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Main characters: Draco, Sirius, Harry, Severus, later on Remus.

Pairings: One sided Sirius/James and past Severus/Lily.

Rating: T for swearing and minor violence.

Warning: Does contain child abuse, bad language, and Draco being Draco.

Bashing: Some Weasleys, Dumbledore, Dursleys.

Summary: On her Death bed Narcissa reveals the Draco is not Lucius son and that Draco's only hope of survival getting the protection of the house of Potters and its remaining heir Harry. When both boys disappear Snape must rescue the only man that has the ability to track down the boys. Sirius and Snape must find the boys and save them from the life the wizarding world wants them to live.

Sirius is raising Harry and Draco in this fic.

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The world seemed to pull away forming a bubble around him. He didn't feel the lush carpets beneath his feet, he didn't hear his own labored breathing, he didn't fell the tears sliding down his cheeks. The world didn't matter. All that mattered was the fact that he had only minutes before stepped off the Hogwarts express his gray eyes searching of his mother before his world had been shattered.

He knew his father wouldn't be there. He never was but much to his shock instead of finding her gentle face he found his father's cold one. Blaise noticed his suddenly tense posture and his dark eyes following Draco's gaze until he too noticed. "

Send Lavana to my place as soon as you get home." Blaise whispered as he clapped him on the shoulder and Draco managed a nod as his stomach twisted into knots. Lavana hooted softly in her cage at the mention of her name only to be quickly hushed by her wizard. As much as he enjoyed his Eurasian eagle owl's company if his father was angry at his son or even worse drunk and angry at his son she would go the same way as his puppy. Which meant buried in the yard. It was much better for her to stay with Blaise like she had all of last summer after it was found out that Draco had only been second in his year in terms of grades. Beaten by a mudblood of all people. And not just any mudblood but Potter's pet mudblood.

His feet dragged on the ground as he made his way over to the man. Lucius Malfoy looked over his twelve year old son distain clear in his eyes. "I see you once again have decided to embarrass me in public with your appearance Draco. Tuck your shirt in this instant."

Draco looked down at the slightly tight fitting black jeans he wore and the green shirt. Personally he thought he had chosen his outfit quite well for how little he ever dressed like a Mudblood but there was no pleasing his father. Gritting his teeth in annoyance he would never allow to show he tidied his appearance.

Lucius sneered as he watched his son. "You are lucky I even bothered to pick you up. If the Ministry didn't insist every student had to have a legal guardian meet them I would have sent one of the house elves."

"I'm sorry to have inconvenienced you Father." Draco murmured though honestly he couldn't care if his father had left him in Scotland and he had to walk home. It would be more pleasant than having his father escort him home and listen to all the ways he was a terrible son.

"As you should be Draco. Honestly if your Mother wasn't so ill…"

"What's wrong with Mother?!" Draco exclaimed his manners forgotten.

Lucius glared at his son as the outburst caused several people to look their way. "Enough of that. I will not have you acting like some common vagrant in public."

"What is wrong with my mother?" Draco asked his voice softer though just as worried filled.

"Didn't I have one of the house elves write you about this?"


"It appears that she was poisoned." Lucius Malfoy replied sounding as if he was just announcing that day's weather not that his wife had been in mortal danger.

"Poisoned? But how?" Draco breathed. Worry for his mother bubbled in his chest though he knew she must be fine. Not even his heartless bastard of a father would be this calm if she was in any danger.

Lucius examined his cane seeming bored with the whole conversation. "I have people investigating it. Nothing conclusive has been found."

"Can we please go home Father? I would like to see her."

Lucius held out his arm for his underage son while vanishing Lavana and her cage along with Draco's trunk with a flick of his wand. Draco grabbed the offered arm and held his breath as the disgusting feeling of side-along apparition took over him. A moment later his feet touched down on the thick carpet of the foyer. Nearly instantly a house elf popped up. She bowed before squeaking sadly. "Master the healer told Tinky to tell you that Mistress grows weaker. She doesn't have much longer. He request you say your goodbyes now."

