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Chapter One: She's Back

"She's back!" Peter White yelled cheerfully as he bounded across the lawn. "She's back, she's back, she's baaaaaack!"

Ace raised an eyebrow as he watched the energetic rabbit leap out of the castle lawn and toward the clock tower. He wasn't surprised that Peter was acting this way, but rather he was somewhat shocked that Alice had returned to the world of Wonderland. His clock-heart throbbed. He frowned as he put his hand over it. It wasn't like he was in love with Alice. She had already told him he wasn't so it was clear and obvious he wasn't... But what was this feeling? It was as if his heart felt a twinge of jealousy when Alice was with other men, especially Blood Dupre. He shook his head hard. Like he had been told when he was younger, he wasn't meant to love or be loved. But despite these thoughts, he found himself wandering toward the direction of the Clock Tower where Alice would be staying.

Alice was sitting across from Julius as he worked. No words had been uttered since her return. There really wasn't anything to be said. Okay, there was much to be said, but Julius felt it would be better to remain silent and let Alice just think. And boy, was she thinking!

Alice's lips twitched ever so slightly to form a discontented frown. That Blood Dupre... I didn't even get a chance to see my sister. I can't forgive him.

"But wouldn't you miss Wonderland, dear Alice?"

Alice let a soft sigh escape her lips. Nightmare... I am glad to be back... but what about my sister?

"You'll find out in good time."

Time? Alice let her frown deepen. How much time has gone by since I first fell asleep?

*Knock knock*

"Come in."

Alice sat up at the sound of Julius' voice.


Alice turned toward the door. A visitor? Who could it be? Dee and Dum? Boris? It better not be Blood! And for my sanity, not Peter White!

"Why hallo Alice."

Alice sighed in relief as she looked up at the Ace of Hearts. "Ace."

Julius raised an eyebrow. "What brings you here?"

Ace glanced at Julius and grinned. "Why to see Alice, of course!"

Julius mumbled softly under-breath, "Isn't everyone?"

"Huh? You say something, Julius?"

Julius coughed. "Nothing. Just let me get back to work."

"Oh!" Alice gasped softly. "I forgot to get your coffee!"

Julius coughed again. "That is fine. Why don't you and Ace go out for a bit? I need some quiet in here."

Ace's grin widened. "Sure thing, Julius." He grabbed Alice's arm and pulled her out of her seat.

"But but but!"

Julius waved for Alice to go. "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Just enjoy yourself."

Alice sighed. You're such a help, Julius.


Julius pursed his lips as he stared at the door. He couldn't keep Alice to himself. She didn't deserve that and neither did he. He had to let her go.

"But if you let her go, she might leave Wonderland."

Julius grunted softly. "Just let me do my work, Nightmare."

It was suppose to be a "normal" walk with Ace. Alice sighed deeply. She should have known better. Since when was anything normal in Wonderland?

She took a deep breath. "STOP IT!"

Ace and Peter White froze.

Ah... much better. Alice stood between the knight and rabbit. "Would you two please stop fighting?"

Ace merely grinned. "Aw, Alice. We were fighting over you. Don't you like it?"

Alice clenched her fists at her sides in frustration.

"Alice, please let me finish off this perverted knight!"


Ace and Peter White slowly turned to face Alice. They both gulped nervously as the stared at a very angry Alice. Ace lowered his sword almost in sync with Peter's rabbit ears.

"Alice?" they asked nervously.

The cloud over Alice's head darkened.

Peter quickly changed into his rabbit form. "Alice! Please don't be angry with me!" He clutched her legs tightly. "I will never let you go if you continue being angry with me!"

Ace rolled his eyes. "How digusting..."

The cloud trembled slightly but remained dark.

"Peter... if if you don't let go, I WILL hurt you!"

Peter's ears drooped down further. "Alice!" he jumped into her arms. "You couldn't hurt an innocent little rabbit such as myself, now could you?"

Ace sheathed his sword. "Innocent?"

Peter shot a dirty look at the knight.

The cloud trembled again and seemed to shrink.

"O-oh..." Alice buried her face into Peter's soft fur.

The rabbit smirked triumphantly.

"I'm sorry. You're so cute!" The cloud vanished as Alice hugged Peter tightly.

Ace sighed. Stupid rabbit. He turned sharply on his heel. No use staying here. But now where to?

"Oh! What am I doing here like this?!" Alice gasped, nearly dropping Peter.

"But don't you just love petting me and holding me?" Peter looked up at her with big hopeful eyes.

"I need to head back to the Clock Tower." Alice set him down then glanced back at the Clock Tower.

Peter frowned slightly and changed back to his human form. "Well, it is getting late."

"How far do you suppose the Clock Tower is from here?"

Peter shrugged. "A good distance."

Alice groaned. "Ace must have gotten us lost."

Peter brightened. "Don't worry. We are nearby the castle. You can stay there until morning!"

"But Julius is probably worried."

"Nonsense!" Peter took Alice's hand.

Alice sighed. Looks like I'll be staying with Vivaldi tonight.


Alice jumped into Peter's arms, surprised. "What was that?"

"What was what?" Peter asked dreamily as he stroked Alice's hair.

"You pervert!" Alice screamed and pushed him aside.

Peter blinked slowly. I was just enjoying myself too...

Alice regained her composure. "What was that sound?"

Peter's rabbit ears perked up. "Oh that sound?"


Alice covered her ears and nodded.

"Oh, don't worry about that. It's probably just Ace fighting or something."

"I see..."

"Come, we should hurry to the castle."

Alice pursed her lips slightly and followed the rabbit. She paused a moment as cold breeze tossled her hair. She turned around quickly. "Who's there?" she cried out.

The wind rustled the leaves lying at her feet.

"Who's there?" she asked again.

She shuddered as she felt a chill run down her spine. "Is... Is someone there?"

A evil chuckle echoed through the forest.

"A-A-Ace? Is that you?"


Alice faced the twitching brush. "Ace?"

"Alice!" Peter White hopped out of the bush. "There you are! I thought you were right behind me!"

"Ah..." Alice glanced behind her. Perhaps that had just been her imagination?

"We need to hurry," Peter held out his hand toward Alice.

She cocked her head slightly. "Why?"

Peter hesitated. "The Ace of Spades is here."

Another chill ran down her spine. "Spades?"

A dark figure lurked through the forest, following the rabbit and the outsider. A wandering stream of light struck upon the figure's cloak revealing his emblem, the Spade.

"Dear, sweet Alice," the Spade chuckled. "She's back."

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