Pinky felt much better after they did the plan thingy (even though it failed), until Brain did more doctor tests on him without getting to play doctor after. Clearly his chubby hubby was still worried, though it was with good reason as the taller mouse had already accidentally thought of another way to get get-better kisses, and that was simply not allowed anymore. Worries distracted Brain and he couldn't be distracted from his destiny, especially not because of him. Why did it have to be such a bad thing to want his attention though? Couldn't it come without the worry? Pinky liked to think it could, getting hurt or bopped or bumped before he started doing it on purpose never seemed to bother Brain this much before.

Though now it seemed Brain was just being worried and the attention was not so much on him, but on the results of his doctor test. Pinky tried not to pout, he really did, but if Brain was going to be worried about him, then it wasn't fair that he had to just sit back - sit still and not move in case he hurt himself - and not be with him while he tried to figure out what was wrong with him. While he sat and waited for him, Pinky toyed with the bouncy, scrapey thing that was used to light the bunsen burners, sulking.

While Pinky sulked, Brain studied and fretted. None of the results made sense, at least not in conjunction with what he was searching for. Nothing explained Pinky's sudden increase in severe injuries. He had, in fact, ended up perfect in everything. Nothing wrong with his ears, his eyes, his balance - there was nothing. Pinky was perfectly healthy.

Why, then, was he getting hurt? He didn't get injured on their plans any more than normal, still laughed at the smattering of bops he'd received when Brain had forgotten about his recent penchant for pain. It simply didn't make any sense unless he was doing it to himself which-

Brain stilled, grip tightening on the results he held. Unless he was doing it to himself. No. No, of course not. It was Pinky. His sweet, flighty lover. He didn't harm himself, not intentionally. But now that the seed had been planted, it was all he could see. He quivered a little, throwing himself further into research and results. Something else had to explain this. Pinky wouldn't self-mutilate. It made no sense. Not his happy husband. There was an alternative explanation; he just had to find it.

Pinky looked over his shoulder at his husband. For a few minutes he watched him fall deeper into the plans and books and papers. "Brain," he finally spoke up, still fiddling with the flint lighter. "Brain, come cuddle with me. Please?"

"Not now, Pinky. Once I'm finished here." He looked back, frowning at his husband. His heart constricted as he gazed at his pouty lover, hoping his pondering was incorrect. If Pinky could be left alone for a little bit, everything should be alright. His hypothesis would be wrong and that would be that. Brain refused to consider what could happen if he was correct. "Go and play, Pinky, but be careful. And leave the flint alone. I can't very well light my blowtorch or a bunsen burner without it, particularly since that's the last decent one until the shipment that was ordered comes in."

He dropped it, continuing to pout at him. "But I want a kiss, Brain. Can't I have just one kiss?" If Pinky just told him why he'd been getting hurt, then he wouldn't have to do all that research, but he just couldn't. It wasn't something he could say.

"Later, Pinky." Once he had the answers and could take care of the problem. "Now go play if you're feeling restless."

"Poit," Pinky sighed and got up to do as his husband asked, though he took the lighter with him as a sort of act of defiance. It made him feel better to squeeze the handles anyway. Besides, it wasn't like he was going to actually light a bunsen burner or blowtorch and they were very hard things to break. His ears perked and the lanky mouse looked towards the window, where one of the burners and other lab thingies were. A bunsen burner hurt to touch, even more than hot tea splashing on your fur.

His tail twitched unhappily. Oh, but he promised himself he wouldn't hurt himself again, it was getting in the way of plan thingies and making Brain worry! Although, they'd already done the plan tonight and Brain was worried anyway. At least this way he'd get the attention too. And he'd get to hear an "I love you" and be called so many nice things and touched all over. Instead of being told to go away and play. After the plan was always their time together, Pinky did not like having to wait for it when it was such a silly reason. He was fine, but if Brain wasn't going to spend time with him unless he wasn't, well then... he had the lighter and he had the bunsen burner.

