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Ahsoka POV

I was about seven o'clock and Anakin was still not back where could he be? Was he still with her? I thought to myself. I looked out at the window to the sunset I hoped he was safe. My com link started beeping I ran to my bed and picked it up.

"Ahsoke here." I spoke into it.

"Ahsoka we have another mission for you meet us in the council chamber in an hour. Do you know where Anakin is?" It was Obi-Wan Dame it!

"Um he'll be back shortly we'll meet you back in the council in an hour…"

"Ahs-" I closed the connection before he could speak again I would have to apologize about this later. I ran to the speed hanger and got into one of the cars I drove into the Corusant streets and started searching frantically for him. "If I was a giant wolf beast thing were would I go?" I said to myself I stopped at the meat store, Zoo, than it came to me... the woods! I drove to the only patch of woods in Corasant.

15 Minutes later:

This was taking long than expected I looked deeper into the woods until I came to a part were everything was trashed not a single tree stood and the cuts were deep and fresh. I knew he was close. I walked to the middle of the circle of the disaster to see Anakin. His face looks like he was in pain he clothes were torn to shreds; he looked terrible. I walked over to him nudged him a little then full out started shaking him.

"Master wake up, we have to go." I whispered in his ear. His eyes fluttered open and he looked at me his hand rested on my cheek and he closed his eyes again. I signed and used all my force to lift him up I put my hand on his chest and carried him to the speeder. We arrived and I sat his down in the front seat. I sighed and pushed his hair back to get a better look at his face that was badly scratched. I walked to the driver seat and took off towards the temple. Once we got in I dragged him into our dorm and closed the door and locked it I got down on my knees and shook him a little.

"Master please wake up, now" he grounded and pounced up I put my hands on his chest.

"Whats going on?" He said in a sleepy voice.

"We have to go and see the council in an hour so hurry up and go take a shower." I could tell he was still groggy and sleepy he seemed drunk if you asked me.

"Wash me?"

"Um no."

"Why? I thought you like me?"

"Not anymore; hurry up."

"Awww!" He got up and walked or rather crawled to the shower. I got ready and waited for him he took longer in the shower then anyone. I knocked on the door for him.

"Master hurry up!" I heard the shower stop a second later and he stepped out I stepped out of the room so he could change he came out five minutes later he looked fine.

"Okay let's go." We walked down to the Council Chambers once we got in we were met my an immediate glare from Windu I heard Anakin growl and I patted Anakins arm and he excepted my touch which surprised me.

"Welcome Skwalker. Padawan Tano." Windu said with no emotion.

"A new mission we have for you we do." Said Yoda

"You will be protecting Senator Bonteri on his trip to Mandalore for a peace treaty." Windu said. Once he said that line my heart stung. Lux Bonteri the boy who broke my heart the boy who choose Steela over me? The boy who shattered me and my heart for many months? I thought this can't be happening, why me?

"When will we be leaving?" My master spoke

"Tomorrow morning." Windu said again we bowed and left to our quarters to pack once we got in my master shut the door behind us.

"Whats the matter?" he said

"Nothing why?"

"I felt your emotions when we were in the chambers do you not feel comfortable with the mission?"

"I do master don't worry."

"Stop calling me master just say Anakin."

"Anakin" His name brought a huge smile to my face I could really use his name now?

Anakin POV

Ahsoka's smile made my heart skip a beat I had to admit I was falling for her and I was falling hard. Her smile did bring me happiness and I smiled back even more brighter and happier and she giggled a little. Sadly I had to break up this perfect moment.

"Come on snips we have to start packing."

"Aw okay."

The Next Day

We were off the Onderon to meet the new senator I felt Ahsoka's uneasiness and I wanted to know what it was about but I knew she was a hard shell to crack. Once we arrived Bonteri was waiting outside for us with his guards. We got off the shuttle and greeted him.

"Bonteri." I said

"How nice to see you Master Skywalker you to Ahsoka." The way he said her name gave me and uneasy feeling to I hope he didn't try anything on the mission for his sake . We got on the shuttle and flew to Mandalore the whole process took only 3 hours. Ahsoka still wasn't comfortable with Bonteri on the ship.

Once we landed Satine welcomed us and showed us to our personal quarters Ahsoka had her head down and I grabbed her arm her skin was so smooth and like silk.

"Ahsoka could you please tell me whats wrong?"

"Master nothings wrong please let me go" I released her she didn't want to talk now but sooner or later she will crack. Bonteri kept on eying her honestly I wanted to crack his neck. She's mine all mine and I'm not sharing.

Ahsoka POV

This mission would be very awkward for me. I knew Lux kept on looking at me I didn't know what his deal was. I wanted so badly to yell at him. Satine showed me my quarters. Anakin's quarters were right next to mines which I was grateful for. I started unpacking and went to dinner.

Later That Night

After dinner I went to. I woke up to a knock on the door who the hell is at my door? I looked up at the clock it was 3:00 p.m. I'm going to kill who ever woke me up. I opened the door to see Lux I gave him a hard glare.

"What the hell do you want?" I said

"I just wanted to talk." said Lux.

"At 3 p.m!"

"Please calm down I don't want to wake the others." Lux said in a calm voice.

"What do you want?"

"Ahsoka do you still love me?"


"Ahsoka could you please forgive me?"

"No after what you did on Onderon you think I'm going to forgive you? Who do you think I am? You broke my heart! Do you know how many nights I spent crying?"

"Please Ahsoka I still love you!" His words stopped my heart completely. He pulled me in for a kiss once our lips made contact I heard a low growl coming from the door I hope it wasn't who I thought it was.