Chapter 2

I am pacing about, mumbling things such as "Need to find road," "My ears are pointed, pointed," "Why?" and, "Oh, *insert choice swear word*" Finally, Rachel steps forward. "This isn't helping, Liz." "Oh, yes. And I thought it would." Rachel clenches her fist. "Just, stop. We need to find a road." Becca nods in agreement. "Or some sort of civilization sign," she adds. I cease pacing. "Yes, we do. Sorry guys, not the best in these situations." They both nod their consent. Then we seem to come to a silent agreement and head off to the east.

We dodge brittle tree branches, wade through underbrush, and wave pointlessly at bugs buzzing around our heads. Long story short; it is not pleasant. After what seems like hours of fruitless searching and changing directions, we come to what is probably a dirt road. Amongst the animal tracks and wind marks, there are light wheel indentions and heavy hoof marks. It looks as if it hadn't been used in a long while, and I hope that whatever we were heading to wasn't abandoned. "Follow it?" Becca asks, looking at us with big brown eyes. Rachel gives a short nod. "Yeah, we should. It's our only hope." "'Help me, Obi-One Kenobi, you're my only hope,'" I quote, quite giddy at the thought of a loo. "Liz, stop it," Rachel is obviously exasperated with me, and probably the world. "I will, I will. Don't get your knickers in a twist," I've always wanted to say that in a real situation, I think giddily.

We head up the road and start to walk, expecting to be on it for more than a long time. We expected wrong. We reached a stone archway with two stone statues in fifteen minutes. You call it luck, I call it a miracle. We all get the notion to be silent as we walk under the beautifully carved arch. We do not go unnoticed, as we had walked into what appears to be a dinner party.

"And who might you be?" a man with odd eyebrows stands up, almost as if we were expected. I step forward myself. "I am Liz Johnson, and this is Rachel Turner, and Rebecca—"
"Watts," he finishes my sentence, smiling kindly. "I am Lord Elrond, lord of Rivendell. Gandalf has warned me of your arrival. My daughter, Arwen, will give you fresh clothes and food." A beautiful young woman with long dark hair and blue eyes stands up. Arwen leads us up a staircase, and into a beautiful white room.

We are all soon changed into tunic-tops, leggings, and boots, and are heading down the stairs to eat glorious food. Don't worry about me, I have already relieved myself. We eat a delightful dinner, though it feels rushed. There's live music and a brilliant view. It turns out we had landed ourselves in a valley, full of many waterfalls, and the whole place seems to have a pretty, golden glow. After we are done eating, Arwen shows us our rooms. They all looked alike, white walls, with pretty domed ceilings and large windows. We all gather in the hall, as Arwen had something to say. "In ten minutes, meet me in this hallway." "Why?" Becca asks.

"For the Council of Elrond of course,"

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