He could say he was going to roast marshmallows.

Hoisting the lighter up, Pinky walked over to the burner. He knew how to turn it on, had seen Brain do it lots of times like when they were the Feldmans and roasted hot dogs outside. It was simple. He started the gas flow by turning the little wheel, then held the lighter over the top to spark it. On the first try it didn't light, or the second since it was kind of hard to scrape the flint fast enough when the lighter was as big as he was, but eventually it sparked and the hot blue flame appeared.

Wasn't it funny that the hotter fire was, the bluer it got? Blue was supposed to be cold and red was supposed to be hot. Pinky shrugged and set the lighter down, brushing his hands together. There was some hesitation before he stuck his hand in the flame, but once he had he surmised that it didn't feel too bad. Until his little mind registered the pain that was there. He yelped and yanked his hand back so quickly that he stumbled over his own feet and tail, rolling backwards until he flopped on his belly. Holding his hand up, he blew quickly on it, the fur singed and the skin already blistering. When caught in fire, he never usually waited long enough or was in it long enough for him to realize it hurt. Not even with explosions. They always happened so fast.

Tears spilled down his cheeks as his breaths started coming faster, making it hard to blow on his hand still and even more difficult to call for his husband. Shakily he got to his feet and went back to where the smaller mouse was so he could fix it, make it all better. Give him a kiss, that was all he wanted. "B-brain," he gasped out, the hitch in his breath allowing more tears to fall.

No. No, he couldn't be. It was an accident. Just an accident, whatever it was. Swallowing hard, Brain turned to assist his husband. He blinked at his hand, eyes rounding. "Pinky! Pinky, what on earth-?" How could he have burned himself so severely? "Sit now, dear, and I'll go get the first aid kit."

Sobbing, he nodded and did as he was told. He'd never had a burn that hurt this much and he never wanted to ever again, even if it did mean kisses and attention from his husband. He'd choose the push pin over this any day.

Brain was gone and back almost too quickly to be possible, setting the kit and a few extra supplies down before perching beside him. Oh, his hand was so red. Brain was afraid to touch it, but he couldn't let the burns get infected either. "I'm sorry, sweetheart, but this is going to hurt. I'm so sorry." He lifted a hand to his partner's cheek, giving him the kiss he'd asked for earlier, but he kept it light and brief before dipping his injured hand in the container of cool water he'd brought over.

Pinky shook his head. He didn't want it to hurt more. It stung once it went in the water and he could feel it throbbing all the way up in his head and not in the good love things way. He changed his mind, he'd take all the owies he'd given himself over this one. "Brain, don't do that," he wailed, wanting to pull his hand away, but his husband had kissed him and called him "sweetheart" so he kept it still for him. "It hurts! Stop it, I'm sorry!" It was clearly punishment for hurting himself, it had to be.

"Shh. Hush now, Pinky, it'll be alright. I need to reduce the swelling. It's only for a few minutes. It'll hurt less after, I promise you. This will help as well," he assured his lover, offering a small dose of a pain reliever. "Take it, my dear, and tell me what happened."

He swallowed it down, then clung to his husband with his good hand. "I-I wanted... I was gonna..." Pinky hiccupped and shook his head again. This was more a lie than anything else and he just couldn't say it, only started crying harder.

Brain leaned back, heart hammering painfully against his ribs as he gazed into those damp, blue eyes. He could always count on Pinky's honesty. Always. And it made something vile twist in his gut to see the guilt of a lie in his husband's miserable gaze. Please no. "What did you burn yourself on, Pinky?"

Gripping his arm tightly, suddenly so scared he'd go away and never come back ever because liars didn't get to be loved or live happily ever after, Pinky gnawed on his lower lip as he was unable to look away from Brain's eyes. "The bunsen burner," he told him through a sob.

