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Anakin Skywalker POV

I woke up the next morning in my human form not seeing Ahsoka next to me. I rose up and started wondering around the abandoned building trying to spot her. I moved a couple boxes around until spotted her in the middle of the room meditating. I turned to leave not wanting to distract her but she slowly levitated back to the ground and turned her head to face me and gave me a small smile.

"It's about time you woke up master." I smiled back and she sighed again. "Do you know what we are going to do?"

"I don't know but we need to think quick with the authorities hot on our trail."

"But first you need some new clothes." I was confused about what she saying until I looked down and saw that my own garments were torn to shreds. A hot pink blush crept up on my cheek and I struggled to hide it. I heard Ahsoka giggle and come close to me to remove my hands from my burning cheeks. "Hahaha it's okay it's cute." Cute? S-she thinks I'm cute?... I smiled at her and grinned back twice as wide. "Okay master we need a plan I think it would be safe to go down to the city because the police aren't looking for me there on the hunt for you." I nodded my head and she continued," Maybe if we get hold of a ship we could go to Corasant and plead you not guilty because you weren't technically mauling Lux. But fist we have to find out were are we?" I let her words soak in maybe this could work... maybe.

"It seems alright but what if we get caught?" I said anxiously.

"Simple: we fight"

"Ahsoka listen I appreciate what you are doing for me but I will not allow you to go to jail because of my stupidity." I said firmly.

"Master I know you would do the same for me but I'm more then willing to give up everything I have for you." I stared at her in shock.

"No your staying here and that's an order." Before she could make another retort we heard screaming outside which sounded like a police officer. We made are way to the doorframe and peaked out.

"They must be in here! We searched the whole capital! They couldn't have gotten that far break down the door!" We heard the main officer yell before we could react we heard the door slam open on the 1st floor. I looked at Ahsoka and she stared at me frantic until she whispered in my heard "Hide!" We hid behind some boxes and listened to the creaks of the floor were the officers were. Until we heard a group coming up the stairs the forcefully opened the door and started looking around the room the fact that it was daytime didn't really help. Me and Ahsoka kept on moving to place to place hoping we wouldn't get seen while I tried to find an escape rout. There was a broken window right behind us. I tapped Ahsoka she turned towards me and I pointed to the broken window she nodded and we started slowly and silently made our way towards it. That was until Ahsoka slipped and her leg kicked the boxes over and they crashed on top of us the police droids turned towards us and yelled.

"There they are! Get them!" They started running towards us and I pushed Ahsoka towards the window.

"Move!" I yelled at her and we jumped out of the window and started running through woods like animals. I heard the police cars turn on and started heading in out direction. We jumped up onto a high tree and waited until the cars passed us by. Once that was done we jumped down and started heading to one of the closest city we could find.

It was about and hour walking through the woods and my feet were already aching. We only walked a couple more miles until we reached our closes city. Are first stop was to a store which sold robes and other garments. Ahsoka went inside and started talking to the clerk as I staid watch outside for any cops. She came back out with robes that looking similar to my old. I put them on and we wondered around the city trying to find a ship dealer. We decided to stop at one of the restaurant to grab something it eat. Ahsoka and me sat down on the booth as the waiter took our order.

"Hm. This looks like it's going well."

"You don't know that for sure, Snips." She giggled when I called her her nickname it always did make her laugh.

"Ah I miss when you still called me that."

"Yah. I do too." Our orders came and we started eating well Ahsoka ate like a normal being wale I practically devoured my food. Ahsoka suddenly dropped her spoon and looked straight ahead of my shoulder. I turned around to see what she was looked at but she whispered harshly. "Anakin no.start heading to the exit." I did as I was told we started walking very calmly until the owner started yelling at us.

"Hey! You are supposed to pay for that!" I turned around to see what Ahsoka was staring at. Oh Force! Cops!. I turned around and Ahsoka and me started running out the door. I heard the cop yelling at us "Hey!" and starting calling for back up. We ran down the street pushing everyone out of the way that got in our way. We finally hid in an alleyway waiting until the cops passed us.

After the whole ordeal I heard Ahsoka start laughing. I stared at her puzzled and some how found myself laughing also. She always had this type of affect on me.

"Why are we laughing?!" I laughed.

"I actually don't know it's like we never get a break!" She said after her little fit we got back to the task at hand.

"Master I'm still hungry…" She complained.

"Okay snips lets see where this alley way leads us…" We walked down the alley ways until we saw a small a small door. I opened it and there was a row of stairs leading underground but before I could actually walk down I already could here the loud music and the bright lights. Ahsoka and I walked down to see a giant rave scene that I didn't even know could exist the amount of people in one small space was unimaginable. Lucky for us the place was half of a restaurant then one club. Also there was no cop in sight thank the force. Ahsoka and me sat down on a booth and the waiter came and took our order. I heard Ahsoka gasp and I turned to her direction concerned.

"Ahsoka what's wrong?" I asked.

"I love this song! You have come dance with me!"

"Um I don't think so I'm not that great of a dancer."

"What!? No oh come on master just for fun! Also you o me for saving your but twice!" I sighed in defeat and slide of the booth. She grabbed my hand and we made are way to the dance floor; and the music started playing.

Dance all night

I said dance all night

Hey baby girl

Lookin' all done up

I wanna know

Where did you come from?

The heat begins to raise

Hot woman

The club's about to go into flames and

The speakers thumpin'

Let's party hard

And just move something

The vibe is right and it goes-goes-goes somethin'-somethin' like this

Ahsoka was mostly the one dancing. It was like everything was blurred in the back round as the music played. I stared at her intensely wondering why I couldn't see this before?

Such a beautiful crowd, level's on ten

People standing on chairs

With their hands up in the air

Girls gettin' real wild

Hair blowin' in the wind

Girls standing on chairs

With their hands up in the air [x9]

High heels standing on them soft couch cushions

Careful not to break your concentration

Maintain sexy as she maintains balance, balance

If you fall, baby girl it won't be cute at all, at all

Drink in your left hand, left hand

Girlfriend in your right, your right

On the couch dancin', dancin'

Holdin' on for dear life, life

Thump of the music plus flash of the lights plus

Long legs and a short skirt equal one hell of a night I'm talking 'bout

Such a beautiful crowd, level's on ten

People standing on chairs

With their hands up in the air

Girls gettin' real wild

Hair blowin' in the wind

Girls standing on chairs

With their hands up in the air [x9]

I got my eyes closed

Jumpin' up and down baby I'm on ten

I got my eyes closed

Listen' to the sounds so hypnotizing


And I bet before the night ends


I'm gon' find one that I'm liking

Take her home, get on next morning

Baby girl, gimme that one more thing before you go

I got my eyes closed [x3]

How could I not see how beautiful she was? Or how perfect she was? What a fool I was! I started leaning in so our lips could touch but she immediately backed away.

She laughed uncomterably and looked into my eyes, "Master… I think were taking the song a little to literally." She retreated back some where on the dance floor, as I stood there motionless in the same spot. So this is how it feels to get rejected? I thought as I pushed through the crowd to try to find Ahsoka.

Such a beautiful crowd, level's on ten

People standing on chairs

With their hands up in the air

Girls gettin' real wild

Hair blowin' in the wind

Girls standing on chairs

With their hands up in the air [x9]

Done! Sorry for spelling mistakes my spell checker didn't work for some reason… The song is 'Hands in the air by Timbaland and featuring Ne-Yo'