Jack Frost: Do you stop believing in moon just because the sun comes up?

Chapter 1

How to Properly Land

A soft laugh escaped the lips of a pale boy perched atop a street light. He watched as a random stranger slipped on some ice; causing all the boxes they were holding to fly into the air behind them. The boys ice blue eyes scanned the streets, a small smirk playing across his lips, as the temperature began to drop and a few more areas became frozen over with a light layer of ice. He stood up, running a hand through his white hair only to have it fall back into his eyes, and jumped off of the street light to land gracefully on his tip toes on the sidewalk. He wore no shoes, but the layer of ice beneath his feet didn't seem to bother him as he spun his Sheppard hook staff in a twirl. He shoved a hand into the pocket on his frosted over blue hoodie before dragging the end of his staff along the ground; more ice seemingly appearing from nowhere.

The boy hummed to himself as he glanced at the darkening sky above him while tapping his index finger to his bottom lip in thought. He leapt into the air, floating up above the trees and looking at the small town he was currently occupying, before a small smile crept onto his lips.

"How about the kind Jack Frost leaves you kids with a snow day tomorrow, hm?" He spoke to no one before holding his staff up into the air, a blue light briefly showing from the tip of the hook before shooting into the sky. Small cotton puff balls began to descend from the sky onto the ground. He chuckled and reached his hand out, capturing one of the small snowflakes on his finger tip before softly blowing on it to allow it to join its siblings. Laying his staff against his shoulder he looked up to the sky.

"All right Wind! Take me home!" He yelled to the sky before a strong gust of wind suddenly lifted him high up into the sky guiding him to his 'home'.

Jack had never really thought about how when he spoke to the wind it knew to come to him. When he bounced around through towns, flying was a word for it, but that felt different from when he called to the wind and was lifted by it to extreme heights. He knew he was controlling the wind, but at times Jack felt like there had been another presence with him as he flew over continents as he brought winter to the children who joyfully accepted his gifts. He never once fully accepted the thought that when he called out to the wind that there must have been someone who was accepting his call. It was just a weird thought that there was someone out there powering something that he himself was controlling.

That night, however, Jack could feel that something was off. He wasn't nearly as fast as he usually would be, and there were brief instances where he would lose altitude. He paused mid-flight and hovered in the air, looking around curiously as soft whispers began dancing around him. He could barely hear them and because of that he had no idea what they were saying.

He spun around, constantly looking for the owner of the soft voice that he felt deep down was trying to reach him. Was it a call for help? Perhaps a child really needed him right now, but the connection between them was like static on a radio.

"Who's there?" He cried out, clutching his staff tighter, and he waited for an answer. His peripheral vision suddenly caught something moving closer to him, and he turned just in time to duck as a very familiar looking dark horse ran at him. He instinctively swung his staff, shattering the horse into dark sand with a bolt of ice.

"A nightmare?" He gasped in recognition as he looked around again. It had been a year since Pitch's last appearance, was he really attacking so soon after being defeated. Jack had assumed that the creepy, dark man would need at least a couple of years to regain his powers. How in the world had the Nightmare King returned so quickly? He would definitely need to get in contact with North and the others, and soon. He prepared himself to change course and head to the North Pole when he heard it. A soft cry of pain and three words that made his heart clench in fear.

'I'm sorry Jack.'

He had absolutely no idea whose soft, feminine voice it was. Nor did he have a chance to care, because the moment he heard those three words the wind holding him in his place left from under him. He yelped in surprise and he tried everything in his power to stay afloat. No matter what he tried, he couldn't fly. Gravity took hold of his lithe form, and plummeting down to the Earth he went. As realization that he had no chance of stopping the fall came to him, a scream escaped his lips and prayed to the Man in the Moon that his fall wouldn't be as painful as he expected it was going to be.

Though it had taken a moment for him to reach the ground as high as Jack had been, he felt like it had been way to short of a fall. It was when Jack landed with a sickening thud through someone's roof that he managed to form a simple question among all the pain his brain was screaming about from his body.

Why was it non-believing humans were like ghosts to his body, but an inanimate building was completely and utterly solid?

There were some perks to being immortal at least. He could feel that his body was very nicely bruised, but luckily nothing broke. He didn't suppose he had been impaled by any of the pieces of the nice roof he just landed through, so that was always a plus. He didn't seem capable of breathing at the moment but it wasn't as if he would die from not breathing; so no worries there. He felt himself groan as he tried to remember how to move any of his limbs. He also became very aware of the terrified scream that was coming from somewhere around him. Was it him screaming? No, he prayed he didn't scream that…girly sounding. He managed to open his eyes to stare up into the sky, the moon shining dimly in the distance. It was then he felt something warm on his cheeks, a voice practically screaming questions at him that seemed like gibberish more than English. Maybe his ears broke instead of his bones? His brain was having a hard time catching up with his surroundings.

"Are….there…" He blinked his eyes a few times, a girl appearing over top of him with her hands on his cheeks. Her green eyes shined with worry and fear, and she was speaking to him. Finally, his ears managed to catch the entire sentence she had been repeating to him.

"Are you okay? Oh god what if he's dead? No he can't be dead he's looking at me. You're looking at me! Are you ok?" Jack resisted the urge to chuckle at how badly the girl was panicking. Taking in a sharp breath, he slowly sat up, wincing as a sharp pain shook through his body from the action. The girl backed away from him, watching to make sure he didn't just die right then and there; especially after he finally started moving.

She was mentally freaking out. Bad. Here she was getting ready for bed, minding her own business, when all of the sudden this loud boom filled her ears. Let's not forget the fact that her roof nearly just buried her in a pile of wood and debris. If she had been just a few more feet to the right of her original standing place she would be dead right now.

