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:: Dinner with Evil ::

~ Fort Knox,

"Shego get those two already!" Yelled Dr. Drakken from atop a catwalk as he stomped his feet, doing a mad scientist spin. His latest plan was to rob Fort Knox of all its precious gold and with it finance a new army, but like always Team Possible was there to foil his evil schemes, no matter how small and trivial they may be.

Awkweird Side Note – Information for the imaginary impaired.

Personal Data – Drew Lipsky,

Aka, Dr. Drakken,

Age: Unknown – Really I have no idea,

Sex: Male,

Appearance: Blue Skin, Dark Indigo Lab Coat, Scar on the Left Eye, Black Hair with Ponytail, and Tiny Hands,

Occupation: Scientist, scratch that- Mad Scientist,

Goals in Life: World Domination or first place in Karaoke Night,

Flying through the air, Shego crashed straight into a wooden crate which in seconds she completely incinerated with her green plasma powers, "I'm trying here Dr. D!" She yelled while dodging a kick by Kim, "I could use some help here you know!" Shego added before taking a fist to the face, sending her back into another unsuspecting crate!

The raven beauty's pleads for some help were wasted on death's ears as Ron was busy attracting the attention of the unorganized group henchmen by causing mayhem to the lair. Where not be dumb skill but dumb luck misfortune would befall the poor red-suited lackeys. One by one they fell to blonde's fighting style which also destroyed Drakken's lair in the process, a win-win sitch.

Awkweird Side Note – Never watched the show? No big.

Personal Data – Shelia Go,

Aka, Shego,

Age: Young,

Sex: Female,

Appearance: Green Skin, Raven Hair, Green and Black Jumpsuit, and Glowing Green Powers,

Occupation: Gun for Hire, Mercenary, and High School Teacher,

Goals in Life: Helping her idiot boss quest for World Domination in exchange for Iceland, the green one,

Drakken watched as the two teens that have been giving him trouble over the years defy his plans once again, "Gaaahhh...damn," whispered the blue scientist, no one else even noticed. Basically beaten he ran over to his trusty hovercraft that he had 'purchased' with the five-finger discount and started it up, preparing his escape with Shego.

Prepared and ready he hit a hidden button on his jacket that alerted Shego that it was time for them to make their escape.

A low vibration crawled through Shego and she knew the time to escape was approaching. Ready to jet, she round-house kicked Kim in the jaw sending her across the lair.

"Haha later Kimmie," the hovercraft hovered right next to her with Drakken looking heated. Great, a rant about how Team Possible has foiled his plans once again was on the way, still it beat prison.

Distraught Ron ran over to Kim's body while Drakken and Shego made their usual escape.

"KP," the blond called out, driven into over active protective mode.

Thanks to Shego's parting gift Kim was left with a major headache. Her best friend tried wrapping his arms around her to help her balance.

"You ok Kim? You're a little off," the blond asked.

Tweaked she freed herself from Ron's hold, but fumbled a few feet next to a laser, "Yea Ron don't worry about it," she smiled weakly, "Just a little dizzy, no big."

The teen heroine found walking straight a challenge as she stumbled bit by bit. She tried her best not to trip, but that was a lost cause on her part.

Losing her footing her arm hit the sitch of the nearby laser shooting both her and Ron with silver like color beam of energy. The silver aura surrounded them and slowly entered through their pores seeping deep into their skin.

Seconds later the aura disappeared from their bodies leaving no traces of side effects at least to the naked eye that is.

Ron looked all over his body for any traces of the silver like beam, but nothing.

"What just happened," he asked not sure, "Did that just happened? Did anything happen I can't tell," still nothing appeared to have changed on them, at least not physically.

The auburn girl got up rubbing her aching head, "Yea sorry Ron guess I should've let you help me." Kim pulled out her kimmunicator, "Guess we should tell Wade about stopping Drakken and the laser that hit us?"

Wade answered while he was playing pollinator, "Hey guys how the mission goes?" He asked without turning his view away from the other screen, instead was too preoccupied playing his video game.

