Chapter 18

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"He`s here and he is helping her" They said.

"Who`s he? What are you two talking about?" Zeus asked.

But Percy and Nyx didn`t pay attention to the King of the Gods. Both went to Athena`s side and Percy took Annabeth from her arms.

"Apollo, take us to the infirmary. Now." Percy ordered.

Apollo obeyed immediately, he was already in doctor mode. But the rest of the Olympians were confused. Poseidon tried to pick up the feather but was met with Nyx slapping his hand painfully.

"DON`T! if you value your life and memories you will not touch that thing with your bare hands until Percy says so. He`s the only one that knows how to treat that poison and the only person that it has no effect on" Nyx said sternly as she ripped a piece of her pants and picked up the poisoned feather with the cloth.

"Memories? What does it has to do with the memories? And what about Annabeth?" Athena asked, becoming more and more worried about her daughter with each passing second.

Percy and Apollo flashed away with Annabeth while Nyx teleported the rest present to the Throne Room. Nico went to sit by his father`s throne while Thalia sat by Artemis´ side.

"Okay everyone be quiet and I will explain what I can about what happened there but you will need to speak to my mother to get more information" Nyx said looking at all the Olympians pointedly.

Nyx sighed and began to explain "What you just saw was not an ordinary white feather but I think all of you figured out that easily. That was Photos´ feather. Photos is my nephew, son of Fos, my twin brother. He is a powerful god, in whatever way you look at it. He used to be one of the nicest persons out there, always doing the right thing, with a pure heart and never using his powers for his benefit. That was all until he had a little Aunty-Nephew time with Gaea" She said her sister`s name as if it was poison "She corrupted him, his heart and every good thing about him. She managed to get him to attack his own father, Percy and myself. Of course he didn`t even got a chance to hurt us, Percy saw to that himself but he was raging that night, as if we`d done something unforgivable. That was the last night we ever saw him, we assumed that he had faded or was hiding but we never knew for sure, that is, until now"

All the gods had surprised written on their faces and the atmosphere was tense once Nyx finished her explanation. Everyone was silent until Athena asked "But what about the feather? You mentioned something about memories when Poseidon tried to pick it up."

Nyx`s face became pained as she answered "Yes, memories. No one other than Percy can touch it until the poison in it has been neutralized. You see, Photos was not only a powerful god but an intelligent one also. He created a very strong poison that he used in all his weapons; in fact he managed to alter his weapons to make the poison a part of it, an essential one. You see if this poison touches your skin it will probably be one of the most painful experiences in all your immortal lives, not to mention it paralyses the victim and alter some of his or her memories. It`s an easy way for gaining allies and manipulating the enemy, if you give it enough time to spread you will have a perfect spy"

Athena`s face was as pale as paper, worry for her daughter becoming evident on her face. She gulped and asked with a shaky voice "Does that means that Annabeth…?" She left it there, unable to continue with her line of thought. Athena wasn`t one to let emotions rule over her but she was also a mother; she will always worry about her children.

Nyx looked directly at her and smiled reassuringly "Don`t worry Athena, Thalia and Nico brought her here fast enough and Percy will be able to get her on her feet with all her memories intact. She will need to take it easy for at least a week or so though." She said.

Athena breathed out a sigh of relief and gave the two demigods a nod and a smile "Thank you"

Nico and Thalia smiled at her "No problem my lady"

Percy chose this moment to teleport to the room. His was slightly worried and tired, something he rarely showed.

When the gods noticed him they became silent. He walked towards Nyx and put a hand on her shoulder smiling a little smile to his little sister. He knew that she was hurt by Photos` appearance, after all he was still their nephew and he was just… Confused and lost.

Then he looked at Athena and said "Don`t worry too much Athena, Annabeth has a very strong mind, she wouldn`t let the poison change her memories. Even unconscious she was fighting it. I got to her with enough time and she will be alright and out of the infirmary by tomorrow."

And that was when Athena relaxed completely; her daughter was going to be alright.

Percy finally turned her attention to the others and immediately became serious. He took something out of his pocket and held it out, it was the white feather and it was still oozing with the yellowish poison.