"I'm…" The boy started to say before he coughed some. He shook his head and rolled his shoulders before looking at her. She opened her mouth to ask something but her words never came as his bright blue orbs locked onto her green ones. He chuckled at the sight of her staring at him, her mouth gapping open, before finishing his statement he had started.

"I'm okay, sorry for crash landing on your house…" It was then that a thought occurred to him. He looked her over, the wheels in his head turning (he didn't realize that she herself was having the same mental dilemma as he was-although it was for different reasons). Her hair was shoulder length and wavy, a honey blonde color that accented her forest green eyes. She was wearing a long night shirt, no pants, and looked to be about his age. He had to admit, she wasn't the most beautiful girl he had seen in his three-hundred years of existing, but she was actually quite cute with that modest type of look. His mind then came to a sharp halt as he realized the important issue.

She looked to be his age.

"Wait." He all but whispered, blinking as the clouded over look in her eyes disappeared and she look at him. "Can you see me?"

She looked at him confused for a long moment. Of course she could see him. How could she not see the boy who just crash landed through her roof and…lived?

"How in the hell did you just survive that fall!?" She all but screamed at him. He flinched back, not expecting her shouting at him to be the answer he was seeking. He supposed it was an answer none-the-less.

"Well…actually…that's because I'm-" He began but was abruptly cut off by her flailing her arms up into the air and going on a rant. She stood up and started pacing back in forth on the part of the floor that wasn't covered in roof.

"A ghost doesn't bust open the roof when it falls through it! It just falls through the roof! He can't be human though because he's still alive-and moving! He's moving like he just fell off a bed or something! He's talking to me and wait!" She suddenly slapped herself on the face. Hard. Jack winced at the loud pop that filled the room followed by a short moment of silence. Soft curses start flying from her mouth after a moment.

"Damn that hurt! What the hell did I do that for?" She groaned and looked at Jack, suddenly pointing at him. "You're not a dream, as I have so boldly just found out, so who in the hell are you?!" Jack couldn't help from smiling at her freaked out rambling. He had never had someone so old see him before. She seemed like she was an easy one to mess with mentally on top of that.

Jack stood up, found his staff among the debris, turned towards her and did a deep bow.

"Why hello madam, Jack Frost at your service." He straightened up, a smirk playing on his lips, and winked at her as he leaned against his staff.

Jack couldn't help the amused smirk playing across his lips as he sat on the kitchen counter. One of his feet rested on the edge of the counter, holding his leg up to his chest, while his other leg hung in the air freely. His staff rested against the counter beside him. He shifted some, trying to get more comfortable, and winced as another pain shot through his body. He really had messed up his body from that fall. It was going to be at least a week before he started feeling better. That was one thing he was sure of.

"Okay, so let's go over this one more time." The honey blonde girl from before was sitting at the table, her forehead against the palm of her hand and her eyes closed as she desperately tried to grasp the situation that Jack had just explained to her. "You're Jack Frost, the spirit of winter. You were just doing your job, flying around putting snow in places, when you were attacked by a horse made by the boogeyman-"

"Pitch Black if you want to call him by his other name."

"-and then you heard someone whisper they were sorry to you before you suddenly lost your ability to fly and crash landed on my roof." She ignored his interruption and just kept going with her statement. He chuckled and nodded.

"Yup, though there's more to the story than I've originally told you, but I figured I'd let you grasp this all a little at a time. You look like your brain is about to explode or something." He shrugged and hopped off the counter, making himself busy with suddenly digging through her cabinets and asking what several things were that he was unfamiliar with. She groaned loudly and slammed her head down onto the table. Hard.

"I always believed in all these magical things happening, but I never expected them to just land in my house! Well at least it wasn't the Boogeyman himself-


"-because this night might have ended with a baseball bat and me setting fire to the damn house." Jack laughed at her.

"I like you. You seem like fun." He hopped into the air and floated, laying back with his arms behind his head and he hovered above the table.

"Another thing. We just established that you can't seem to…well…fly. So how in the hell are you doing that?" She watched him curiously, trying to ignore how chilly her kitchen was becoming by the second with the spirit of winter inside of it. She glanced around and noticed that he had literally taken everything out of her kitchen cabinets and tossed everything in random directions. "Damn it Jack clean up the kitchen! Haven't you damaged my house enough for one day?"

Jack ignored her as he mulled over her question. She was right, he was still able to glide and float around, but it didn't look like he was going to be going anywhere anytime soon unless he took a bus or something. That would be an interesting ride in itself. Jack Frost riding a public bus. He snorted at the idea.

After she had calmed down earlier-the roof cave in had her freaking out for a good while-he had called out to the wind to see if he could somehow take flight again. He was unsuccessful, so he instead try floating up into the sky. Once he reached a certain height, which was as high as her roof, he seemed unable to go further up and just ended up gracefully landing back on the floor with her. He sighed deeply turning his attention back to the ranting girl beside him.

"Do you always talk to yourself?" He observed, his playful smirk returning to his lips. She glared at him before sighing in defeat. "Hey, I just realized, I don't know your name." He raised an eyebrow and sat up so he was floating around with his legs crossed Indian style.

"Oh right!" She suddenly stood up, her right hand extended to him and a small smile on her lips. "It's a pleasure to meet you Jack, My name is Lyra Greenhill. Welcome to Greenhill Farm." He tried her name once before reaching out and shaking her hand. She held back a wince at how frigid his hand was. They shook once and when he tried to pull his hand away she gripped it tighter, pulling him closer and standing tall. She glared at him with a devious smirk.

"Since you broke it, you will be rebuilding my roof. Hope you know how to use a hammer."

Jack's playful smile slowly fell from his lips as he realized this girl was in no way joking.

This was not how he wanted to start his winter fun.