Bender: Guess what readers? Not only did we all survive the Dec. 21st doomsday theory, but we also survived the New Year's Eve one too! So as promise, here's part two!

Part 2

Bender: NOOOOOOOOOOO! Say it isn't so!

Nibbler: (Sarcastically) Oh no, no booze, whatever will we do?

Bender: Shut up, Nibbler! You know I'll die without beer consumption.

Fry: So, all of the booze is gone?

Store Owner: Yep! (Cries) I'm afraid so!

Nibbler: Wait! (Lifts nose, sniffs) I smell something. The crook went this way, come on!

Bender: You better be right and not lead us to a fire hydrant to do your business.

Nibbler: (Looks at him) What do you think I am? A stupid dog?

Bender: Well, you got the stupid part right.

Nibbler glares at him and continues sniffing. Fry and Bender go after him

They reach a corner with a fire hydrant on it

Bender: I knew it!

Nibbler: No, look!

They look and see a man in a trench coat. In his arms are bottles of booze, in his pockets as well

Fry: Thief!

Bender: Get him!

Man yells and runs. Fry, Bender and Nibbler chase him. Nibbler sinks his teeth into his coat

Fry: Yeah; you go Nibbler

The man runs faster, his trench coat slips off. He runs to a nearby warehouse across the street, not looking at oncoming cars

Nibbler: (Looking at the four bottles of booze in each pocket) Well, at least we got some of the beer bottles

Bender: That's not good enough! We need all of the booze for this robot to be completely satisfied

Nibbler: (Sighs) Fine!

Fry: Let's go to that beer stealing thief across the street!

He was about to go when Nibbler stops him.

Nibbler: Wait!

Fry stops and looks at him.

Nibbler: We can't go with oncoming cars. (Points to traffic light. It was red) See that red light? That means we have to let the cars pass.

Fry: Aw, come on Nibbler! The thief is in there, we need to stop him!

Nibbler: (Shakes his head) No, unless you want to get hit by a car, we need to wait until it's safe. Safety first!

Fry: (Sighs) Fine! (Pushes button to cross) But this better not take long!

They wait a couple minutes. The light was still red.

Bender: That's it, we're not waiting anymore; come on Fry, if Nibbler wants to wait to cross which might take forever, then fine; that's his problem But we are better then that!

As they were about to cross, the light turned to green. A countdown showed that they have 20 seconds to cross.

Nibbler: Now, we can cross!

Fry: Hmmm, 20 seconds, will that give us enough time?

Bender: Come on Fry, don't think about how long it'll take; just cross!

Fry: Comin' Bender! (They cross. About halfway, there was five seconds left)

Fry: Oh no, five seconds left! We're never going to make it! (Screams) The time's up and we're not all the way across yet!

Bender: Can it Fry! Traffic has to stop for all pedestrians to cross; it's the law!

Fry: Why do they have a countdown then?

Bender: Because they don't want pedestrians to say 'oh, 20 seconds; I can wait until it says 5 seconds' and then the cars and trucks will have to wait even longer because the stupid pedestrians didn't wait!

Fry: Hmmm, I still don't understand.

They are now all the way across.

Fry: (Cheers) Whoo-Hoo; we made it

Nibbler: (Pointing to warehouse) There's where all the beers are being held! We better…

Bender: On it! (He and Fry runs in. Tugs on Nibbler's leash) Come on Nibbler; get a move on!

Nibbler: (Sighs) get moving.

Nibbler goes in. He, Fry and Bender go behind some boxes.

They hear some voices.

Voice: WHAT?!

Nibbler, Fry and Bender see three men. One was sitting and one pinned the booze thief to the wall. Bender was about to run out and blow their cover when Nibbler stops him.

Nibbler: (Whispering) Shhhhh; not yet!

He and the robot look out at the three men again.

Fry: (Grabs grappling hook) I bet we can fit on the ceiling! (Fires grappling hook, misses. Hits Fry in head)

Fry: OW, that hurts! (Rubs head)

Nibbler: (Whispers) Shush, you better put that away before you give yourself another black eye.

Fry: Right. (Puts grappling hook back in pocket. Three look out again)

Man pinning thief: How could you let this happen!?

Thief: (Frightened) Please Tommy; they followed me! It was an accident!

Tommy: Well, that 'accident' followed you! They might be here, hiding behind boxes or somewhere!

Bender: (Jumps out from behind the boxes) You got that right, chumps! Give us the booze that you stole!