Lucius scowled. "Inform him that I have other matters to attend to. I must arrange a suitable marriage for myself. Hopefully this woman's family will manage to not completely ruin themselves only a year after I marry her. "

Draco barley heard. The words his mother didn't have long echoed in his ears. Then without quite knowing when he started moving he was running through the halls. Twice he fell as he rounded a corner too quickly but he didn't feel the pain of his scrapped hands. Nothing mattered but seeing his mother. Ignoring the lie that his father and the house elf must be telling . She'd be okay. Narcissa Malfoy was the strongest woman he knew. It was an eternity later when he reached her rooms. Healer Peterson a tall thin man with pure white hair that was rapidly balding was just exiting her room. As his eyes a pale blue in coloration fell upon the panting young boy in front of him sympathy filled his aging features.

"I'm sorry Mr. Malfoy. She's not going to last the night. None of the antidotes I've tried seem to effect the poison. She's been asking for you. Go and tell her you love her and that you'll miss her like a good lad." The Healer patted him on the shoulder and retreated down the hallway to give him some privacy.

Draco stood alone in front of the imposing mahogany doors the led into his mother's part of the manor. Her wing had been for years his safe haven. His father rarely entered there and Draco had always spent as much time in there as possible as a child listening to his mother reading him stories. Now that warm loving place seemed dark and cold as he shoved the doors open. The sound of his sneakers thudding against the wooden floor seemed to echo around him and he shivered. With more courage than most Gryffindor's possessed he slowly approached his mother's bedchamber. His fingers trailed over the rich tapestries on the wall remembering how he'd use to count them as a child to find his way in the dark of night to his mother's room after a nightmare drove him from sleep. Third tapestry on the right and beside it was the door. The one of beautiful silver dragoness curled around a single gray egg the tip of the dragon's nose brushing against her child as a single wing draped over the egg like a mother tucking her baby in at night. Taking a deep breath Draco laid his hand against the door handle turning it. He exhaled in a single long puff and nudged the door open. A warm rosy light spilled out into the dark hall. The room was lit by a blazing fire that did little to dispel the chill Draco was feeling. A large bed done up with a pile of green blankets was in the dead center of the room and Draco walked to it. Praying to whatever gods there might be that this was his father's idea of a cruel joke and that he would not see his mother lying in the bed.

It seemed the gods cared nothing for the prayers of a twelve year old wizard. For lying beneath the mound of blankets was Narcissa Malfoy. Skin that had always been slightly pale now had a gray pallor as if she was already a corpse and Draco had to stare at her for several agonizing moments before he saw her chest rise with breath. Once thick hair was dull and tangled around her sunken in face and sweat covered the strands that lay across her cheeks. He eyes were closed but the lids were dark in coloration and such bruising beneath them that one would have thought her nose had been broken. A slight trembling shook her hands as Draco knelt beside her bed and took one of her hands in both his own feeling tears form in his eyes. Her hands were ice cold and dry as if death had already begun to seep the warmth from her.

"Mommy?" He whispered instinctively reverting back to the name he hadn't called her since he was three.

Slowly Narcissa stirred and her eyes opened revealing the gray orbs that were dull and flat. But as they fell on her son they brightened slightly and she managed a small smile. "My little dragon is home." She whispered hoarsely lifting the hand he held and brushed the tips of her fingers against his cheek.

"Mommy you can't die. There must be something they can do."

"There isn't anything they can do for me baby. The poison is ancient and rare and the cure has long been forgotten with time."

Tears began to slide down Draco's face. "I'll find an antidote. I won't stop until I do. You must hold on until I do."

Narcissa shook her head ever so slightly. "No, my dragon. My time has come."

Before he could even begin to protest she held a shaking finger to his lips. "Don't argue Draco. I know this is hard for you to take but it is for the best. I have lived far longer than fate originally attended. Your father saved my life when I should have died at the hands of the Dark Lord so I could give birth to our baby. You my little boy."

Draco's forehead wrinkled with confusion. Why would the Dark Lord want his mother dead? How had his father the vile creature he was have saved her from him?

"I know how upset you are right now Draco but you have to listen to me and do exactly what I say or you will be joining me in the family plot. Promise me you will."

Wondering if the poison had dulled her mind Draco nodded. "I've always done as you asked Mommy."

Narcissa smiled. "I know you have." Her expression grew serious. "Baby as soon as I'm done talking you are to go to your room and pack a bag of muggle clothing, food, your wand, money both muggle and ours, several blankets, anything that you would need to survive. Then I need you to go to Number 4 Private Drive Little Whinging Surrey and find your cousin Harry."

Draco couldn't help the sneer that curled his lip at the reminder that he was related to the half-blood lion. The bane of his existence.