"But I just told you..." Pinky may not have been able to look away, but Brain had to. Pink eyes squeezed shut, his free hand lifting to his chest to rub at his heart. His precious dear was hurting himself. "You know that those are dangerous. I've never had to tell you that, Pinky. You know it. You know better." His eyes opened again, the smaller mouse quivering. "You did it on purpose," he said quietly, afraid to phrase it as a question in case Pinky lied to him.

Pinky didn't nod to confirm it, but he didn't shake his head either. His chest heaved as he tried to hold back his tears and crying and any other sad sounds, but it was so hard when Brain was looking at him like that. Oh, it was wrong. He was so wrong and love couldn't change that he'd done a bad thing. "I'm sorry," he whispered, the only thing he could manage without his voice breaking, ears flat against his head and he trembled. "I'm sorry, Brain."

"I thought something was wrong. I thought you were ill, Pinky. I was so afraid that something had happened to you." Anger bubbled beneath the shock, so much more familiar, but it delivered its own sort of pain. "You knew that, Pinky, yet you continued to deceive me. You allowed me to believe that these were accidents. You've never lied to me, Pinky. Ever. What on earth made you believe harming yourself was alright?"

"I didn't mean to lie." The crying had started again, he felt too much shame not to. "It didn't start out as lying, really! I... I just wanted you to kiss me!" Pinky gazed at him pitifully, his eyes watery and guilt-ridden. The anger scared him, he didn't want Brain to be mad, that wasn't why he had done this at all. "Y-you get embarrassed w-when it's not love things or because I'm h-hurt, and-and I just wanted t-to make it easier. I just w-wanted you to kiss me, Brain. We're husbands, that's what's supposed to happen. But I never meant to lie! I didn't want to, I tried not to! Please don't be mad!"

The anger vanished, overwhelmed by another wave of shock and then his own shame. "I d-didn't- I had assumed- Pinky, I never- That is, I..." He couldn't articulate anything, any excuses or explanations. His sweet, precious husband was harming himself because of his own failings.

The Brain didn't recognize the sudden noise that followed that realization, almost missed it over the shattering of his heart and had no idea that he heartbroken sound had come from his own lips. His demonstrations had been lacking; he wasn't good enough. Pinky had hurt himself because The Brain wasn't good enough at being a husband. "I'm sorry," he breathed, his own voice so low under the ringing in his ears. "I didn't mean to be so poor a husband."

"I'm so sorry! Please don't hate me, don't leave me, I- poit?" Pinky's sobs ceased, one ear lifting and he blinked damp eyes at his husband. "Wuh- Brain, why are you sorry?" he sniffled, voice hoarse and thick. "What're you talking about? You're not a bad husband, you're not the one who was a liar liar pants on fire- or... umm... hand on fire... troz. You didn't do anything wrong." His hand squeezed his arm, still clinging in case he tried to leave. "Brain?"

"My inattentions and poor displays of affection drove you to harm yourself. I'm sorry, Pinky. I assumed... I thought I was giving you enough. I thought it would be- I thought you were happy." His husband blurred before him, tears filling pink eyes but not quite falling. "Ultimately, this is my fault." How could he not have known? How could he have missed signs of his husband's dissatisfaction? He still couldn't think of any concrete signs when there must have been some. Pinky had stepped and fallen on a pushpin, he'd given himself second-degree burns. That didn't speak of someone who was happy. "I thought you were happy with me," he said quietly, breath catching.

"I..." Pinky blinked some more, baffled. "I am happy with you, Brain. I wouldn't want you to kiss me if I wasn't happy with you." He scooted closer, taking his hand out of the water so he could wrap his arms around his husband and snuggle against him. "You make me happiest. I was... zort. I was being selfish... for wanting more. You love me, and that's enough. I'm sorry. You're a good husband. The best husband. I'm the bad one, I made you worry and I knew I was making you worry. I knew... Brain, I'm so sorry."

