Kyouhei laid on the bed. His wrists tied to the bedpost. He didn't even tried to make an escape because if he would, and Hue would find out, who knows what the bluenette would do. He could only wonder why Hue suddenly wanted to do this sort of thing.

Though... it wasn't the first time Hue suddenly became so... dominant. There was a time that the bluenette couldn't control himself and forced Kyouhei to have sex with him. Afterwards, he had to apologize to the brunet over and over because the smaller one couldn't walk anymore because his behind hurt so much.

Kyouhei was thinking Hue might had a split personality.

The door of the bedroom swung back open and the bluenette appeared with a big bowl of ice cubes in his hand. He placed the bowl down on the nightstand and sat down next to the tied up teenager.

"You didn't try to escape. That's a good boy. You've earned a reward for that." Hue kissed Kyouhei, sliding his tongue inside the brunet's mouth. The other teen kissed back, only to prevent angering Hue some more and hoping the 'punishment' wouldn't be so... painful.

Hue went with his hand to Kyouhei's member and began to stroke it. The brunet moaned in the kiss. The bluenette broke it. "You like this, don't you?" He asked. "Hue..." Kyouhei looked at him with his chocolate brown eyes. "What is it?" The other teen asked. The brunet turned his head away, sighing deep. Hue smirked.

He grabbed an ice cube from the bowl. "It sounded like you wanted something. Tell me, Kyouhei. What do you want?" He rubbed the ice cube over the brunet's cock. Kyouhei hissed when the cold material came in contact with his hot flesh.

The cold was painful to Kyouhei. He squirmed around and yanked at the rope to escape it, but Hue had complete control over him. "C-Cold!" The brunet yammered. "Eh? You want more cold? It's your choice, my little porcelain doll." The bluenette grabbed another ice cube and rubbed that one over one of Kyouhei nipples. The smaller teen screamed it out.

"Ah! Cold! It hurts!" Kyouhei screamed. Tears streamed down his cheeks. "It hurts? But you just said you wanted more cold." Hue grinned almost evilly. He kept rubbing the cold cube over Kyouhei's cock and nipple till they started to melt. He then grabbed new ones and continued the torture.

"Kyouhei, look at me." Hue said, throwing the two melting ice cubes away, trading them for another. The brunet turned his head, looking at the bluenette. He then felt something intruding his entrance. "No, not there! Please, stop!" Kyouhei begged. Hue grinned and pushed the cube deeper inside of the squirming brunet. "No! Stop it! I'm sorry, Hue! I really am! Please stop! It hurts too much!" Kyouhei sobbed loudly.

"Stop sounding so pathetic. If you can take me in without screaming like a little girl, then this shouldn't be a problem either." Hue growled. "But it's cold!" Kyouhei contradicted. "Oh, really?" Hue pressed his forehead against the brunet's, looking in his chocolate brown eyes. "I had no idea." The bluenette continued moving the ice cube back in and out, enjoying Kyouhei's painful moans and cries.

Eventually, Hue got tired of playing around with the ice cubes and decided to do something else. "Keep your eyes on me, Kyouhei." He said and went with his hand to the drawer of the nightstand. "Don't avert them, my porcelain doll." Hue said, seeing the brunet wanted to look at what the bluenette was going to do next to him.

"H-Hue, please. No more. I don't want to know what comes next." Kyouhei said, tears rolling down his flushed cheeks. Hue smirked. "Isn't that unfortunate for you then?" He grabbed the brunet's chin. "I'm not planning on quitting."

Kyouhei suddenly felt something intruding his already painful entrance. He tensed his body up while screaming.

"That's a good boy. Scream it out. Scream harder, no one can hear you." Hue laughed almost manically when pushing the toy deeper inside of Kyouhei who squirmed around to escape the pain.

"No, Hue! Please stooooooop!" The brunet's wrists started to bleed from all the tugging and pulling at the rope that bonded him to the bed post.

Hue didn't stop. In fact, he quickened the pace and pulled the toy in and out with growing force, making Kyouhei feel like he was being stabbed. Not even his first time with the bluenette was that painful.

Hue pushed the toy completely inside of Kyouhei, turning it on. The toy started to hum and it's buzzing made Kyouhei groan.

"That's it. Moan. Moan louder. Moan like the little slut that you are. It's music to my ears!" Hue bit down the brunet's neck hard, drawing blood. "Ahhh!" Fresh tears spilled over Kyouhei's face. When would the torment finally end?

The bluenette licked up the blood that seeped from the smaller one's neck. "You taste so good. It fires up my hunger." Hue continued to bite Kyouhei's sensitive spots, enjoying the painful yells that came from the brunet's throat. The bluenette tore the smaller boy's skin open with his nails, leaving small scares all over Kyouhei's slim body.

The brunet's yells rendered to painful sobs. He lost the strength to struggle against Hue. His vision was becoming hazy. He could only feel teeth sinking into his sensitive skin. Nails scratching him open and the toy making him throb painfully.

