Anakin POV

It's been 3 years since I was turned into the monster my life has been a nightmare since my transformation first I lose the love of my life than I'm treated like an out cast from the whole temple and the people who I thought were my friends. The only person I can trust is Obi-Wan. I don't know how things could get much worse than they are now. All I know I have 7 years till I stay a monster forever unless I can find someone who can love and trust me but I highly doubt that… who could ever love a beast?

. . . . .

I quietly approached the corner with my back against the wall, trying to draw as less attention to myself as I could, and turned around to check if anyone was looking at me. I was still moving towards the corner and I let my left hand smoothly move over the wall, being my guide, while I continued to look around myself. My hand felt the edge of the wall and I quickly turned around, clashing with one of the pillars. That was not supposed to be there.

Ahsoka POV

I saw my master trying to swiftly get through the temple un-noticed. I decided to blow his cover and walk quietly over to him. He jumped once I touched his shoulder lightly; he looked shocked and angry at me for surprising him like that.

" What's the matter with you!?" he whispered angrily

"Sorry. What are you doing?" I said allowed

"Can you keep it down? None of you business go back to the dorm. Now." There was a hint of threat in his voice. I didn't want to start anything so I just retreated. I'll ask him later once he cooled down. I started walking down the hall quietly.

Anakins POV

Once I saw Ahsoka out of my sight I sighed in relief thank god she was gone for now. I moved quickly toward the parking lot with my speeder. I jumped in and headed for the senate building. Once I was inside Padme's apartment I was met by 3CP0

"Hello Master Ani!" he said cheerfully. I wasn't in the mood so I just pushed him out of my way. I saw Padme brushing her hair on the balcony.