Awkweird Side Note – For those who watch the last movie of a trilogy, but never bothered seeing the first two, you know who you are.

Personal Data – Wade Load,

Aka, Wade,

Age: 11 Year Old,

Sex: Male,

Appearance: African Short Kid, Black Hair Top, Little on the Big Side, and Navy Blue Outfit,

Occupation: Super Genius,

Goals in Life: Become the Greatest Computer Expert in the World. Dream probably already achieved.

"Good we stopped Drakken, but we got hit by one of his lasers and don't know if it did anything to us." Wade stopped playing his games and scanned the bodies of Kim and Ron.

"Hmm the normal scans aren't picking up anything unusual, but just to be safe why don't you two head back home, I'll set up a ride and a containment unit for the two of you," he recommended.

Ron looked a little confused, "Containment unit what for?"

"Yea," even Kim was a little puzzled at Wade's suggestion.

Wade typed, but this time while looking at Kim and Ron, "Oh well we don't know what the laser could've done to you guys so it would be best for you two to come in the least contact with the least amount of people possible. Just until we discover what the ray did to you and all," he added.

Kim and Ron looked at each for a quick moment before nodding in agreement, "Ok then Wade set it up."

~ Somewhere in the Sky,

Piloting the hovercraft towards their next lair the world dominating duo flew in their usual, 'I rant and you listen routine'.

"Damn it Shego those two troublesome teens foiled my plans once again!" Drakken gritted his teeth and unknowingly applied much pressure to the navigation controls, "I mean what?! What do we need to do to get Kim Possible and her buffoonish sidekicks off our backs for good?"

Filing her nails obviously bored she had hardly paid any attention to his ranting, "Beats me doc?"

She stared out at the clouds wondering, "By the way, what's the deal with all those weird inventions back there they didn't seem at all that dangerous?" Shego asked intrigued.

Drakken turn his head half way with a somewhat who cares look in his face, no longer did he seem angry, "Oh those don't worry about them," he nonchalantly replied,"They were failed inventions all of them. They didn't really level up to the evil code."

The doctor slowed the hover craft, "Others didn't even have real evil intention to begin with," he added surprising Shego, "Sometimes companies would just pay me to build stuff for them."

The raven girl stopped filing her nails, "Wait Dr. D you get paid to build stuff for other companies since when?"She asked doubting his story.

Drakken returned his gaze back to the clouds as he piloted soothingly through the air, "Since the day you asked for a raise that's when."

That little remark had a short silent pause which was later followed by them both laughing as they continued to pilot to whatever lair they had available.

~ Middleton Space Center,

– 45:00 minutes later since Drakken's lair,

Kim and Ron stared widely at the front of a large box room made entirely of reinforced diamond steel. Not sure if that is actually real so just go with it. Think of it as a room not even within an explosion could open that should help.

Next to them stood both Kim's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Possible, James and Ann Possible.

Awkweird Side Note – Imagine this…wait you can't!

Personal Data – James Timothy Possible,

Aka, Mr. Dr. P,

Age: Early 40's,

Sex: Male,

Appearance: Salt and Pepper Hair, Light Brown Khakis, and Black Tie and White Dress Shirt Combo,

Occupation: Rocket Scientist,

Goals in Life: To build a Rocket, watch Captain Constellation, and keep his daughter away from boys.

Awkweird Side Note – For those who think inside the box.

Personal Data – Ann Possible,

Aka, Ms. Dr. P,

Age: Real Early 40's maybe even late 30's,

Sex: Female,

Appearance: Short Auburn Hair, Blue Ocean Eyes, and White Lab Coat,

Occupation: Brain Surgeon,

Goals in Life: To know everything happening with her children,

"Um is that safe," Ron asked with his usual Ronness, even Kim wanted to hear that answer.

"Don't you worry about that Ronald; nothing can get inside or outside this room," the rocket scientist proudly proclaimed letting his hand rest upon the box room.

"Umm I another question," again he was peaked.

"Shoot Ronald," James replied.

"Yea if nothing can get in or out of the room how do we get inside then," He indescribably asked extending his hands out towards the amazing box.

