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Lyra sighed deeply and rolled her shoulders around trying to release the stress that seemed to be building up in the muscles there. She snatched the mp3 player and headphones North had recently given her and placed the headphones on, turned the music onto full volume, and allowed herself to be lost in the music. She pushed her curtains away from the window to feel the warmth of the distant sun. A small smile graced her lips seeing the outside world and she pushed her window open, crawling out onto the sill and enjoying how her body didn't seem to really mind the chill in the air from the frozen architecture around her. A deep sigh escaped her lips and she contemplated just what she was going to have to do.

Manny had told her 'It's time to sing, little song.' So, he had given her a voice to sing. That meant she probably needed to sing in order to reach the children. Perhaps a song was what was needed to wake them up? That seemed a little backwards, though. Didn't parents usually sing their children to sleep? Lyra stared out at the crisp, white snow and her thoughts immediately went back to Jack. He wasn't going to allow her to leave the Pole again. Since when did he control her like a small child? She would have to go talk to Lance. He would help her escape, even if it was against Jack's wishes. Another sigh escaped her lips at the thought of going behind Jack's back. Since when did she care so much about pleasing the ice head anyway? She literally waved her hand in the air as a way of pushing the thoughts away from her mind. She needed to focus on what she should sing for the children. What would be an appropriate song to sing for them? Should she go for the traditional type of lullaby? A nagging in the back of her mind told her she should put more thought into it—probably Aria's way of talking to her again. Taking in a deep breath, Lyra closed her eyes and started thinking on what she knew about what the children were currently dealing with.

A dark, orchestra song came onto her headphones as she ran through her memories, or partial memories, of what she knew about the nightmares. After about five minutes her eyes shot open in shock as a sudden memory started to unwind before her. She looked around to see she was surrounded in darkness. All she could hear was maniacal laughter filling the room, followed by high-pitched, ear killing screams. She couldn't breathe, couldn't think, and most definitely couldn't stand the darkness. She threw her shaking hands up over her ears in an attempt to drown out the noises before the urge to scream took over her and she prepared to drown the sounds out with her own voice. She drew in a deep breath, fully prepared to start screaming, when the voice suddenly stopped and she felt embraced by a blue light that was all too familiar. All of this was familiar. She opened her eyes once more to find herself sitting on the windowsill in her bedroom, staring out at the North Pole in all its glory.

'A memory…' She thought to herself as more images of the time she first fell under the nightmares powers came back to her. This was when she had followed Jack and Sandy from the hospital to the battlefield. Back when she was still alive.

She understood exactly what these children were facing. They didn't need a soothing lullaby to help them get through the night. They didn't need some love song, or happy song, or depressing song—especially since that would only make the dreams worse. They needed something to empower them. To help them find the light. Jack had come to her because she was too weak to get up. Too frail to stand up and fight the darkness and seek the light. She was blessed because he had brought the light to her. She had to help these children learn to find it on their own.

It was then that a song came on that Lyra felt might just do the trick.

Jack paced back and forth in front of Lyra's bedroom door as he worked through just what he was going to say to the seething woman. He ran his fingers through his hair numerous times, muttered out different conversation starters that he ended up hating, and then finally got fed up and settled with leaning against the wall and staring at the ceiling. Twenty minutes seemed to pass before he finally worked up the courage to stand up and knock on her door. When no response came after the second time of knocking he decided to just open the door and see if she was even inside.

She was sitting on the windowsill, the window wide open allowing the chilly winter air to flow in, and she was staring out in the afternoon sky. She had a large pair of headphone on her head, and a soft hum was coming from her that sent this calm feeling through Jack's body. Whether it was related to the gift she was supposedly granted by Manny, or the fact he was so happy to hear her voice again he couldn't quite tell. All he knew was in that moment his worries disappeared and he actually felt like everything was going to be alright.

He walked up until he was directly behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist to enjoy the outside view with her. She jumped from the sudden contact, apparently having been unaware he was even in the room, and she glanced behind her to see the cocky smirk that could only pulled off by Jack Frost. She rolled her eyes in irritation, before turning her attention back to the outside world and enjoying the view. The sunshine was bight on the fresh, pure white snow. Outside was as beautiful as a painting, something that if she had artistic ability she would definitely capture it. Jack decided since she didn't push him away he was safe to stay and propped his chin onto her shoulder to also enjoy the view. He could barely hear the music her headphones was playing, though it wasn't loud enough for him to tell what the song was exactly, he could definitely hear the beat of the song matched what she had just been humming. After glancing over he noticed her hand was holding tightly onto the locket he had given her for Christmas. A sense of pride filled his body and he couldn't help the stupid grin from appearing.

