So, this is a FMA x HP crossover. The first couple of chapters will be entirely FMA until the end of maybe the first FMA book, and then it will be Harry Potter-y. Only this will be fem!Harry... Please don't kill me! DX It was just a what if thing, ya know?

However, the intro chapter has a glimps of the HP story

Taken to the Grave

Age is but a decade. Time is but a number. Life is but a day. You carry yourself with false airs and whims. But do you truely know what loosing your soul is?

Alchemy: the mystical power to alter the natural world. A gift to those of the living. Trisha Elric knew very well the consequences of Alchemy, which is why no one ever saw her messing with it.

But when she saw the flash of bright blue and the large, resounding boom, her curiosity got the better of her. The light led her to a dark, abandoned alley way. And to a child, wrapped in several dark coloured blankets.

Trisha smiled at the sleeping child, her heart melting. It was a beautiful baby girl, no older than one year. Trisha soon realised how the little girl reminded her of her sons, two year old Edward and one year old Alphonse. The girl seemed to be only a couple of weeks younger than Alphonse.

She had tufts of ashen blonde hair and when the silent child opened her eyes in curiousity of the movement, they were a bright gold with specks of seemingly acid green. If Trisha didn't know any better, she would have said that she had given birth to the girl herself.

After only a moment of hesitation, Trisha made her choice. Scooping the baby into her arms, she just knew that Edward and Alphonse would love having a little sister. Even though times were hard for the Elric household at the moment, she refused to let a child stay out on the street so close to the start of winter.

And on that day, ladies and gentlemen, was the birth of Victoria Elric, the beloved "twin" of Alphonse and little sister of Edward. Trisha Elric felt as if her family was complete.

"Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Dumbledore Abandons Twin to Boy Who Lived!"

Lily Potter sobbed into the arms of her husband, looking down at her sleeping son, Leo. It was all that old man's fault...

She would never forgive him for taking her daughter away.

Taking away her little girl, Harriette Lillian Potter...

Teachings that do not speak of pain have no meaning, because human kind cannont gain something without giving something in return...


"E-Ed... It- It wasn't supposed to be like this!"


"He's gone..."

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