Smirking he walked over the computer panel, "With this," proclaimed Kim's father. He pointed at a large computer, "This computer is the only thing capable of opening and closing the room. With this I can set up a system of how long one spends in that room. For you guys I was going to set it for a full 24 hours with no contact with the outside world."

Mrs. Dr. P, Kim, and Ron all looked confused at James. When he noticed their looks of concern James reassured them quickly, "Oh the reason for no contact with the outside world is simple we don't know what Drakken's machine did to you and don't know if it travels through the air or machinery so scientifically the smartest thing to do is cut off all contact."

The idea sound plausible, so the teens shrugged and walked into the room. To their surprise was acquainted with a TV with movies, a fridge probably stocked up with heaps of junk food, and a bed.

"Coolio it's like a tiny house Mr. Dr. P," jumped the blond over static about the small things. Kim simply rolled her eyes amused.

Chuckling at his amusement, "Well yes Ronald what did you expect me to do? Put you both in a room with nothing inside of it," the blond sheepishly rubbed his neck.

James began typing on the screen and with Wade appearing right after, "Wade have you've been able to figure out anything with Kim and Ron yet?"

Wade looked disappointed, "Sorry not yet James still working on it."

"Oh well I guess me and Ron will have to spend a day in this weird room," Kim informed walking into the room leaving behind anything that could contact the outside world same with Ron.

Agreeing with his Kimmie-cub James typed some codes and the room began to close.

Before the door could fully close he ran up, "Now remember we have no contact with you and the same is for you guys! There's no way to open the room until the time runs out, so if you turn into mutants, tie yourselves up or something..." The door closed leaving Ron and Kim trapped inside for the next 24 hours while James laughed at his comment he made.

~ The No Contact-Inescapable Room of Stuff,

– 59 Minutes later since Drakken's lair,

"So what now," Ron posed.

~ Middleton Space Center Again,

– 2 Hours has passed since Drakken's lair,

The longest hour in history had passed since Kim and Ron were locked in the inescapable room. James was playing online poker while Ann was looking upset about. However boredom both some took over Ann and it was time for them to separate themselves from the space center and go partake in some activities.

So what now dear," Ann asked James who was still playing video poker- and losing, badly.

Sighing in defeat he turned around with no ideas in his head, "Beats me want to go get some lunch and–"

Suddenly Wade appeared on the screen interrupting their lunch plans and with what looked like he had urgent news.

"Mr. and Mrs. Dr. P I thought you guys would like to know that Dr. Drakken has been spotted in the area!" Wade opened a separate window showing Dr. Drakken and Shego at Upperton. They were eating a fancy restaurant, but still dressed in their villain clothes, the people surrounding the room staring at them incredulously.

"What does that have to do with us Wade, Kim and Ron are already in the room," Ann asked while flipping her thumb back pointing at the room.

Wade opened up another window while recording Drakken and Shego, "Well instead of researching Drakken's machine and trying to figure out what it does." A light bulb fictionally appeared above Wade's head or by some computer program he created, "Why not just ask him yourself. You could go over to the restaurant, sit down, and order some lunch with him and Shego." The closed space boy suggested.

That must be a Ron level idea Wade had suggested.

James raised an eyebrow, "You really think Drakken is just going to let us sit down, order food, and ask him what the laser does Wade? I mean come on there's no way that will ever happen!" James expressed by crossing his hands then pulling them apart to emphasize ever!

"Why not," he complained, "What's the worst that can happen?"

Tweaked the scientist turned arms crossed, "I rather eat dirt," he stubbornly pushed.

The super genius smirked, "That can be arranged."

James gulped.

~ Fancy Restaurant,

– 2 and half hours later since Drakken's lair,

"I would like salad as a side with some blue cheese dressing," James instructed to the waiter as he handed him back the menu.

"Very good sir," the waiter bowed, "Your food will be here shortly with your beverages arriving momentarily." The waiter walked off with their orders on one of those little flip pads notebooks all waiters have.

