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Snape just stared open mouthed as Sirius bonded out of the cell his naturally hyper personality kicking in. Harry was in danger. His baby boy could be in trouble. The stolen wand felt just wrong in his hand as he prowled down the rows of cells ignoring the few prisoners that were peeking their heads out to look. Sirius spotted his beloved cousin and he flashed her a grin.

"Aww what's wrong Bella? Did Snapeydoodle decide to save my adorable arse instead of your creepy one? Don't take it personally. See he doesn't want to share old Voldy's love and we all know what you two were doing in his little love nest."

She growled and slammed into her cell door and Sirius stepped closer so he was only an inch from her grasping hands. His grin grew larger as Bellatrix screamed more profanities than he knew existed at his handsome face. "Aww what's the matter? Your wittle arms too short to reach big mean Siri?"

"I am going to rip your head off and shove it up your ass to make stuffing!"

Sirius cocked his head to the side as if debating. "Well you would have to add some seasoning first. Maybe a little salt, some rosemary, hmm maybe some thyme."

Bellatrix tried to spit on him but Sirius nimbly jumped aside. He opened his mouth to utter a few more taunts when Snape stalked by grabbing Sirius by the scruff on his neck and dragging him along.

"Let me go you overgrown bat. The bitch needs to pay. She nearly ruined my makeup. Do you realize how much you have to pay the local rats to sneak in some decent mascara?"

Snape looked like he was trying to decide if Azkaban had driven the eldest Marauder insane. Sirius squirmed out of Snape's hold and pranced ahead his eyes bright and his happy-go-lucky personality back full force without the Dementors to suppress it.

"Black I swear to Merlin if you are mental I will personally throw you back in that cell."

Sirius snorted wagging his eyebrows playfully at the same time. "Please. I'm a Marauder. We didn't have any sanity to lose."

Snape just stared as if really considering his threat watching as Sirius peered into each cell looking for more people to launch his taunts at. Snape just trailed behind looking like he wanted to fling himself off a cliff then babysit the overgrown puppy who was running around. Even as he watched Sirius grew bored with just zig-zagging back and forth between the cells and decided to throw in a bit of skipping. Snape's face was priceless when Sirius threw one of his trademark smiles over his shoulders. The one that normally had woman drooling at his feet and people flinging engagement rings at his head. Snape apparently wasn't into pretty boys since he just rolled his eyes. Sirius turned around huffing crossing his arms and pouting.

"You didn't compliment my beautiful smile. I get it. You would rather go screw your disgusting snake man. That's it we are over! Go snog a dementor!" Sirius spun around and stormed off down the hall leaving Snape wondering if the Dementors were the better option.

Sirius knew his way around Azkaban quite well. James and him had been training to be Aurors before Harry was born. Even so it took him nearly half an hour before he found the exit. Every Dementor that was stupid enough to go near him was repelled by his powerful Patronus. Padfoot lurked close to the surface aiding Sirius in remembering. Memories of holding James close with Harry cradled between their chests blazed in his mind filling him with such love and happiness that the whole of Azkaban was lit up by the shaggy black dog that ran ahead. He didn't check to see if Snape was following. He honestly didn't care if the man had taken his suggestion and gone go have a little make out session with the local Dementors. Not like he needed him. He could find Harry and the other kid all on his own.

He needed his baby back. James would be coming back from the dead to beat him to death if he didn't run to his baby boy's aid. What would Harry do if he didn't get to him soon? The kid might take after him and be trying to find trouble.

Sirius knew exactly where Harry was. The kid had to have a brain right? He would follow his blood. And his blood would lead him to several places but if his blood was smart it would lead him to one place. And this whole mental conversation was confusing the hell out of him.

He paused at the top of a staircase looking down. Below him he could see several Aurors a witch and wizard talking softly while another wizard was lying on a couch reading the Daily Prophet.

The witch looked familiar and Sirius studied her for a long minute. Why did he know her? She was young too young to have gone to school with him. Maybe twenty at the oldest with bright pink hair and she was chattering the ear off of a tall black wizard who looked like he was about to join Snape in snogging the Dementors.

"Please I just want to talk to him. What harm can it do?"