"Don't make that face Draco. I don't know all the details but I have reason to suspect that Harry has guardians that would make Lucius seem like a doting father. You must get Harry on your side. He has old magic in his blood. Do you remember who his father was?"

None of this was making sense but Draco nodded. He'd do anything to please his dying mother. Even becoming BFF's with Potter. She had protected him so often as a child. Often refocusing his father's anger onto herself that this seemed like the least he could do.

"His father was James Charles Potter. The child combining two very ancient houses. The Blacks and the Potters." Draco recited remembering the lessons devoted on teaching him how the Blacks his mother's family had been dwindled down into a few children. Only two still carrying the name Black. The brothers Sirius and Regulus. One was rotting in Azkaban for murder and the other was dead.

"Good boy. I know it's hard for you to look past who Harry had for a mother but his father should more than make up for his mudblood side. So when dealing with him focus on that."

Draco nodded his head obediently. He had never thought about Harry being the child of a very rich very powerful pureblood family. Granted he was tainted by his mudblood mother but still he was half decent. More than many other could say.

"His father's blood is important. You must get Harry to take you to Potter Manor. He will instinctively know where it is. You know the ritual to find it and be claimed by the house right baby?"

Again Draco could only nod. "Why do I have to find Potter? Why must we hide at his family home?"

Narcissa patted his cheek. "You always had to know everything. Harry is the only heir of the Potters. The manor and its house elf if any are still alive will answer to him and him only. You will be safe there if you can convince him to give you sanctuary. No one will think to look for you there. Drake there is something I must tell you. I've kept it from you for years to protect you but when I die my magic will disappear and the glamor will die with me.

"What glamor?"

"You shall see soon my baby. Go to my night table and take the picture out of the top drawer." Narcissa ordered and Draco could only obey. He reluctantly released his hold on his mother's and hurried to the night stand tugging open the drawer. The picture was on top face down and he quickly picked it up and returned to his mother's death bed. He handed the photo over and watched his mother's face as she gazed at it. A smile lit her features and her eyes regained some of their sparkle.

"Your so much like him baby. He would be so proud of you."

Draco's ears perked up as he wiped more tears from his cheeks hating the stickiness. He hated to cry. It was weak and emotional. And Malfoys weren't emotional. But the knowledge someone would be proud of him caught his attention. Only his mother had ever shown any pride in having him for a child.

"Who would be proud of me?" He asked.

"Your father." She replied absently eyes fixed on the photograph.

Draco somehow managed to find the strength to snort. "Mother I just left the company of Father and he has made it quite clear I am nothing like him and therefore he has no reason to be proud of me.

"I wish you two could have met. He would have loved you so much." She murmured still seeming a million miles away.

"I have met Father and I don't think he's even fond of me much less loves me." Draco explained softly trying to tug his mother's attention back on him. Seeing his mother so unlike the strong woman that he knew began to drive the fact that she was deathly ill home. Sniffing he hid face against her neck trying to snuggle into her warmth like he had done when he was just a toddler struggling to not let tears escape his gray eyes. . Narcissa planted a kiss on the soft blond hair.

"Baby you will have time to grieve later. I want to spend every second I have left with you but it's not possible my dragon. I need you to be strong. Not just for me but for Harry when you get to him. He's going to need someone whose brave, smart, and strong like you Draco to lean on. And I expect you to be a good cousin and take care of him. He's family and I for one have lost far too much of my family to see harm come to one of the remaining ones. Even if it's the bastard child of my fool cousin and his mudblood."

Draco felt jealousy churn in his stomach. Here his mother was dying and she was more concerned about Potter then him her only son. As soon as that though hit him Draco felt guilty a strange sensation for the Slytherin. He ducked his head letting a few strands of platinum blond hair fall into his eyes hoping his mother hadn't noticed. But Narcissa was far too busy staring at the photograph. For the first time Draco did more than glance at it. The once crisp edges were worn and had the loose dog-eared appearance of a well-read book. He strained his neck trying to see what had his mother's attention. The photo showed a tall broad shouldered young man on his knees in front of a woman that was easily recognizable as his mother though her stomach was round with an unborn child. Him Draco realized absently his attention focused on them man. He was grinning at the camera long black hair tumbling around his face while one cheek rested against Narcissa's swollen stomach his arms hidden beneath a black leather jacket were wrapped around Narcissa's hips pulling her and her unborn child closer to him. The man was barley a man. Looking no older then seventeen or eighteen. His face was handsome with the high cheekbones and devilish good looks of many of the older more aristocratic families. Yet it was his eyes that held Draco's attention. The light gray of overcast clouds flecked with the blue as dark and beautiful as the Mediterranean sea. A single lighter circle of blue circling the pupil. Eyes that held just a hint of playful mischief while also a sense of love. They were his eyes. This man had the only feature of Draco's that wasn't an exact replica of his father. It was several long moments before Draco could find his tongue and ask. "Who is he?"

