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Caroline smiled mischievously. "What if we were sealing our deal with a kiss?"

Klaus suddenly lost his teasing smile and became deadly serious. Caroline was looking coquettishly at him, evidently enjoying his confusion.

"What?" she asked innocently "it's a good way to seal a deal, isn't it?"

Seeing her so smug about his bewilderment made Klaus abruptly smirked. If she wanted to play that game, they could be two to play. Caroline had clearly led the game tonight but the time has come to reverse the situation. Suddenly recovering his usual self confidence, Klaus smiled predatorily at Caroline.

"You are right, love, it is a very good way to seal a deal."

Klaus took Caroline's hand in his own and slowly started to press kisses on it. He trailed a hot path on each of her fingers, darting a wet tongue from time to time until Caroline shivered and lost her smug smile. Klaus then turned Caroline's hand and kissed her palm, drawing the lines of her hand with his tongue. He repeated his ministrations on her other hand, reveling in the taste of her soft skin. Caroline had closed her eyes, gradually melting at the feeling of Klaus' lips and shuddering at his touch. Klaus moved on her wrist, drawing the veins with his tongue and started to go up along Caroline's arm, pressing languorously his lips all along the bare skin on his way up. When he reached her shoulder, Klaus softly lowered the braces of her top to place his lips against the skin of her shoulder. He lingered here for a while, relishing in the sound of the sigh that escaped Caroline's lips. Klaus then trailed a path of slow kisses along her collarbone before reaching her other shoulder and savoring the taste of the skin here.

Encircling Caroline's wrists in each of his hands, Klaus slowly brushed his fingers all along her arms until they reached the nape of her neck where he set his hands through her curls. He then raised his head to look at Caroline. Feeling him stop his attentions, Caroline fluttered her eyes open and languidly smiled at Klaus. Smiling back at her Klaus asked softly "You ok, love?"

"Very much" Caroline answered, her voice a little hoarse. Klaus grinned and lowered his head again going for her neck this time. He pressed his lips against her pulse point and sucked slowly. Caroline closed her eyes again, a soft sigh escaping her lips. When Klaus darted his tongue on the sensitive flesh, the sigh turned into a moan and Caroline felt Klaus smirked. To be honest, when she had proposed the kiss, Caroline was sure to keep the upper hand on Klaus by surprising him. She was right on the fact that Klaus had been surprised but she was definitely wrong on keeping the upper hand. She should have known that Klaus wouldn't stay confused for long and that he would take the control over her at the first opportunity. But oddly, as Klaus was peppering her neck with kisses she found that she really didn't mind.

Klaus lifted the curls from the nape of her neck and replaced them by his lips, pressing hot open mouthed kisses on the whole area. When he had thoroughly explored the side of her neck, he turned his attention to the other side and treated it with the same attention. Caroline clung to his shirt, feeling her knees getting weaker and weaker with every seconds. Klaus should felt it too because he slid his hands along her sides and wrapped his arms around her waist, securing her to him. His lips reached her jaw line, trailing a path of kisses until her earlobe. He lingered for a while on the soft spot below it before taking it in his mouth and sucking. Caroline moaned again, arching against Klaus. Her heart was thundering in her chest and her nerves were setting on fire. He hadn't even kissed her properly and yet she was burning. Her mouth was aching to feel his and she desperately gripped his neck to pull him to her. But Klaus was not ready to give her what she wanted. She had made him wait for this. It was only fair that he made her wait a little too. Removing her hands from his neck, Klaus put them again against his chest. Caroline huffed in frustration and he smirked.

"Patience, love. It will worth the wait, I promise" he whispered on her ear and his husky voice made Caroline shiver. She sighed loudly, knowing that it was useless to try to make him do things her way if he had decided otherwise. He has taken the upper hand and he was going to savor it. Klaus resumed his ministrations on her earlobe and when he had earned another low whimper from Caroline he did the same thing to the other one. Klaus then cradled her face in his hands and pressed butterfly kisses on her cheeks and on the corner of her mouth. Caroline felt like she was on the verge of exploding. Her lips were aching for his touch and she moaned.