"Because the rules state that you are not allowed to visit the block holding any blood relatives. And I can't even count how many of your relatives are drooling upstairs."


The wizard stuck his fingers in his ears while the pink haired girl bounced up and down in front of his face still continuing with her drawn out please. Sirius grinned watching amused as she began to tug on the wizard's arm and prod him in the face with her wand.

Sirius felt breathing on the back of his neck and he wheeled around stabbing Snape in the eye with his stolen wand. Snape yelped cursing as he clamped a hand over his watering eye. Sirius kicked him in the leg as the begging cut off and running footsteps were heard. The three Aurors came tearing up the stairs and Sirius Stupified the wizard in the lead which happened to be the one the girl was tormenting. The other wizard tried to retaliate but Snape took him down with a quick stunner leaving only the girl who had her wand pointed at Sirius's chest. Snape hesitated clearly realizing that the girl would Avada Sirius before he so much as opened his mouth.

So Sirius took his life into his own hands. He flashed a breathtaking grin realizing his matted hair and filthy body was most likely gonna hurt his sex appeal but he was the most sexy man ever except for maybe his Jamsie. "Hey angel."

The girl did not look impressed and she stepped closer. Her eyes were filled with hurt and Sirius was confused. Had he harmed her or something? She was definitely not an ex-girlfriend for obvious reasons. So what had he done to upset this girl so badly?

"Its true." She whispered so softly that Sirius even with his Animagus hearing barely heard it.

"Um am I the only one confused here? 'Cause I'm pretty sure I have no idea who you are kid."

She ducked her head so the pink hair tumbled into her eyes blocking them from view. "You don't remember me?"

Sirius studied her face intently noting the shape of her jaw and the way her lips moved as she talked. "Um still no idea."

She fisted her left hand over her heart and twisted it sharply to the left before making clawing her fingers lightly over her heart. Sirius sucked in breath. "Tonksie?"

The girl gave him a timid smile nodding and Sirius repeated the gesture.

"Look how big you got. My baby girl is all grown up."

Snape still clutching at his now swollen eye looked between them. "I take it you know her?"

Sirius nodded trying to decide if he was thrilled to see the girl he had helped raise or not.

"I told everyone that you were innocent. I became an Auror to help free you and its true. How could you do that me? To Jamie? To poor Harry?"

Sirius understood instantly what she meant. "Tonksie I didn't do it. I was framed."

Tonks sniffed shimmering in her gray eyes. Eyes that Sirius noted that she had made to resemble his. Gray with flecks of blue.

"Then why are you escaping with a Death Eater?"

Sirius resisted the urge to turn around and kill Snape for ruining his reunion with his little Tonksie by having his ugly mug around.

"Because Harry is missing."

Tonks eyes widened in fear and worry. "But none of the Aurors have been informed."

Snape jumped in. "Because I doubt Dumbledore informed the Aurors. The Wards around Potter's house went off. Someone used a spell to somehow yank Harry away. It wasn't Apparating or any magic I've seen. There was no trace. It was just an explosion of magic and he was gone. Dumbledore insists he was kidnapped by Death Eaters."

Sirius's head snapped up. "Was their blood? Or a bowl with traces of blood?"

Snape looked at him. "How did you know?"

"Because its an old pureblood ritual. But we are leaving to get him NOW!" Sirius who had already been panicking before about his baby he was now frantic. "It can only be done by the heir when he is close to death."

"Potter isn't a pureblood though."

Sirius looked at Snape like he was mental. "Of course he is."

Snape looked like he was going to say something but stopped. "But how would Draco go missing around the same time?"

"Don't know and barely care. I know exactly where my pup is now and we are heading right there. Come on Tonksie we'll throw Snapeypoo here in a cell and go find my baby."

Tonks hesitated and slowly lowered her wand. "You really care about Harry don't you?"

"Of course he's my baby boy."

Giving Sirius no warning Tonks flung herself forward and hugged him tightly. Sirius returned the hug gratefully kissing the bubblegum pink hair. "Glad someone believes me." He whispered.

Tonks smiled at him. "I didn't think you were smart enough to become a Death Eater."

Sirius flicked her ear lightly. "Well at least I have style. Pink hair? Why don't you just carry a sign that says "I'm desperate to attract attention"."

