40 weeks

By Vinkunwildflowerqueen

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Your baby is still about two weeks shy of her conception date, but your body knows to prepare for her. The lining of your uterus is thickening in anticipation of a fertilized egg—a pregnancy! You may not even know when you become pregnant. When the egg implants in the uterus, you may notice a little blood spotting, called implantation, that may appear to be a light period.

It would be an understatement to say that when the Vinkun press discoverated that their prince had eloped with the Munchkinland Governor's green daughter, it was considered newsworthy. Even three years later, Vinkun women still loved to discuss the subject over coffee in the plaza; and the newspapers felt it necessary to remind everyone of the circumstances under which their princess had earned her title when Fiyero or Elphaba were required to be mentioned- and even sometimes when they weren't.

Of course, there was intense speculation in the first few months as rumours and speculation flew that Elphaba was pregnant, which had been the need for such a hasty, speedy and secret wedding.

Women would tut knowingly to one another and ask if the King and Queen really expected them to believe the official line- which was that Elphaba and Fiyero were simply a young couple desperately in love who couldn't wait to begin spending the rest of their lives together and had opted for a simple, private ceremony in the Emerald City.

But although all eyes kept a close watch on Elphaba's stomach for a few months, no tell-tale baby bump appeared. But no one was disappointed by this, they simply had to think of other possible reasons as to what had spurred the couple to elope.

There was the rumour that suggested that Elphaba's father, Frexspar Thropp, abused his eldest daughter and kept her imprisoned in the house as a servant when the girl wasn't at Shiz to care for her younger, tragically beautiful and disabled sister; and that the couple had eloped to keep her safe from Frex's reach.

When news spread of Elphaba's remarkable Sorcery skills, there was brief speculation that perhaps Fiyero was under a spell, but that was quickly dismissed as nonsense created by a jealous ex-girlfriend of the scandalacious prince.

Finally, some reporter had the intelligent idea to go to Shiz and get any information from the newlyweds' classmates, who might have more of an idea. And the stories and information he returned with confusified him. If the stories were correct, Fiyero- well, his carriage, had run his new wife over when the prince had first enrolled at Shiz. The couple had then dated for three months, before breaking up rather abruptly. Then the stories got wilder, as it was claimed that Elphaba had broken his nose in a public display, and then just as abruptly, the couple had reunited after a month apart and eloped within days.

It was a mystery to all, but neither Elphaba and Fiyero themselves or the Palace would shed any light on the rumours or stories. So eventually the rumours were shifted into a space reserved for dinner party conversation.

A month or so after Elphaba and Fiyero's second wedding anniversary, the couple graduated from Shiz and returned to the Vinkus. They set up home in one of the many royal residences throughout the province, a small beautiful manor located on the outskirts of the main Vinkun city.

Which is where Elphaba found herself now, a week before Lurlinemas and sitting on the floor in the living room, wrapping Lurlinemas presents.

She didn't even hear her husband enter the room, but she jumped slightly as he chuckled loudly.

"Fae, Lurlinemas is next week. There's still plenty of times to wrap presents!"

Elphaba looked up at him with a smile. "These have to be sent to Munchkinland. I'll have to send them tomorrow to get there in time."

Fiyero sat down on the floor next to her, and picked up a few of the wrapped parcels, weighing them in his hands.

"So, what did we get people? Just so I know, not after what happened last year."

Elphaba laughed. The year before, they had gotten Boq a jacket for Lurlinemas- or rather Elphaba had bought it and added Fiyero's name to the card. When Boq had worn it for the first time, Fiyero had complimented it and inquired as to where he got it from. Boq had then had to explain it had actually been a gift from him, leaving Fiyero feeling rather sheepish.

"We got Nessa a painting from the markets last weekend, a book for Halim, and as for my Father… does it even matter? He's going to hate it no matter what it is, because it came from us."

There was no hurt, anger or bitterness in her tone, simply matter-of-factness. Fiyero nodded admittedly.

"True. What about Boq? Is he on the naughty list this year?"

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "Boq's going to spend Lurlinemas in Gilikin with Galinda's family this year, remember? I thought it made more sense to send his gift with hers."

Fiyero looked at her innocently. "Of course I remembered," he answered her, but his facial expression told Elphaba otherwise, as did his hasty change of subject.

"Is there anyone else we need to buy gifts for still?"

Elphaba racked her brain. "My Father, Nessa, Halim, Boq, Galinda, your parents, Kastle and Anton, Noak and Aaylis. That's all, isn't it?"

"And each other," Fiyero added and she rolled her eyes.

"Naturally, Yero."

"I think that's everyone," Fiyero nodded. "The kids are hard to buy for though," he complained and Elphaba laughed.

"They're six and ten months. How hard is that to buy for?" she demanded.

