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:: Adrenaline ::

Stopped by the loud sobs of his best friend, Ron's inner instincts began to run rampaged. Both human and animal. Clashing between what was right and what was wrong, but in the end it didn't matter. His very core threatened to shatter by the foreign cries coming from her, the sniffing and wailing only weakening his barriers. Here he finally had a chance to escape and then 'smack' this happens. Just great, freaking fantastic! And what's worse, Ron had a new obstacle to overcome.

'I thought you loved me?'

He didn't know, how, to respond to such a question. He didn't.

The idea of love seemed like such a distant concept to the teen that he normally shrugged the emotion off. Not the family love, just the love-love. After all, Ron never had a long term relationship before – so the idea was very new to the teenager. New and scary. And Ron didn't know how to feel at that very moment. In fact all the sidekick did know was that Kim's sobs had seemed to pick up volume.

As Kim's sobbing grew heavier and as her breathing became mixed, Ron remained still. The soft sounds continued to echo through the dark toy aisle – enclosed by numerous play things that didn't shed any such joy. Ironic, surrounded by toys and it did nothing to cheer her up. Then again... this past month has been nothing but ironic for the poor girl.

Still unsure what to do, Kim's sudden increase in gasped breathing grew louder again. Enough to pull Ron out of his thoughts and back to the sitch at hand. He still had a hormonal Kim to worry about and he knew if he left her in this state – he wouldn't be able to live with himself.

Having no real other choice and his damn good side poking all the right 'wrong' buttons, Ron moved his legs.

Couldn't even begin to believe he was doing this, he sighed hard, walking towards where his back stabber of a toy lantern remained, where it shined the only visible light in the entire store and had KP at it. Walking slowly towards Kim, Ron swallowed hearing Kim's muffled sobs. The same sobs that chained him to her in a primal best friend type of way. Lightly his steps became as he approached closer to Kim's spot.

Walking to the corner of the ball pit, Ron crushed the metallic wiring of the ball entrapment between his fingers, and turned to quickly see Kim's down body within the light. She laid there in the soft perpetual glow, hiding her watery eyes, and hunched together in an almost fetal like position. Her half naked body sprawled on the floor only made him feel guiltier. After all, she only wanted to do was play with her 'Ronnieroo.' And he always did support her hidden pleasures. Like 'loving' cuddle buddies.

Damn his good side again!

Unable to control his movements, he stepped within the light; and slowly nudged next to Kim, lightly grabbing her by the shoulder. The hero girl's crying immediately dwindled down as she turned her head to meet his. Her puffy red eyes still scorched with tears tried to lessen the water flow at her chance, but she was unable. The guilt grew times stronger in Ron's heart.

"R-Ron?" she chocked between sobs.

Kneeling down beside her, Ron smiled weakly, "Yea it's me KP."

The girl wiped away the tears on her arm, sniffing a few times in between. She stared back again this time with a clearer set of deep ocean eyes with a touch of lingering redness. "Y-you're here?" Kim asked dreading the idea. Y-you're not going to run?"

The teen nervously sighed, looking away, already knowing he basically trapped himself, "Ah I guess not Kim. I couldn't even if I wanted to. I don't like seeing you cry."

A small window of hope blossomed in her chest, "Does that mean that you will –?"

Ron jumped back, holding his arms out defensively, "Well um, see about that KP... I don't think that we should –mmpph!"

Embraced in a sudden tight soft squeeze, Kim had quickly jumped Ron, not wanting him to finish that sentence. She wrapped her arms around him, rubbing her face against his soon to be soaked covered dark mission shirt. The sidekick didn't get the chance to respond when Kim held him even tighter a few moments later.

"But Ron?" Kim cried, "Why?"

Ron could not move his body at all. Kim's hold proved to be inhumanly powerful and she didn't even look like she was trying at all.

The teen puffed out air, "I mean c'mon Kim... it's me and you –!"

"Am I'm not pretty enough?" she abruptly asked with more sets of tears wanting to flow. "Am I ugly?! Is that it?"

His eyes shot open and he quickly shook his head in protest, "What! No Kim! That's not it all! You're very prett-badical!" Ron so did not want to receive the ends of 16 styles of Kung-Fu. Not now not ever. "Trust me you are beautiful," a small tingle of redness danced around the bridge of his nose.

"Then why?!"

