An arrival at 221B Baker Street was not an unusual occurrence, but Sherlock found it best to turn the majority of guests away. The only people Sherlock was interested in were people with a mystery to solve- and a mystery that required a great mind like his. He had no interest in cases that could be solved by a five year old child.

He could not turn down his most recent guest, however, because she was John's family. A member of John's family that Sherlock himself hadn't known about until she'd texted John the previous week and told him that she'd be staying in London for a few months. Of course, John had invited her to stay at the flat.

"She's twenty three. She's not exactly going to cause any trouble." John had insisted.

Sherlock rolled his eyes and plucked absently at his violin strings, staring at John's little sister sat in front of him.

"So." Sherlock said, causing the girl to jump. He didn't say anything else, and the girl frowned.

"So what?" She asked.

"I don't talk unless really necessary. I hope that doesn't bother you. Although, if it does, it's hardly going to change things." Sherlock shrugged, putting his violin down and sitting forwards, placing his chin in his hands.

"Right. Sorry, but who are you?" She asked.

"I could say the same about you. John has refused to tell me anything. I think he wants me to impress you with my mind." Sherlock shrugged impatiently, leaning back in his seat and closing his eyes, already having made all deductions one could possibly make.

"Go on then. Impress me." The girl challenged.

"Your name is Claudia. You are studying History at university, although you'd quite like to get into music journalism. You've recently split up from a short term relationship, and are quite bitter about the whole ordeal. You're excited about seeing John, but also worried about whether his condition has improved since coming back to England after being in the war. And rightly so. But I can assure you, Claudia Watson, John is absolutely fine." Sherlock told her, not once opening his eyes to look at her.

Claudia frowned at him, her mouth open but not in shock. "How could you possibly know that if John hasn't told you anything about me?" She asked.

Sherlock cracked one eye open and took in her appearance.

"I know you're studying History because of the text book in your handbag. It's a university text book, and is about modern European History. I know you'd like to be a music journalist because of the scribbles on your hand about various bands. It's things that a music journalist would write. Ergo, you're a history student who'd also like to get into music journalism. Pointless professions, but you're intelligent nonetheless." Sherlock explained.

"I'm not sure whether that was an insult or a compliment." Claudia muttered, rolling her eyes. "How did you know about my ex-boyfriend?" She asked.

"You keep furiously texting, and when I you first came into the house you were talking on your phone about a 'bastard' who'd 'cheated on you with a munter.' Not the most impressive language but that doesn't faze me." Sherlock shrugged.

Claudia sighed. "John's told you all of this." She nodded.

"I haven't told him anything." John said, walking into the flat and smiling at his sister. Claudia grinned at him and got up to meet him, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug.

"John!" She laughed, relieved that he'd walked in when he had.

"Claudia." John smiled. "You look so different." He told her, holding her back so he could have a better look at her.

"Thanks?" She smirked, yet again not knowing whether to take it as a compliment or insult.

"I don't mean it in a bad way- you look good. Doesn't she, Sherlock?" John asked, turning to his friend for help. Sherlock nodded in a vague way.

"I suppose." He agreed, getting back to his violin plucking.

"Great." Claudia said sarcastically, leaving her brother's embrace and sitting back down on the couch. John joined her, easing himself down into the seat.

"Was he deducing you?" John smirked, glancing first at Claudia and then at Sherlock.

"Is that what you call it? 'Deducing.' I call it bloody creepy." Claudia muttered. Sherlock glanced up at them both, setting his violin down once more as he tried not to look offended.

"I could take offence to that." He said in a deep voice, glaring at the girl.

"He's very delicate when it comes to his intellect." John whispered to Claudia, who shrugged indifferently. Sherlock turned his attention to John, who'd stated that she wouldn't be any trouble. He didn't like her already. She'd been in his flat for twenty minutes, and she's already caused trouble.

John couldn't put up with the silence any longer, and so decided to ignore Sherlock completely.

"So, how are things?" He asked Claudia.

"Well, apart from being cheated on, having our parent's think I'm a disappointment and having to put up with Harry, its swell." She smiled sarcastically.

"Harry's your other sister, John." Sherlock said deeply.

"Yes, thanks, Sherlock." John rolled his eyes. "I didn't know that."

Sherlock frowned and turned his attention back to his violin. John swore he heard him mutter- "Tetchy…"

"What have Mum and Dad been doing?" John asked her.

"They don't think History's the right path for me." She sighed.

"But you've always loved History." John refuted. "Don't listen to them. They're the same with me. And Harry. They weren't happy when I was in the army, and they're not happy now I'm out." John assured her. "And the less said about Matt, the better." John told her, and she nodded in agreement.

"Who's Matt?" Sherlock asked. John looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"You don't know?" He asked. "I'd have thought you'd have worked that out by now."

"Ah, of course. The ex-boyfriend." Sherlock nodded. "How foolish of me to forget that."

"Why do you talk like you're from the 19th Century?" Claudia smirked, and John grinned into his hand.

"It's called intelligence, Miss Watson." Sherlock told her, before abruptly standing up and putting his scarf and coat on. He left without a word.