James turn his attention to the man sitting across from him with Ann sitting right beside him, "So Drew, it's been awhile how long to be exact," he asked nervously fearing the green woman beside Drew.

Drakken's face took a sour appearance with Shego still maintaining her scowled look, "Ah James at least a year since my Bebe robots attacked you and all the others who laughed at me in college!" Drakken silently yelled and slamming his fist softly on the table.

James looked guilty at the moment now, "Oh about that me and the other guys are all sorry for laughing at you all those years ago." An overly impressed glance appeared before James, "I mean your Bebe robots were amazing they functioned almost perfectly expect for the artificial intelligence, but hey eventually the machine thinks their smarter than their creator am I right?" He laughed a little hoping Drakken would soon follow.

Drakken's sour face slowly turns from a normal look, to a slightly content smile, and finally a full blown happy expression with a laugh followed right after.

"Haha how right you are James that's the last time I give a robot thinking capabilities!" Both Drew and James laughed as Shego and Ann looked at them awkwardly.

They laughed for few minutes before they settled down wiping a strand tear away from their eyes.

"No but I'm serious Drew me and the guys are sorry for laughing at you all those years ago," James reassured him with a serious yet apologetic tone. "We shouldn't have laughed at you all those years and I speak for all us that we hope you forgive us for all the cruel things we said to you."

Drakken looked at James who was being serious to him, "Wow didn't see that one coming did you Shego?" He turned to Shego who was looking confused at the whole scene that was happening in front of her. After all they were having lunch with Kim Possible's parents in a nice atmosphere; she simply shook her head silently.

"Umm no Dr. D not really," just then the waiter stopped by and gave them their beverages and salads before the main course would be brought up.

Salad- something to divert the awkward attention for the moment,

They ate their salads saying very little in between the meal until Ann broke the silence she was still concerned about Kimberly and Ronald. Ann quickly finished her salad and turned her attention to Drew who looked in a much better mood now than earlier. She did her little cough, nothing. Ann coughed louder that grabbed the attention of the entire table.

Wanting to get Drakken to spill whatever the laser did, Ann prepared cleverly worded questions. She wanted info, but didn't want him to actually know about Kim and Ron's predicament.

"So Drew," she called out, "Any new inventions? That isn't evil of course. I mean you don't only make mad scientist machines do you?"

The blue man thought for a moment and couldn't think of any, "No...Not really, I can't think of any user friendly devices I've made at the moment."

"Dr. D," cut in Shego, "What about the one's you left back in your lair. You know the one's the companies pay you to make?" She reminded since she had no idea what the inventions did and was curious as well to the nature of his devices.

Drakken's face lightens up about hearing devices he had forgotten.

"Oh how right you are Shego I almost forgot about those ones!" Drakken leaned closer to the center of the table, "I forgot that companies pay me to make them devices that would help their cause. So normally these machines are harmless as in evil attentions at least."

James was surprised that Drakken was getting paid to make inventions for other companies. "Really like what," he asked forgetting about Kim and Ron at the moment, to busy focusing at hearing Drew's latest gadgets.

Scientist go figure,

Looking around the room, Drakken pulled out a piece of paper or blueprints from beneath his lab coat. Showing a total of three contraptions he's designed from his own genius.

"Well these are my latest three inventions I've made in my old lair before your daughter," Drakken's tone edged out, furrowing his eyebrow at James and Ann. Even Shego joined Drakken in the irritated stare, "Destroyed my lair."

James and Ann laughed half-hearty while looking away with blushes on their faces, then taking a quick sip of their drinks.

Shego was getting annoyed now she wanted to know what they did, "Anyways you were saying Dr. D?" Drakken returned his gaze back to his blueprints first pointing at a cylinder looking one

"Back to what I was saying this cylinder shaped invention I made for Grow Inc, is called the Potent Pollen Purifier 3001. It shoots out harmless pollen into the air that when it makes contacts with plants it changes their bio-chemical structure. Decreasing the amount of time need for them to grow and with only half the effort required. In other words with this invention plants grow twice as fast while only needing half the supplies necessary to grow them," Drakken happily expressed with his hands thrown way up in triumph from his own evil genius.