The girl pressed her body closer to Ron's body and just then did the sidekick remember the state his best friend was in. Semi nude with her red bra hanging out by the right hand strap over her shoulder, plus or minus her pants, well. Ron found it very difficult to think with the sudden blood rush to his head and other parts of her body, especially when she pressed closer to him in a begging fashion. He could already feel the reemergence of his monkey instincts clawing at him at the back of his thick skull. Hell! Even his normal human instincts tossed a scratch in there or two. Demanding him to give in to her pleads.

But no, he had to be strong. Not just for him, but Kim as well. Things were already very awkweird thanks to this whole baby sitch and it took him weeks for Kim to finally be comfortable in his presence again. He so did not want to go through all that drama again.

Ron's eyes dropped halfway, his mouth forming a low frown, "Look Kim, it wouldn't be right. I mean we're just –"

"I just want to forget for one night Ron!" she yelled, tears brimming down her cheeks. Ron's facial expression changed so suddenly to one of complete surprise, "Is that so much to ask for... from you? One night where I don't have to worry about crazy hunger attacks, out of whack emotions or just the thought of having this baby– our baby." Kim bit her lip, "Is that so much to ask? Just one night?"

Her hold on him weakened but Ron didn't bother to try to escape. All he could was feel her trembling around his body as the darkness surrounding them only allowed him to focus on her. And Ron felt his instincts driving back for his best friend side took over. It gave him enough time to finally question his motives. Honestly would it kill him – she was just asking for one night. And this was Kim his best friend. Not some random person or enemy.

Guess not.

Having made up his mind, Ron inhaled heavy. Hehe, looks like Kim did hunt him down after all.

Groaning in the inside he loudly groaned, giving Kim a weak smile.


"Bye! Bye! And don't step on my daisies on the way out!" Drakken shut the steel door to his 'hidden' lair as he picked up his mail, a random box from his mother, and magazine subscriptions. "Good riddance," he trailed flipping through his the stacks of burnable bills. "I don't know about you Shego, but I can only stand those imbeciles for so long!"

Walking close to their have to have emergency fire place, Drakken began tossing envelopes into the fire. "Bill, bill, bill, lose 25 pounds in 10 minutes, jury duty," he paused hard looking at the magazine, "Oh Shego, the annual Tri-city Super Villain Shindig convention is next month! We should go Shego!" Drakken asked not looking away from his mail.

"Uh huh! Yea... Dr.D?" Shego called out in a sarcastic sweet tone.

"What is it Shego?"

"Yea, your cousin is still here." Drakken looked up to see Shego resting on a chair and pointing at his Cousin Eddy helping himself to the snack table across the room. The 80's dressed villain seemed to be enjoying his peanut butter stickies and a glass of his divine coco moo. Hmph, at least someone appreciated a good glass of coco moo!

The doctor frowned, family or not he did not want to deal with anybody else, especially cousin Eddy. Dropping the mail on the villain's table, he trudged over to his cousin and roughly tapped the mechanical genius on the shoulder. His cousin turned, mouth stuffed with cookies and a drink in his hand. Quickly he swallowed the food and beverage down in a quick gulp, slapping his cousin Drew on the back.

"Dude! These little cookies are like awesome, seriously!" Motor Ed chomped down on another handful, ignoring the scowl coming from his cuz.

Irritated and yet pleased that someone enjoyed his cooking, Drakken pointed at the door, "I need you to leave," he just cut straight to the point. Motor Ed stopped crunching on his snacks to look at Drakken.

A grin split his face, "Ha that's a good one cuz!" he slapped Drakken on the back so hard he almost fell over, "For a second there I totally fell it dude, seriously."

"I'm serious Ed!" whined Drakken slapping away his hand. "I got important things to do today and I don't have time to babysit you."

Motor Ed was about to protest when Shego yawned loudly, "Dr.D have you've got him to leave yet?" she lazily asked, checking the magazine Drakken had left on the table. The black sheep of the Lipsky family looked between his cousin and Shego a few times before he slid over to Drakken bringing him closer.

"Oh I get it Drewby," he poked whispering into his ear, "You want to spend some alone time with the green babe. I get it. Seriously cuz, that's no problem I'll get out your hair."

Drakken felt the color in his skin turn, "What! No! That's not –!"

Motor Ed pulled out a set of keys from his pocket, "No need to explain it to me bro! I'll be out of here in no time." Pressing a button on his key pad a loud metal song played from outside the lair in a heavy pitch across the lair.

