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Chapter 5: The Perfect Love

"Alright, you think we can do this with just the two of us?" Erica asks now concerned because they tracked down the vampire and are now standing outside of his apartment edifice.

"I think so, you have a stake right?" Erica nods pulling it out of her jacket not taking her eyes off the building, "Yea well i'll use the paralyzing spell when we bust through the door and you'll just take him out." Stiles says with a built up confidence.

"Alright, I still think we should tell Derek. We don't need to tell him what he did but just let him know a vampire had entered his territory and-"

"NO," Stiles starts, "No, we... we can't. He will find out and... i just can't have him find out. Not yet at least. I... I think i'm in love with him Erica. But... I don't know if he feels the same way and i don't want this," He says waving his hands around, "to ruin any chance i may have with him."

Erica lets out a breath she didn't know she was keeping in. "Okay, fine."

They both head up the steps in the front and into the building following Erica's sense of smell right up to his door.

"Alright on the count of three we bust in." Stiles says as Erica shifts, "One.. Two..."

Scott and Isaac run into Derek's part of the train car frantic.


When Derek hears "Stiles" he springs up eyes glowing red, "What?!"

"We think Erica and Stiles are in danger." Scott says trying to not shift.

"Why?" Derek asks infuriated.

"Well, we went over to Stiles' because we heard he went to jungle with Danny and he got mad and left and we thought we would go over with some booze and try to, you know, get him drunk and help him out a little," Isaac begins.

"Then when we got there his jeep was still in the driveway but he wasn't in the house. We went through the front door and into his room and we smelt that Erica was there, we, we also smelt blood. Stiles' blood. And magic. And something... something i couldn't quite place. I brought it here in a bag to see if you know what it is." Scott says practically throwing the bag at Derek.

Derek takes the bag but before he even pulls the clothes out he is blinded by the stench coming out of it, it's blood and ... vampire. Vampire semen.

Derek shifts right there and takes off out the train car in search for the source of the creature. He knows what it did to his ... to his mate and he is not happy.

Scott and Isaac take off after him calling Boyd to follow their scent because they feel the whole pack may be needed for this.

"...THREE" Stiles waves his wrist around and the door explodes inward exposing not one vampire, but a whole clan.

Good thing this clan was small and only consisted of four vampires. But still. Its four vampires against one spellcaster and one werewolf.

Stiles waves his hand and points to the first vampire he sees, quickly reciting the spell he memorized for Derek and paralyzing the first vampire. Then the vampire behind him starts running toward him, and man their fast, just as fast as a werewolf. But good thing Stiles is always faster than any werewolf. He quickly recites a force field spell and an invisible barrier is formed between him and the vampire in front of him. Erica jumps out from behind him and takes out the paralyzed vampire. The vampire bursts into flames and then disappears in a cloud of purple dust.

Then the other two vampires jump on top of Erica and Stiles is left face to face with one vampire.


Derek finds the scent, and he finds Stiles'. He can distinctively hear Erica and Stiles talking about whether or not they should go get Derek, but Stiles refuses. He doesn't hear why because Scott Isaac and Boyd are calling him to slow down. But he doesn't. He knows they are going to need him and the rest of the pack. He reaches the stairs of the apartment building and hears Erica scream as the two vampires jump on top of her. He runs up the stairs with the rest of the pack close behind and he runs inside and almost nearly topples over Stiles.

"You, You are the one who fucking raped me." Stiles spits out and the vampire laughs.

"Yes am I. Interesting. I thought you were special. And now i see why. The boy who runs with wolves. The boy who carries the power. You are indeed special. Little Red, in love with the big bad wolf. Rather poetic don't you think?" Alex says smirking.

"Fuck. You." Stiles says pushing the force field forward and knocking Alex on his ass. "Let's see how you like-"

He is interrupted by a certain sourwolf bumping into him.

"Derek?! What the fuck are you doing here?" Stiles says as Isaac, Scott and Boyd rush into the room and help Erica take on the other two vampire.

"Ah, so this is the Derek you fell in love with little red? Good choice. He is rather smoking" Alex says coughing on the floor.

Derek looks at the vampire and recognizes the stench. He was all over Stiles' clothes. He's about to jump at him as Stiles pushes him away with a spell that flys him into the wall behind him.

"No." Stiles grits out. "He's mine."

Stiles turns to face the vampire but he's too late. Alex already got up and has Derek in his arms teeth bared with Dereks neck exposing.

"Hey little red, did you know one vampire bite can kill a werewolf? Since it seems i'm going to die..." Alex says looking at his two companions losing a fight between three werewolfs, "I might as well kill the one you love as well. It only seems fair."

"Fair? Do you think its fair that you took my virginity away from me?"

"No of course not. But i did it anyway because all my emotion is gone." He says laughing. "Might as well get it over with now because it seems my friends are going to die any second now."

Alex extends his fangs and as he is about to bite into Dereks neck, Stiles' whole body begins to glow and ooze with power.

"YOU. WILL. PUT. HIM. DOWN. NOW!" Stiles yells as he extends his hands out and blasts the vampire with a stream of power that makes him drop Derek and burst into flames.

Alex screams with pain, and within seconds he is disappearing in a cloud of purple smoke along with his two companions.

Then all is silent as Stiles runs over to where Derek is and he cradles his head in his lap till he regains consciousness. When he does come to Stiles looks him in the eye and he says, "I love you Derek. I love you so much," with tears running down his face.

Derek sits up leaning against the wall and cups Stiles cheek with his hand.

"Stiles, I love you too." Letting a tear escape from his eye.

He leans forward and waits hesitantly until Stiles meets him halfway and they share a kiss.

Its not just a quick peck, its more passionate. Its long and meaningful and says way more than either of them can say. Their lips fit together perfectly. Their tongues feel like they belong in each others mouths. It's perfect.

When they pull away the rest of the pack has left and they sit their as Stiles draws a portal into the floor because they are both too weak to move. They fall into the portal and land back in Stiles' bedroom.

They move over to his bed and they lay there. That's all they do. They cuddle up with Dereks chin on Stiles shoulder, and Dereks arm protectively covering Stiles. They fall asleep there in each others embrace.

"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love."- Tom Robbins.