When the sun rose that morning, Luigi stood on his porch, lamely holding onto a cup of coffee. He rubbed his eyes for another countless time, cursing the lack of sleep he got and how he probably had dark rings under his eyes.

The box that contained the dress was now buried in the backyard, under six feet of dirt that Luigi covered up with some flowers from a windowsill garden box. That mask was probably being shared around town, people holding it up to their faces or maybe laughing at the idea of Luigi wearing it with a wig and dress.

The man snarled in distaste, partially at the idea and partially at the cold temperature of his coffee. He held the mug upside down over the edge of his porch before storming inside, slamming the mug on the table and shuffling back upstairs – he needed more sleep.

As soon as he flopped back onto his bed he was out cold.

He walked through the ballroom doors, proudly striding towards the refreshment table, the tails of his green tailcoat bouncing back against his legs as he walked. He heard some women cooing over how handsome he looked, and how mysterious he was.

Taking a sip of water, he smirked before he sauntered to a corner of the room, taking this time to consider who he was going to dance with.

He saw Daisy, in her elegant Eight of Clubs dress, dancing with the Rosalina-like Jack of Hearts. As much as Luigi wished to wisk her away so he could dance with his friend, he knew she had asked to switch roles for a very important reason.

He saw his brother passing by him, chasing down Princess Peach in her lame Queen of Hearts costume. He tried not to laugh at Toad and Toadette in their costumes, both walking right past each other instead of glomping one another.

Then, the crowd went silent, looking up towards the stairs that led to the upper parts of the castle in awe. Luigi turned his head to look as well, breath slightly hitching as he laid his eyes on the man.

The Ace of Spades. There was no mistaking that fancy tailcoat, that mask, that stance – that was this year's Ace of Spades.

When the man reached the landing of the stairs, he finally looked in Luigi's direction. Said Italian nodded back at him, as if to say, "Welcome to the party, as you can see I'm the Mystery."

He was surprised when the Ace of Spades made a beeline towards him, bowing down and holding his hand out, nodding to the dance floor as if asking to dance.

"What? Why is he asking the Mystery to dance?"

"Well, that Mystery is a very pretty woman."

"Yes, she's charming, she should accept!"

Luigi blinked back in confusion. He was sure that he wasn't a woman, the confirmed that by looking down at his costume – nope, still the fancy one that he spent seven months on.

Still, something in the back of Luigi's mind made him accept the offer; he wasn't going to be so rude as to refuse a charming man's offer to dance. Besides, he didn't want to appear stuck up by refusing.

They had not been dancing for five minutes before the Ace of Spades began to pull Luigi towards the doors that led to Peach's garden, his smile barely seen under the mask that covered a good portion of his face. As soon as they were out of earshot from the ball, they both ran off into the maze of the garden, laughing and faltering all the way.

At the fountain, the two took the chance of being alone to dance around the carving that spewed water, switching between crazy spins and twirls to slow waltzes, staring back into each other's eyes in an attempt to figure out who the other was.

Then Peach and Toad came from the ball to round up the two, saying that it was time to unveil the masks – Luigi went with a smile, he really wanted to know who this man was.

The clock stuck midnight; guests threw their masks in the air. Luigi calmly pulled his off, smiling back up at the Ace of Spades expecting to see his face.

Instead, the Ace of Spades looked back at him in fight, backing away as slowly as he could, pressing his hands against his mask in fear.

Luigi gave him a questioning look, "What's wrong?" he asked.

That was when the Ace of Spades ran out of the ballroom, Luigi following quickly, "Hey! Wait! What's wrong!? Come back!"

He chased the Ace of Spades down to the castle gates, catching up with him just before he escaped into Toad Town. Luigi wrapped his arms around the torso of the taller man, pulling him back and forcing them to look at each other.

The Ace of Spades struggled weakly against Luigi's hold, and when he finally relaxed Luigi reached up to take his mask off for him.

"No!" He cried, turning around and escaping Luigi's grasp, losing his mask as he ran away.

Luigi reached out after him, watching as he faded into the darkness of the town before looking down to admire the mask he still had in his hand. Through the eyeholes, he noticed something weird about the ground below. He moved the mask to look, squawking and tensing up when he realized exactly what it was.

He was wearing the dress, and was walking around without his own mask on.

Meaning that the Ace of Spades knew who he was.

"Stupid dreams, I hate them! Hate them!" Luigi sat up after he awoke out of shock, sighing as he looked at the time – one in the afternoon.

Loud banging resonated throughout his house, "Luigi Vargassi Mario! You answer this door right this moment!"

Luigi pulled the blankets over his head and shivered under them, "Not answering, not answering…"

"Luigi! I know you're in there!" Daisy's voice followed after more banging sounded on the door, "You better not be asleep!"

"Yes I am." Luigi muttered.

Daisy banged against the door a few more times, "Fine! I guess you won't get to know who the Ace of Spades was!"

