Chapter One: The Claiming

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter books or the movie francize. This is my first attempt out of the Glee 'verse so I'm nervous about putting this out there. First of all I'm American so I'm sorry if I butcher the British slang and English in general isn't exactly my first language. So if you notice a mistake please feel free to comment. Warnings there will be some dub-con and BDSM in here. I read a review somewhere asking for a dark Fleur story and it stuck in my head. This is my attempt at it hopefully its enjoyable. Alright kiddies on with the show.

Hermione Granger looked up at the deranged Death Eater, Bellatrix as she lay on the hard stone floor. The mad woman cackled out her chilling laughter as the other Death Eater's around her taunted the former school girl. By her appearance on the outside, Hermione appeared to be calm and collected but on the inside she was whimpering like a scared little girl she is. She cursed the boys' stupidity that led to their capture and dropped her in the surprisingly dainty hands of the most notorious Death Eater alive.

She swallowed lifting up her chin, silently daring the older woman to do her worst. Which she had done already, because Hermione has the scars to prove it. Bellatrix gladly took the challenge, and made the younger woman scream in pain. Although it did take Bella a little over two hours to finally get a small whimper to fall from Hermione's closed lips. It took less than an hour after that to get the sweet scream of pain that she was waiting for. The screams never stopped after that.

In a painful haze she heard a voice stopping the torture after five hours of grueling pain. Hermione was thankful for the interruption but she was unable to place the angel's voice. Although it did sound familiar and Hermione still heard it in her dreams calming her fears away.

She woke up later in the infirmary at Hogwarts dazed and confused. She felt hands gently push her down and accented voice, "Lay down Hermione you need your rest."

Hermione whimpered, "Don't hurt me, please."

She placed a feather light kiss on her forehead, "I would never hurt you my love but you need your rest."

Hermione groaned blackening out again. When she back around to her mind was better focused. She saw a dark figure in the corner of the room and starts to scream. She heard feet rushing into the infirmary. She tried to bat away the hands that tried to hold her down. The only that was clear was her need to get away from the smirking figure.

It took several calming potions to get the girl to listen to Bellatrix's proposal. It seemed the whole capture and torture thing of Hermione was a ruse to throw Voldemort off their plan to deflect. But in Hermione's opinion Bellatrix went way too far when she carved in the word 'Mudblood' on her arm or whipped her bloody. It had to appear to be authentic Bellatrix said because her Dark Lord was watching, Hermione thinks bitterly. He had spies everywhere in the castle; she scoffs because she later found out that Voldemort was out of the country at the time of her capture.

Even though she appeared to be contrite over her actions Hermione knew better than to believe it. She could still feel the cold stone on her belly when Bellatrix tore off her shirt and flipped her on her back. She can still feel every painful strike of the whip on her skin. She can still feel the knife felt cutting into her skin. She can still hear the small moans Bellatrix breathed in her ear after every whimper that fell from her lips. She can still feel the way Bellatrix grounded her wet core on her stomach leaving a wet trail on her skin. But the part that disgusted her more was the fact that she was also turned on by this. She can feel how wet and throbbing her center got as she fought her bodies reaction to the pain.

That was the thing that kept her up at night not the torture itself but the fact that she wanted Bellatrix to fuck her hard. At that point she didn't care that Lestrange was the enemy, no she cared that the mad woman woke up something that she never knew existed. Something that she still pushes to back of her mind only to accept in the dark of the night while she's alone in her bed.

She tells everyone who would listen that she just wishes the nut job didn't have so much fun carving into her skin or whipping her back. Further denying to her the fact that she liked it, loved the pain of it all and that she needed more of it. More of the sweet torture Bellatrix gave to her.

She hated the fact (or so she tells herself) that every time Bellatrix caught her alone the mad woman taunted the girl. Whispering in her ears about how she dreamed of how Hermione's skin felt underneath her as she begged her to stop. How Hermione's body withered underneath her and her nipples harden when Bellatrix grounded her soppy wet pussy on her stomach. How Hermione's body trembled underneath her when her knife cut into her fragile skin. Of course Hermione denied it refusing to admit she loved this part of their dance. Refusing to admit she sought out the very places she knew the mad witch and sister would be.

