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Chapter 6

Ever since he had woken up that morning, Danny had a feeling of unease. The day had been relatively calm, so he had left the tower on his own to explore the city. Since the Skulker incident, he had refrain from leaving the tower in human form: At the moment, he was Danny Phantom, though he had changed out of his hazmat suit and into one of the shirts that Starfire had bought him.

First, he visited a bakery that Beast Boy had told him about. Everything in the place was supposed to be free of animal products, his green friend had insisted that he would find something he would like there. Danny decided Beast Boy was right, everything in the place looked amazing, but the ghost boy turned and sprinted out the door when he spotted the fudge.

He ran a good block or so before crumpling in a nearby alley, clenching his fists as he banged his head against the wall.

"Hey Danny boy, let me show you this baby your mom and I came up with. I call it the Fenton-"

Danny punched the wall hard, leaving a decent-sized hole. 'No, now isn't the time to think about that,' He thought as he backed away, taking in a deep breath. Straightening himself, the teen exited the alley and hoped nobody would notice him.

"Excuse me," A voice called from behind him as he tried to turn away. He spun on his heels to come face to face with someone he thought he'd never see again. Danny's eyes widened, though the girl didn't seem to notice or ignored his surprise as she continued. "I'm a little lost here. Do you think you can help me find the arcade, sir?"

She had the same voice, the same face, even the same hair. 'Jazz,' thought Danny, finding his mouth awfully dry as he looked her over.

Jazz frowned. "Uh, can you speak? Look, I'm sorry if I bothered you-"

"No!" Danny shouted quickly, throwing his hands up before realizing how crazy he might have appeared due to his sudden outburst. He dropped his hands, clearing his throat. "I mean, of course I can help you, uh…"

"Jasmine," Jazz gave him a small smile.

Danny's heart sank in realization that she didn't recognize him. 'It's probably better this way, though. Especially with Plasmius looking for me. Still, how is she alive? And what happened to her?' He wondered, eyes briefly gazing at the wheelchair Jazz was confined to. "I'm Phantom."

"Phantom?" Jazz repeated, raising an eyebrow. "That's an unusual name, though I'm not one to judge. Well, Phantom, do you mind?" She gestured to her wheelchair, giving a soft smile.

Danny shook his head, quickly grasping the handles and starting to roll Jazz in the direction of the arcade he frequently visited. The halfa kept glancing between his sister and the sidewalk as they went, his head filled with questions. He chose the less incriminating ones.

"So Jasmine, what are you doing here in Jump City all alone? And why the arcade?" He asked, trying to keep his voice low. As far as he could remember, Jazz had never been a fan of video games.

"I'm here with my godfather," Jazz replied idly. "And I'm hoping to meet a friend there."

"Oh," was the intelligent reply that Danny managed to give as he took in his surroundings. He frowned, realizing they were almost there. "Hey, do you think I could give you my number, just in case you get lost again?"

Jazz looked up at him, observing the boy for any hints of what his motive would be. Danny stiffened, hoping she wouldn't notice that his face was identical to her brother's.

Whatever Jazz had been looking for, she seemed to have found as she relaxed, giving him a small smile. "Of course, Phantom."

Danny held back a sigh of relief as he stopped them in front of the arcade. He pulled out a notepad and a pen (Which he kept on hand since girls would still come up to him once in a while, asking for a signature), scribbling the number that would connect Jazz to his communicator.

He handed the note to her, which she quickly pocketed before gesturing for Danny to hand over his writing utensils. Jazz wrote down her name and number, handing the pad back to him. "That's my number. Call me if you ever feel like talking about school problems, family issues, or any other reason where you feel the need to talk to someone."

Danny blinked, realizing that she had just offered to be his therapist of sorts. He couldn't help but smile, realizing Jazz still loved to help people, even if she could be a spazz about it. "I think I'll take you up on that offer."

The two stayed there in silence for a moment, avoiding each other's eyes.