Both Drakken and Shego immediately covered their ears from the blasted music while Motor Ed slid across the table in an air guitar fashion. He spun a few times, flipping his mullet many times as he did. The other two villains had made their way across the lair, still ears blocked.

"Drakken!" the green babe threatened loudly, wincing her eyes shut.

"Ed! Turn down the music and get out!" Drakken all but yelled, but had nowhere near enough vocal power to out trump his cousin's soundtrack. The mechanic continued on with his impressive air guitar solo as he ran in circles on the table.

"Yyyeeeaaahhhh!" A few spins into his solo, Motor Ed hit a button on Drakken's table with his feet. Immediately a laser plopped from the middle of the table as two sides of the table split open and sprung him off onto the floor with a loud thud.

Shaking his head, Motor Ed looked up to see a device of Drakken's of some sorts crawling out from beneath the table and taking aim at the ear covered and eye shut duo across the room. Motor Ed's eyes widen as he got up to run to them.

"Dude!" he tried to call out, but the music drowned out his voice. In no time the laser shot a silver like beam hitting them both dead center. And as quickly as it came it disappeared back into Drew's table like it was never there. The aura around the duo just as fast vanished until it seeped deep within it's pores.

Panicking Ed pulled out his keys and shut off the music system. When the noise died down, the other two villains uncapped their ears and glared evilly at him, having not notice anything else happened.

"Eddy," Drakken's fist clenched, "Do you have any idea what you've just done?" Shego glared twice as hard at him, lighting her green plasma up, ready to attack at a moment's notice or even when the mood fitted her.

Motor Ed tried to stealthily move towards the metal door, pushing against the wall as he did. "Um, no," he answered scared for what they would do to him for blasting them with a laser–

Shego ran up and grabbed him by the ripped collar of his greasy shirt. She raised him close to her face with her hands mere inches away from his unguarded body, "You almost popped our ear drums that's what!" Shego winced at her own loud voice, "I swear I won't be able to hear well for a week."

Motor Ed's scared demeanor vanished. He blinked a few times surprised; apparently they didn't notice his accident. And he didn't plan to tell them, "Haha sorry. I guess I'll just be leaving then seriously." Shego barely had time to snarl when Motor Ed escaped her grasp and whistled slowly out towards his Doom V 3.0, with his fingers so carefully rubbing the thick dirty blond locks of his mullet.

Mad at his cousin, "What's with the whistling? There's no whistling allowed in E.V.I.L!" Drakken angrily threw up his fist.

"Drew, stop harshing my mellow. You're cramping my style, seriously!"



Holding onto his arm with uncontainable joy, Kim rested her head against Ron's shoulder as they walked straight to his house in the dimly lit night. When they had snuck out of Smarty Mart to avoid some rather minor explanations to the cops and employees, the sun had already been setting. They didn't know how long that chase had been going on and Kim didn't care in the slightest. After all, Ron's parents weren't home thanks to their usual antics of going off to far off places for who knows how long. And Kimmie just couldn't wait to break in her Ronnieroo.

While Kim may have been on cloud 9 ever since he told her 'ok' Ron's heart had been pounding against his chest rapidly in a strong rhythmic motion. The blood throughout his body felt incredibly warm like his face and Kim's body that clung so contently on his arm. Her body pushed against Ron's arm, purposely pressing her breast on him to help him relax – which of course did the same exact opposite for the poor teen.

Ron's mind kept skipping like a track record every time he let his mind wander to the events that were going to transpire very soon. Still. Even though a nervous feeling seeped through all his pores, he couldn't help but feel but glad that Kim's crying had stopped. The very second he had said ok was the instant her dreaded tears dried up and the moment she cried tears of pure joy. She had lunged onto him, hugging his neck. How could he say no to that? In reality it was impossible. It really was. Both his teenage and monkey instincts had finally gotten hold of him by then, so his chances of escape no longer existed. And really, Ron never wanted to see ever cry again.

Kim noticed Ron's stiff posture and she nuzzled her face on him, "What's wrong Ronnie?" she purred.

Not helping. Ron's pupils shook; he knew that getting called Ronnie was going to take some time getting use to. But man, that name was still wrong on so many levels.

"Nothing KP," he forced throwing in a shallow breath, "My back just hurts from you tackling me that's all," Ron lied without thinking.