The megalomaniac shook his head, a headache forming as his mind struggled to process everything when all it wanted to do was wallow in the miserable knowledge that he hadn't been enough. "You held your hand over a flame and gave yourself second-degree burns, Pinky. That isn't being happy. Having to hurt yourself to get some affection isn't being happy. I saved our kisses and such until after our plans in order for you to have all of my attentions. I never wanted you to have to share the attention with my plans. I saved it so you could have my everything after, and it wasn't enough. I should've given you more, Pinky. I will. I promise. Just don't do this anymore, please. I'm so sorry."

He supposed he wasn't all that happy when he hurt himself, that was true, but that wasn't because of Brain. And he always got real happy right after. Brain gave him so much, he didn't want him to think that he didn't. Pinky had just wanted more. He hugged him tighter, pressing little get-better kisses of his own all over his husband's face. "I won't, I'm sorry. I love you. I always love you, Brain. Please don't be sad. Please don't feel bad."

"But why would you harm yourself, Pinky? I don't understand. Why wouldn't you tell me you were feeling neglected? Do you have such little faith in me? Did you think I wouldn't care? I love you, Pinky. There's nothing I care for more than you. You didn't have to do this." He leaned back, taking a hold of his injured arm to put his hand back into the water. "Leave that there so it'll be able to heal properly."

Pinky watched him move his hand, squirming a little as his reasonings for hurting himself seemed more and more silly and not at all good. "I get hurt lots of times, I guess I didn't think it would be that bad. Troz. I didn't want to make you feel bad, Brain, or like you had to kiss me when you didn't want to. I know you love me lots even when you get all blushy and embarrassed, but I know get-better kisses and love things kisses don't make you do that, so I thought it would be okay... since we can't do love things all the time, then you'd never get anything done. I thought it was a good idea." His shoulders hunched up and his tail curled around him self-consciously. "But I'm not very good at ideas, am I, Brain?"

"I take care of you when you're injured because you're my husband and I care about you more than anything else, Pinky. Giving you kisses and attention because you're hurt doesn't please me because I'm much more focused on the wound than I am on you."

Brain leaned back further, toying with the fur of his husband's chest. "When I, well, give you kisses or when we engage in love things, all of my attention is on you. I prefer that. I want to focus on you, Pinky, and not have other things running through my mind. I attempt to kiss you with all that I have and never want distractions to tarnish that in order to make every touch special. You're special, my dear. Special and important and deserving of the effort. I assumed it was enough, and you only needed to tell me that it wasn't. You didn't have to harm yourself in order to earn my affections."

"But it..." Pinky tried to twist his tail with his one hand, though it wasn't at all the same. "It should be enough, Brain. I shouldn't want more. You do make me feel special and I don't know why I wanted more." His eyes grew damp again; he didn't know why Brain felt so bad when it was clearly him that was the bad husband. "I kiss you lots... and hug and touch... are all of them varnished? Poit."

"Of course not, my dear. Whatever you're doing, you have the unique ability to insert your all into it. You're very... in the minute, as they say." Brain lifted his hands, brushing his thumbs beneath his husband's eyes. His attentions as they had been should have been enough, yes, but Pinky responded to touch far too readily and eagerly for him to deny that the blue-eyed creature required more. "I promise I'll do better, my dear, but you have to promise me that you'll never injure yourself again."

Pinky nuzzled his hands, nodding before Brain had even finished. "I promise, Brain. I really do. Narf. I won't ever give myself owies or anything again."

"Alright, Pinky." It tore at The Brain's heart to realize that he didn't quite trust in the words. He could always trust Pinky. With a sigh, he lifted his partner's injured hand from the water and began patting it dry with a lint-free cloth. "Was it worth it? I know you have a high pain tolerance, but you..." He'd cried so many times; Brain hated to see those bright eyes damp. "Was the attention you received worth it?"

"Will you be mad if I say yes?" he asked, glancing between his hand and Brain's gaze several times. "Your attention is worth everything to me, Brain. Because it's so special. You're special. I love you."

