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It has been a few weeks since the whole hybrids sacrifice debacle and Caroline was lost. Tyler was reacting extremely badly to his mother's death. He was pushing Caroline away every time she was trying to help him get through it. Tyler was acting like everything was ok and he didn't even want to deal with the subject. Caroline wished he would let her be there for him and she was very sad that he kept pretending that he was fine. Actually, Tyler was feeling so guilty about the slaughtering of his pack and the murder of his mother that he was withdrawing into himself and Caroline was at loss on how to help him. He was barely speaking to anybody and the only way he found to cope with everything was looking for a way to locate Hayley and rip her heart out. He was discouraging every tentative of Caroline to help him or even to talk to him.

Of course nothing was linking Carol's death to Klaus. The official version was that Carol has been drinking and tripped over the fountain and drowned herself. But Caroline and Tyler knew better. Because of Tyler, Klaus had to kill the people of his own kind, the only people thanks to whom Klaus was finally feeling less lonely. His hybrids were everything to him and he had lost them because of Tyler. Killing Carol was a way to get right back at him and Tyler knew it.

Caroline had been horrified when she had learnt about Carol's death. She was with Stefan, finally admitting that she was feeling guilty about leading Klaus to a trap and then bam, Tyler had barged in and was hysterically yelling about the death of his mother and of his pack.

Caroline had felt like she was plunged in a frozen bath and she had felt…betrayed. How could he? How could he be so sweet and so charming with her and then murder Tyler's mum like this? How could he make her believe than he could be better and then be that cruel? It couldn't be the same person who was laughing with her at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. It couldn't be the same person who had told her he would never have let Tyler hurt her. It couldn't be the same person who had made that beautiful drawing of her. Yes, Caroline had felt the sting of the betrayal that night. She had truly believed that he could be different and he had savagely broken the frail bond they were weaving.

Life since that night had been pure hell. Caroline was so utterly confused that she didn't know what to do anymore. After the announcement of Carol' death, Caroline had sworn to herself to stop thinking about Klaus. She couldn't keep enjoying his company after that. It was unthinkable. To be honest, she wasn't that mad about the hybrids. For her, it was Hayley who was responsible of their deaths, not Klaus. He would have never killed them if he had had a choice. But Carol…. It was something else. And it was not a sweet story about humming birds which could change anything to that.

Caroline was strongly determined to push away any thoughts related to Klaus. But as the time was passing by, she found out that it was easier to say than to do. With Tyler pushing her away, Elena dealing with her sire bond and Bonnie trying to get her magic back, Caroline was spending a lot of time alone and her thoughts were swirling restlessly in her mind.

She saw Klaus for the first time about a month after the Winter Wonderland event. She was at the Mystic Grill, brooding over a drink when he suddenly materialized next to her table. Caroline raised her face to look at him and swallowed in front of his harsh face.

"Did you enjoy it?" he asked bitterly without any warning.

Caroline looked at him suddenly confused.


"Did you enjoy send me to death after leading me on for the umpteenth time?" Klaus clarified harshly.

Caroline swallowed again but the indignation rose in the pit of her stomach.

"And you, did you enjoy drowning Carol?" she retorted sharply.

Klaus' jaw suddenly tensed.

"Careful, Caroline. You are really not in any position to be judgmental with me" he warned between his gritted teeth.

"And why not? You killed her, Klaus. She was innocent and you killed her. How could you?"

"It was her or Tyler and you know it. How could you believe for one second that you could get through something like that with no retaliation from my part?" Klaus asked incredulously.

"Actually we thought we could finally get rid of you for good" Caroline retorted harshly and Klaus' eyes suddenly flashed with fury.

"We are being a little bit hypocritical here aren't we? If my memories are correct you did enjoy my company at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. You didn't seem to be so keen on getting rid of me when you were so eagerly flirting with me around a bottle of champagne."

Caroline was about to protest indignantly but Klaus didn't even let her open her mouth.

"Don't fool me, Caroline, and most of all, don't fool yourself. You enjoy my company and you know it. You enjoy that you have that kind of power over me and that you can bring a side of me that nobody else can. It makes you feel powerful and you love it. You love to know that you can distract me with your smile. You love to know that you can make me waver with your eyes. Don't pretend that you don't because you do."

Suddenly uncomfortable, Caroline broke their eyes contact and stared at the table.

Klaus scoffed at her childish behavior but he needed more to be deterred to pursue.

"You can despise me, Caroline. You can loathe me. But you cannot pretend that you don't like the way I make you feel. It would be a lie and you know it. You like the wooing. You like my perseverance. You like the way I treat you. You like the gifts. You like to see that you are the only one who can treat me the way you do. You enjoy yourself when you are with me and one day or another you will have to admit it. You are proud to be the all mighty Original Hybrid weakness but don't make the mistake to think that I'm not going to do anything in my power to make myself your own weakness. "

Caroline kept stubbornly her eyes on the table. Her heart was thundering loudly on her ears and her hands were shaking. She didn't want to hear what Klaus was telling her. There were some harsh truths in his words that she was not ready to hear. She didn't want to face them now. She couldn't. He murdered Tyler's mother. She couldn't let him mess up with her mind like this.

Klaus quickly gathered that Caroline had no intention to answer or even to look at him. Actually, she seemed on the verge to put her hands on her ears to block the sound of his voice, like a child refusing to get told off. With a scoff and a bitter smile, Klaus turned on his heels to leave. He stopped after a few steps and half turned towards Caroline again.

"I took you for an honest girl, Caroline. That's one of the reasons why I like you. But right now you are everything but honest. In spite of everything you are drawn to me and you know it. If you want to fool your friends, be my guest. But at least don't fool yourself. You disappoint me, Caroline."

Klaus then turned to leave and left Caroline with a sudden and unexpected pang of hurt in the pit of her stomach.

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