"I assume you already told them some of the story and explained what this does?" He asked looking at Nyx. She nodded. "Good, that saves us time. As you all know this poison here is a very very strong one, created by none other than Photos himself. It is one of the most dangerous substances you will ever find, capable of causing pain, erase or bend memories and even deadly to mortals if launched directly to the heart or brain. I wouldn`t recommend any of you to touch it, that is if you value your memories and don`t want to feel excruciating pain. While it is less effective on gods than mortals, it can cause some serious damage so stay away from it at all costs."

All of them nodded, none wanted to take a chance with something like that. Much less with their memories at stake.

Zeus cleared his throat to get attention before speaking "We will stay away from it, don`t worry, or at least try our best to do so. But I have one question, why it doesn`t affect you?"

Percy threw him a rueful smile "I became immune to it, but at a great price. It was something that I never want to do again and you don`t even want to try it, it is too much of a risk to take, I only did it because it was necessary at the time"

Zeus took his answer without questions, he knew from the look in Percy`s eyes that this was something serious and if he thought that it was too much of a risk then it was better to just let him be and take his word. He nodded at him and casted a look around, most of the gods where thinking this thoroughly.

"Okay, thank you Perseus. Now I want everyone to stay away from that thing, at least until we figure some way to fight it. We will have to, we can`t let the demigods get killed by this thing and it upsets me greatly that Photos managed to sneak up on Olympus, we all know that that is not a good thing in the least. Does anyone have any idea of how to fight him or prevent him to get here?" He asked.

Nyx spoke again "You can try to fight him but do not let him scratch you, be it with an arrow, sword, dagger or anything covered with poison. Percy and I will keep an eye out for him"

Zeus nodded and dismissed the meeting.

All the gods teleported except Percy, Nyx and Artemis. Nico and Thalia had gone to visit Annabeth at the infirmary.

"We need to talk, now" Percy said. Nyx and Artemis nodded and they teleported to Percy`s palace.

Once there they went to the living room and sat down in the couch while Percy pace around the room with a thoughtful expression, running his hand through his hair at times. This went on until Artemis couldn`t take it and forced him to stop and sat him down on the couch too.

"Percy what`s the matter?"

"You mean besides the fact that my nephew just showed up after millennia of believing that he was dead or lost or I don`t know! And that he hurt Athena`s daughter. Or that I am the only one immune to the poison he uses? This is very very bad" He said.

Artemis sighed and took his hands and gave them a comforting squeeze "Hey, calm down Percy, I am sure we can work something out"

Percy smiled at her and looked at Nyx "You didn`t tell them how I became immune to the poison did you?" He asked her.

Nyx shook her head "Of course not! That is yours to share brother, if you wanted everyone to find out then you will tell them, it`s your decision whether to tell them or not."

"Thank you Sis" He said sincerely while Artemis looked at them, completely lost.

Percy noticed this and sighed "You are wondering how I became immune to it don`t you?" Artemis nodded "Very well, you of all people deserve to know. How I became immune to the poison? Well it`s really simple actually, I kind of drank it…"

"YOU WHAT?!" Artemis yelled.

"I drank it"


"Artemis, calm down, he didn`t have much of a choice in the matter" Nyx said, trying to prevent a fight.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN? HE COULD HAVE LOST ALL HIS MEMORIES! HE…"Artemis took one look at Percy and it told her everything she needed to know, he wouldn`t do something like without a good reason "Okay, sorry, I`m listening"

"I wouldn`t have if I had a choice believe me, it was the worse pain I`ve been through in my life and I had my fair share of pain" He said, his eyes getting a faraway look "But it was either that or letting my mom take it, and that wasn`t going to happen, not when I was around. You see, it was the first time he had to fight Photos and he used that poison in some of the men that were helping us. He was a mortal, a very brave one, we watched as it took effect, slowly bending all his memories while he screamed from the pain, clutching his head and trying to fight it but I was too strong for him. In the end it killed him and we only watched, what could we do? We didn`t know what that thing was and only knew about the effects from reading the man`s mind, we didn`t know how to counter it."


It was very late into the night; Percy was walking towards Chaos´ Throne Room as he had a meeting with his mother concerning his nephew, Photos. Though he didn`t know what his mother wanted to discuss, his nephew, who had been acting rather strangely recently, was a good kid period, one of the bests out there; that he could say for sure.