Fry: Yeah, OOF! (He tried to to jump over the boxes but his jump wasn't high enough and he tripped, causing multiple boxes to fall on him. Some of them open, revealing various beer bottles)

Bender: Fry, careful! Fragile bottles of booze are in those!

Fry: (dazed) Sorry! (Shakes off and stands up, looking determined.)

Tommy: NEVER! (Shouts to two men) Adam, Lewis; gather as much booze as you can!

Fry: (Gets out Stan's CIA badge and shows it to them) STOP! I'm from the CIA!

Tommy: (Fakes) Oh, the CIA! I'm sooooo scared!

Lewis: If you are from the CIA, what does it stands for?

Fry: Uh, it, uh…

Adam: (Laughs) He doesn't know and he works there!

Fry: No, I know what it stands for! It stands for…um…it stands for… (Fakes smile) Carrots Incorporated Association? Oh wait, don't I have to be a carrot to join?

Adam: (Laughs) He doesn't know what it stand for, oh my gosh; he doesn't know; I can't believe he doesn't know!

Lewis: Then I guess he doesn't works there!

Fry: No, no, I… (Gives up, takes out gun and points it at them) Give us the beer or I'll shoot!

Adam: (Snickers) Do you know how?

Adam and Lewis couldn't hold it in anymore. They burst out laughing. They drop the boxes as they fall.

Tommy: (Angry) Get up you fools; you dropped the beer!

Suddenly, they hear police sirens from outside.

Tommy: Adam, Lewis! Get up now! Quick; the police are here!

Adam and Lewis quickly stand and picks up boxes.

Fry: How do the police know where we are?

Bender: (Shrugs) Beats me!

Fry then notices Nibbler wasn't with Bender; nor was his leash in his hand. Fry looks; Nibbler wasn't in sight)

Fry: (To Bender) Bender, where's Nibbler?

Bender: How should I know where he went? Maybe he ran away. If he did; good riddance! We don't need him anymore!

Fry: (panics) I can't believe it. Leela left me in charge of him and now he's gone!

Bender: (Takes out cigarette lights it) Boo-hoo; what are you going to do? (Puffs smoke)

Tommy: (After the boxes were picked up) Let's go.

They were about to go when Fry and Bender stand in their way. Fry points gun at them.

Fry: You're not going anywhere!

Bender: Yeah, just hand over the booze or you can (Shows behind) Bite my shiny metal butt!

Tommy: (Growls in throat and shoves Fry into some boxes.) Move it!

Suddenly, they hear Nibbler barking mad, running into view. He is followed by police officers. Nibbler growls, foaming at mouth.

Police officer (Pats Nibbler's head) Good boy! (To Tommy. Points gun at him) You're under arrest for stealing beer bottles from the liquor store!

Bender: (Has hands on Adam and Lewis) Don't forget these chumps!

Police Officers grabs Adam and Lewis from Bender. Puts handcuffs on their wrists. As the gun distracted Tommy, another police officer from behind place handcuffs on Tommy's wrists.

Officer arresting Tommy: You got the right to remain silent! Anything you say or do will affect you in court!

Tommy: (As he, Adam and Lewis are being dragged away) You might want to arrest him too, officer! (Points handcuffs to Fry) He's not really a CIA agent, he's faking it; FAKING IT!

Officer: Yeah, yeah, tell it to the judge!

Police Chief walks over to Fry. Bender is beside him.

Police Chief: I must thank you for all that you done. Good thing you were here.

Fry: Well, just trying to do my job.

Nibbler perches on box. Police Chief smiles at Nibbler and strokes his chin.

Police Chief: And if this fellow didn't come and warn us the way he did, we wouldn't have known about this.

Bender: (Surprised) Nibbler is a hero?

Fry: Guess so! (Pats Nibbler)

Officer: Well, thanks again! We'll take these back to the Langley Falls Liquor store!

Police officers starts picking up boxes.

Fry: Well, we did it Bender!

Bender: (Mumbling) You mean Nibbler! You heard what the police chief said!

Nibbler: No, no, we all did it! I merely got the police here.

Fry: WHOO-HOO! We are all heroes!

Bender: True that!

Fry: Well, we better get out of here.

He, Bender and Nibbler goes outside. As they approach the liquor store, the storeowner walks over to them.

Storeowner: Thank you so much for all that you've done! Because of you, I will be back in business tomorrow. Can I offer you two free beers?