Narcissa traced her finger lightly over the man's face. "That's your father Draco."

He blinked the words making no sense. "My father? Lucius Malfoy is my…" Then it clicked. "You had an affair. I'm a bastard child."

Narcissa looked at her son tears shinning her eyes. "You were always a smart boy. Yes, baby. I'm so sorry I never told you. But if Lucius ever found out he would kill you. He hated your father with a passion. You father was selfless and brave and would do anything to please me. Lucius hated him. They were polar opposites and they butted heads on every issue. He was different than any of the other men I'd ever met and I fell in love with him. Our parents would never have allowed us to marry. I was to be married to Lucius and my family wouldn't hear any of my objections. So we met in secret. And when I became pregnant I wanted so badly to let the world know whose child you were. But I knew for your sake I had to keep your paternity a secret until your father and I could find a way to be together. He was so happy and proud when I told him about you my little dragon. He would have me send him owls every day we couldn't meet to tell him every little thing. He was with me the first time you kicked. I remember him lying his hand on my stomach and the wonder and love in his eyes when he felt you. He looked at me and said you had the strength and fire of a dragon. He was the one who asked if we could name you Draco and I agreed. He always from then on called you his little dragon. We were just about to run we had a safe house and everything set up in America when your father was murdered. I was alone, distraught, and pregnant and I didn't know what else to do but protect you baby. So I pretended to be the good little wife to Lucius and to take you and run the instant you were born. But my labor was difficult and when you were born there was no way I could take you and leave. But when I looked so much like your father Lucius would have known in an instant who you were sired by. Luckily the midwife I had was a friend of your fathers and she put a glamour on you so Lucius wouldn't see the resemblance. I should have left the moment I was well enough Draco but I couldn't. I was so scared Draco. So I stayed and passed you off as Lucius son and made sure you looked like him but I see it everyday. You are your father's son."

Draco for the first time in his life was speechless. He heard the words but they made little to no sense as if he was hearing someone speak while he was underwater. Slowly one by one the words fell into place. A million questions swirled around in his mind but he pushed them away and willed his Slytherin sense of survival to take over. He couldn't allow himself to think that in a few short hours his mother would be gone and his fa… no Lucius Malfoy would want him dead. Slowly and choosing his words with care he chose what questions he had to know not the ones that he wanted answers to.

"Can I use magic getting to Potter?"

Narcissa hesitated then nodded. "Yes and no. When you reach Potter Manor the trace will be stopped by the wards. But Potter is living with muggles so any magic use in their house will alert the Ministry. So only use magic in an emergency."

Draco nodded understanding. "How am I going to get Potter to come with me? We hate each other at school."

Narcissa smiled brushing her fingers against her son's cheek. "I'm not familiar with how your cousin acts Draco. But I'm sure you can find a way to get him to listen to you." Narcissa eyes flickered to the clock on the wall and she sighed. "Baby I wish I could spend all night answering your questions until I pass into the veil but you have to go. You need to get Harry and get him to take you to Potter Manor as before Lucius realizes you're gone. You must leave now Draco."

The wall he had been trying to build around his emotions shattered like it was made of glass. He bit his lip hard enough that he could taste blood struggling to hold back his tears. A soft whimper escaped his mouth as he buried his head against his mother's chest. Narcissa kissed his hair her own eyes moist. "I love you baby."

"I love you too." Draco murmured lifting his head slightly to plant a kiss on her cheek.

Narcissa hands went to her throat and Draco noticed the necklace she always wore. A heart shaped locket on a thin gold chain. She undid the clasp with shaking fingers and carefully put it around his neck. "Your father gave it to me when he found out I was pregnant. I want you to have it baby." She kissed his forehead before giving him a weak shove. He starred into her eyes and whispered a final I love you before turning and running from the room.

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