"What's so funny?" Hearing her speak to him was like magic. It hadn't been that long since he had heard her voice, but the last time he had fully heard it was when she was alive. Hearing it again was the equivalent of bringing a missing part of him back to life. He didn't love her any less with her voice missing, but having it back was enough to help him notice just how much he missed this girl. She was gaining her memories every day, something that everyone was grateful for, but how long until the memories he needed came back? How long until he could finally prove his love to her in all the ways he felt he should?

"Jack! Earth to frost bite!" Jack snapped back to reality and gave the white blonde girl a playful glare at the nickname. She had removed her headphones and was looking at him suspiciously. He pulled away from her and allowed her to get down and shut the windows, though the chill in the air still remained even with the fire burning in the fire place.

"Did you say something?"

"I asked you what was so funny? You were doing that little smirk of yours a moment ago. By the way, who do you think you are barging in here like you own the place? I'm still mad at you, you know." She crossed her arms over her chest and started tapping her foot. As Jack started opening his mouth to apologize, Lyra put her hand up to silence him and began talking instead. "I'm not interested in hearing one of your 'it's not happening' speeches. Please, find the exit over to your right and leave me alone for right now." Ignoring the irritated look that crossed Jack's face, she crawled into her bed and buried herself underneath her blankets to warm back up. Jack stood there for a long moment, a feeling of déjà vu entering his mind. A sinister smirk crossed his lips and he could resist the urge that was practically screaming at him.

He held his staff up, aiming right above where she was lying, and dropped a large pile of snow right on top of her. Her scream followed by her flailing out of the bed was enough to have Jack rolling on the floor in tears while laughing. Lyra's face turned red with anger and she grabbed the closest thing to her she could find, the poor night stand lamp, and chucked it right at his head. He yelped in pain from the unexpected attack before continuing to laugh his heart out. Lyra huffed in irritation before she paused and lost herself in thought.

"You'd think after what happened last time you did that, you'd never pull that prank again." She muttered out softly but loud enough for him to hear. He paused and looked at her for a long moment.

"What happened last time?"

"When you did that during one of Aria's memories. I woke up unable to breath. You were so terrified that night…." Jack smiled as realization dawned on him that he had triggered another one of her memories.

"Do you remember the last time you threw a lamp at me?" Lyra blinked in shock before looking over at the now shattered lamp.

"Oh no, not the poor lamp!"

"Don't baby the inanimate object! What about my head?"

"Your head deserved it!" Lyra started to chew on her bottom lip as she tried to remember ever throwing a lamp at Jack before. After a moment of skimming her thoughts a blurred image suddenly because crystal clear. "It was when I dreamt of Aria's death…You head-butted me…"

Jack couldn't hide the adorable grin of pride of her memories coming back to her so quickly today. How many more were there? How far away was he from the memories he wanted her to have?

Lyra sighed deeply and sat down on her floor, her bed now covered in snow, and stared at him. "You don't want to start a prank war with me Jack. I have new abilities that finally put me on the same level as you." She raised an eyebrow at him earning an innocent whistle from the winter spirit. "Are you trying to play nice to ease my anger?"

"Nah, I just couldn't resist how much of an easy target you are." The glare he received was enough to cause him to put his hands up in defense. "Calm down calm down. I came to apologize for my behavior earlier. It wasn't right of me to say those things."

"So you mean that I can actually help then? You're not going to throw a fit?" Jack sighed before sliding over to sit beside her,

"Before I answer that, I think you need to understand where I'm coming from."

"No I see where you're coming from. You're an over protective jerk-face who can't listen even if it means the survival of the human race depends on it." Lyra nodded in satisfaction for her explanation and Jack just grunted in response.

"It's not like that at all."

"Then explain to me what it's like."

"I would if you would be so kind as to stop interrupting~" Jack sing-songed as he pulled on her cheek in a playful matter. She swatted his cold hands away and watched him awaiting his explanation.

