I ran down the stairs as soon as I heard the words. My lungs were in my throat, tears were already flowing down my cheeks and I knew very well that my master hated begging, but there was no way I wouldn't beg this time. I would do whatever I could to change his mind. He was sitting on the couch in the center of the hall. I got to my knees and put my head on his shoe as soon as I reached him.

"Please master, please don't do this."

"It's already done, slave," he answered.

I broke down completely, sobbing, "Please master... I.. I beg you... PLEASE!"

"You know I hate begging, and I don't want to punish you before I send you to your new master's house," He said coldly. Then he pulled me up by my hair and snatched my collar, the only thing which shows I am his property.

"Take her, now," he said. Two men appeared on my sides, taking me up by my shoulder.

"W... What ... N... Now master?" my blood ran cold, there was no way to change his mind now. The men started dragging me towards the door.

"Please mm... Master, give me some time... Just... A week, a day," I asked again.

"They already paid me," was all he said before the front door closed.

The men threw me in the back of a car, and got in the front. I couldn't stop crying. I felt so stupid for thinking that he would keep me. The day he bought Sara, his new slave, he said to me "you are getting old slave." I'm just 27, it's not that old, but she's 19, how can I compete with that? But after that, I completed his every wish, command or need. But he still sold me.