Bender: HECK YEAH! FREE BEER, WHOO-HOO! (Runs in store. Fry follows)

Storeowner: (To Bender) Just one please!

Bender: (Disappointed) Aw, man! (Opens chest and hides as many Beer in it as much as he could. Snickers mischievously) I'll just store these for later.

Fry: Nibbler, do you want any beer?

Nibbler: No thanks.

Bender: More for us!

Fry: (Sees what Bender was doing. Gasps) Bender, he said just take one beer!

Nibbler: (Sighs) That doesn't stop Bender.

Bender: That's right, Fry! What the storeowner doesn't know won't hurt him.

Fry: Okay. (Grabs Beer) Okay, I have my beer. Let's go and see if the professor found a way home yet.

Bender: (Closes chest full of beer) And if he doesn't, we can enjoy these beers! (Goes with Fry and Nibbler outside)

Storeowner: (Waves as they leave) Remember, you can visit my liquor store anytime!

Fry: (Shouts back) Okay we will!

Nibbler: Yeah, centuries from now!

Fry: Nibbler; you don't know that! You don't know if it'll be still standing tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. You don't know what'll happen…do you?

Nibbler was about to say something when the three boys from earlier pass by on their scooters.

Boy 1: Hey, it's our freaky future friends! Let's say hello! (They circle Fry, Bender and Nibbler, surrounding them. They stop their scooters)

Bender: Not you guys again!

Boy 1: Hey, tell us more stuff that's going to happen in the future!

Boy 2: I bet it won't be all peachy keen!

Nibbler: You're right kid, it won't be all peachy keen.

The boys look at him, shocked that he was talking to them.

Boy 3: What are you? Do animals talk in the future?

Nibbler: No, I'm a Nibblonian from the planet Eternium. Hello, I'm Lord Nibbler, leader of the Nibblonians, but you may call me Nibbler.

Boy 1: Okay, so what were you saying about the future not being peachy keen?

Nibbler: Well, bad things happen every year, probably every day. Fires break out, weather disasters, disasters due to Mother Nature, robberies, people die; horrible and sad things that we just can't control when it's too late.

Boy 2: I see. (Sighs) So, my grandma has cancer. Is she going to die?

Nibbler: I don't know kid. But, either way, she should be in your prayers.

Boy 2: (Wipes upcoming tear) Okay.

Boy 3: Scooter race to the candy store; 1, 2, GO! (Boys race off on scooters)

Boys 1, 2 and 3: (Wave from behind them) BYE!

Boy 1: Bye, freaky travelers of the future!

Bender: Bye kids, remember to play with matches (Snickers) Oh Bender, you are BAD!

Nibbler: Okay, come on! The professor is probably waiting for us with something that'll take us back to the 31st century.

Fry: Right!

He, Nibbler and Fry go off.

When they arrive back at the house, everyone was there.

Leela: (Picks up Nibbler) Hi Nibbler, did you miss mommy? (To Fry) Where were you? You were gone for over three hours.

Fry: Sorry, beers were stolen from the liquor store so we helped get them back.

Bender: (Open beer bottle) We got free beer! (drinks) Aw, that's the stuff!

Leela: I can see that.

Hermes: I went to an interesting museum, all on the history on Virginia. I also went to the CIA's Air force base.

Bender: Wait, we're in Virginia? Well, that explains why there's not as many police officers here.

Zoidberg: And the doctors didn't believe me when I told them that we found a cure for cancer, so I had to show them on a patient.

Nibbler: Was it an elderly lady?

Zoldberg: No, it was on a child. (Cheers) I cured a child from cancer!

Nibbler: Oh.

Amy: (With shopping bags) And Leela and I went shopping!

Bender: (Sarcastically) We can see that, oh, and did you paint your nails at the beauty salon and other girly stuff that us boys don't give a crap about?

Amy: As a matter of fact, yes.

Bender: (Mutter) Girls!

Fry: Did the Professor find a way home yet?

Leela: Not yet.

Scruffy: (Offers letter to Fry) I have a letter for you.

Fry: A letter for me?

Leela: How can that be? We just came here early this morning.

Scruffy: (Shrugs) Beats me!

Bender: Is it from the storeowner? Is he going to give Fry the whole store? (To Fry) If you don't want it Fry, I can have it.

Fry: No, it's from the CIA!

Hermes: The CIA? What do they want?