Whenever Narcissa would catch her alone the refined woman would back her in the corner and cup her center. She would laugh as she applied pressure to the aching clit shaking the walls that Hermione built of that night. Narcissa would promise in a sweet voice that they will finish what they started that night. She promised that Hermione would be their bitch and that she will love every minute of it. Hermione shook her head as she pushed the laughing woman off of her but the witch's laughter chased her as she ran away.

The only thing that really hurts Hermione is the word 'Mudblood' that was curved permanently in her skin, more than actual pain (because like I said she won't admit that she revealed in the pain.) She just couldn't make the word disappear from her arm leaving a visible reminder of the sick little thoughts that are in her head. But no matter what she tried no spell she said or potion she made, it still stayed mocking her every day. Taunting her, making her wet when she allowed her mind to wander back to that night.

Not even the great Professor McGonagall or Madam Pomfrey could find a healing spell or potion to get it to fade after seven months of trying. McGonagall and Pomfrey told Hermione that Bellatrix used a curse knife to curve up her arm. That was why they were able to heal her back without leaving any scars but the one on her was going to be there for the rest of her life.

They did try to comfort her by saying that it was a small price to pay to win the war. Hermione looks down at her arm, a scowl marring her features. But they weren't the ones with the constant reminder on their arms, now where they? Nor were they the ones that had to endure Bellatrix's insanity even if it was just for a little while. No matter the short length of time it still left her waking up screaming every night. She just wished that the Black sisters could somehow pay for the crimes they did to her, but they were too valuable to the Order and the ministry. Their vast knowledge of Voldemort, his Inner Circle and the rest of his allies was enough for them to turn a blind eye on Hermione's mental suffering.

But that was six months ago and now that the war was finally over Hermione could relax because the good guys actually did win. Some people, like her, paid for more than anyone else. But it's okay because Lord Voldemort is in the ground rotting away along with most of his Death Eaters. While the rest of them were in the wind after he fell to an experience opponent as tried to avoid being capture. It was all thanks to the two women that haunted her every night and Draco because when all hope seemed to be lost for their side they switched sides at the last moment giving the Order the vital information they needed to win the war.

Hermione snorts the once feared Black sisters became the saviors of the Light. Because of that they were the only ones that managed to stay out of Azkaban. The whole Malfoy/Black family was pardon for their crimes and their records whipped clean. All except for the Lucius because even if he hadn't been killed during the final battle defending his master, he would be rotting away in a jail cell with the rest of them. Narcissa hated the man she called her husband enough to exclude him from the deal that they struck. Hermione even witness the elegant witch laughing as they carted him away while the rest of the family watched. It chilled her to the bone, the glee in their faces as they all but danced when that retched man went to his new home.

The really funny part was that Bellatrix is the one in charge with leading the search for the fugitives. The Order figured since she was the one that trained most of them then she should be able to find them without any problem. She was doing a good job of it too because after it took all the Aurors three months of fruitless searching while Bellatrix accomplished what the others said to be impossible. Within just a week after being of her assigned the task she led the charge to capture five of the top ten most wanted including Fenir and Snape.

It turned out Bellatrix and her sister weren't the only double agents within the Order ranks. Snape tricked the mighty Dumbledore into believing he was down for the cause and later killed him. Right now those two are rotting away in Azkaban forgoing a trial. Bellatrix took a large amount of satisfaction parading around the greasy haired weasel around the ministry, blooded and broken as the wolf's stilled body floated alongside of him as Hermione watched from her darken corner. By accident of fate or pure bad luck the former school girl always seemed to find herself exactly where the she or her sister would be (still in denial after these months.)

