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This story is rated M for language, smoking, drinking and future lemons.

Chapter 1:


I could not believe that I was about to do this. How gullible was I? My computer screened stared back at me brightly. It was patiently waiting for me to continue. I hit generate and held my breath. It took a lot longer than I thought for this website to find my perfect match in a man. I took a drink of my beer.

One match. It made a ding sound. I rolled my eyes. Marie Swan you have been matched with Tyler Mason, I read silently. I clicked on his name. My Internet service was not as quick as it usually was due to the storm outside. I waited, drank more. Waited.

I could not help but read aloud to myself.

"Tyler Mason. Age 25. He lives alone in the area with a dog. Hazel eyes, bronze hair and almost six feet tall. Hobbies include, drawing, piano playing, club dancing, cooking, hunting."

I smiled, then frowned. What a strange list of hobbies.

"Wants a large family and a lovely woman to love him."

I could be that, I thought. Suddenly, my cell phone rang, breaking me from my thoughts. I jumped in surprise.

"Yes, Rosalie," I droned.

"Did you do it?" She demanded. I sighed.

"Just created it."

"You picked a good picture, right?"

"This site doesn't do that as way of privacy. You email each other and then can you disclose pictures etc," I explained.

"That's lame."

"You would say that," I replied sarcastically. "I can't believe you're talking me into this," I whined to her. It had to be the hundredth time I had complained to her about this. Rosalie was not the type to give up. She was a pest, but also my best friend since high school.

"It can't hurt anything, Bella. Chill. Did you get matched?"

"Yeah, some guy named Tyler."

"He lives in the Springs?" She asked.


"Perfect!" She squealed. I held my iPhone away from my ear in pain.

"Did you email him?"

"I was about to," I half lied, "Before you interrupted me."

"Oh, sorry, sorry! Call me in the morning with details," She demanded again.

"I will." We hung up and I went back to my laptop. I leaned against my headboard and sighed.

Online dating? Had I really become so helpless in the dating world? It isn't like I did not try to meet men, because I did. They all just wanted too little or way to much. I frowned at my own complicated self. Maybe this Tyler guy could be the one, though. Maybe I would find him irresistible. At twenty-three, I sure did act like some old hag instead of a ripe piece of meat, as Rosalie liked to refer to me as.

It had been a very long time since I had considered anyone irresistible. A very long time since anyone had truly caught my undivided attention. I can remember that one boy that did, though. He was the only boy that had ever struck me. Sadly, he was unattainable. You don't crush over your best friend's boyfriend. That is in the code. A big no, no.

I could not help myself, though. Rosalie dated a lot, and she always got wonderful guys. In high school, it always seemed strange that her and I would fit together so well as best friends. I was nothing like her, which is probably why that boy, Edward, never really noticed me. I looked to my laptop again. It was waiting for me. I finished my third beer and decided that Mr. Mason would still be my match in the morning. I closed my eyes to begin my daily daydream, only this time, I started at the beginning.

Five years ago

It was a Saturday night in April during our senior year of high school. Rosalie's parents were often out of town, so we held parties at least every other weekend. I usually drank too much, but wasn't that part of it all?

"Bella! Get your scrawny ass over here!" Rosalie called. My head was fuzzy. The crowd around me was hard to see through. I stood up and pushed my way through the mess of people. My eyes searched for Rosalie frantically.

"Bella," She said. I spun around, giving myself a head rush. Rose stood behind me expectantly.

"Hey, sorry," I said. She smiled at me and nodded her head to the left. My eyes looked beside her, then upward to see him.

He was stunning. My legs suddenly felt like jelly as they quivered. Something about the boy made looking at him feel incredibly too personal to do. Never in my life had I been stricken into silence just by someone's appearance. He sported a crooked grin. His hair was was wild as the party around us and shined the color of copper. His chest was broad and his tight black v-neck was low enough to reveal some of his chest hair. On his left bicep, peeking out below his short sleeve was the start, or the end, of a tattoo. My mouth went dry.

Of course, I had to force my eyes away. This is the boy Rosalie had been telling me about for weeks. The boy who was three years older than us, making him of legal age to drink. The boy that lived in the city and went to college. A college boy. What could he see in my eighteen year old friend? What could she have to offer him? There had to be more than sex, didn't there? I frowned.

"Hi," I said. The boy's crooked grin shifted into a full fledged one.

"Edward," He confirmed.

"Edward," I whispered.

"Isn't he sexy?" Rose adored. She threw her hand to his chest and rubbed up and down. I nodded absently, still staring into Edward's golden eyes.

"I told her you were," She said to Edward. He laughed lightly. I did not enjoy this strange affect he had on me. I tried to think of a way to get out of this burning ring of fire.

"Well, I'm going to show Edward the house," Rose said. She took hold of his forearm and spun him around. She turned back to me and winked. They walked away together and left me in shambles. I tried collecting the pieces but they were running away from me.

I managed to move away from the party and loud music onto the front porch. With my beer and thoughts, I tried to figure out what had happened to me. Never in my life had I melted on the spot. I was only eighteen, too young to think of such things. At least, that's how I was supposed to think being raised in a house of devout Catholics. Sure, I drank, got drunk more than I should, and did stupid things with Rosalie, but when it came to boys, I was an empty shell casing.

I couldn't help my upbringing when it came forth, and it always did when it came to boys. I wanted to wait. I wanted it to be special. Not only because of my religion, but because why not? Who wanted to worry about such things as, who has slept with who before you, STD's, or knowing how to have sex with anyone? I liked being uninformed because I was saving myself.

I never told that to Rosalie, of course. To her, it would no doubt be blasphemy. When it came to guys, I usually shrugged it off to get her off my back. But something happened within me when I saw Edward. All my values went out with the trash. I wanted to have him in the darkest of ways. I chugged my beer, uncomfortable within my own head. Just then, the front door opened.

I had been out here a lot longer than I realized. It was now dark outside. The porch light was off. The only light given to my eyes was that of white Christmas lights that went along the porch banister. Edward stepped onto the porch. I watched him in silence as he fixed his jeans. The porch swing I sat on squeaked suddenly, giving me away. I groaned inwardly. Edward's eyes shot up to mine from his fly.

He didn't look ashamed. Or nervous even. He was suave. He smiled seductively at me. I wanted to speak, but his presence stopped my vocal cords. He winked, and stepped off the porch into the darkness that my thoughts inevitably went back to as he walked away.

Poor Bella! Crazy Rosalie and a HOT Edward, what do you think?! :P xox