She kicked his leg just hard enough that Sirius felt it before wrinkling her nose. "You smell."

Sirius huffed putting on his best offended face. "Well you don't exactly smell like roses either kiddo. What the hell is that smell?"

Tonks beamed but grabbed Sirius's hand tugging him along leaving Snape to follow confused but too stubborn to ask. "Its a muggle perfume. Cotton candy scented."

Sirius rolled his eyes but his urgency that Harry was lying injured in Potter Manor fueled him. Tonks smiled at him. "Siri I don't think Harry is in mortal danger. You would have to ask him but I don't think he would know that ritual on his own. I barely know what it is and I couldn't do it."

Somewhat reassured Sirius allowed Tonks to drag him to the only Apparation point on the island. Snape trailing grumbling about how he already knew where it was. Tonks stopped at the spot near a tall rock the tallest on the pebble covered beach. Waves lapped against the shore and Sirius shivered cold in just his simple prison robe. Tonks kept her hold on his hand but she turned towards Snape allowing Sirius to lean against her and soak up her warmth. His baby cousin had always radiated heat.

"How did you break this dufus out? Everyone else belongs in their as far as I know." She turned towards Sirius who was all but curled up against her side. "Cold Siri?"

Snape ignored her concern for his recent rescue's health and spoke. "It was simple honestly. I just disillusioned myself and waited for one of you to go check on the prisoners so I didn't trip the wards that would go off when a person crossed. I followed him upstairs and stunned him. It was simple."

Tonks looked concern. "That is really easy. But after this little escape I think the wards will be worked on." She stood on tiptoes to kiss Sirius cheek. "You better get going. Send me an owl or a Patronus when you can. I want to meet my baby cousin."

She hugged him one last time and flashed Snape a grin before taking off back towards Azkaban.

Snape eyed Sirius critically. "You will scare Potter half to death if you show up looking like that. We shall stop by my house to clean you up and I shall gather my things." He offered his arm which Sirius took.

After only an instant Sirius found himself standing in a living room that was dark and cluttered with books. Snape pointed at a side door. "That's the bathroom. Clean up and I'll find you something to wear."

Sirius shook his head. "I don't wear wizarding clothes. I hate robes. They are so uncomfortable and you can't ride a motorcycle in robes very easily. I am going to go get some gold for myself and buy some decent clothing. Plus they totally ruin the view of my amazing arse."

Without waiting for Snape to say anything Sirius stalked out the door and after making sure that no pesky Death Eaters were watching he shifted. His tail lashed the air and he stretched enjoying the feeling. He took a deep breath trying to become zen so he could apparate as a dog. It was far from easy but Sirius was a very talented puppy. It only took him a moment to Apparate in the Shrieking Shack which had clearly not been touched in ages. Right under the bed was a bag of money stashed there by Sirius incase the Marauders had to go into hiding suddenly. He snagged the bag in his mouth trying to ignore the taste of dust on his tongue and Apparated again.

This time he popped into existence right in the middle of a closed Muggle clothing shop that he and James had often gone too. Shifting quickly Sirius yanked several pairs of black jeans off the racks along with with a plain red shirt. Once a Gryffindor always a Gryffindor. He wasn't worried about the size. He could shrink them or enlarge them later. What he was worried about was finding a leather jacket. His had gone bye bye the day he got arrested and he missed it. Not to mention James always said he was sexiest in black leather.

At the thought of James Sirius's head fell. His heart ached and even after twelve years he missed the annoying little bastard. James had been his rock, his sanity (Ironic since the man could barely be called sane on a good day), his best friend, and of course had given him the center of his universe in Harry.

He bit his lip forcing memories of his baby boy to the front of his mind. Harry toddling across the room and into his arms for the first time. The first time he had taken Harry out on his motorcycle and the way the little boy had giggled in his arms as the wind whipped by.

He'd been away from his baby for far too long. He wasn't going to be away from him for much longer. He just needed to get cleaned up and then he was saving his baby. He dug some Muggle money out of the bag and threw it on the counter. Snatching a leather jacket off the counter and grabbing some boxers, boots, and socks Sirius spun around selecting a few other shirts that would look nice with his new jacket. Though he could wear a tutu and still be sexy. He was just that masculine.

