Chapter 27:


It was the warmest day the new year had seen yet. Of course, sixty eight degrees wasn't very warm to some, but it was to Coloradans. Storm clouds loomed in the distance. Spring rain was on its way sending waves of low thunder. Edward assured me that the rain would hold off for another couple of hours.

We had been outside in t-shirts fixing broken fence posts, and cleaning the stalls since dawn. Seeing Edward work so hard and enjoy himself was a sight to behold. He caught me staring at him and peered over the stall door.

"What?" He asked with a smirk.

"You really are a cowboy, you know."

Edward chuckled. "Finally."

"I'm so excited for Alice."

"Me, too. Carlisle should be here anytime, now." I finished putting the tack room together and joined Edward in the stall. He handed me a broom and we swept together.



"What do you think about marrying me one day?" Edward spoke in a forced Irish accent. I laughed.

"I'm serious, though," He added. I stopped sweeping to look into my golden eyes that he held.

"I think I would enjoy being Mrs. Cullen one day." Edward beamed. He dropped his broom and swept me up in his arms. I kissed his mouth hotly. I could feel his crotch against me. It was growing harder each time my tongue stroked his.

I wanted him, though I had just had him this morning. Would my meter ever be full? Would this drive ever slow? I suddenly hoped it would not. Edward, still holding me, allowed me to twist until I could wrap my legs around him. His erection was right on target, now. I gasped. Edward squeezed my ass and slowly started to move me. I pulled away from his kiss. Rubbing against him in such a way would no doubt undo me.

"What about you?" I asked.

"Not enough time for both," He said smiling.

"I'll pay you back," I teased.

"I know you're good for it." Edward moved me again. His stone hard dick rubbed over my heat covered spot. I moaned slightly and crashed my mouth back to his.

Something about what we were doing, and where we were doing it, had my nerves on high alert. I would come quickly. I had to before Carlisle arrived. If I didn't, I would be left aching, throbbing, hurting. I smiled through our kiss and grew closer to my release. Edward's mouth went to my ear. His hot breath was marvelous.

"My baby," He cooed. Moans escaped my throat. Edward moved me up and down quickly. I grabbed the stall bars behind his head and gripped them tightly. I threw my head back in ecstasy. Edward kissed my neck and I came. I shouted silent cries of pleasure.

Edward held me until I was able to stand.

"You okay?" He asked.

Breathing hard, I smiled, "I might need fresh panties," I replied shyly. Edward laughed and took my hand. Just after kissing my palm, tires over gravel came to our ears. I blushed and fixed my hair and clothes quickly.

Carlisle pulled up to the barn in a large white Ford with a trailer attached. Edward opened the barn doors and guided Carlisle as he backed the trailer in. He hopped out of the truck and hugged his son. I smiled at the sight. He smiled and nodded to me.

"She's a beauty," He told us, motioning towards the trailer. Edward walked around and unlatched the gate. A young palomino stood alert of her new surroundings.

"She's becoming a good little mare," Carlisle told us. Edward unhooked her bridle and walked her out of confinement.

"She's stunning," I told them.

"Alice with love the star on her face," Edward noted.

"I brought feed and hay enough to last a few days until you take Alice to the feed store."

"Thanks, dad," Edward said. I walked up and stroked the horse's long face. She was kind and her eyes were the color of mine. Her coat however was golden like Edward's eyes. I loved her already.

Another car started up the long drive.

"My parents," I said.

"Good, they'll be here, too?" Carlisle asked. I nodded.

"When will Alice?" Edward asked.

"Twenty five minutes or so. I spoke to your mother almost half hour ago and they were leaving the house."

"Perfect," Edward and I stated in unison.

My parents pulled up to the barn in their SUV. Renee jumped out and came over to us quickly. She studied the horse with wide eyes.

"Wow, she is stunning," Renee breathed.

"Come pet her, mom," I told her. The horse nuzzled my shoulder. Charlie popped the SUV trunk open and got out a large crate. He walked over to Carlisle and Edward, shaking their hands kindly. I watched as the three men in my life conversed so easily. Charlie pulled out a new purple bridle and reigns for Alice. It matched the saddle that Edward and I had purchased for her earlier in the week.

