Only Time

By: Zarabeth McGregor

Chapter 1: The night that changed my life

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing or Sailor Moon. They belong to their respective owners. If I did own them, you wouldn't want to watch them. Trust me.

                  Once again, my muse is being its annoying self. Yet again, it bugs me while I'm trying to sleep with the question that serves as my summary. So, I decided to turn this into a fic. Lord, help me. I have to do a school project, yet here I am writing stories…oh well, it ain't due 'til next year…


                  I always felt at peace in the water, it always helped me to think clearer, and put things into perspective. That was exactly why I was at the  sport's complex at this ungodly hour, starting my tenth lap. The water was warm, about 86º, and it slid easily off my pale body. I was doing the backstroke, my eyes focused on the complex's ceiling. Thinking, wondering.

                  See, tonight, I was feeling unbelievably restless. I was supposed to be starting my term paper, but I didn't feel like it. That was quite odd, because when it came to schoolwork I was always, always, focused. It was important, I had to give a synopsis on our work on the cerebellum. Not exactly the most adrenalin-pumping topic, I know, but I tried to tell myself it laid the foundation to more exciting things later on. Key word there being 'tried'. Suddenly, I found myself second-guessing my decision to go to med-school. Not that I felt overwhelmed, Heavens no! I found it to be hardly challenging, so far. It just suddenly didn't feel…right.

"Don't be silly, Ami," I told myself, with a slight giggle. I was now on my eleventh lap. I could really rip through the water, if the occasion called for it. "This has been your life's dream; of course you want to do it!" Why did I want to do it? Why was this my life's dream? With a sigh, I absently looked up at the lounge chairs by the pools edge. I gasped.

There was someone watching me.

I quickly came out of my backstroke and looked back.

No one was there.

Great, now I'm going paranoid. Seeing things and all. I decided to call it a night.


It was full moon that night, and it shone down in all its glory. The pale light lit up the dark alleyway I was walking down. I knew I should've been at least slightly apprehensive, but I wasn't. Being a Sailor Scout had its advantages. You learnt how to kick some major butt. It was chilly and I felt very glad that I walked with my coat.

                  They were soft at first, but they became louder. There were footsteps behind of me, slowly following. My blood ran cold and my heart rate picked up rapidly. I tried walking faster, to loose this person, but they picked up their pace too. By the way this person was stepping quite hard on the pavement, I could tell that they wanted me to notice them, to turn around. Well, I wasn't about to play the dumb movie blonde whom turned, only to be bludgeoned to death by a homicidal maniac. Besides, I had blue hair.

                  I listened to the footsteps behind me, and instantly realized something. It was a 'click, clack, click, clack' sound. The sound of high-heeled boots, women's high-heeled boots. But I still wasn't going to turn. Women could be homicidal maniacs too. They stopped abruptly.

"Ami, wait!" said a beautifully deep female voice. So I was right…it was also unfamiliar. "I'm not going to hurt you." Something about her voice made me suddenly fearless. I turned and faced her.

                  If the word 'beautiful' was to be used to describe her, that would've been a vast understatement.  She was…Lord, there was no word to describe her. She was tall and slender, all dressed in black. Black sweater, black knee-length skirt, black ankle boots. It was as if the moonlight illuminated her porcelain-pale skin. She had a lovely, fine-boned face brought out by a pair of piercing blue eyes. Her hair was long silky and black. Pure black. It made her clothes look like a kind of dark grey color. And her full, red lips were curved into a smile. A small, knowing smile. I was immediately suspicious.

"How did you know my name?" I demanded. She tilted her head to one side and looked at me quite inquisitively. Then she broke out into a full-blown grin.

"I have a question for you, Ami Mizuno," she said, anticipation heavy in her voice. Before I could answer, she continued.

And asked simply the most off the wall question I could ever remember being asked.

"If given the opportunity to find your soul-mate, your one true love, would you take it, even if it entailed you losing everything you know?"

I said it was crazy.