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Chapter 1: The Mysterious Girl!

Somewhere in the New World...

The Straw Hat Crew were sailing in a peaceful sea on the Sunny.

"Nami, how's the weather?" Chopper asked their navigator. He wore a white and yellow vertical-striped tank top and a orange pair of shorts. He also has a blue cap that has ring of dots around the circle, with buckles hanging from it.

"It's fine. There's nothing to worry about." Nami said to the reindeer. She has a green and white bikini halter top and a tight low-rider jeans with orange high-heeled sandals, and a pair of pearl-like earrings. Her hair is also long.

"Okay, just wanted to make sure." Chopper said. "Since we entered the New World, the weather's been crazy."


"Nami-Swan~!" Sanji said. "I made a chacolate milkshake for you." He wore a black and yellow 3-piece suit. His hair covered his right eye and has a goatee.

"Thanks, Sanji." Nami said.

"Hey has anyone seen where Luffy is?" Usopp said. He wore a pair of rolled-up yellow pants with red suspenders, and a pair of boots and also has a white suncap.

"No I haven't." Chopper said.

"Now that you mention it, I was wondering why it was so quiet." Sanji said.

"Zoro!" Nami said. "Do you know where Luffy is?" Zoro jumped down from the crow's nest.

"No, Haven't seen him all day." He wore a long, open dark-green coat, closed on his waist by a red sash, where his swords are tucked, and his black bandanna is seen tied around the left sleeve. He also has a scar running down his left eye.

"I haven't seen him at all either." Robin said as she was exiting the library. She wore a long pink sari-like skirt with a partially-zipped purple leather vest with a V-neck line with a white flower printed on her left side near her shoulders. She also wears sunglasses which she hangs on her forehead.

"Hey Nami, when do we reach the next island." Franky said walking up to her. His shoulders, torso, and arms are big and studded hands that look almost robotic. He wore a red coconut tree-motived Hawaiian shirt and red speedos.

"Soon." Nami said to him looking at her log pose.

"Yohohoho! Hello everyone!" Brook said. He wore red pants with flower patterns. He also has heart-shaped sunglasses, a yellow feather boa, a top hat with a giant crown on the brim and orange red trousers with a floral design.

"Hey Brook, have you seen Luffy?" Usopp asks.

"No." Brook says. Just then Luffy exited the kitchen.

"Hey guys!" Luffy said as he went to his crew. He wore an open, long-sleeved red cardigan with four buttons with a yellow sash tied around his waist. He also has an X shaped scar on his chest.

"Luffy, we've been looking for you." Usopp said.

"Where you been?" Chopper asked.

"Oh, I was-" Before Luffy could say anything a bright pink light appeared.

"What the." Zoro said. After it died down a girl with pink hair appeared. She wore a pink top and blue shorts.

"Who are you?" Zoro said ready to unsheath his swords. The girl put her hands together and said something the Crew couldn't understand.

"Hey, who are you and what are you doing on my ship?!" Luffy said. Then the girl put her hand out to the group and a pink light showed. After it disappeared, the crew and the ship disappeared as well as the girl.

Somewhere in Karakura...

A hollow is seen disappearing.

"Man, that's the 17th hollow today." Ichigo said. He wore his standard shinigami attire but has four black vertical lines on his forearms and black, tattoo-like bands crossing over his chest, wrists, and ankles. Similar bands, but with white ends, are around his neck as collars.

"We need to find out where these hollows are coming from." Uryu said. He wore a white Quincy clothes with blue stripes representing the Quincy cross and a mantle. His hairstyle changed to have his bangs hang mostly on the right-side of his face and the rest hanging behind his left ear.

"Well it could be something attracting them." Sado said. He wears a dark, long-sleeved shirt with a rose emblazoned on the left sleeve. Just then Rukia, Renji, and Orihime appeared.

"There's hollows all over this place." Renji said. He wore his shinigami attire and has a maroon colored bandanna on his forehead. He also has long dark straps on each wrist with bandages over his arms.

"We need to find out what's bringing them here." Rukia said. She wore her shinigami attire and her hair is cropped into a bob that hangs about her face.

"We should look around more." Orihime said. Orihime's hair is fuller and wavier and she wore an orange shirt with white pants.

"Orihime's right we should split up." Ichigo said. Before anyone could leave a girl walked up to the group and put her hands together saying a chant.

"Hey, who are you?" Renji said. The girl just put her hands forward and a light shined on everyone and they all were gone.

Somewhere in Magnolia...

"That food was good." Natsu said rubbing his stomach. He wore a closed long-sleeved shirt with an open collar with his scarf around it and his right arm is exposed. He has the same lower clothing and now wears his wristband on his right wrist.

"That's true." Lucy said agreeing with Natsu. She wore a white shirt with black skirt.

"I would've enjoyed it if you didn't hog all the food, Hot head!" Gray yelled at Natsu. He wore a white coat and blue pants.

"What you say, stripping perv?!" Natsu said.

"Natsu, Gray friends shouldn't fight." Erza said. She wore an armor.

"Yeah idiots." Gajeel said. He wore a closed sleeveless shirt with his lower clothing similar to Natsu's. He has a scarf around his neck and green long feathers on his right shoulder.

"Gajeel be nice." Wendy said. She wore a bare-back dress and sandals with wing designs.

"Give it up Wendy." Carla said. "Boys are just too stupid."

