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I never thought it would be like this. I never got to say good bye to anyone, not to my friends and father because I got kidnapped and not to any of my masters because I have been thrown out every time but I never thought it would be this hard. Esme's red puffy eyes are proof enough that she cried whole night just like me. We spend most of morning time together but no matter how much time we spend it's never going to be enough. She made me promise that I will take care of my self and told me she will call every day. As the afternoon came, I couldn't help myself I got on my knees in front of Master Edward and begged him to let me see Alice. He talk to Master Carlisle and Master Jasper and informed me that I am allowed to meet and talk to her but Master Jasper will supervise it. I was so happy that I broke in tears, I fall to me knees and hide my face in my hands and cried my eyes out.

"Bella…" Master Edward is beside me holding me in his arms. "Do you want to stay?"

"Please…Please don't do that Master. I beg you don't give me that choice." all night I asked only one question what do I want, when I thought Master Edward leaving me I wanted to stay with him, when I realized he is taking me with him I wanted to stay here. It feels like my heart is torn in two pieces; I want to stay here and I want to go with him too. Its better this way I don't have a choice.

My meeting with Alice doesn't go as I thought. Master Jasper was there full time and he warned me clearly if I made her cry he will cane me before I leave. I don't understand how he turned so good so fast and why Alice? But that's not something I can think now.

Alice didn't talk much, I did most of talking I told her that I know her, how we used to play together but she didn't remember me or those days. Every time she doesn't respond Master Jasper reassure and encourage her. I don't know what but there is some connection between them. With Master Jasper's permission I gave her bird I made from a paper of my journal that's the first time she smiled at me. I hug her and told her good bye, as I started to leave I heard her voice.

"Master can I say her good bye?" Master Jasper eyes are sparkling with happiness, he nodded his head and Alice came to hug me.

"Thank you, I don't know who you are or what you said is true or not but I like you, you are so nice to me I wish you would stay." Then she turned "Please Master can she stay?" Master Jasper looked at me a long time, and I feel need to apologies but I bit my toung. I know she is not crying I am not in trouble.

"No love. She belongs to Edward. I can't decide for her. Now say good bye she is leaving soon."

Alice hugs me again and begged me not to leave, I know that it's not in my hand but I still promise her I will come back to see her.

As I came out of their room Master Edward was waiting for me. I broke in tears again and he hugged me tightly, I don't know why I am crying so much today. We stand there a long time then Master Edward told me Esme packed my things and we are leaving now. My loud sob is only acknowledgement. We started toward hall when Master Japer's voice interrupted us.

"Edward, we need to talk" Master Edward groaned and turns us around.

"What now Jasper, I don't have anything to make anymore deals with you. You gave her 15 minutes with Alice for one thing by which you can torment me my entire life. Now WHAT THE HELL YOU WANT." I look up at him I saw his blazing eyes and I feel him trembling in rage. I don't know what he gave for my stupid request but it's very important to him.

"I have a request" Master Jasper's voice was light and cautious. He held something toward Master Edward. It looks like old journal with big embossing 1998. Master took the journal and asked politely "What"

Master Jasper eyed me and I guiltily looked at floor. I shouldn't be here whatever it is, its very private matter between them. Master Edward turned and kissed my forehead and told me to wait for him in the car.

In the hall Esme was waiting for me with a big gift box in her hand. She gave me the box and told me to open it as soon as we reach home. She told me it's a bigger house and with lots of servants. I asked why Master doesn't live here with every one, why he lives alone.

"Bella Edward doesn't like over life style, this Master/Slave relation, he hates we are still involve in it. He came here because he knows Carlisle found you and he doesn't want you involve with us."

"What you mean? Does he.." I was interrupted by Master Edward hand on my shoulder.

"Let's go Bella. I have a conference to attain." I nodded and look up to assess his mood but he staring at Esme. I noticed guilt in Esme's eyes before she looked at floor. Is she said something which is not supposed to be shared with me?

"Edward please" Master Jasper's pleaded and I saw Alice behind him.

"I can't Jasper. I know you want her here only for Alice but I need her to become independent, not for me or any one but for her self. I am sorry Jasper"

Master Edward lead me toward the car waiting on drive way. Once he settled me in seat he took driver seat and started engine. He told me to wave and I saw everyone, Esme is in Master Carlisle's embrace, Alice is standing beside Master Jasper. I waved and wished I would never get to say goodbye again.

Bella's life as a slave is over…..





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