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Lowenstein took in a sharp breath when she saw Tom step off the elevator. He smiled and out stretched his hand when he saw Bernard. "Hello Bernard, " He said shaking his hand powerfully, "It's been a long time."

Bernard beamed, glancing over at his mother who was smiling too, seeing her son so happy reminded her of why she had fallen in love with Tom.

"What are you doing now?" Tom asked

"I'm a history teacher at Washington Heights High school. And I coach football too."

Tom looked if possible even more happy "A football coach hummm..."He shook his head as if at a loss for words. "Well great job kid, really, really, great job."

A heavy moment of silence followed "Well," Bernard spoke finally "I had better get going let you guys get to your dinner."

Bernard came back over to his mother and kissed her gently on the cheek "Bye ma." He said softly

As the elevator left the floor Tom shook his head. "Damn Lowenstein."

She smiled.

"Your kid did turn out alright."

"You shouldn't be surprised." she answered quietly, unable to resist the slight playfulness and flirtation that snuck into her voice. "It's because of you, you know, the way he is. That summer, the three months he spent with you..." she looked down her voice dropping if possible even more, a hint of sadness showing now. "they changed his life."

They both remained silent for a moment each lost in their own thoughts.

"Well." she said gesturing toward the door, ever the competent hostess. "Won't you come in."

He smiled again. Following her inside.

After she closed the door he handed her a bouquet "Roses for love." he said, she glanced up at him a nervous smile playing across her lips.

"So um...what would you like to eat."

He shook his head and laughed a little "Always a master at keeping that professional distance aren't you lowenstein."

she walked away into the kitchen and got a vase for the flowers and then busied herself with getting some of the to-go menus out of a drawer. His words had made her uncomfortable but she refused to let her feelings show. Rather then glorifying his remarks with a comment she looked up with a skeptical look on her face. "Dinner?"

He took a deep breath not hiding his disgust with her reaction "Alright Lowenstein, Alright. How about french food, remind you of what your missing." He said coming over to her and standing behind her, having him that close made her body react just as it had in the days previously. Her breathing quickened, as he began to whisper in her ear. His breath warm against her neck. "Come on Lowenstein, I thought we were starting to break through this iron lady routine earlier today."

Her breathing quickened if possible even more, as he placed his hands on her bare shoulder blades, pressing slowly to get her to turn around. Her body reacted in spite of her minds objections and she faced him, keeping her eyes downcast in an attempt to protect herself, from the sting of his fingers pressing lightly into her skin. "What is it sweet heart? Don't you trust me?"

She glanced up meeting her eyes with his allowing him to come if possible even closer, pressing her back against the counter. "No." she whispered back, but reached up with her mouth, and colliding her lips with his for the first time in three years. His lips were the same way she remembered, soft, and moist, gentle and vulnerable, yet powerful. Just like him. After a long moment she pulled away. "We really should order dinner." She said

He took a deep, almost cleansing breath in, and exhaled loudly nodded "Yeah alright go ahead and order."