"Is he all right?" Claudia asked.

"Is Sherlock all right?" John seemed to ask himself. "You never can tell with him." He sighed.

"Where will I be sleeping, John? So I can put my bags there." Claudia smiled. John took them and carried them into his bedroom.

"You can take my bedroom. I've cleaned the sheets, don't worry." He smirked at her, and he could hear her laugh all the way into his bedroom.

"Where will you sleep?" She was suddenly in his bedroom too.

"On the couch." John smiled, leading her back into the living room. "Do you want some tea? One minute. Mrs Hudson!" John yelled. Claudia frowned as she heard someone walking up the stairs.

"You've got a maid?" She asked.

"No. Mrs Hudson. Our landlady. Did she not show you into the flat?" John asked, confused. Sherlock would never do such a thing.

"No. The tall man did. What's his name? Sherlock? How unusual." Claudia noted, right as Mrs Hudson, dressed in her usual purple, walked into the room and smiled expectantly.

"Oh, hello dear. You must be John's little sister. I'm Mrs Hudson, you're landlady." She said.

"I'm Claudia. Nice to meet you." Claudia grinned, shaking her hand.

"What do you want, John?" Mrs Hudson asked.

"Would you please be able to make us some tea?" John asked kindly.

"I'll do it this once, because your sister's here." Mrs Hudson tutted, walking into their messy kitchen, strewn with various boiling tubes and body parts. "But I'm not your housekeeper!" She exclaimed from the room.

"She always says that, but she doesn't mean it." John whispered to Claudia, who smirked at his triumph.

"Oh, John! Will you please tell Sherlock to stop leaving body parts in the fridge! Especially when you expect me to make cups of tea for you both all the time!" Mrs Hudson yelled, clearly disgusted.

"Body parts?!" Claudia exclaimed, leaping from her seat and running into the kitchen.

From his seat, John frowned and winced. He really hadn't wanted Claudia to know about Sherlock's oddness until she knew him better. What will she think of John's housemate now?

It's not that John wanted them to be best friends, but she didn't want to just think of him as odd, like everyone else did. There was much more to him than that, and John wanted her to see the funny, and the kind side to Sherlock Holmes. Not the side of him that leaves body parts in the fridge and keeps eyeballs in microwaves.

"John! There's a human brain in the fridge! Why the hell is that there?!" Claudia yelled. John rushed into the kitchen and groaned at the sight. He grabbed the milk and slammed the fridge shut.

"Sherlock experiments a lot." He said weakly, handing the milk to Mrs Hudson, who looked terrified, despite having seen it all a million times over.

"We really need to get separate fridges." John frowned.

"Why does he experiment with body parts? I'm really hoping he didn't kill someone to get that brain." Claudia snapped, feeling nauseous.

"He's a consulting detective." John said as an explanation, and a weak one, at that. "He solves crime. He's into science." He continued with his weak explanation.

Claudia put her hands in the air, as if giving up, and stormed into the living room.

"So I'm going to be under the same roof as a man who thinks it acceptable to keep body parts in the fridge. Do you not see how disgusting that is, John?" Claudia asked.

"Yes. But I've lived with him for a long time now. I've gotten used to it. Sherlock is…Sherlock. He's weird and quiet and intelligent and bloody brilliant." John stuck up for his friend.

"I didn't know you had such strong feelings for me, John." Sherlock spoke up from the doorway, pulling his coat and scarf up and hanging them on the clothes hooks.

"Where've you been so quickly?" John asked.

"Mycroft was outside, had been for about an hour. In case you didn't know, he wanted to whisk your sister away and reason with her. I had to tell him to go away." Sherlock explained.

"You told Mycroft to 'go away'?" John asked, amused.

"It was something among those lines, yes." Sherlock said, going to the window to check that his brother had indeed, gone away.

"Well what did you actually say?" John asked, enjoying this.

"Piss off." Sherlock said, turning around. John smirked, and Claudia was glaring at the dark haired man. "What?" He asked when he saw her stare.

"There's a brain in the fridge." She said.

"Oh, yes. I was supposed to get rid of that a couple of weeks ago. Ha. It will be a breeding ground for bacteria now." Sherlock said.

Claudia looked down at her cup of tea with a sour expression. She suddenly handed the cup to John and rushed to the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind her.

"What's wrong with her?" Sherlock asked.

"I don't think she likes the thought of drinking tea with milk that has brain bacteria in it." John sighed, going to the kitchen and tipping it down the sink.

"Could you not try to get along with her, for me? She's my sister and she means a lot to me. Could you not just try to be nice?" John asked, impatient.

"Yes, John, because I put that brain in the fridge on purpose." Sherlock said sarcastically.

"I wouldn't put it past you." John snapped, going to the bathroom and knocking on the door. "Are you okay, Claudia?" He asked gently. Claudia opened the door, and marched out, glaring at Sherlock as she took her seat.

"Fine." She lied.

"I think you're going to like living here." Mrs Hudson smiled, worried, as she moved past the small group and down the stairs.