Fry: (Reading letter) It says here that they are so impressed with what Bender, Nibbler and I did at the liquor store that they are offering me a job there.

Bender spits out beer, everyone is shocked and looks at Fry.

Fry: You know what? I think I'll take that job, if they'll let me.

All: (Bender spits out beer again) WHAT?!

Leela: But Fry, you already have a job! What about working with us, your friends, at the Planet Express?

Fry: Oh, yeah.

Bender: What about me, Fry? I'm your best friend, who cares about these other jerks? Who will be my beer-drinking buddy?

Fry: Can I do both?

Leela: (Shakes head) You can't Fry. It's either stay here and be a CIA agent or go back to work with your 31st century friends.

Fry: Oh (Starts to think)

Professor Farnsworth: (Coming from other room) Good news everyone! I've invented the machine that can take us back home in our own time.

Hermes: That's great professor!

Zapp: (He and Kiff comes back in) We're back! Unfortunately, we didn't find anything to get us back to 3013. (Notices all eyes were on Fry) What?

Kiff: Did we miss something?

Amy: Fry has to decide if he wants to stay here and become a CIA agent or go back with us.

Fry: Uh, I may not be allowed to considering that I'm not a carrot, but I'm going to try anyways.

Zapp: Oh. (To Leela) But, Leela is going back with us, right?

Leela: (Ignores Zapp) So Fry, what do you chose? A life here or a life back home with your friends? (All eyes were on him again)

Fry: Please, please, I can't think under all of this pressure! (Gets idea) I got it!

Fry is writing letter to CIA agency.

Fry: (In letter) To CIA: I thank you for offering me a job at your agency, but I must decline your request. As much as I would like to lead a life as a butt-kicking agent, I already have a job as a delivery boy with my friends. I'm going back with them to the 31st century…that and I'm not a carrot. Yours truly, Philip J. Fry

Everyone smiles at him when done and Leela hugs and kisses him making him blush. He goes to mailbox and puts the letter in. He goes back in house.

Fry: (Fishes out grappling hook and badge) Well, I better put these back.

Fry goes upstairs. Minutes later, he comes back down.

Fry: Okay; I'm ready! Oh, and I also played with the grappling hook since I will never play with one again. And guess what? I got the hang of it since I didn't get a black eye!

Prof. Farnsworth: Follow me.

The gang follows Farnsworth to machine that'll take them home.

Farnsworth: To home! (Puts hand on lever)

All: (Hands on Farnsworth's) To home! (Farnsworth pulls down lever and a white flash surrounds them)

They are back in Time Circle as ball gets ready to ring in the New Year.

New New Yorkers: 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Confetti then is everywhere. New, New Yorkers cheers, blow noise makers, kiss love ones.)

Fry: (Notices screen under ball reads 3013. Cheers) WHOO-HOO! 3013, WE'RE BACK!

Bender: Beer, don't fail me now! (Drinks) Aw, my first beer of the new year.

Fry: There's no year that I wouldn't want to spend without my friends, (Gasps in realization) hey, I found my New Year's Resolution, spend more time with my friends!

All: Awwwwwwww!

Zapp: (To Leela, bows to her) Let's dance my Leela-poo!

Sees Fry already dancing with her. She also kisses him, which makes Zapp mad.

Kiff: (Dancing with Amy) Cheer up, sir! It's the New Year; you don't want to start it out on a sour note, do you?

Zapp: (Sighs) No.

Starts dancing with everyone else but Bender, who is enjoying his beer bottle, while female singer on mike sings Auld Lang Syne. Fireworks light up the night sky.

Fry: (Gasps) Wait, wasn't my dog going to die in 2012? And I didn't even see Michelle! (Cries) Seymour, Michelle!

Leela: (Pats back of Fry's head as he cries on her shoulder) There, there Fry. It's best to leave the past behind us and look ahead to the future.


Carrot with mustache: Do you want to be a hero? Do you love your country? Do you like kick-butt kicking action?

Carrot next to him: YES, YES, YES!

(Shows some scenes of carrots kicking evil celery, riding motorcycles out of exploding buildings, a carrot defusing a bomb and a carrot saving a baby broccoli from a well and giving him back to his mommy. Mom hugs child)

Carrot with mustache: Well, join the CIA…Carrots Incorporated Association! Don't be a coward, be a hero to your veggie nation! And rember kids, don't eat your vegables, especially carrots, who knows? They may save your life one day! You must be a carrot in order to join.