Frowning, Brain began to carefully wrap his blistered hand in sterile bandages. "I don't want you to consider harming yourself to be worthwhile, Pinky. How will I know that you truly won't do it again?"

"Because I promised?" Blue eyes blinked at him worriedly. "Poit."

Brain continued wrapping his hand, not responding for the duration. Once he was satisfied, however, he looked up. His hands lifted, cupping his husband's cheeks and gently rubbing their noses together. "Be that as it may, if you do get the urge come and locate me first. And I may blush and become embarrassed by unexpected affections, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy them. It doesn't mean that I would rather they didn't occur. You're far better at sudden affection than I am, Pinky."

"But what if you're busy?" Pinky's eyes couldn't help but flutter closed, contentment easy to come by when Brain touched him like this. Still, his brow knit in slight concern. "What if I want a kiss and you're working on your plan thingy? I've already messed up lots of them by wanting kisses, I don't want to mess up more."

"Causing yourself harm is far more detrimental to my plans than my granting you a kiss. So if I'm plotting for our tomorrow night's, feel free to come to me for one. If we're active in our plans, you know better. But just content yourself with the knowledge that I'd like to kiss you as well. There's nothing wrong with anticipation, Pinky." The megalomaniac pressed a light kiss to one cheek, then the other. He let his lips hover over his partner's before laying them on his nose instead. "You know what happens after the plan, when all my attention is free for you and you alone. When I'm able to give you all the affections you deserve."

His breath tickled his lips and deep down inside his tummy. Oh, there wasn't anything wrong with anticipation at all. Nosing the air carefully, his eyes staying closed, Pinky tried to find his mouth for a proper kiss. Thoughts of after the plan made him all tingly. "I know, I like after the plan." He stroked the smaller mouse's chest. "I love it, being with you."

"Yes," the megalomaniac murmured, lips brushing over his lowered eyelids. "I love being with you, Pinky. Always. I love kissing you." He laid his hands on his lover's shoulders, letting his lips brush over Pinky's as he spoke. "But I want to kiss you because I love you, not because I want to distract you from an injury. I want to engage in love things with you to show you how much I love you and be loved in return, not to make you feel better after an injury. You don't have to hurt for me to care for you, for me to want to touch and kiss. I always want to touch and kiss you," he whispered, finally pressing their lips together.

Tangling his fingers in his fur, Pinky's heart thundered in his chest as a soft whimper escaped, his lips moving eagerly over his husband's. "Brain," he breathed, eyes opening a sliver to gaze at him. "I love you too." Heat filled his cheeks and he wrapped his arms around his waist to hold him closer. Touches and kisses... how could he have thought Brain didn't feel the same way? "I'm sorry I thought you didn't want to. I'm sorry for everything, I love you."

"Just never do it again, my dear, and I'll forgive you," Brain promised and his next kiss was to soothe both of their hearts.

"Right, Brain. Naaaaaaf." Pinky melted into the kiss, his ears lowering and his tail wagging madly. He felt better than he had in days, a weight lifted from him, and he just wanted to laugh and cry and hold and kiss and move with Brain. It was the bestest get-better kiss of all. Magic. "Thank you." He pulled his chubby hubby into his lap, nuzzling into the crook of his neck.

Pinky had never lied to him before, he reminded himself, and nodded. He had to believe that his simple, sweet lover wouldn't go to these lengths again. A little insurance wouldn't hurt, though, so he rocked his hips and pressed down to rub against his husband. His hands glided down his back, ruffling his fur. "It is, if you recall, after the plan," he purred, rubbing his lips to the base of Pinky's ear.

He arched against his hands, pressing their fronts firmly together. "You still want to?" he felt the need to ask, though his own fingers were already stroking his crookedy tail and his lips closed over a patch of fur on his neck as he suckled. Brain wasn't so disappointed in him that he didn't want to do love things, it was a relief and somehow too good to be true, but Pinky wouldn't complain, not when he felt a sudden wave of desire so keenly.