All smart people love talking about their stuff; it's a smart guy thing.

James, Ann, and even Shego stared at Drew.

"You're telling me you made an invention that speeds up the growth of plants," James questioned getting up from his chair with glee, "Drew that's amazing you could help stop world hunger!"

Drakken simply polished his hand on his jacket with a smug look, "All it was nothing compared to the other inventions I got paid to create." Drakken pointed at the second object on the blueprints which was a controller of some sorts," You see with this controller I made for Science Co. it supercharges the electrons and positive protons found in an atom. Increasing its power to an astronomical scale! At the same time harnessing its power for whatever the wielder sees fit. Imagine having the power of an atomic bomb, but shrunk down to be used as a power source for household items. In fact that's what I've been using to power up our lairs," he added while taking a sip of his beverage let's call it water.

James and Ann were beyond surprised, but not Shego, she had suspected Dr. D had invented a machine that gave their lairs power. After all they never got bills for electricity only water and heating.

"That's very fascinating Drew with that you could power cities with little resources and no pollution drawbacks." Ann brought up, but that didn't help her to solving the sitch with the silver laser that struck Kim and Ron.

Now however she was getting less worried, after hearing what these inventions were intended for she seemed less worried for Kim and Ron's sitch. Still curiosity is something that haunts everyone, no matter how strong minded they are.

Drakken blushes a little and takes a sip of Shego's drink, by accident, "Blea?! I hate Green Tea!" That little remark earned him a slap on the head from Shego with a foot stomping followed after.

"Then don't drink it!" Shego hissed before drinking some herself, but never took her eyes off Dr. Drakken. Moments later the waiter arrived with their food and refills for their drinks.

In other words before Drakken could explain the laser on his last blueprint sheet.

Pausing again, the 4 adults ate away at their meals enjoying the savory delight from the restaurant's cuisines.

By the time they were halfway done with their meals Ann's curiosity finally got the better of her, "so Drew," she called out grabbing his attention, "what does the last one do now I'm excited to find out," expressed the giddy brain surgeon.

I mean what harm could it do, considering how harmless the other inventions had been.

Drakken stopped eating his food to look at his third invention on his blueprints, "Oh this one," he remarked, "I made this for a human animal's protection group called umm–"

Drakken kept stroking his chin until– "Oh that's right! 'The Saving Precious Endangered Species' or T.S.P.E.S." He answered somewhat confused with why the group would have such a ridiculous acronym, I mean damn the writer must have been too lazy to write one that actually made sense.

James put down his fork, "Endangered species? Now I'm curious to how it works?" Wondered the rocket scientist with his hands cupped together showing his curiosity peaked.

Drakken grabbed the blueprints ready,

"Ok first the laser shoots out a silver like ray," silver laser good keep going, "That when comes in contact with a species it simulates and manipulates certain levels in the body helping the endangered species reproduce or procreate. This allows endangered animals get off the endangered list faster." Drakken finished with Ann coughing out her drink spitting some on the table and on James.

Shego and Drakken raised an eyebrow to Ann's sudden actions, "You ok? Looks like you just saw a ghost?" Shego asked, but still had a very mischievous smile; she enjoyed watching people make damn fools of themselves- especially in public places.

Ann coughed a little less clearing her throat, "I'm fine...I'm fine." She took a moment to clear her throat before reopening the topic about the laser, "so Drew this laser seems very important indeed, I mean imagine saving the big cats? That would really be something."

Ann laughed a little, "Imagined if this worked on humans." She joked continuing to laugh with James joining her ignoring Drakken's puzzled face.

Drakken raised one eyebrow and waved his hands to grab everyone's attention, "Why wouldn't it Possible?"

A haunting thought stopped James, "You said this worked on species so why would–"

"James species includes us humans," Drew lectured, "We are all one big planet full of animals after all." He sat up straight to further drive his point home, "I mean we are the dominant species, but that it's! We may be the dominant species, but that doesn't mean were excluded from the animal kingdom."