"What did you say?!" Lily said.

"Calm down guys." Happy said. As everyone was arguing the pink-haired girl appeared before everyone.

"Oh hi there." Lucy said. The girl put her hands together and said something.

"What's she doing?" Natsu said, raising an eyebrow. She put her hands forward and the pink light appeared.

"What are you-" Gray was about to finish until they disappeared.

Somewhere in Konoha...

Eight people were jumping from tree to tree.

"Naruto, slow down." A pink-haired girl said. She wore a red top and a short pink apron skirt. She also has black gloves, black boots, black shorts, pink elbow protectors, and a forehead protector with a red cloth on her head.

"But he's so close. We can't lose him again." A yellow-haired boy said. He wore an orange jacket with black color around his neck, shoulders, down the front and sleeves. orange pants and black sandals. He also had a forehead protector with a black cloth tied on his forehead.

"Naruto's right, Sakura. We might not have this chance again." a black-haired boy said. He wears a short black jacket with red straps with a high-collared midriff shirt underneath. Black pants, black sandals, and black gloves with the thumb and index finger exposed.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Sai." Sakura said. "Neji, Hinata, can you see where he is?"

"H-he's close." A blue-haired girl said. She wears a loose fitting, long-sleeved, lavender and cream zip-up jacket with lavender cuffs also a navy blue pants and black, low-heeled sandals. She has a forehead protector with a black cloth around her neck.

"She's right." A dark brown-haired boy said. He wore a white shirt with loose sleeves, closed on the right shoulder, with a fastener running down the right part of the chest, matching pants, with a dark navy grey apron tied around his waist and black sandals. He also has a forehead protector with a black cloth on his forehead and a backpack.

"Yeah, I can smell him." A brown-haired boy said. He wore a leather form fitting black jacket, with zips over the chest and sleeves, along with black pants and sandals. He also wore a forehead protectore with black cloth on his forehead. He was riding on a huge white dog which barked.

"He is near. How do I know? Because my insects senses chakra." A brown-haired boy said. He wore a jacket hanging down to his knees and the addition of a hood that obstructs his face and a satchel on his back. He also had dark sunglasses and a forehead protector on his forehead.

"Good." Naruto said. The group reached a large area where a man was standing in. "We found you, Sasuke."

"So you're here." A black-haired boy said. He wore a sleeveless dark grey shirt with an Uchiha crest on his back. He wore dark blue pants with a blue cloth hanging from halfway up his stomach to his knees and a purple rope belt around his waist, tied in a bow, which had a sword in. There are also bandages on his wrists and black sandals.

"Sasuke like I said, I'm going to help you escape from vengeance." Naruto said.

"Are you still going on about that?" Sasuke said, ready to pull his sword. Then a girl walked in the middle of the people.

"Who are you?" Naruto said. The girl just put her hands together and did a chant.

"Hey, get out of here." Neji said. The girl put her hands out and everyone was bathed in a pink light. Soon, everyone was gone.

Somewhere in Namimori...

"School is as bad as ever." A brown-haired boy said. He wore a white shirt with a white jacket on top which had black color around the shoulders. Black pants and black shoes.

"I got beaten up as always." A red-haired boy said. He wore a black shirt with a black jacket unzipped. Black pants and black shoes.

"I'm just glad schools over." Tsuna said.

"Me too." Enma said.

"Tenth!" said a silver-haired boy. He wore a red jacket and black pants with black sandals.

"Hey Gokudera." Tsuna said. "What are you doing here?"

"We got bored so we decided to find you." A black-haired boy said behind Gokudera. He wore a white long-sleeved shirt with black pants and black shoes. He was also carrying his sword.

"Yamamoto! Why do you have your sword with you?!" Tsuna said.

"Yeah you Baseball-freak! You could blow our Vongola cover!" Gokudera said.

Yamamoto laughed. "You never know when something might happen."

"Sawada!" Ryohei said. He wore a red jacket and grey pants with white shoes.

"Ryohei?" Tsuna said.

"You should join the boxing club to the extreme!" Ryohei said.

"B-but." Tsuna said trying to refuse.

"Oi, Turf-top! The Tenth doesn't want to join your boxing club." Gokudera said.

"Of course he does, Octopus-head!" Ryohei said.

"Ha ha ha, Tsuna I want some candy." A kid said. He wore a white with black spots clothing and had two golden horns in his afro.

"Lambo, what are you doing here?" Tsuna said.

"I want candy." Lambo said.

"Hey No Good-Tsuna." Said a kid. He wore an orange shirt covered with a suit, black pants and black shoes and a black hat.

"Reborn?!" Tsuna said.

"Oh it's you Baby." Said a black-haired boy he wore a long-sleeved button shirt tucked in black pants with a black coat on his shoulders and black shoes.

"H-Hibari?! Why are you here?" Tsuna said.

"Hello there, Tsunayoshi Sawada." Said a blue-haired man. He wore a grey shirt with green cloud patterns and a green coat with long sleeves. Green pants and black shoes with black gloves. He also carried a three-pointed spear.

"Mukuro?!" Tsuna said. "Why is everyone here?!" Then the girl walked in front of everyone. "Oh no now that girl's gonna be scared of us." The girl put her hands together.

"What's she doing?" Yamamoto said. The girl put her hands together brining a pink light and the 10th generation Vongola were gone.

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