"Phantom, can I ask you something? Have you-"

Danny's communicator went off at that moment. "I got to go, sorry Jazz," the teen shouted, already running for the nearest alley on impulse. "Oh, duh, already in ghost form..." He mumbled when he was out of sight, opening his communicator. "Robin, if it's a cat up a tree again, I swear-"

"My dear boy, I assure you this does not concern cats. It is Plasmius."

Danny almost dropped his communicator in shock. Instead, he glared at the blue-skinned ghost onscreen. So this was the guy looking for his human half. "What do you want, Plasmius? How did you even contact me?" He asked, glancing behind him. Plasmius couldn't have gotten his number from Jazz, could he? He had just given it to her, it wasn't enough time. Had Plasmius seen him talking to Jazz? The thought was unsettling.

"Relax, little badger. You can cease baring your teeth at me. I come in peace," Plasmius smirked on the other end. "I want to take you in as an apprentice."

All retorts Danny had planned disappeared. "What do you mean you want me as an apprentice? And what do you want with Danny Fenton?"

"You defeated my best employee," Plasmius pointed out. "I want only the best. Phantom, you are young and wasting your powers on something so trivial. A superhero? Please. And those humans you live among? They will never truly understand you. Not like I can."

"Wow, I feel so understood by a fruitloop ghost who doesn't like my career choice..." Danny rolled his eyes.

"Phantom, you are being difficult. If you join me, I can show you how to use your powers in ways you have never imagined. I have twenty years of experience, while you, what? Year one or two I'm guessing, since you only recently surfaced."

"Stuff it, Plasmius. I told you, I don't want to listen to your offer," the halfa stated, disconnecting the call. Plasmius looked like he had wanted to say something more, but Danny didn't hear it as he flew off for the tower, annoyed.


Danny felt awkward hours later, when the team was called down to the first floor to meet with one Vlad Masters and surprisingly, Jasmine Fenton.

Jazz seemed just as surprised, looking like she wanted to ask him questions, though held them back.

Robin didn't look too happy as he looked between Vlad and the rest of his team, his covered eyes lingering on Danny briefly. "Alright team, the rest of the city will be finding out tomorrow through a meeting involving the mayor, but Mr. Masters-"

"May I inform them?" Vlad asked, standing up.

"... The floor's all yours." Robin said, sitting down next to Starfire, keeping his expression neutral.

"Yes well, as your Wonder Boy was getting to, I will be involved in a press conference tomorrow about my missing godson, Daniel Fenton," Vlad informed, the boy in question gripping his seat tightly. "On my behalf, I wished to personally ask the Teen Titans to keep an eye out for my missing ward. I've been restlessly searching for him since his disappearance and have found his last location may have been this very city. The boy may be mentally unstable or in mourning due to the loss of his parents- I can't find another explanation on why he would leave with possible injuries after the accident, though I will help the boy when I do find him and reunite him with his lovely sister," he gestured to Jazz with a smile.

"I'd be grateful if you helped us find Danny, I though I had lost my brother forever and it hurt for a while." Jazz nodded, hands folded neatly on her lap as she looked directly at Danny.

Danny wondered if she had finally recognized him. He really didn't like the way she was staring at him. Was it accusing?

"The Titans will do everything in their power to find your godson, Mr. Masters." Robin informed, arms crossed. "We'll tell you if we find anything."

"Splendid!" Vlad exclaimed, clasping his hands together. "Jasmine and I will be staying at the closest, nicest hotel that money can buy. We hope to hear from you all soon."

Jazz nodded. "Excuse me, but could one of you lead me to the restroom?" She asked, realizing they would be leaving soon.

"I could-" Starfire started, before being interrupted by the redhead.

"Phantom, please?"

The rest of the Titans (And Vlad) had strange looks on their faces as Jazz gave the ghost boy a small smile and Danny walked over, grabbing her chair to roll her off for the restrooms on the next floor.

As they got into the elevator, Jazz turned to Danny with a curious expression. "I didn't know you were a hero."

Danny shrugged. "I didn't know you were here looking for your brother."

