Third person point of view

Millennia ago, somewhere in space was a woman looking at everything that was in front of her, all the things she had created: the planets, galaxies, The Primordial, The Giants and Titans, Gods and Goddesses, Humans and Demigods. She created all those things and "people" some may say, in one word, she created the Universe. This powerful woman is known only by a few and those who know that she is still alive respect her, for they know that she is the most powerful of them all. You may wonder: who is she? What's her name? Two simple questions, well she is the Creator, the first, almighty Lady Chaos.

Lady Chaos looked at all her creations with her first son, who had helped her by making sure that justice is served and that his brothers and sisters didn´t cause chaos in the planets, but her attention was centered in one planet: Earth. The planet was for once at peace but she knew that it will not last "The Gods may have defeated the Giants and the Titans this time but they´ll rise once more, it´ll take time maybe a few centuries, but they´ll rise again more powerful than ever and they´ll seek for one thing: Revenge. Alone they may not be a big threat to the Gods now that they are more or less at peace with each other, but that peace will not last, old problems will resurface and the Giants and Titans have one common enemy, they will become allies and the gods will be crushed this time if we don´t do something" she said. "I know Mom but what can we do? You are the most powerful but you know you can´t interfere" Chaos' son said. "You are right, I can`t interfere but you can" Lady Chaos said smirking. The boy looked at his mother as if she had grown another head "Please tell me you are joking" he practically begged. "No, I'm not joking" Chaos answered and her son looked ready to protest but his mother raised her hand, effectively silencing him "You`ll help them my son, I know that you think that they are proud and egocentric but you have to admit that they are way better that their ancestors""Well, yes they are better…" the boy hesitated and then said "Fine, I'll do my best to help them" Lady Chaos smiled softly " Thank you my son and remember that you`re way more powerful than me, your enemies will fear you and your allies will treat you with respect" With that being said the boy bowed to his mother and left for the training room, if he was going to help the gods in a few centuries against the Giants and Titans, he`ll need to be in top shape.

You may wonder: who can be more powerful than Chaos herself? And who is this boy? Other two simple questions, he is more powerful than Chaos because she gave him part of her power and as to who he is… He´s Perseus, the Peacekeeper, First son of Chaos.

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