king of the hill: long live the king

"well ya see bobby, ya dont enhale propaine" says hank

"but dad. it makes me prop comic." says bobby

"that boy ant rite."

Dale is drivin his bug truk home and see hhat Redcorners truck is in his yard. Peggy must have headake he thinks. He opens the door and sees sex. "MY WIFE IS CHEETING " HE yells. "CONSPIRASY!"

Hank hear but keeps teling bobby abot propaine. and how to be sucsess. Hanks wife walks outdoors and say "HANK; yout frend is sad cause peggy is cheeting on with Redcorner.

"No," DALE WILL NEVER KNOW he says."

Later on by the fence.





"Aliens are making wife cheet" says Dale

"Are you sure its alens?"says henk. ''It...uhh...semms irational"

"I'm irational man" says dale

Boomhower says "DIDJdjnjnDANG dnjendn"


Bill is with, Luane doing sexx. "Lets burn redcorner with propaine"

"That's a good idea says bobby."


So Dale files for divorce and moves with Bill. THey hare both sad now becaus no womans. Hank doesnt like having to sad frends so he thinks of making party for them; Peggy thinks its a good idea and buy balloons.

At party evry one is parting. But Bill and Dale are sad. Dale think, of barbequing and doesn't remember what hank always told about propaine safety. THE WHOLE HOUSE CATCHES FIRE and hill family is homeless. Hanksay "DANG IT DALE hWHAT, I ALWAYS TOLD!" But Dale is dead.

Everyone is trajedy but bobby aint rite and thinks about merrying commie some dya. Hill famly moves with kon family adn they have CRAZY times; like in other shows.

To be continies..