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You think its fair?

You left her all behind to fend for herself.

It's not fair. You ruined her life, her love, and her heart. She watches you longingly, and you send a sneer her way.

How do you think she feels? Does she still love you? Nope, I can tell you that right now. She fucking hates you.

So stop sending her gifts on her birthday and flirting with her. Where are you getting that? Flirting does nothing to her but lead her on. You wanna do that to her?

You are the love of her life. You are her fire. Her heart. Her soul. You should care, but you don't.

Because of her. That stupid girl came in between you two, and you left her in cold blood. Why?

You're a jackass, that's why. You don't just lead a girl to believe that you love her and dump her for some whore. That's not something a hero would do.

A hero would stand by and stay. He's no coward. He is a man, brave and courageous. You have none of those traits.

Maybe you just want payment from her. You know she'll do anything for you, absolutely anything. She'll throw herself in front of a bullet, a knife, a sword, anything, to save your pathetic life.

You broke her, and you just don't want to believe it. Something is wrong with that, don't you think? You led her to believe everything, but everything is a fucking lie, you manwhore.

Every day, every night, she fantasizes on what could've been. You are her could've, should've, would've, and what if. You are her fantasies, the thoughts buried deep within her mind, those never shared.

Life is much more than a game, asshole. It's a real life you just let wither and die. You won't get another one, no matter how hard you try.

Because this isn't a game. It's not, not even close. It is you who thinks that, Son of Jupiter. Aphrodite, Venus, whoever she is, disapproves.

So guys, how are you?

Listen, I'm really sorry for not updating lately, for whoever is actually reading my stories. I haven't really been busy, just have no idea what to write. I know you guys are patient, and I want to applaud you for that. Just stick with me a bit longer, please? I'll try to have the next chapter of OQ and RS up soon.