Mathematical Attractions

Tezuka only comes into the math room to hand a note to the teacher (something about his own teacher cancelling a meeting that was supposed to go on this evening). He honestly doesn't even know this is Ryoma's classroom until he walks inside and sees the boy's lean figure looking out the window by the heaters.

And, well, after that, Tezuka can't stop staring.

There is something about the way Ryoma's fingers bunch around the cuff of his white sleeves, eyes drunken in the sight of the snow falling outside that defines undeniably sexy. His hand brushes a page of his textbook before he gracefully grabs a pencil and scrawls down an answer.

All the while, the teacher speaks to Tezuka, explaining that she'll write a note back and he is to deliver it. Tezuka absentmindedly nods, his eyes still on Ryoma.

The boy subtly scratches his ankle with his other foot, before hunching over and reading a particularly hard question. Tezuka observes the contraction of his slim back that can just vaguely be seen through his shirt. White, Tezuka thinks subconsciously, white really does look good on Ryoma.

"Here's the note." The teacher says.

Ryoma is all into the math question now – the one he finds himself struggling with. Tezuka looks as Ryoma frowns, scribbles an answer, before tapping his pencil irritably against the table. He seems to be in deep thought. He really can't figure this last question out.

However, a few moments later, a smile graces his features and he writes down something Tezuka is sure is the correct answer.

"Ano…Tezuka-kun," the teacher repeats awkwardly. "Here's the note…"

Tezuka twitches, wanting to stay longer. There really is something attractive about seeing Ryoma do anything other than tennis. Still, Tezuka remains responsible and takes the note in between his thumb and index finger, slipping it into his pocket.

He barely hears the teacher say thanks as he takes quick strides towards the door. He is determined to get out of there before his desire overcomes him and forces him to turn back around. He reaches a few steps away from the door, relieved to hear his heart rate slowing down, even though his eyes are still itching to see Ryoma again.

But when he is pushing the door open, he can't help it. He needs one last look. Slowly, he looks over his shoulder before he leaves, hoping he doesn't appear suspicious. His heart nearly jumps out of his skin at what he sees.

Ryoma is looking right at him, golden eyes twinkling; a knowing smirk sprawled across his lips.

In a flash, Tezuka is out the door and down the hallway, body racing with adrenaline. He only slows down when he rounds the corner.

Yes, he thinks breathlessly, There was definitely something undeniably sexy about Echizen Ryoma doing math.

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