It took him a moment to answer, only a moan coming out as his head tilted to grant his husband more access to his neck. "You did this so I would touch you, Pinky. While I normally don't reward poor behavior, you've also promised not to do this ever again. I won't punish you by ignoring that." He lapped at his brow, nudged it with his nose until his partner looked up so he could fuse their mouths together.

Bandaged hand resting on Brain's thigh, his other gripped his tail by the base to keep him moaning. He wanted him to feel good, wanted to touch back. Pinky let out a happy sound into the kiss, deepening it as a way of thanking him. He loved his husband, and tactile expressions of it always showed that best of all.

Tail twitching, he let out a soft moan into the kiss before breaking it and rubbing their noses together. "Be careful with your hand," he instructed, nudging his husband onto his back. Petting his sides, he lapped along his neck with light nips thrown in here and there as he pleased.

"Mmm... what should I do with it?" Pinky tilted his head a little, purring at the attention to his neck and sides. He knew just how to get the tinglies going. Kneading his tail with his good hand, gently pumping it, his bandaged one felt rather useless. He tried petting Brain's ear, but he didn't know if it felt as good when wrappings separated his skin from him. Plus his fingers were sorta taped together.

"You can't use it for the time being, so pretend it isn't there." He lifted his hips, knees on either side of his partner to straddle him and keep his tail lifted. "Let's find out just what you can do one-handed, Pinky." Brain bit his shoulder, peppering kisses down his arm.

Moaning from the pleasurable sting in his shoulder, Pinky wriggled beneath him. The kisses tickled his arm and he laughed as he banded his legs around Brain's waist. He rocked up, rubbing their groins together, as he stroked the underside of his tail. "I can do lots of things," he giggled, licking the soft pink of his ear.

"Yes..." A hand was pressed to the small of his back, keeping the lanky mouse pressed up as he ground down, his arousal breaking free of the pouch. His mouth made its way back up, a soft groan being released against Pinky's neck.

Pinky's length joined his, slipping against it as his hips rolled up and his head lolled back. Carting through his fur, leaving his tail for now, his hand stroked along his spine, following Brain's lead in coaxing him to prevent any and all space between their bodies. "Brain, stay," he whimpered, longing to wind his other arm around him and engulf him in an embrace.

"Yes, always," he promised, grinding against his partner. A hand snaked down, cupping his lover's shaft and kneading it firmly as his own rocked and rubbed against it. "I love you," he moaned, their noses pressed together as he pinned his husband to the counter.

"I love you too," Pinky gasped, still trying to move against him, writhing and helplessly bucking. His hand on his length had his mind absolutely melting away, stars sprinkling his vision as his gaze turned hooded and dark, tongue lolling. "I love you always, everyday. Forever...!" His voice cracked on a needy squeak and he began to lap at his lover's face, covering every inch he could.

Brain let his words slip into squeaks, singing to his lover as he rutted and rubbed. His thumb massaged the head of his length, his tongue lapping at the lolled one of Pinky's whenever it passed close enough.

"Brain," he moaned, quivering beneath him as the sensations got stronger. He slipped his good hand between them, pumping his lover's shaft in return. His ears and tail twitched madly at his long songs, encouraging him to sing back and spread out as much as he could.

He gasped at the touch, brushing his fingers against Pinky's as his hand moved quicker. His hips picked up their pace as well, thrusting into his lover's hand and against his length, craving friction. "Yes...!"

His cries grew louder, more frantic as he held himself up to stay close, rutting so their lengths and fingers continuously brushed each other. Pinky matched Brain's speed, fast, fast, faster. He couldn't breathe, it was so good, and he didn't even mind it, babbling praises and exclamations of love.

"Yes, yes, Pinky-!" Squeaky love songs entangled with eager words of praise. "Love you," he moaned, pressed their lips together as he drew closer and closer to the edge. There was no one like his husband, no one so sweet and warm and vibrant. He should never hurt, not even of his own accord.