"I don't wanna know."

"And don't you sit up there saying you don't wanna know!"

"Too bad."

Afterwards it was silent; Luigi cautiously peeked out from under his blanket before silently trotting downstairs. He approached his front door, looking through the peep hole to see nothing outside on his porch.

"Better go inspect for damage," Luigi muttered before stepping outside, turning around to check the door, the wall, and the doormat.

"Hey, Eyeballs! Put this on!"

"What –" Luigi turned to see who it was that had just called out to him, yelping when someone had slammed a piece of plastic against his face, "Hey! Stop that!"

"Now, now, Eyeballs, quit struggling! I've been going around all day trying to find whose mask this is!"

Mask? Mask? Luigi stiffened in fear, looking up to question his visitor, "Someone dropped their ma-"

Waluigi had never looked so serious before. Said man seemed to blink in thought as he kept the mask pressed against Luigi's face, pulling it away and pushing it back on a few more times. His eyebrows furrowed in concentration, before he finally pulled the mask away with a satisfied nod, "Yes, you dropped your mask." Waluigi held said object out to Luigi.

Staring down at the green and black mask, Luigi tried to hide a blush before slapping it away, "I-it's not mine."

"Yes it is." Waluigi shoved it into Luigi's chest, "I recognized you as the Mystery when I put it on your face."

Luigi let the mask drop to the ground, "Y-you – you did not! This is one of your lame pranks!"

"I'll have you know, I can memorize faces very well," Waluigi snatched the mask up and slammed it onto Luigi's face again, holding it there as he continued to speak, "I know those eyes, when I first came walking down those stairs. You were staring at me in admiration, yet you kept on looking away as if you didn't want to look back at me. When we were dancing, you focused on me the entire time, and when we went out to the garden you narrowed your eyes at me just as you are now from under the mask."

Luigi's eyes widened, "Y-you were the Ace of Spades?"

"Duh," Waluigi rolled his eyes, "Why did you think I was bragging about my role when you and Daisy nagged me to death in the coffee shop?"

"I thought you were just trying to impress us!" Luigi spat, "And get this off my face!"

"Weh," Waluigi dropped the mask and used both his hands to hold Luigi's face, "You know, you hurt my feelings when you ran away from me, right?"

"What's it to you?" Luigi growled, "Was I so pretty that you fell in love with me?"

"So you won't deny that you were the Mystery?"

"What's the point, now that you've proven it? I figured I had been recognized when my mask was torn off so I was already planning on moving far away from here."

"Your life follows you, Eyeballs."

"Whatever, answer my question, was I so pretty that you fell in love with me?"

"Do you want me to say yes?"

"I – I don't care what your answer is!"

"You want me to say yes."

"I don't care."

"Do you even want an answer?"

"Yes, I want an answer!"

"In what form?"


"Unspoken or spoken?"

"Spoken, dammit!"

"How's about I answer how I want to?"

"Fine. Just answer!"

"I am, if you'll shut your trap for five seconds." Waluigi sneered, suddenly smashing his lips against Luigi's, causing the shorter man to tense up in shock.

From the other side of the porch, Daisy could be heard squealing and clapping her hands excitedly, "Aww, Weegee you're so cuuuuuuuute!"

Waluigi pulled away to look at her, "Hey, would you mind to shut up for –"

Luigi grabbed the other's face and pulled him back, "Ignore her, idiot." He forced the kiss to resume, trying to pretend that the princess wasn't the one making those obnoxious, fangirly sounds.

"It worked out perfectly Peach!" Daisy drummed her hands on the table, "It all worked out so perfectly I'm still so happy about it!"

"I'd be more worried about how you broke some of the rules," Peach muttered, rolling her eyes and sipping her tea, "What made you decide to try this stunt anyway?"

"Waluigi complaining about how he didn't know whether or not to tell Luigi he loved him," Daisy waved her hand back at the blonde, "So I decided, 'Hey, why not see what role he is for the ball? I could use the ball to help him!' And he got his letter, like, super early in the morning and I nagged him about it until he told me, and then I had the perfect plan right from the get-go!"

"Uh huh." Peach rolled her eyes.

"I did! I made up a bet knowing that Luigi would fail it, so we could switch roles and so he could go as a pretty lady so Waluigi could know what he was missing out on, and them blam!"

"What about that guy you danced with the entire time? Was he part of your plan?"

Daisy blinked, "Well, not really, he just sorta came out of nowhere and asked me to dance with him. He wasn't even there at the time to unveil the masks." She grabbed her chin in thought, "And he looked really feminine. Not to mention he barely spoke."

Peach smirked, "Maybe it was a party crasher."

Daisy narrowed her eyes at Peach, "What's that look for? Were you trying to set me up with that guy? I've told you, I ain't dating now!"

"Now you know exactly how Luigi felt."

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