, even as co-author, I got a little squeamish from making Pinky do some of the things he did. Not the physical stuff, no, it doesn't get that gory or anything. But like, his reasonings and such. If characters doing stupid things squicks you out, this might be one of the stories that does it. Brain's just so sweet and Pinky just... well, read on and you'll find out. It's a heart breaker, truly.