"Brain- oh Brain!" His body spasmed, unable to take all of the sensations. He could feel his husband everywhere, his scent intoxicating as their mouths melded together. "Love you too, egad Brain, love you- I'm- I can't- Brain!" Without even being inside him, Pinky felt so full, bursting because of it, and couldn't hold back another second. He jerked up off the counter and came over Brain's hand and their stomachs, eyes squeezed shut and tail wagging furiously.

Watching his husband release, feeling that warm body convulse beneath his, was the last straw for Brain. Crying out, his seed joined his lover's. He pressed more insistently against Pinky, rutting and squeaking dazedly through his peak.

Pinky whimpered and squeaked, shuddering as their seed mingled. He rubbed Brain's shaft until he was through, leaving it cupped around him as his racing heart slowed and his muscles quivered less. His tongue laved along his jaw, loving and longing to keep him there, warm and happy. He was happy, how could he not be happy with Brain?

"Even one-handed you're very adept at this," Brain hummed, rubbing his nose to Pinky's. His clean hand lifted, cupping his cheek while his dazed, pink gaze roved over his partner's face. "Lovely," he purred.

He giggled dizzily, nuzzling his palm. "You're always a-deft at this. And very pretty." It was then he realized his eyes were still closed, so he blinked them open to take in his husband's flushed features. "Yes. Very pretty. Zort."

"Beautiful," Brain countered, those blue, blue eyes giving him no choice. He lowered his lips to his husband's on a pleased sigh, caressing his cheek fondly. "And all mine."

"Yours," he purred, rubbing their thighs together. Batting his lashes, he placed several more kisses on Brain's delightful lips. "And you're mine too."

"Yes, always." He sank into a deep kiss, nibbling fondly on Pinky's lips. "Provocative devil," he accused, stretching out atop his partner with a contented sigh.

Pinky stuck his tongue out, his lips tingling. "I don't even know what that means," he laughed gently, removing his hand from between them, draping his arm over his back while being careful of his messy hand.

"Luckily, there's no need for you to know." Humming, Brain rested his own messy hand on his husband's hip and drew his tongue into his mouth to suck on it.

A soft moan was muffled against his lips, lashes fluttering as he was sucked into a deep kiss. His legs wound around Brain's waist again, ankles crossing right above the base of his tail. "Shouldn't I know what I am?" He took a moment to murmur playfully before slipping his tongue back into the warmth of his husband's mouth.

Brain only hummed, not responding until the kiss ended. His nose resting against his partner's, he answered properly. "In this sense, provocative would mean the same as enticing. You draw me to you, my dear, to the point where I never want to stop being with you."

"So even though I'm a devil," he wiggled beneath him, rubbing their noses together, "you always want to be with me anyway?" Pinky beamed at him, licked at his lips. "I never want to stop being with you either. Zort. That's what married is, right Brain?"

"Precisely." The wiggling had their drying fur catching and sticking together, so Brain gave him a final kiss before sitting up. "Hm. I suppose we should clean up, Pinky."

"With tongues or soap?" he giggled, making a licking motion in the air.

"Provocative devil," Brain accused again, an amused tint to his voice. "But with soap. The sooner we go to bed, the sooner your hand will heal. I want you to be able to use it the next time."

"It wants to, too." Pinky waved his bandaged hand for emphasis, smiling coyly at his lover. "Troz. 'Kay, Brain." He unwound his legs and arm so the smaller mouse could get up if he so chose.

He rolled off his partner, brushing himself off before rising. "I'll dampen a cloth after taking you to bed," he explained, carrying him to their cage. He settled the lanky, bubbly creature in their bed and cupped his cheeks. "Just promise me one more time, Pinky, that you'll never do this again. Pain and tears don't suit you."

Pinky laid his good hand over one of Brain's and rubbed his cheek against his palm. "I promise, Brain." Blue eyes shone sincerely, and still a little guiltily, as he gazed at him while pressing his lips to the inside of his husband's wrist. "I love you."