Kim smirked running her fingers up his torso as his house became visible, "Oh I'm sorry Ron," they reached his door and Ron hesitantly opened it. When the lock clicked she didn't even give him a chance to take a step before dragging him in. Kim back kicked the door closed leaning their walk towards Ron's upstairs bedroom, "I promise to make it up to you."

The seductiveness in her voice fueled the monkey instincts in Ron, burning the passion of animal urges. Damn monkeys! He didn't know whether to hate them or love them! Curse his never be normalness. It vexed him so.

Ron weakly fought against Kim as she dragged him straight to his room and pushed him onto the bed. He barely recovered from the soft jolt to see Kim heading towards his bedroom door with a bag in her hand that she had 'acquired' during their hunt.

"Now don't go anywhere Ronnie. I just want to slip into something a bit more comfortable," whoa déjà vu. Kim walked out his room, adding much sway to her hips at each step.

The poor sidekick could not feel his legs.


On Senor Senior's private jet black helicopter, Monkey Fist and the Senor family enjoyed a quiet ride home. But the silence quickly grew bored when you all happened to be worldwide super villains bent on world domination! They needed action! They needed something to do! They needed a conversation starter!

"So my monkey enthusiastic friend, tell me, what would happen to young Stoppable?" Monkey Fist raised a brow to the question, "Will he too grow monkey parts like a tail? I am most fascinated."

"Oh yes I'm curious too papi! Please tell!" Senor Junior added.

The English Lord grinned; he was growing rather fond at giving some insight knowledge of mystical monkey origins. It was always nice for people to be curious of monkeys, even if it was Stoppable.

"Well that's the funny thing Senor. Ron Stoppable will indeed acquire I believe fangs and a tail every so often, but compared to Miss Possible its an entire different sitch," he bellowed. "You see the male monkey instincts in our young friend will make him quite territorial."

The billionaire blinked, "Territorial? How do you say?" Junior gave Monkey Fist the same fish out of water look.

Fiske leaned back in the comfortable seat, hands rested behind his back as he kicked his feet up. The English man stared out the window of the copter, grinning and barring his own fangs.

"Well as you know or should know, in the animal kingdom, there is only one thing that matters and that's survival. And how do you survive you ask," both the Senor's didn't respond, "Simple you crave power. Power is what makes you survive, it keeps you alive. And in the monkey kingdom that's what makes you the top monkey. Not status, not looks, but power. All animals – all males want power. And let's just say if Kim Possible expected a submissive mate well... she is in for quite a surprise."

Monkey looked over to the two villains, smirking widely.

"And so when the monkey instincts grab Stoppable he will crave power. Because the lad doesn't seem like the type to ever take charge."

"You are right papi. Is that a good thing monkey man," Junior asked, feeling somewhat intimated.

"It depends," Monkey Fist answered, his smirk gone, "The mystical monkey power will shape Ronald into a different person. Sure the buffoon might maintain a good portion of idioticness. But change will be inevitable."

Senor Senior rubbed his chin, "Can you elaborate a bit more Lord Fiske?"

Fiske crossed his arms, "In layman's terms, Ron Stoppable will either become 'A' a salvage beast or 'B' a whole new person at the end of this. And only time will tell."

"But what about Miss Possible?" wondered the billionaire in a small but gentlemen's voice.

Rolling his eyes, the English Lord 'hmph' outwardly at him, kicking his feet up as he did. "I told you already. Kim Possible will change too, but, unlike Ron Stoppable, those changes will come and go. For she is only borrowing the child's mystical energy. And when the child leaves her body, so too will her crazy mood swings and uncontrollable urges."

Upon hearing the news, Senor Senior sat back more relaxed in his seat, his son still a bit hyper from the story telling, "Ah, I see now. Well then, I shall send a get well card to Mr. Stoppable then. It seems only fair to be comically cruel to our faithful adversary."

Lord Monty smirked, "Quite."


Ron was pacing around his room in mindless circles trying to think of a way out of this sitch. First he came up with some idea with string, but that idea wouldn't work. I mean where was he going to find a bucket of trout at this hour? His second idea was to play dead, but he only got a C- in Drama class so that idea was out. Third was to runaway to the circus, but he didn't run anymore and he hated clowns. Well not clowns literally, just their small freakish cars, those annoying honking horns they blow in your face, and their sick and wrong camp location which just so happens to be across from Lake Wannaweep. Wait, yea. Ron Stoppable hated clowns.

The sidekick panicked.

What else could he do!