With all five of us pitching in, we had everything finished when Esme's car pulled up the drive. The closer she got, the closer Alice's face could be seen. She was bouncing up and down in her seat with Lamb Chop. She knew something was up. We had the horse secure in her stall waiting to meet her new owner. Esme helped Alice out of her seat and took her hand. We all tried to stifle our smiles and excitement. She skipped over in dark jeans, pink cowgirl boots and a bright purple t-shirt.

"Daddy!" Alice exclaimed. She hugged Edward tightly. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head. Her long hair was french braided.

I kissed Alice's cheek before she went and said hello to everyone else. It got quiet after a moment and Alice stared curiously at us all. Edward went and took her hand.

"Ali, we have a late birthday surprise for you," He said. The little girl's face lit up like a Christmas tree. Edward knelt down behind her and tied a yellow bandana over her eyes.

"No peeking," Charlie said smiling. Alice laughed giddily. She bounced along with Edward, grabbing my hand as they passed. I squeezed her hand as tightly as she had squeezed my heart.

We stopped in front of the stall. Edward picked her up and gave me the nod to remove her blindfold.

"Ready, Ali?" I asked.

"Yes!" She cried. I ripped the bandana off and her eyes took in her present. Her horse was sticking her head out of the window opening.

"My own horse?" Alice asked. She was almost too excited to speak. Her voice was shaky.

"Your own horse," Carlisle told her. Alice tentatively reached one of her small hands out to stroke the horse. It whinnied in appreciation of the rubs. Alice laughed.

"Will I get to ride her?"

"We'll break her in together," Edward assured. He took Alice off his shoulders and opened the stall door. O'Ryan came barreling into the barn from somewhere out on the property. He was panting heavily and went straight to Alice. He licked her face.

Alice clapped her little hands. "We have a horse! We have a horse, O'Ryan!" The big dog sniffed the large animal before him. The horse stomped its foot. Renee laughed.

"I bet they'll be playing in no time," She assured.

"Alice, you'll have to name your horse," Esme said. Alice's face frowned in thought. She looked to her new pet.

"Honey," She said.

"Honey?" Edward asked.

"She is the color of honey, daddy," Alice explained simply. "And momma called me honey all the time." All six adults smiled down to the small child before us.

"Honey it is," Edward replied softly.

Alice went around and hugged everyone one more time. When she came to me, I picked her up in my arms and Alice whispered in my ear.

"I love you, Bella," She said. Tears sprang to my eyes immediately.

I whispered back, "I love you, Ali." We shared that small moment together in secret. I would never forget it.

We took her to see the new saddle and bridle. After releasing Honey out to pasture, Esme, Renee, and I went to start dinner. Alice played a board game with Charlie and Carlisle in the living room. We had opened all the windows in the house just after the rain came. I managed to slip out onto the porch where Edward was while I waited on potato's to finish their boiling. Edward sat contently in a rocking chair with a beer and a cigarette. Honey had walked into her stall to eat and let the rain pass. It was seven and still light outside.

Summer would be here soon. The rain made the air smell fresh and earthy. Edward patted his knee. I chuckled and went to sit on his lap. I took his cigarette and sighed contently. Edward rested his hands on my thighs.

"We have a good life here," I said quietly. We looked out to the property and you could almost see the earth become more green from the rain.

"That we do," He agreed. We could hear Alice's happy laugh from inside. Fatty sat on the porch watching the spring birds come to life from the rain.

I leaned back against his chest. Edward kissed my neck. With everyone we cared about in the world just one wall away from us, things were perfect. We met online as people unknown, and came together as a new whole. I began thanking God. I thanked him for Rosalie. If not for her, I would not have met Edward at all. If it wasn't for the Internet, or the weather, I wouldn't have gotten to fall in love. If it weren't for Tanya, we wouldn't have Alice. We were not your ordinary family, but it was ours.

We had overcome many hurdles that life threw before us. We don't have a perfect love story. It was the imperfections that made us perfect together.


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