"Hey, don't lose conscience now. The best part has yet to come." Hue pulled the buzzing toy out off Kyouhei and spread the brunet's legs further apart. He slid his swim shorts down his legs, throwing them on the floor.

He pounded hard into the smaller boy, forcing his way through the contracting walls that engulfed his member. Kyouhei arched his back, throwing his head back in the pillow, but he was so tired of all the yelling that only a horse groan came from his throat.

"So hot! So tight! I've... waited... the entire... day... for this! Ngh!" Hue moaned, thrusting in and out the brunet with every word he spoke.

Kyouhei had his mouth open, but no sound came from it. He could only stare up with wide eyes as Hue pounded inside him harder and deeper with every second that passed.

Beads of sweat dripped from the bigger teen's forehead as he tried to prolong his orgasm. He didn't want to come yet, he was enjoying this so much that he didn't want to quit yet.

"Feels... so good. Don't... want to... come... yet!" Hue moaned. "Ah, Kyouhei. Kyouhei. Why are you so... Ngh! So delicious? Ahhh!" He pressed his chest against the smaller boy, purring and moaning in the brunet's ear. "So fucking tight!"

Hue reached his climax and couldn't hold it anymore. He came inside of Kyouhei, moaning loudly when he did. The brunet felt how the bluenette's hot seed flowed inside him. He stirred a little.

Hue rested his head against the brunet's chest before pulling himself out. He smiled at Kyouhei, patting his head. "That's a good boy. You've earned your rest." He said.

Kyouhei's eyes lids felt heavy and he closed his eyes, drifting off into a deep sleep, happy that it was finally over.

When Kyouhei woke up the next morning, he noticed that his wrists were bandaged, just like all the other parts of his body that underwent Hue's torture from last night. He even had his boxers back on.

But his body hurt like hell. Everything hurt. His legs, his arms, his chest, his head. He couldn't even shift positions because everything hurt so much. Hue sure did a number on him.

When Kyouhei looked at the nightstand, he was relieved to see Koko-Chan's pokeball. At least, she was doing fine.

The door opened and the bluenette entered the room with a trey of food in his hands. He wore his casual clothing again. The bigger teen looked down at the brunet.

Kyouhei looked at Hue for a moment before turning his eyes away to look at the canopy. Honestly, he didn't want to see Hue right now. Not what happened last night.

"Kyouhei. I'm sorry."

And there you had it. The excusing Hue. The Hue that would now whisper gentle words in Kyouhei's ear. The Hue that would promise to do never such a thing like that again.

The smaller teen sighed deep.

"I'm sorry, but I don't regret it."

Kyouhei looked shocked at Hue, who had a maniacal grin around his lips. He lifted himself up from the bed, but fell on his side when a wave of pain hit his body like a lightning bolt. He screamed it out.

"Hey, careful now. You don't want to reopen those wounds." Hue placed the trey on the nightstand and took the brunet in his arms, holding Kyouhei against his chest.

"There, there, now. I'm not going to hurt you anymore." Hue said, patting Kyouhei's soft brown locks. "Now, I guess you want something to eat, right?" He asked the smaller teen. Kyouhei nodded in Hue's chest.

"Good." The bluenette pushed the brunet gently against the puffed up pillow and grabbed the trey, setting it on his lap. "I found your favorite kind of cereal in the store this morning. And some strawberries. I know how you love strawberries." He said smiling and brought the spoon with cereals to Kyouhei's mouth.

"Now, open up." He said. "Hue, I can eat by myself." The brunet retorted. "Kyouhei." A dangerous glare appeared in the bluenette's eyes. The smaller teen became afraid again and reluctantly opened his mouth.

"That's a good boy." Hue smiled again and brought the spoon inside Kyouhei's mouth. "Tastes good. Doesn't it?" He asked. The other teen nodded. "I knew you would love it."

Hue continued to feed Kyouhei till the trey was empty. During that moment, the brunet didn't avert his eyes from the bigger teen. He wondered who this Hue was and what happened to the Hue that loved him.

"Hue..." Kyouhei began after the bluenette placed the trey back on the nightstand. "Do you have a split personality?" Hue looked dazzled at the brunet. "Why do you ask?" Kyouhei looked away awkwardly.

"You... seem so different. I almost don't recognize you at all." He said. "What makes you say that?" Hue asked. "The way you act now and how you did yesterday. I know it's all my fault, but... you're not the Hue I used to love..." Tears glistered in the brunet's eyes. Hue shocked back.

"Are you saying you don't love me anymore?! You want to break up?!" He started to sound aggressive again. "No! I'm not saying that. Honestly! But... I want the old Hue back. The one who's acting awkwardly around other people. The one that's gentle towards me. I want that Hue back." Kyouhei said. His tears rolled down his cheeks as he looked the bluenette in the eye.

Hue stood up from the bed, hiding his eyes under his bangs. "Is that so?" He asked. "Alright then." He left the bedroom. "Hue, wait!" Kyouhei called the bluenette back, but he didn't listen and closed the door with a bang.

The brunet growled. "Why do you always have to act like this?!"