About an half an hour later the blue mad doctor was running throughout the lair.

"Shego! Shego!" Drakken yelled contently throughout the lair, searching frantically for his sidekick. He finally found her in the lair's lounge room with all the henchmen.


Playing games of pools and winning, Shego hustled some poor saps out of their hard earned paychecks in games of pools – Idiots. She curved the white ball for the Black 8 ball striking it into a corner pocket. The poor sucker threw his hands up in the air before handing Shego her prize in a defeated passion. Hustling, it's a girl's best friend.

Yup, nothing too out of the ordinary here.

"Shego!" The mad doctor ran over to his insubordinate in glee, "I got something important to show you!"

"What is it doc," asked Shego getting ready to play her sucker I mean challenger. "I'm kinda busy here if you hadn't noticed."

"Don't worry you can still play all you want, because all you're going to need, is your ears!" Shego stopped her stick midway from breaking the stack.

Her curiosity was peaked which was never a good thing with Dr. D, and her ears still hadn't fully recovered from his whack cousin's death metal jams either. She looked at Drakken who signaled in a few henchmen to come in carrying a metal machine and a speaker system. Shego's eyes widen as she immediately recognized the machine in those goon's hands. Unconsciously she broke the pool stick in two within her hands.

"Oh no," her voice waved.

Drakken ran to hug the machine, "Look Shego! Isn't it marvelous! Mother sent me a karaoke machine!" The doctor rubbed the metal on the gift, "It is true. Mothers do know best. I thought even though it's not Friday we give it a try anyway? What do you say Shego?!"

What does she have to say? Oh Shego couldn't even imagine if her words could be enough to suffice. She might have to get a bit physical to really let her boss know how she truly felt. Oh the pure unrestraint joy she felt in her bones at that very instant. Or was that some bruising? Hard to tell.

"No," Shego answered plain and simple and ready to leave to her room. "I'm not having a karaoke night on a Monday!"

Drakken kicked his feet childishly, "Oh c'mon Shego! I'll let you go first."

The raven woman was ready to lash out at her boss, but one look from his pathetic dopey face caused her to selfishly groan. Dammit, fine!

Shego narrowed her eyes, "Fine Dr.D, but I'm only staying long enough for one song," she warned through her teeth, crossing her arms beneath her chest. "And I'm not going first or going at all."

All the mad doctor heard was 'fine' when he ordered the henchmen to set up the karaoke machine. Shego leaned on the pool table watching as the poor lackey tried setting up the dreaded machine. Hm, she wondered if she had time to beat another lug for his paycheck as well?

"Oh and Shego," Drakken pulled her out of her thoughts with a calender he just retrieved out of his blue lab coat, "I have it circled on the calender for next month's villain expo... you are still going right?"

The raven woman stared at the crudely drawn circle around the calendar. She really didn't care. But Drakken was her boss and she liked money - a lot. Besides, it gave her something to do except steal, "Sure Dr.D. I wouldn't miss it for all the Oh Boyz back stage passes in the world," she mockingly played, getting ready to reattempt to break the stack of billiards.

Dr. D rubbed his neck, grinning nervously, "I still can't tell if you're being serious."


Counting all the possibilities on his fingers, Ron Stoppable had finally devised the perfect plan - by renting a boat, he could sail to an uncharted island, and hide there - forever. He paused, but wait? Islands don't have TVs or Bueno Nacho. Scratch that.

Having, not even consider the fact that he didn't even have a boating license or where he could fathom to get one this late in the day, the door to his bedroom opened. And in the light stood an alluring Kimmie.

Frozen on the spot, Ron's eyes immediately trailed first to her slender bare legs and let his eyes travel up them to stop just below her waist where a red piece of fabric covered her soakingly. The girl was wearing his red jersey which was still beyond soaked and clinging to her body in all the right spots with small specks of water dripping down her thighs. The wet jersey itself covered most of her chest, but a small opening on shoulder let him see a good amount of skin - a good amount. Her arms hid playfully behind her back, emphasizing her chest as she pushed it out more. Kim even twisted some of the fabrics of his shirt between her fingers as she playfully spun. And her face, had half of it covered with her silk red mane, wrapping his vision solely on that seductive smile of hers.

"So Ron," Kim softly spoke, leaning closer to give him a far more ample view, "What do you think?"

Two things happened - one, all coherent thought escaped his blood rushed head.

And two. Now Ron Stoppable could definitely not feel his legs.

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