Percy reached the Throne Room, he was about to open the door when something stopped him, it where his increased senses and they were on high alert, something was awfully wrong in there. Immediately worry for his mother`s well being became the first thing in his mind but there was also a part of him that knew better than to go into the room quickly and possibly not being able to help Chaos, he decided to listen to that part that he liked to call common sense and took a deep breath, trying to calm down a little.

Once his mind was clearer, he used his powers and shadow traveled into the ceiling of the room, staying hidden in the shadows. Using the height to his advantage he looked for his mother and what he saw made his blood boil. He saw his mother unconscious against the wall with hand cuffs, not the ordinary hand cuffs mind you but ones made of chaotic platinum, easily the strongest metal in all the universe and the only one capable of holding down a full primordial. Percy looked around, eager to catch whoever dared to do this to his mother and for the first time he noticed a lone figure standing with his or her back to him in the middle of the room, staring at his hands like they were new to him. And then the figure laughed, a creepy and deep laugh that made a chill run down Percy`s back until he realized something. He knew that voice but it couldn`t be!

Once he recognized the voice Percy dropped from the ceiling, landing directly in front of the figure. Shock and anger coursed through him as he looked into the face of his nephew, Photos.

"Photos! What in the world does this means? And why is my mother hand cuffed to the wall?" he said while his eyes turned to a poison filled blood red color.

Normally that stare would have been more than enough to make Photos flinch, back off and start explaining hurriedly and nervously but not today. No, today Photos just stared into Percy`s eyes and laughed again, like he didn`t have a care in the world. This seriously scared Percy, Photos was acting nothing like the good-hearted goofy boy that he had always been. If there was one person in the whole universe that Percy would trust to watch over his family that would be Photos, experienced, talented Photos but here was the same boy, acting as he was just watching an amusing movie while his mother laid tied up unconscious against the wall of her own Throne Room.

"What do you mean by "this" uncle? Can`t you see that Chaos is finally getting the rest that she wanted since a long time ago? I simply gave her what he wanted" Photos answered, a crazed smile forming in his lips.

Percy stared at him in complete disbelief before running towards his mother`s side concentrating on breaking the hand cuffs but before he could do as much as bend them, a hand grabbed him and yanked him back, causing him to lose his footing and fall to the floor.

"Sorry uncle but I can`t let you free her, we have plans for her, big ones at that" Photos said, taking a pair of hunting knives out and getting into a fighting position. That was when Percy noticed something different in his favorite nephew`s eyes. The almost white-gray colors of his pupils were still the same but the irises had changed, they were a dark brown now. That was when Percy realized that something was seriously wrong with Photos, he was not… controlling himself as to say.

Percy grimaced while he took his two swords out, he didn`t want to fight his nephew, he would if he had to but definitely not alone, he couldn`t risk killing him because of a moment`s distraction so he called with his mind to the guards to come to the Throne Room to help him contain his weird acting nephew.

The guards, armed to their teeth, didn`t waste any time as they headed to Chaos´ Throne Room, only stopping once because of Nyx asking them where were they going and what was wrong. They told her that they were going to the Throne Room at Percy`s request but that he hadn`t said what was wrong so Nyx decided to accompany them, despite the guards trying to get her to just stay where she was.

They enter the Throne Room pushing the huge double doors as far as they would go and stepped into the room. The first thing they saw were Percy and Photos already engaged in battle, slashing their weapons wildly and brutally towards the other. Percy sent a slash towards Photos´ head causing him to bend backwards in an attempt to escape the sword that would have decapitated him. Percy used that as a distraction to turn towards Nyx and the guards and yelled at them to get rid of the hand cuffs that were binding Chaos and to get her out of here. The guards reacted immediately, running towards Chaos and focusing on braking the hand cuffs but they couldn`t do much more than get them to tremble but not break, they needed Nyx`s help to destroy them completely.

At first Nyx tried to stand between her brother and nephew but Percy spoke in her mind before she could get too close "Nyx, go help the guards release mom, I will explain everything once this is over. Whatever you do, don`t trust a word that comes out of Photos´ mouth, he… isn`t himself right now" Percy said.

Nyx didn`t need to be told twice, if Percy had another choice then he wouldn`t be fighting his own nephew, he was too much loyal to do something against a member of his own family unless they did something unforgivable. So she run towards her mother`s side and began working on the hand cuffs while Percy and Photos kept fighting.