Sirius went back to Snape's and found the man still staring at the door.

"Miss me Snapeypoo?" Sirius asked as he pranced into the room his goodies in his arms.

"You've been starved, locked in a ten by ten cell for twelve years, have been tormented by Dementors and you seem perfectly fine. What is wrong with you?"

Sirius shrugged. "I'm a special boy." Sirius beamed and skipped into the bathroom but not before calling over his shoulder. "If I catch you peeking at my naked body I shall feed you to a troll. And not those puny ones that are all the rage. A big ugly green rancid smelling one that likes to strip skin off you while you're alive and gnaw on your toes while you're breathing."

Snape just started hitting his head into the wall. "Why? Why Merlin did you have to be Draco's only hope."

Sirius stuck his head out. "Whose Draco again? 'Cause I only remember talking about my adorable little boy."

Snape just hit his head into the wall harder.

"I'm not an expert on the whole brain cell thingy. Most of mine ran away or never existed but I'm pretty sure that head injuries are bad for them."

Snape grabbed a book off a nearby bookshelf and stared at it intently then at Sirius who still had his head sticking out of the bathroom door.

"Aww do you want to throw a book at me? Lily did that often and it is quite useless. It will just bounce off. One of the zillion and one benefits to having a hard head."

Snape set the book down and turned his back though Sirius could see how hard he was clenching his hands. Snickering slightly Sirius opened the door just a touch more and stepped out completely comfortable walking around naked. He snagged a book up and threw it hitting Snape right in the arse. Snape wheeled about but only got a glimpse of Sirius's backend before the door slammed shut.

Snape exhaled sharply trying to get his temper in check before going and packing.

Two hours later Sirius emerged from the bathroom dressed in a red shirt with gold lettering, tight fitting black jeans that was most likely keeping him from reproducing ever again, and of course his leather jacket. He was clean shaven and his hair had been cut so it fell is soft waves to his chin and was carefully messy. He went to stand beside Snape smiling like the cat that just ate the pixie and Snape glanced at him suspiciously. Sirius started to giggle and Snape glared at him until he saw Sirius's shirt. "I'm with stupid." Was written in glittering gold cursive across his chest with a finger pointing right at the Death Eater.

Snape rolled his eyes picking up his bag and trying to walk off but found that Sirius had decided that he had to keep his "I'm with Stupid" shirt pointed at Snape at all times which meant following him around. After five minutes of walking in a circle to escape the Marauder Snape decided life was too short and stopped. He knew that Sirius was like a dog with bone when he got an idea in that tiny little brain of his.

"Are you done so I can go find my baby?" Sirius asked when Snape finally stopped moving.

Without waiting for an answer he grabbed Snape's hand and slashed it open with a quick spell. Snape yipped trying to jerk away but Sirius was stronger. Carefully Sirius cut his own finger open and let two drops of his blood fall onto Snape's hand so that their blood combined. He then pictured the place he'd grown up in his mind and took them there.

Potter Manor was exactly as Sirius remembered it as he landed in the living room though a lot dustier. He felt the wards wash over him humming as they realized it was him. The magic poured into him trying to strength his body that was weakened by the Dementors and Sirius smiled knowing that James had worked his ass off trying to make the Wards behave around him and apparently it had paid off. The Wards had let him Apparate right in. Normally any attempt to do that except by the Lord would end up with the person's blood boiling. But instead the magic of the house was welcoming him and trying to help. James really was the most amazing little creature. Sirius bit his lip again to make sure he didn't allow himself to wallow in sadness. He had to focus on the good memories not the pain of losing James.

He could tell that someone had been in the house recently. Footprints had disturbed the dust and Sirius couldn't help it he called out for his baby.

"Where did you get to Pup? Come on out and give me a hug!"

Snape shushed him and Sirius strained his ears but got no reply. So he opened his mouth again. "Come on Prongslet I won't hurt you. Come here I want to see my baby boy."

Still no answer. He turned to Snape. "Don't freak out 'k?" Sirius didn't wait for a reply he jumped forward shifting as he did. Snape gasped behind him but Sirius didn't care as he ran tracking a scent he knew better than his own. His pup's scent.