Fiyero gestured as though it were obvious. "Well, exactly! What does a ten month old need? And Noak- well, you can't top a puppy, can you? And Kas will kill me if I buy them more pets."

Elphaba smiled. She loved how much Fiyero loved his nephew and niece and wanted to buy them wonderful gifts for holidays and birthdays each year. And it was the one aspect where she was willing to leave all arrangements to him.

"Just get a Aaylis toy, and Noak… I'm sure you'll think of something," she reassured him. "We still have a week."

Fiyero watched his wife finish wrapping the gifts carefully for a moment.

"And Nessa's okay with us not spending Lurlinemas in Munchkinland?"

Elphaba looked over at him in surprise. "Of course she is. She understands how it works. We were there last year. So this year we're here."

"Yes, but this is the first holiday since graduation, and she hasn't seen you since," Fiyero pointed out. "And it's the first Lurlinemas since she started dating Halim."

"Nessa and my father have been invited to have lunch with Hal's family this year, it's not like they're going to be alone."

Fiyero looked intrigued at that. "Lurlinemas with his family, really? Wow, must be serious. How long have they been dating now?"

"Four months," Elphaba answered.

He scoffed. "Well, that's nothing. You came for Lurlinemas after one month. Four months is nothing."

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "Fiyero, do I have to remind you that we never made it to four months?"

Fiyero frowned. "What are you talking about? Yes we did."

She stared at him in exasperation. "No, we didn't. It had only been three months at Galinda's birthday, and then we got married."

Fiyero tried very hard to forget the month that was in between the two events.

"Ok, so we didn't make it to four months of dating," he relented. "But technically, we were married four months after we started dating."

Elphaba shook her head slightly at his logic. "I'm ignoring you now," she told him and began to pack her things away.

Fiyero only smiled softly as she left the room.

Every day for the past two and a half years, he was so thankful that Elphaba had been willing to work things out, and even more thankful that she'd agreed to marry him. It hadn't always been easy, but they'd always managed to keep to the agreement they'd made after eloping, to talk about everything.

That wasn't easy for either of them, Elphaba being so used to keeping everything to herself, and Fiyero being… well, Fiyero. But if ever he was reluctant to bring up a subject, he just had to reflect on that awful month when they had been apart, and it was enough to make him get over his discomfort. And he suspected Elphaba was the same, although his wife was the type to face her fears head on rather than run away from them- she always had been.

Elphaba's relationship with her father hadn't changed in the past two and a half years, if anything, it was worse. Frex still looked upon their marriage as both a mistake and the most shameful thing to disgrace the Thropp family name since Elphaba had been born. Every time Frex saw them, he would make condescending comments and jibes at both Elphaba and Fiyero. Elphaba was able to ignore them, but Fiyero often struggled to control his temper towards his father-in-law.

Nessa was the same as always, except much more relaxed. She'd dated Teron for about eight months after Elphaba and Fiyero's wedding, and the two had parted on good terms. But the relationship seemed to bolster Nessa's self-confidence, and it was evident. She'd gone on to briefly date a few other guys throughout her remaining years at Shiz, and after returning to Munchkinland after graduation, had begun dating Halim, the son of the Mayor of Munchkin City. She was working closely with Frex to take on more responsibility, so that when she eventually took over as Governor, she already knew everything there was to know.

And Boq and Galinda were as disgustingly in love as ever. After three years together, Boq still thought Galinda was perfection, and Galinda was just as bad. After graduation of course, Boq had returned to Munchkinland and Galinda to Gilikin, but both were committed to making their relationship work long-distance, each making frequent trips to see the other.

Elphaba and Fiyero had kept busy as best they could since graduation. Now they had graduated, this was really the first time Elphaba was stepping into her royal duties. She'd attended royal functions often during the holidays or the summer, but when she wasn't around so much of the year, it had been hard to establish herself with royal duties.

She was glad she had Kasmira and Kastle to guide her now however. Over the past few months, Elphaba had been working hard, choosing charities to support as patroness. She'd also been putting much of her energy into setting up her and Fiyero's first real home together, which she found extremely satisfying. Due to her political degree, Ibrahim had also been willing to allow her to work closely on diplomacy matters- particularly between the Vinkus and Munchkinland, given that it was her homeland.

And Fiyero had his own duties, as per royal tradition, of military training and service. He was attending the Vinkun Military Academy since their graduation from Shiz; and would finish in April. His parents had also appointed him as Counsellor of State, which made him able to stand in for his parents if the situation called for it. They couldn't technically give that title to Elphaba, who had merely just married into the royal family, but between the two of them, Ibrahim believed they would do well.

All in all, Fiyero was very happy with his life at the moment. He was looking forward to spending Lurlinemas with his family and to see what the new year would bring.

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