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I breathe in a breath of the impossibly fresh air, utterly pleased. I am finally, finally, on an adventure. Like Harry Potter has all the time, almost everywhere. Now, it is me having the time of my life, despite the aching in my legs. We are on a mountain, one of the ones where it doesn't end in a point, but an edge. And we are walking right along that edge, in a single file line. It is so movie-like, and I can't believe my eyes. It is a beautiful scene; the tops of the mountains covered in green vegetation, flowers dotting here and there. The sky is un-believably blue, with white clouds smeared across the surface. Gigantic rocks are resting on the mountain sides and tops, random, but looking like they belong there. Trees, bent all around with twisted branches, are littered about. I do entertain myself with looking at the beauty, then counting trees and rocks, eventually the clouds, but I run out of things to count, things to do.

So one thing remains; bother someone. I immediately rule out Gandalf and Aragorn; too high in authority. Boromir seems a little too dangerous, and he already dislikes me. Not Frodo; he's too kind. Merry and Pippin would just get revenge. Not Legolas; no need for him to hate me. And Gimli… I just have a feeling that I wouldn't have a head. So Sam it is!

"So… Sam, is it?" I turn to the blonde Hobbit behind me, walking backwards. He stiffly nods. "Yes." "Is that you full name, or…." I let the sentence trail off, knowing all it'll do is annoy Sam further. "Samwise." He grunts. "Samwise…." I pretend to try the name on my tongue. Knowing that this probably doesn't exist in Middle-Earth, I ask the question anyway, just to confuse him. "Watch the Television often?" Sam looks at me, utterly baffled. "…No," he squints at me, as though if he was able to see well enough, he'd get the answer. "What is a 'television'?" I smile to myself. Time for the real annoyances. I shrug my shoulders. "Haven't the faintest." Sam sticks his jaw out stubbornly. "But you just asked me if I-"

"She's just fooling with you, Sam. Just ignore her," Rachel splits the fun in half. She drags me closer. "We've got to keep where we came from a secret," she hisses. "Elrond says that that's important!" Oh, yes. He did tell us that, me specifically. I should have known that. Sometimes, I even frustrated myself. Sometimes, I am bit reckless. I don't think. I don't think before my actions, and end up regretting the aftermath. I swallow shamefully, if it's possible. "Sorry, I'd forgotten," I apologize. "Why are you so immature?" Rachel releases her tight grip on my shoulder. I rub it, a slight frown on my face. "I know I am, I know. I'm sorry." Rachel just rolls her eyes and turns to face the front of the group. I let out an internal sigh. I am forgiven. But I guess no more fooling the Fellowship.

Eventually, we reach a small section of the mountain that is made entirely out of rock. After a few minutes of exploring this new little place, the Fellowship eventually settled, Boromir, Merry, and Pippin even started up a sword-fighting lesson. I can only assume that this is the stopping place for the night, and sit down next to Becca. We sit there in silence, me looking at Becca, who was looking up at the sky. "Hello!" I exclaim, not knowing what else to say. Becca tears her eyes away from the blue to meet mine. I notice there are tears in them. "Hello." She musters. I knit my eyebrows together, worrying over her. "What's the matter?" she shakes her head. "It's just…what if we never get home? What if we never see our parents again? Never see Hogwarts, never get jobs, never have lives where we were born…." She looks back up at the sky. "What if we never see our sky again?" I raise my eyebrows up high. "Well, never getting jobs sounds pretty good." That didn't help. Becca started to cry freely, bringing a horrible sense of guilt on me. "I'm being serious, Liz!"