"Please" she pleaded in a breath.

"Please what?" Klaus asked on a raspy voice.

"Please kiss me" Caroline almost begged.

"I am kissing you" Klaus answered against her jaw line.

Caroline huffed. "You know what I mean" she panted.

Klaus smirked and darted his tongue on her earlobe again making Caroline arch against him.

"You are going to need to be more specific, love" he whispered on her ear. He slid his hands on the nape of her neck, under the curls and started to draw slow pattern with his thumbs on the soft skin. Caroline sucked in a breath and tried very hard to concentrate on forming a sentence. The result was an incomprehensible mumble when Klaus accentuated the pressure of his thumbs as his lips were wandering on her neck again. Caroline struggled to focus, knowing that if she didn't beg at least a little she had no chance to get what she wanted.

"You lips" she mumbled "I want your lips on mine."

Klaus' lips travelled along her jaw line again and pressed a feather kiss against Caroline's mouth. She blindly followed his lips when he pulled back but cradling her face in his hands, Klaus prevented her to move.

"My way, love" he whispered against her mouth.

Caroline whined but she knew she had no other choice than comply. She let Klaus peppered her mouth with feather kisses, barely applying any pressure on her lips. He darted his tongue to suck on her lower lips and Caroline panted heavily. Klaus took her lower lips between his teeth and gently sucked at it and then repeated the same gesture with her upper lips. Caroline parted her mouth, desperate to feel his tongue on hers but Klaus wasn't finished torturing her. Releasing her upper lips, he gently nibbled at it until it was completely swollen. Satisfied with the result, he did the same thing to her lower lips. Caroline whimpered and slid again her hands behind his neck, trying to get him closer. Klaus let her do it this time and slid his own hands along her sides before wrapping his arms around her waist, anchoring her to him.

He finally took advantage of Caroline's parted lips and touched her tongue with his. Caroline's loud moan echoed shockingly in the silent room and she arched against Klaus' body, tightening her grip on his neck. Klaus growled at her sound of pure pleasure and started to explore her mouth torturously slowly. He stroked her tongue with his, playing with it, nibbling at it and sucking at it until Caroline was a writhing mess against him. Klaus then pulled back for a second to relish on the vision of Caroline completely lost in a blurry haze. Her breath was erratic, her lips were swollen and her pulse was thundering on her chest. Caroline whimpered when Klaus pulled back and he brought his lips back on hers immediately, not messing up this time. Forcefully pressing his lips on hers, he slid his tongue on her mouth and stroked it mercilessly until Caroline forgot anything which wasn't him. He explored thoroughly her mouth, recording her every reactions, learning what made her moan, what made her shiver, what made her arched against him and planning on using this new knowledge as often as he could.

Klaus' restraint finally entirely snapping, he roughly backed Caroline against a wall where he pinned her with his body. Crushing her against him he finally kissed her with all the frustration and the passion he had accumulated over the past weeks. Burying his fingers on her hair, roaming his hands along her body, he passionately kissed her again and again and again until Caroline felt like she was going to faint from the dizziness. His tongue was everywhere, caressing, exploring and dominating while his hands were bruising her hips. Caroline was desperately clinging on his neck, her legs no supporting her anymore as Klaus was completely taking possession of her mind and of her body.

Klaus finally pulled back enough to look at her and couldn't suppress a purely masculine smile of pride and satisfaction at the view of a wrecked Caroline. She was a moaning and needy mess in his arms and it was him who did it. Pressing his forehead against hers, Klaus let them catch their breath for a while, never breaking the eye contact. When his thundering heart started to slow down a little, the smug look came back in his eyes and he smirked.

"Do you think we sealed the deal properly, love?" Klaus asked teasingly.

Caroline made a strangle noise, still struggling to catch her breath.

"I'm not sure" she finally exhaled. "Kiss me again."

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