Anyone remember the old Barbra Steirsand movie "Prince of Tides."? I had to do a paper on it for class recently, after seeing it, I felt inspired!

This picks up right where the movie left off...

all owner ship goes to people other then me :)

Chapter 1

Tom Wingo drove up the long driveway in front of his south caroline home and threw the car into park, he exhaled in annoyance as he reached down to open the car door, he took off his sun glasses and began walking up to the front door, mentally trying to prepare himself for what might be on the other side. He was never certain what mood he would be walking into upon his arrival home, sometimes the girls and Sally were in high spirits, sometimes, he wished he had done things...differently. It had been nearly 3 years since he had spent those 6 weeks in New York, and his own life had become stale and repudiative. The love had been sucked out of his marriage long ago, if he was completely honest it had never returned at all.
He opened the door and moved slowly into the kitchen, Sally stood with her back to him washing something in the sink, the sound of the water running into the sink was peaceful, gentle drawing him back to a more easy time. He must have seemed distracted because he didn't remember the water being switched off of Sally coming over to stand next to him.

"How was your day?" She asked.

"Hmm."He stuttered forcing his concentration back to the present

"Your day?" She repeated "How was it?"

"Fine, same as usual."

Sally made a soft sound in the back of her throat showing her irritation but only slightly.

"Where are the girls?" He asked changing the subject.

"Chandler is still at school, she had play rehearsal, and Jennifer and Lucy are at friends' houses for dinner."

He didn't respond but walked back over to the sink where Sally had been washing lettus for a salad, and began running his hands through the wet leaves.

"Are your hands clean?" She asked.

"Of course they are." He said turning around quickly. "I'm not a child Sally."

She stared at him for a moment as if trying to decide if it she really wanted to begin an argument or not.

she exhaled and walked to the other side of the kitchen island.

"I need to tell you something Tom."she paused. "It's about Savannah."

he turned to her "Oh Jesus. What happened now?" he asked crossing his arms. "I talked to her last week, she seemed fine."

"Well apparently she hid it from you...She's back in the hospital again. I talked to that psychiatrist of hers, Dr Lowenstein?"

He ran his hand through his hair, as if he needed any reminding of who Savannah's psychiatrist was.

"she said that she had tried to contact your mother and your father, and hadn't gotten a response from either one. I think it's pretty important that someone go up there and make some medical decisions for Savannah. Dr Lowenstein seemed pretty animate that either your mother or father go, but I think it should be you, I mean you are the closest family member Savannah has, and you have met Dr Lowenstein before."

Tom began pacing the living room floor, he had never told Sally how close he had gotten to Lowenstein when he had been to New York 3 years ago, and he was certain that if Sally had known she wouldn't been so keen on the idea of him going now.

"Oh Sally I don't know...I mean the state championship starts next week and I can't really leave the team ...I'd have to get the time off work."

Sally came over to him. "This is your sister Tom, you have to go, I've already spoken to your boss and he has agreed to give you as much time as you need. Is there some reason you don't want to go to New York?"

He side stepped her question and asked her another. "You trying to get rid of me Sally?"

She just shook her head and walked away from him, leaving him time to pack before he left on his trip to New York.