He found his pup's blood mixed in with the smell which worried him slightly but also a scent that seemed so familiar but he couldn't quite put his paw on why. Snape was on his heels and Sirius thundered up the stairs his heart feeling like it was going to burst with excitement at finally getting to see his baby again. Finally the trail ended and Sirius shifted back to human and made to open the door. His wand held loosely in his hand just in case someone decided to hex him. Like his pup.


The snuffling stopped and Draco heard footsteps and as he watched the door handle turned.

He readied his wand watching as the door was knocked open with such forced it slammed into the wall as a tall black haired man came bounding through the door a huge grin on his clean shaven face. He was dressed in muggle clothing didn't look too terrifying except for the wand in his hand. Draco didn't know him which meant he was as good as dead. He opened his mouth and screamed the first spell that came to mind. "Locomotor Wibbly!"

The beam of red light struck the man directly in the chest and his legs began to shake before he face planted on the carpet. He walked up to the man who was struggling to stand and stomped on his hand so he dropped his wand which Draco snagged.

"Drake watch out!" Harry shouted and Draco turned his gaze from the man to another person standing in the door this one he definitely knew. He froze staring at his own godfather. "Uncle Sev how did you..." But then he saw the wand aimed at Harry and he opened his mouth to hex him when Harry shouted his trademark Expelliarmus. The wand went flying onto land on the outstretched hand of the man on the floor who was now snarling as he staggered upright despite Draco's jelly-legs curse. Instead of turning on Harry and Draco he wheeled on Snape and flicked the wand so a powerful block of air slammed into the Potion's Master and set him flying back through the doorway until he slammed into the hall wall.

"Don't you ever point a wand at my baby." The man snarled his face full of outrage. Harry made a squeaking noise possibly since this man had just called him a baby but whatever it was it got the man's attention. He muttered the counter curse and stepped forward. Draco raised his own wand to hex him again as he started to walk towards Harry but the man disarmed him without even looking in his direction and kept his gaze on Harry who looked confused. The man grinned and without warning reached out and wrapped his arms around Harry who instantly screamed in pain as his injured ribs and back where squeezed. The man released him looking terrified.

"Get the fuck away from him!" Draco snarled but then Harry did something that completely shocked him. He reached out and flung his arms around the man's neck leaving a very confused Slytherin staring at him.

"I know you." Harry breathed looking up to study the man's face while Draco tried to pry his jaw off the floor. What the fuck was Potter doing? The man had to be some super high level Death Eater or something. No way would Uncle Sev be near him or would he have gotten passed the wards otherwise.

"You remember me pup?" The man asked keeping his arms loosely around Harry who showed no signs of letting go of him. Draco was pretty sure tears were shining in his eyes which only added to his confusion. Had James Potter screwed a Death Eater and produced Harry? Plenty of gay wizarding couples had children so was Lily Evans only a cover? The House would have allowed the Lord's bonded in even after his death. That was making more sense than anything else was.

Harry nodded smiling. "Paddy. You're Paddy."

Draco was getting even more confused in his corner as the man nodded kissing Harry's messy black hair. What was happening? Could someone please explain. Draco opened his mouth to ask before the man reached behind him and pointed his wand at Draco making the young Slytherin's mouth snap shut and refuse to open. An instant later he was pinned to the wall and getting thoroughly pissed off.

"Yes baby boy. You remembered me. You've gotten so big pup. Your such a handsome little boy. You look just like your daddy. Except for the eyes. Where did you get green eyes from pup? James had the most breathtaking hazel eyes I could have sworn you had his eyes. But other then that you look so much like him baby." The man apparently named Paddy planted another kiss on Harry's forehead.

"I remember you holding me and we were on a flying motorcycle." Harry whispered burying his face into the man's chest. "And I remember you hugging my dad."

"You were always a brilliant baby." The man went to hug him again before he noticed that there was blood soaking through the white T-shirt Harry wore. "Baby what is wrong with your back? Why are you bleeding? Harry James tell me what's wrong now!" The man demanded his voice going from soft and loving to frantic in the span of three seconds.