"Look at what I've been through lately Lyra. It's just…" Jack sighed heavily and lowered his head, his bangs covering his eyes. "I found this girl. A wonderful, beautiful girl and even though if you take out the three-hundred years I've been alive she'd technically be older than me, she was perfect in every way. She fought back with my pranks, took the ones I threw at her in stride, loved playing with children as much as me. She cared about me, she gave me a place to call home. A real one, and not one that felt like it was formed out of pity for me. She put herself in danger to not only help me, but all of my friends as well. She shouldn't have even been able to see any of us on top of that! She was so kind, so caring. I won't lie to you Lyra, I fell in love with her." Lyra tensed up beside the boy, knowing full well this conversation was about her. This was the first time she had ever heard the words spoken from him. Sure other people had teasingly said that he loved her, but he had never said it. She swallowed loudly and a deep blush filled her cheeks. Jack Frost was really in love with her!

Jack watched her curiously out of the corner of his eyes to see her reaction and couldn't stop the small smile from forming at seeing her blush. "I loved her with all of my heart, and the day finally came where I finally showed those feelings being possible to her…and she was killed." Lyra gently laid a hand on Jack's arm in a reassuring manner. Though she had recently recalled the moment right before her death she hadn't remembered much surrounding the day before hand. He reached over and gripped her hand with his own tightly, before lacing their fingers together and continuing his story. "She was killed by the very people I had sworn to protect her from. I just…broke. I couldn't handle living anymore. I couldn't see the fun in the world, the very thing that is my center and it was gone. How can I be a Guardian if I can't even find the fun in life? It was something I asked myself every day when she left. Something that I ask myself now if she were to disappear again."

"But Jack—"

"Wait, wait I'm not done." Jack held up his free hand to hush her and looked her in the eyes finally. The emotion that was swimming around in his ice blue orbs was enough to make Lyra hold her breath and stop herself from wrapping the boy in front of her in a tight hug. He looked like he was in so much pain, and here he was telling her that she indirectly been the cause of it.

"She came back to me….You came back to me Lyra. You finally were back, in a way that you could never be taken from me again, but then I realized just how damaged you were." He reached down and pulled one of her gloves off to show her how only parts of her hand were actually visible. "I got scared. All I could think about where those moments you were gone. Would you leave again? Was this just a temporary thing? How much longer did I have with you? Then you couldn't even remember me and-" Jack looked away as tears started to form in his eyes. Lyra was stuck in a state of shock. He had been acting so overbearing and protective, she hadn't even once considered why he was doing things like this. "Lyra you forgetting me…It made me feel invisible again. Like it didn't matter if I had believers out there because they still wouldn't be able to see me. I felt so lost. Then when you did remember me…" A soft chuckled escaped his lips and he tightened his grip around her hand. "You remembered me and I felt hope again. Everything that I was worried about before was trivial now. I had a second chance. I could make this better. So what if you didn't fully remember me. I had you here now. I could make new memories with you. I could try to make you fall in love with me again. Then everyone started targeting you and I became scared all over again. I couldn't protect you last time, but I knew I had to keep you safe this time. Even if you hated me for it in the end."

"I'm not going anywhere Jack." Jack looked back into Lyra's eyes and she could see the relief fill them at actually hearing someone say those words. "Even if we are to get separated I'm positive well find each other again. That being said, though, Jack I really have to go back to Jamie." Jack suddenly focused on the wall across the room clearly not interested in hearing these words again. Lyra could see from the way his face kept twisting that he was having an internal struggle. On one hand he wanted nothing more than to keep her safe, but on the other hand he desperately wanted Jamie to be awake and well. Lyra sighed heavily and placed her free hand on top of their conjoined hands.

"Jack, I remember when I was trapped inside of the nightmare." Jack's head snapped up and he looked at her in shock for a moment before his facial expression changed to nothing but concern. Lyra smiled sadly to him. "Don't worry, I'm okay. The point here is I remember what these children are going through. I know their pain. I know how much it hurts. I can't just sit here and wait anymore. I have to free them. I have to release them from that hell Jack." Tears started to fill her eyes as she thought of the hundreds of children currently tossing and turning in their beds; screaming out for help that wasn't coming. He pulled his hands free and reached up to wipe the tears from her cheeks as they started to fall.


"No Jack! I have to do this! Please, please let me go to him Jack. You'll be with me. I know I'll be okay if you are there! So please…" Jack wrapped his arms around Lyra and gently pulled her into his lap. He cupped her cheeks and lifted her face up to look into her eyes. A sad smile crossed his lips before he nodded in understanding.