Sincerity and love suited him. Brain nodded, lowering his lips to his husband's for a brief kiss. "Alright, Pinky. I believe you." And he never wanted to doubt his sweetheart ever again. That didn't suit either.

He gave his hand a squeeze. "I really didn't mean to upset you. I didn't want that," Pinky reaffirmed, tracing his thumb over Brain's knuckles.

"I know, Pinky. It's one of the reasons why you aren't in more trouble." Brain lifted his good hand, pressing the palm to his lips before releasing him. "I'll be back in a moment," he assured him and went off to clean himself off and dampen a cloth to clean his lover with.

Pinky waited, glancing over at his bandaged hand. It already felt loads better, though his high pain tolerance was to account for that. And the get-better kisses and love things, that always helped. But never again. He gave his hand a pat with the other one, pressing lightly as if to transfer the kiss Brain gave his palm to his owie. No more getting hurt on purpose for get-better kisses. No more making Brain sad or mad or both at the same time. When Pinky thought about it, if their positions were reversed, he'd feel just awful, so many bad twisty feelings in his tummy. He didn't like that his husband had to feel that way. There were other ways to get kisses, nicer ways.

Brain made his way back, his fur far less sticky, and went about efficiently cleaning his husband. As his stomach was cleaned, the smaller mouse brushed warm kisses over the damp fur. He wanted to give his lover all the attention he possibly could, and they would start off fresh the next day with a new understanding of what was acceptable and what simply wasn't. When Pinky was clean, Brain crawled onto their bed, kissing his way up the lanky body until he could claim his partner's lips.

Purring, Pinky wrapped both arms around him. He wanted to hold him and make him feel secure and loved with him as he kissed back. "Thank you, love." His good hand stroked down his back.

"You're welcome, Pinky." He snuggled against his partner, angling just enough to be able to pet his heart and nestle his nose against Pinky's cheek. "Your hand should be better by tomorrow. Does it ache at all?"

He shook his head. "You kissed it better." His heart fluttered a tiny bit when he petted his chest. "Naaaaarf..."

Brain's fingers curled in his husband's fur, holding over his heart. "I'm only going to kiss accidents better from now on. The rest of the kisses you receive are going to be given because we love one another."

"They'll be "I love you" kisses?" That sounded like a good idea, kisses just to say "I love you". Pinky's tail began to tap lightly against the bed and he turned his head so their noses could touch. "Can I give you one right now?"

Brain nodded, fitting their lips together. His hand lifted, fingers resting lightly on his cheek as the kiss deepened. "I love you kisses" were what all their kisses should be, were what they'd always meant to the megalomaniac anyway.

Pinky sighed happily into the kiss, snuggling closer and tangling their legs and tails together. "I love you too," he murmured, nudging his nose to Brain's when their lips parted.

"I know you do, Pinky." Brain settled comfortably on his husband, pink eyes fluttering shut as he settled for sleep. For the first time in days, he was going to bed without some sort of worry tainting it. "I never doubt you."

"I never doubt you either." Pinky gazed at him quietly for a few moments, rubbing their noses together before yawning and closing his eyes himself. "Narf. Goodnight, Brain."

Brain shifted a little, keeping their noses nudged together just to feel his husband's warm breath on his face. He gave his heart a lazy pat, half-asleep already. "Goodnight, my dear."

His heart fluttered and Pinky fell asleep happy and content, the lingering coils of guilt for harming himself having faded just like all the other aches. And in the morning, and all other tomorrow nights to come, when he wanted a kiss, he simply bounced over to his husband and asked.

Those kisses were a million times better than get-better kisses; sometimes he got to taste Brain's smile when he asked and nothing could compare to that.

Written with the amazingly talented StarShineDC

Everything ends happily ever after! Yay! Poor Brain though. We really did feel bad for him the whole time, honest.

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