Harry didn't flinch away as Paddy pulled the shirt off of Harry. Draco was getting angrier by the minute. He'd been babying Potter for hours and the kid still flinched if he raised his voice yet this man had hexed people in front of Potter, had hurt his back and ribs, and had screamed when he saw the blood and when he turned Snape into a human Quaffle yet Potter was being completely trusting of him.

Paddy quickly vanished the bandages and Draco was sure his eyes were about to bug out of his head when he saw Harry's back. He snarled sounding like a wild dog not a human being as he gently inspected each and every wound.

Draco waited for some kind of freak out that would scare the shit out of Potter and send him running but when the man spoke his voice was dead calm.

"Pup what's your wand?" He asked scooping the wands up off the floor.

Harry pointed to his. "Holly and phoenix feather. 11 inches."

The man looked torn from being visibly shaken and pride. "Your Dad's wand was phoenix feather and mahogany. Mine was holly and dragon's heartstring.."

Harry beamed and Draco would have started slamming his head into the wall if he wasn't still frozen in place. Either that or vomit.

"Let's get you healed baby. Can I borrow your wand for a minute baby?"

Potter nodded watching with wide emerald eyes as the man gently began to utter a complex string of healing charms over Potter's back. Draco watched as the wounds he'd been slaving over for hours began to heal. The infection came out in a stream of pus which the man wiped up with the shirt Harry had borrowed from Draco. Then he began to disinfect each and everyone carefully before healing them leaving nothing more than a red line that Draco knew would fade to a faint scar in a few hours. Potter's wand was sickenly obedient to the man. He could practically feel it humming with magic eager to help heal its master. Draco was tempted to snap the idiot thing when he got free. The wand had to be faulty. No wand should start obeying a random person so well.

The broken arm was healed and the man conjured a sling for it so the break had a chance to harden or whatever magically fixed bones did. Potter's ribs followed and were left wrapped so they could do the same as the arm before Paddy moved on to healing every single bruise or scratch he saw on the kid. After about twenty minutes he handed the wand back to Harry.

"Better pup?"

Potter nodded black hair concealing his eyes for a moment before the man pushed the bangs aside. The man beamed hugging Harry again before jumping to his feet and strolling over to Draco who glared at him defiantly.

"Thank you. I can see his wounds were tended to as well as you could and I'm forever in your debt. Your name is Draco right?"

Draco gave the man a 'how stupid are you?'.

"Oh wait I kinda need to let you talk again huh?" He flicked his wand.

"Yes that would be helpful you idiot." Draco snapped.

The man grinned seeming as if the insult didn't faze him. "I've been called far worse pup. Sorry about that. I needed to talk to Harry without any interruptions. I'm Sirius by the way." He completely shocked Draco by pulling him into a hug. Draco froze unsure how to respond but Sirius didn't seem to mind as he bounded over to the door looking like a hyper puppy. "Or you can call me Paddy. Harry's dad called me Padfoot because he said I was his personal hellhound on a leash and Harry had a hard time saying Sirius or Padfoot as a baby so he called me Paddy. His second word by the way. Dada, Paddy, then moocyce. I think that meant motorcycle." The man cocked his head to the side as if thinking before shrugging and kicking the unconscious Snape in the ribs. "Up and at'em Snivy. Come on you're drooling on the carpet."

Harry giggled and Draco looked at him like he was insane as Sirius pointed his wand at the man and conjured a stream of water to splash him in the face. When he still didn't move Sirius kicked his leg again. "Uh oh."

"Is he dead?" Draco asked unsure how to respond to the fact his godfather wasn't moving. Not like the man paid him much attention outside of making sure he had perfect grades.

"I dunno. I'm sorta afraid to touch him to check for a pulse. Oh well. I don't need him to coo over my baby and his friend. Let's talk."

Sirius pranced over to the bed and jumped on it like a five year old. Draco tried to go check on Snape but Sirius stopped him when a serious look appeared on his face.

"So do I want to know why Harry was all torn up? What the hell happened? That idiot..." He jerked his chin in Snape's. "Broke me out of prison last night saying my baby and his godson were missing."

Prison? Sirius had been in prison. The words clicked and Draco shouted. "Harry get away from him that's Sirius Black!"

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