It was a time for celebration. Mario, the all-star hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, had just saved Princess Peach from the evil clutches of Bowser, the Koopa King, yet again. The major factor this time, however, was the help of a new ally, Princess Rosalina. A mysterious beauty, Rosalina was platinum-blonde and had eyes that radiated with innocence. She was also capable of powerful magic incomprehensible to the human mind. Without her guidance, Peach would still be Bowser's prisoner.

But this occasion wasn't about the what-ifs, it was a time for rejoicing. Rosalina brought the Observatory down to the kingdom just for this party. Yes, it was she who was the host. And the Observatory never looked so festive. A large fountain rested in the center of the room and tables were covered with food, a giant cake catching everyone's eye.

Amongst those in attendance were the Mario brothers, Princesses Peach and Daisy, the Toads, Toadsworth, and many others. Those not in attendance, as you may have guessed, were those who supported the Koopa King. The guests were conversing when they heard a tap!tap!tap! from Rosalina's glass. "Your attention, please," she said in soft monotone. "As you all know, we are gathered here today to celebrate a grand victory. Once again the forces of evil were stopped by two very brave brothers. So please join me in congratulating the Mario brothers."

The room went in an uproar as Mario and Luigi walked to the small stage where Rosalina was standing. They hopped on and waved to everyone. Mario was confident; never once had he experienced stage fright. Luigi, on the other hand, seemed nervous. He wasn't even sure if he actually did anything to help save Peach. The crowd didn't care, though. They loved both brothers.

Then when the applause rested, a slow, cold clap began. All turned their heads in the direction of the noise. There, standing at the main door, was Bowser, dressed in his finest.

"Bravo. You really got me this time," he chuckled ominously. "I know I've learned my lesson. Next time, I won't go for Peach. I'll go for ALL of you."

And with that, he slammed the door shut. The crowd panicked. They tried to go out a large window, but a short, fat man blocked their way. "Where do you think you're going?" Wario croaked. The group tried the other three windows, but were stopped by Bowser Jr., Waluigi, and a redheaded woman.

"Don't think so!" Mona cheered. "Mona, you're evil?" Toad asked. "Meh. Those other jobs don't pay well," she replied lamely. "Now then," Bowser continued, "you are all now my slaves!"

He laughed horribly before noticing Rosalina. "My, my. I've never seen you before. Pray-tell, who are you?"

"I am Princess Rosalina, your worst nightmare," she answered calmly. She then pulled out her magic wand from her sleeve. She waved it rhythmically, her eyes glowing with pure power. Bowser was instantly lifted off the ground. "Hey! Put me down! Koopas weren't meant to fly. It's UNNATURAL!" he pleaded.

Side Note: Miles away, a single tear rolled down the cheek of a lone Koopa Paratroopa.

Back to the story. "Very well," Rosalina said before launching her victim into Wario. "I don't get paid enough for this," the chubby man groaned as Bowser stood up.

"Leave this place, or suffer the consequences," Rosalina warned. For a moment, Bowser looked as if her was going to comply, but the moment passed. He lunged for the tall princess, but the Mario Bros. stepped in front of him, fireballs in hand. The crowd gained confidence and soon surrounded the Koopa King. He was defeated.

Of course, Bowser always had a trick up his sleeve. He smiled before pulling out a remote. He pushed a button and in no time his escape pod came crashing through the window. Guests ducked away from the falling glass. The pod landed right in front of Bowser. "It's been fun, but now I have to run!" he laughed.

As Bowser got into his pod, his assistants hurried to join him. Mona and Bowser Jr. got in safe; Wario went in with a thud. All that was left was Waluigi, who was surrounded by angry Toads. "Out of the way!" he snarled as he leapt over their heads. He continued this ballet of an escape all across the room. Rosalina watched with curiosity. Never before had she seen such grace. Soon the two were face-to-face. "See ya, toots!" Waluigi said before jumping over her without even a running start. But even after all this, he was too late.

The pod was starting to leave. "Wah! Wait for Waluigi!" he screamed. He clutched onto the pod just as it blasted off. Waluigi dangled on the side like a rag doll, watching the ground get further and further away. "Stop! Let me in!" he begged of Bowser, who extended his hand for the man. Waluigi tried to reach, but the pod took a sharp turn, causing him to slip. He would've fallen to certain death if he hadn't quickly grabbed a thick wire near the bottom of the pod. Unfortunately, the wire snapped. "DANGER. MALFUNCTION." flashed on the control screen. The pod halted. "Uh-oh," Bowser said right before his pod spiraled out of control. It flew in wild patterns, Waluigig holding the loose wire for dear life. The villains screamed in true fear. It was a carnival ride gone horribly wrong!

The pod crashed back into the party. It bashed into walls, crashed into tables, and even knocked Mario into the fountain. With one last burst of smoke, the villains went skyrocketing far away. All except Waluigi, who fell headfirst into the cake. Two of Peach's royal guards lifted him out. The foe looked all around at the angry glares he was receiving. He chuckled nervously. "Um, hi?"