Drakken pointed the machine on his blueprints, "This laser, this machine I created affects every living thing on the planet, but it's useless to us humans there's six billion of us. We're nowhere near of being endangered." Finished he sat down his point definitely made.

Now James and Ann both looked intensely nervous from the intense final words that Drakken spoke.

It took a moment, but James finally mustered up the courage to ask, "Out of scientific sake Drew what would happen if the laser did in fact hit a human being?"

Drakken looked at him perplexed, "Well based on the design of the machine and the way I built it. I would say first it would fire a silver like laser onto the body and take a little more over an hour to take effect."

"And," Ann asked worryingly, "What else would happen?"

Drew clapped his hands together "Well then after an hour or so the ray will take effect by multiplying the human hormones by at least 1000. This will make the human only want one thing and he or she would go to great lengths in order to get it."

Drakken chuckled a little, "However it would be much easier for a female than a male that's for sure." His voiced soften a little, "Not only does the ray increase the hormone levels, but it also increasing the chance of pregnancy, by making the egg in the female more fertile. And considering a human that would mean birth control would be useless."

James and Ann eye's twitched.

"The ray's effects would wear off after about 16 hours or so," Drew continued until he finally finished explaining the possible outcome of his device if it was to strike a human.

What? Hormones increased by a multiple of 1000, guarantee pregnancy, Kim and Ron – Alone!

Both James and Ann dropped their forks onto their plates with their jaws wide opened. The sound was not missed by Drakken or Shego who quickly took notice. Before Drakken and Shego could ask what was wrong James and Ann stood up with fear in their eyes.

"KIM/RON," They yelled together panicking.

James and Ann were about to depart before a green plasma shot right across their face hitting a waiter as recoil damage. Sorry insurance doesn't cover that. They turned to to see a very angry yet pleased Shego as her hand glowed that oh so magic green cosmic glow.

"Now hold you two what's going on? There is no way your leaving until you tell us what's up!" The raven girl demanded with her hand still ignited and burning furiously. The whole time Drakken was utterly lost.

James and Ann saw the green villain with an expression to kill there was no use running. There was not a chance in hell they could evade the green villain and whatever Drakken might have hidden in his coat.

Defeated they sat down and explained what happened to Kim and Ron little by little.

At first Drakken's and Shego's face were furious when they started with Drakken's latest plot and how Kim and Ron foiled them. Then it turned stunned when they told them about the laser hitting them both. But when they got to the part of inescapable room that's when Shego's face went from stunned to eye-opening, while Drakken had a devious yet almost over-joyous expression plastered all across his face. And when they finally got to the part with having lunch with them Shego was speechless while Drakken silently in his head did cartwheels with joy and glee.

When they finished telling the story it was Shego who broke the awkward silence that lingered in the air for quite some time. She got up and waved her hands repeatedly before rubbing her forehead.

"Wait, wait, wait, for a whole damn minute here." She leaned across the table with her hands planted firmly down to better explain herself. She looked straight at the Possible's, "Your telling me that the princess and the buffoon both got hit by Drakken's machine and then to protect them," Shego air quoted, "you put them in an inescapable room for 24 hours with a TV, bed, fridge, and ah who am I kidding they only need the bed."

Shego lifted herself from the table and sat down with a grin on her face, "And as we speak those two are probably getting it–"

"Don't finish that sentence!" James threatened slamming his fist onto the table interrupting Shego, "There's no way my Kimmie-cub and Ronald would be getting it...Eh doing anything of that sort of nature!"

Drakken got up with his hands crossed behind his back; he was unbelievably intoxicated with joy that he couldn't hold it anymore.

"Oh this perfect Shego, Kim Possible and dare I say...Ron Stoppable are out of the picture! Hahahaha I'm in such a good mood that hey why not dinner's on me!" Drakken then turned to Shego with hope in his eyes, "I can't believe Shego the one invention I make to help the planet is the undoing of Team Possible!"

Drakken and Shego laughed attracting the people eating around them.

"Talk about irony," she mocked.