Photos slashed at Percy`s face with one knife while the other went to his chest but Percy was quick to react, he placed one of his swords vertically in front of him and stopped both blows while he used his other swords to cut Photos in the leg, thinking that maybe it would get him time to knock him out easily but Photos quickly read his moves and jumped backwards swinging throwing one of his knives into Percy`s left shoulder. Percy flinched as the knife imbedded itself deep on his shoulder but he had no time to take it out as Photos made his swords appear in one hand while he slashed with his other knife towards Percy`s chest.

Percy barely had time to move out of the way, his body refusing to move as searing pain came from the wound on his shoulder. Nevertheless Percy was able to move out of the way but not without receiving a gash to his chest, but this time he noticed something was in the blade, some kind of yellow liquid was dropping from Photos´ knife and saw that it covered the wounds on his shoulder and chest as well. He saw Photos coming to him again and tried to raise his swords to stop Photos´ but he found that his left arm would no longer move. He panicked as he raised his right swords to block only to have it sent flying when it made contact with photos sword. In panic Percy raised his right hand again and sent a pulse of pure energy towards his nephew but it went on much stronger than he intended it to.

Photos was sent flying into the wall of the room, near Chaos. Almost unable to move but with some strength left Photos raised his knife and cut Chaos´ arm before disappearing in a flash of white light.

The guards and Nyx who were close to Chaos tried to heal and make the wound close, failing to notice the yellowish liquid that was there as well "Don`t touch it!" Percy told them as he made his way towards his mother`s side with much difficulty and immediately dropping to her side. Nyx approached her brother, noticing the deep wound on his shoulder and the gash on his chest, both had ichor slowly leaking through them.

"Percy what in the world happened?! And why did you told us to not help mom?" She asked but Percy wasn`t listening to her instead he bended over his mother`s arm and took a look at the gash that was covered with the yellow liquid, poison.

"This is bad Nyx, do you see that yellow thing there?" Percy asked and she nodded "It`s poison, it was on Photos´ knifes. He managed to cut me too" He barely managed to finish his sentence. He lost all feeling on his legs and almost went to unconsciousness right there, but he forced himself to stay awake and help his mother in any way he could. It didn`t take him long to see the only viable option. They didn`t know what kind of poison it was and therefore could not administrate something without undergoing a huge risk that it could kill Chaos and he wasn`t having that by any means, he was already bad anyway.

"Nyx do a tourniquet on her arm" Percy told his sister who immediately did as told. He then took a deep breath and sucked all the poison from his mother`s wound until he felt that her blood was clean again. He leaned against the wall and closed his Chaos´ wound.

The last thing he remembered from that night was Nyx yelling at him for drinking the poison that was already on his system from what she could see before everything went dark.


Artemis was looking at him with a mixture of respect, disbelief and anger. He saved his mother, true but that could have killed him. Nyx only looked angry as she remembered that night.

"So you drank the poison from her arm?" Artemis asked still having problems processing all the information.

"Yes he did, the idiot was out for a month and a half before he woke up" Nyx said, looking at Percy angrily but he only smiled cheeky at her.

"That could have killed you Perseus and you know it!" Artemis and Nyx yelled at the same time.

"Yes it could have but was I supposed to do? Leave the world to manage and expand without its creator? Yes it was painful and awfully difficult to fight against a poison that I didn`t know how to counter back then but it was either me or her and I would never let anyone or anything harm my family!" He answered.

Artemis and Nyx dropped their angry stares but you could see that they were still pissed off.

"But we have one problem" He said drawing their attention again "I used the last of the antidote on Annabeth today and the ingredients I`ll need to look for them and find them before anyone else get`s poisoned"

"What are we supposed to do if Photos comes here again and poisons another person before you find what you need?" Nyx asked.

"We will have to keep an eye out for him like we promised and I`ll think about it later, that is if you don`t mind taking tonight`s shift and I`ll take care of it tomorrow?" Percy asked. Nyx just nodded and teleported herself and Artemis out of the room "Let him rest for now, it was a long day for all of us" Nyx said as Artemis looked at her questionably, she nodded and teleported to her own palace while Nyx went to the forest where she would use the shadows as her eyes around Olympus.

Photos was not going to hurt another person, not under her watch.

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