"I'll take you there one more time. On the promise that if nothing works when we go then you allow me to keep you in hiding until you can learn to fight. If something does happen, then you also have to promise me that we will return to doing your self-defense training. Deal?" Lyra stared at him for a long moment waiting for him to drop the 'I'm kidding' line. Jack raised his eyebrow awaiting some kind of response from the girl. He yelped in shock as she suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a tight hug. He chuckled softly before wrapping his arms around her. The distinct scent of honeysuckle entered his nose and reminded him of how she smelt back before the accident. Before he could fully linger on how wonderful she smelt she pulled back and gently kissed his cheek. An innocent gesture, one meant to show thanks, but instead was a trigger that caused Jack to jerk back and stare at the blonde girl in front of him. Lyra looked at him in shock, not expecting him to jerk back like she had just burnt him, before slowly pulling away afraid she had done something wrong.

Time seemed to slow down for Jack. He felt a warmth fill his body; one that matched the time he threw his staff down and ran to Lyra before leaving to fight Leon. He felt panic fill his mind at the fact she was pulling away from him. His desire was on full blast; he wanted this girl. He wanted to taste her, to feel her, to surround himself in everything that was Lyra. Then his mind started screaming at him to stop her. Prevent her from moving out of his reach and trap her so she couldn't leave. So that's exactly what he did. He reached out and grabbed her arm, his actions happening long before his mind realized what it was he was doing, and he pulled her down and captured her lips with his own.

It was a gentle kiss. One showing that Jack was giving her the option to pull away if she was uncomfortable. She sat there, tensed up in shock, unable to figure out what to do as blurred images started flooding her mind. She could feel his cool lips against hers, his strong arms wrap around her body and pull her close to his own. It felt familiar, and the blurred images started to overtake her vision. She felt like she was drowning in memories, memories starting from the beginning where she first met Jack, all the way until her final moments with him before he left on the sled and they were separated. Her emotions started to overflow and she couldn't help the tears that started to fall down her cheeks.

Jack pulled away, feeling the rejection of her not returning the kiss, and couldn't hide the guilt he felt at the sight of seeing her crying. He had broken his promise to himself. He pushed her, and now he had probably just put a huge wall between the two of them. He instantly released her, fully preparing an apology and escape plan. He'd have to give her space. He felt sick to his stomach as the knot started forming and panic set in at the actions he had just performed.

He had ruined everything.

"Lyra I didn't mean…" He stopped talking when she reached out and gripped his hoodie thus holding him in place. They sat there for a long moment, not saying anything, as she closed her eyes and allowed her memories to fit together like missing pieces to a puzzle. After what felt like years to Jack, she finally opened her eyes and stared at him for a long moment. He was scared; terrified was more the word. He knew the rejection he was about to receive and he honestly wasn't ready for it. What if he had just waited? He should have waited until the memories came back and she initiated things.

Instead, he was left to start all over again.

He closed his eyes and waited for the words to leave her mouth. The words that would kill what little enjoyment he had felt from the warmth of her lips against his just moments ago. What she said next, however, was something he wouldn't have expected in a thousand years.

"Took you long enough, stalker."

Glass shattering was what echoed through Jack's mind. His self-control was gone, just like a fragile piece of glass being forcefully thrown onto the ground. The small smirk playing on Lyra's soft pink lips was enough to tell him what he needed to know. She remembered. Her memories of them together had finally returned, and that meant one important thing.

She was finally his again.

He closed the distance between them, kissing her firmly trying desperately to portray all the emotions he had building up during the past few months. Love, lust, pain, hurt, and fear. All of them into one kiss and he couldn't stop the erratic beating of his heart when she wrapped her arms around his neck and started kissing him back.

Normally, Jack was pretty shy when it came to this whole love thing. After all, this was one of the first few times he had ever kissed a girl let alone be in love with one. However, Jack was tired of chances being taken from him. He wasn't naïve. He had lived three-hundred years and watched how people interacted when they were in love. While back then he would make a grossed out face and continue on his icy path, he couldn't stop the possible thoughts that were flooding his mind at this very moment. He wanted more of her. He wanted so much more that he couldn't even figure out where to begin to quench the strong desire he had pulsating through his body.

She ran her fingers down through his hair and let her nails of her un-gloved hand softly trail the skin of his neck sending shivers down his spine. Suddenly, his next course of action became clear and he built up all the courage he could muster and let his tongue softly trail along her bottom lip. She gasped his shock from the sudden action, but having kissed boys before she responded immediately after. She could feel Jack was hesitating before, but now that she could see where he wanted to go she decided to take control for a moment until he got the hang of things.

So she leaned in further and deepened the kiss.