The brain surgeon got up from the table, "What do you mean the undoing of Team Possible you said after 16 hours they'll be back to normal?" Ann pleaded with anxiety in her eyes.

Drakken stopped laughing and turned to Ann and James with an evil smile.

"Did you forget the laser was made to repopulate endangered species?" Questioned Drew, before he got up and taking a calmer and relaxed attitude, "I'm sure by now Ms. Possible is pregnant with Stoppable's child. And tell me how will those two save the world and raise a child at the same time?" He played.

James got up looking very heated, "We don't know that for sure Drew!"

Drakken turned his view towards James with a very non-concerned look and almost who cares attitude, "Fine then let's go see then shall we?" Picking up the check and the over joyous scientist placed many bills with an overly nice tip for the waiter.

They walked out of the restaurant both having very different features. Drakken and Shego were grinning the whole way there, while James and Ann were worried sick.

~Middleton Space Center Again,

– 4 Hours since you know what,

They arrived to the control room of the inescapable box. There James was fiddling with the computer, Ann was sitting down in a corner thinking what was happening in the room, Shego was once again filing her nails it was a hard habit to break, and Drakken waited with anticipation for the end results of James computer programming. James slumped with his head held low at the computer control panel, he couldn't open the room it was fool proof.

James turned around sighed and looked around the room, "Well I can't open the room it's sealed tight we have to wait for the full 24 hours," Ann approached James with a look of concern.

"James isn't there anything we could do? Anything at all please tell me there is?" Ann hugged James with her eyes watering a little.

James rubbed his chin for a minute another smart guy thing and something popped into his head.

"Well there is a way we could hear them," James began messing with the computer some more, "There is an emergency one way sound speaker. We would be able to listen in on them, but they can't hear us," James blushed a little, "It was meant to see if the person inside the room turned into a monster or something. You can never be too careful."

A soft hearten laugh was followed after; Ann did not find it amusing.

Shego walked over finished filing her black nails, "Well then smart guy turn it on I wanna hear princess and the buffoon already." Shego began shaking James violently.

"Alright alright already stop shaking me," cried James.

He accessed some files and found the emergency one way speaker. Cautiously he hovered over the program and prayed that nothing was going on in there. Taking his time or until Shego began shaking him even more violently James clicked the file. After several minutes of setting up a window popped up asking if you want to activate this feature, James clicked yes and all 4 of them waited for the audio to kick in.

After what seemed like a century loading screen the audio kicked in and several minutes had passed with no sound. Drakken and Shego looked annoyed while James and Ann were relived.

"Phew close one huh Ann, for a second there I thou–" James eyes saw something terrible on the screen it was the mute symbol and it was on, "Uh-oh!"

James took a few steps back and almost lost balance.

Ann quickly made her way to his side "What's wrong dear everything's fine." She tried to reassure the beginning to look pale James Possible.

"No it's not I just realized something terrible," he slowly got up and made his way to the computer screen.

"What's that doc?" Shego made her way to the computer screen to see what the problem was.

James pointed at the mute symbol on the lower left side of the screen, "The whole time the audio was on mute." Ann suddenly felt a knot in her stomach when those words left his mouth.

Grinning; Shego went over the mute button and pressed it with a–

"Ahh Ron faster please don't stop," A moaning Kim pleaded begging almost.

Ron sounded like he was panting for air, "Kim...I'm going...going to..." He sounded like he was at his limit.

"Ron I already...told you...I want to...to have your baby! Please go ahead!" Kim passionately moaned.

What followed were the passionate cries of love making reaching its end point. With Kim screaming her lungs out and Ron yelling, "Booyah" Then something not expected crossed the ears of the 4 listening.

"Mmm Ron...when are you going to ask me to marry you?" Kim's voice sounded soft and tired.

It sounded like Ron grabbed Kim, pressing her closer, "When would you like me to ask you?"

"…'Yawn' How about Christmas?" She asked dreamily.

"Are you sure?" He questioned her to make sure she was certain.

"Please and thank you!" Kim replied while using her puppy dog pout on Ron.

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