"Touché. What do you know about my brother?" Jazz asked, Danny snapping his head up to meet her eyes. "You looked pained back there, as soon as Uncle Vlad brought Danny's name up, you reacted weirdly. The rest of your team kept looking at you, even if it was only for a second. I wanted to be a psychologist, Phantom, you weren't acting normal."

"What do you want me to say?" Danny sighed as the elevator doors opened on the next floor and he rolled the girl down the hallway.

"Do you know anything?" Jazz repeated, frowning.

"He... I... No." Danny looked away.

"Phantom, please don't lie to me. Earlier you said you would help me out with anything," Jazz pressed. "Why aren't you helping me? Do you even realize how big this is? How much it hurts-"

"To think your sibling was dead?" Danny finished, stopping in place. There was an awful silence for a moment as neither spoke.

"Phantom?" Jazz placed a hand on his gloved one, wearing a sympathetic expression. "Did you lose someone once?"

Danny stared down at her hand, the urge to just tell her his secret was overwhelming. 'It's me, Danny. Why can't you tell?'

But in the end, he finished delivering her to the bathroom and didn't say another word when she was done and he took her back downstairs so that Vlad could take her. He ignored her pleas and questions no matter how much it pained him, and even after she was gone he was quiet until Robin broke the silence.

"Well, I'm glad that's over with. Mr. Masters has a reward of ten thousand dollars for Danny's location," Robin sighed.

"... You're not going to sell me out to him, are you?" Danny half-joked.

"No. I think you should have a say in whether you stay or go. You're a part of this team now, but you're free to leave if you'd rather..." Robin gave a small smile. "I think we'd understand if you would rather be with your family."

The other Titans slowly nodded, though their faces said otherwise. Nobody actually wanted Danny to leave.

"... Then I hope you don't mind if I stay." Danny scratched his neck, looking away.

"The tower'll always be open for you." Robin assured. "We already told you that."

Danny nodded, before his expression changed, the halfa becoming more serious. "I... Plasmius contacted me earlier."

Robin arched an eyebrow, the rest of the team giving Danny their full attention now. "Go on."

"He somehow contacted me through my communicator. He... He wants Phantom to join him as his 'apprentice'-"

The Boy Wonder flinched, Beast Boy's eyes went wide, Cyborg looked down, Starfire gasped, and Raven kept her cool in reaction to the word. Now Danny was confused, though he didn't ask as he continued relaying his story. "I rejected his offer though. He's not happy that I choose to use my powers for good. Not sure why, they're my powers, not his." Danny made a face. "I still wonder how he got in contact with me though..."

Now, Beast Boy looked sheepish as he shifted through his pockets. "Uh, I may have misplaced my communicator..."

Cyborg facepalmed. "Great, grass strain. I'll deactivate it asap and fix you up a new one- One that you better not lose this time."

Danny felt relieved. Jazz wasn't involved with Plasmius and hadn't given the man his number. Not that he thought she had been involved before, but the information put his mind at ease. Plasmius probably didn't even know they were related or that he could so easily use his sister against him.

"I think I'm going to take a nap, guys. Yell if you need anything," Danny said as he floated up through the ceiling, landing on the couch in the main room a few floors up.

He made himself comfortable, familiar white rings trailing over his body to reveal his human form. As he'd found out a while ago, sleep was impossible in his ghost form. But now that he'd changed back, he felt tired from being emotionally exhausted.

Today, he had found his sister who he had thought was dead, he received a call from the ghost looking for Fenton who now wanted Phantom as well, he found out his godfather and sister were looking for him and were now in town, plus he had shut Jazz out in order to keep his secret.

'But what if Plasmius found out? I don't want Jazz hurt anymore...She probably hates me now, though.' Danny sighed as he closed his eyes, crossing his arms behind his neck and throwing his legs over the top of the couch. 'Oh well, at least she's safe...'

The halfa soon was fast asleep, soft snores escaping him. When he woke up, he would find a mustache painted on his face with sharpie, courtesy of one Beast Boy.


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