I pull her into a hug, surprised that no one had noticed the meltdown. I pat her back in what I hope is a comforting way. I pull back away from her. "Elrond and Gandalf are smart enough to find us a way back home, and if they aren't, then the rest of Middle-Earth are all a stupid bunch of bastards!" I am pleased to find that I had gotten a giggle out of her, and she dried her eyes quickly. She puffed herself up a bit. "Sorry about that, new situations, new worries and such," she stated, excusing herself. I smile largely. That was how Becca usually acted; this little breakdown was definitely a new experience. I get up off the rock and brush myself down. "Well, I'm starved, let's go ask—"

"SPIES! From Dunland!" Legolas shouts from one of the taller rocks. I needn't ask whether this was bad or good-their expressions told all the answers. "HIDE!" Gandalf yells not soon after. In a flash, everyone seems to have found a hiding spot. Except me. I run around, panicking, the crow-things getting closer within every second. Suddenly, a hand shoots out from under a rock and pulls me under. I scream, startled, and continue screaming until the hand covers my mouth. "Do you want us to be seen?" a voice whispers into my ear. I recognize the voice. Legolas. "No," I whisper back as soon as his hand releases my mouth. It takes me a few seconds to realize that my back was to his chest, his breath going down my neck. I am only allowed a few moments of pleasure before the crows swooped in. I shrink back away from the opening, for my face is within a few inches of it.

I wait impatiently for the crows to leave as they did a thorough search around, my panic growing with every moment. That's when I see it. The spy is extremely close, and is only there for a few seconds, but that doesn't stop me from getting a good look at it. It isn't like a crow at all. It has greasy black feathers on its wings and tail-but nowhere else. The rest of the body was just black skin, clinging to the ribs, covered in warts. Its eyes are a bright orange with dilated pupils. It chilled me to the bone. Soon after, the spies of Dunland cleared out, all together in a small storm cloud. Rachel and Becca look a bit ruffled, but everyone else look as if nothing majorly important had happened. Except Gandalf. I zone out, thinking of the terrifying creature that I had seen, therefore tuning out Gandalf. I follow them up to the snowy mountain, and it wasn't until we first started on the icy path that I snapped out of it.

"Why is it so bloody cold?!" I hear Rachel grumble. "Maybe because it's snowing?" I call back, brushing of the small amount of terror that was in me. "OI! I wasn't complaining to you! It was to torture Becca!" I can practically feel Becca rolling her big brown eyes. I am about to answer back with something of my own, until Legolas speaks. "Liz, you could have alerted them of our presence. Ah, the spy subject again. Excellent. "I was scared, and I couldn't find a hiding place, and suddenly this hand shot out of nowhere! What was I supposed to do? Calmly allow myself to be taken?" I defend myself. "Yes," he answers. "You were." He sighs. "Only you, Liz, only you." I smile. "Yes. Only me," I look away from his cool blue eyes, and see all the others struggling through the snow. I'm not, neither is Legolas, and neither is Becca. There are the magical elf abilities I was looking for! I also see Boromir, Aragorn, and Frodo falling behind, Aragorn hand suspiciously on the handle of his sword, Boromir placing something in Frodo's hand. My thoughts quickly shift back to the elf abilities.

I decide to tease Rachel, since it was her who started to tease me and Becca about our 'ridiculous pointy ears'. "Having fun shoveling that snow?" I call behind from my place in the front. "Gaining some muscle?" Rachel opened her mouth, no doubt making some witty retort, but a deep, powerful voice over-whelmed hers. I can't make out what it's saying, but, in some way, it still inflicted terror. "There's a foul voice in the air!" Legolas had made his way up to the front, squinting out through the blizzard. "It's Saruman!" Gandalf shouts above the whistling wind. Then, the whole mountain shakes violently. The Fellowship presses itself against the rocky wall as a gigantic hunk of snow falls.

It covers us all, Becca, Legolas, and me popping up first. Gimli pops up with an angry howl. "Gandalf, we must take the path of Rohan! The cold will be the death of the Hobbits!" Boromir calls to Gandalf, pulling Merry and Pippin close. "Let's take the Mines of Moria!" Gimli puts his option down. "Let Frodo decide," Gandalf answers reluctantly. Frodo looks uncertain. "The Mines," he finally says.

And that is the beginning of my next terrifying adventure.

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