Jack groaned into the feeling of her warmth tongue dancing with his own. She tasted noticeably of peppermint, though in the North Pole there were stashes everywhere and it was possible she had some not too long ago. She had her own distinct taste as well, one that couldn't really be described, but it wasn't bad. In fact, it had Jack craving to taste it more often. He pulled her body closer to his, pretty sure that if she tried to produce a breeze of wind none of it would be able to squeeze between the two of them. They were so intertwined with each other if someone walked in then they most likely would think Jack and Lyra had become one person.

Soon, much to Jack's disappointment, they needed to come up for air. He pulled back, taking in a sharp breath of air, and stared into the bi-colored eyes of the woman he had grown to love more than life itself. She was breathing heavy, trying to put the oxygen he had deprived her of back into her body, but the soft smile across her now swollen lips made Jack groan in defeat before he dove back in and kissed her all over again. He felt braver now, having gained an idea of just what he was doing, and he took full control of the situation. He pushed them over onto the floor, leaving Lyra pinned underneath him, as he started trailing his hands up from her thighs and over her hips until he felt the warmth of her skin peeking out from the edge of her shirt. Jack felt Lyra shiver the moment his fingers touched her skin and felt a sense of pride that he could cause such a reaction from her—completely forgetting the fact he was probably freezing to her with him being the winter spirit and what not. He kept moving up slowly, a little worried that maybe he was pushing his luck too quickly, but at the same time having a hard time fighting the raw lust that was flowing through his veins. He nearly jumped in shock when Lyra pulled away from the kiss and started giggling.

"What's so funny?" He asked in a breathy tone, being reminded once more that they need to still breathe during this make-out session. He trailed his fingers back down her sides, not wanting to go up further now that she had broken the semi-moment. She started giggling again and a devious smirk crossed his thin lips.

"Stop that." Lyra playfully glared giving Jack all he needed to full on attack.

"How could I forget Lyra is ticklish, hm?" He spoke as he swiftly started attacking her sides. She squeals in laughter and started flailing around before full on trying to escape him. He wrapped his arms around her waist after she had turned her back to him and tried to crawl away. He pulled her up with him so she was sitting in his lap once more and sighed in pleasure at holding her close to him.

"Oh Lyra…" He whisper before trailing soft kisses along the exposed area of her neck (she had left her turtle neck rolled down after Carol's examination). She leaned back into the winter spirit and closed her eyes basking in the feeling of having him close to her again.

"I'm so sorry Jack. How I must have made you suffer…" She felt him smirk against her neck.

"Tell me about it. They weren't kidding with that statement of "women will be the death of men". I've been going out of my mind!" Lyra laughed softly before turning to face him and pecking him on the lips quickly. She rolled her eyes at the cute pout he gave her for the kiss being so short.

"You have all of forever to kiss me, now rein it in lover boy. We've still got the impending doom of the world floating over our heads, remember?" Jack pondered it for a moment before shrugging and leaning in fully intending on stealing another kiss. Lyra quickly threw her hand up and blocked his mouth from reaching hers. "Jack, you pull me into another kiss and I'll bite your tongue."

"I've been alive over three-hundred years. I think it's about due time I get to have my super awesome make-out session with a super-hot girl. Why do you deny me so?" Lyra really had to resist the urge to smack the boy upside the head for giving her that pout of his again.

"If you're looking to make-out with a super-hot girl you should probably look near Hollywood for that type. Or I could go cross-dress Lance for you." The face Jack made was all Lyra needed to know she had just won that fight.

"You're super-hot to me." He muttered under his breath as he sulked like a small boy who had just been scolded. Lyra leaned in and softly kissed his cheek in a form of thanks for the compliment before standing up and stretching. "Aw, now you're even denying me the chance to cuddle!"

"Oh hush and get up. Sheesh, if it makes you feel better you can sleep in here with me later tonight and cuddle all you want then." Lyra rolled her eyes and walked away to place her headphones and mp3 player back on her bedside table. Jack stared at her in shock for a moment before a gentle smile graced his lips.

"I'd love to stay in here with you tonight."

"I'm honestly surprised you didn't just crawl into my bed before now. You're in here more hours of the night 'checking on me' than you are actually in your own bed. Probably should have just saved us all some trouble weeks ago." He coughed nervously and started tugging at the neck of his hoodie.

"So…uh…subject changer! How about I go tell the others we're heading back to Jamie's tonight?" He stood up abruptly, walked over and kissed her forehead, before skipping out of the room. Lyra stared at the now shut door for a long moment before sadly shaking her head.

"Did he just say subject changer to seriously change the subject?" She giggled softly at the winter spirit's eccentricity before reaching up and gently touching her lips. "For a newbie, he's a damn good kisser."

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