Right now the bushy haired girl, no young woman since the war killed whatever innocence she had left, was in Australia watching her parent's house near the beach. She silently stared at the happy picture the older couple made without their only daughter. But she has no right to feel sad or depressed because she did this. She's the one that made the decision to erase her from their memory. It doesn't make it hurt any less though and it doesn't make any sense that she's been torturing herself for almost two weeks now.

She ran away from London earlier in the week with her tail between her legs after the Black sisters appeared in the small secluded cabin in the woods that she rented to get away from the public eye. But that was something she didn't want to think about right now because Hermione was pondering over a safer dilemma, whether or not she should take the spell off of her parents since war is over and the danger should be gone. But is it really over? There's still Death Eaters out there at would get even with her through her parents. The danger might never really go away. She might never get her parents back because they can't protect themselves against magic.

Then there's the fact that she was kind of being stalked by the Black sisters. They could easily use her parents against her to get her to do whatever they want her to do. That of course would give her an excuse to give into her dark desires without admitting that she wanted it. That she needs it as much as she needs to breath now.

Hermione stood up from her spot on the beach brushing off the sand from her pants sighing, because she has finally come to a painful decision. She must leave her parents as they are for now, until the danger was over for good. Until she could make the sick feelings that the Black sisters brought out of her. None of the Grangers were safe until she got control over that part of her mind and finally got the Blacks out of her head for good.

Now was time to go she must go tell her favorite professor that she doesn't plan on continuing her education, at least for the time being. Hermione deserved some time to heal from all of her wounds, seen and unseen. Hermione knew that the Professor will be disappointed that her favorite student wouldn't be finishing her last year but it needs to be done. She can't focus on the all of her loses if she wants to get better. No she must keep her focus squarely on releasing the hold that the Black sisters have on her. She must do that without putting her parents in danger no matter how much it hurts to let them go.

"I'll miss you mum and Dad and I love you," she whispers.

She watched as the older Grangers laughed near the surf for a while, wishing she had the strength to turn away. Smiling, Hermione recalls a memory from her youth. It was almost exactly the same as this. Her parents playfully running away from the tide but in her memory a young Hermione was laughing alongside of them. Running away from the chilly water as her father winked and pushed her softly into the water. Jane Granger mock scowled at her husband and lifted her little girl up in her arms. Her mother whispered in her ear and they turned to her husband, and on the count of three both Granger girls pushed him into the water. Her Mom carried her as they ran away from the laughing man. He picked himself out of the water and chased after his girls. They played in the beach long after it got dark only going inside when Hermione was about to turn blue from the cold.

Hermione shook her head blinking back tears as she watches the similar scene unfold before her. Hermione takes in a shuttering breath before given them one last longing look, "I love you. I promise this isn't forever but it has to be this way for now."

She cleared her throat before turning away, each step she took a painful reminder of what she was giving up. When Hermione was clear from the beach and any prying eyes she apparate away without glance back at her parents one last time. The young woman appeared in front of the gates at Hogwarts she hesitated before entering the warded area. She takes a deep breath before continuing through the gates. She heard twigs breaking to her right, but as she turned around to investigate she's knocked unconscious by a stunner before she even has a chance to draw her wand.

When she woke up, it felt like days later her arms sore and aching, Hermione finds herself chained to a painfully familiar wall. She was scared because this feels like the manor all over again and the feeling she tried to deny comes flooding back again. Hermione struggled against the chains as she starts to panic, whimpering pitifully as her heart started beating hard. So hard Hermione was afraid it would burst from her chest.

"Someone help me!" She screamed even though she knew it's useless. If the people who are holding her were the ones she feared there was no help coming "HELP! Someone anyone, please help me!"

Hermione screamed her throat raw for hours until she heard heels clicking on the floor outside of her cell. She whimpered low when an eerily familiar cackle bounced off the wall sending chills her to the very bones and utterly terrified her. The bushy haired brunette started yanking on her chains harder in a futile attempt to escape bruising her wrist.

"Oh no, no, no," she chanted denying her body's reaction.

Her wide terrified eyes were glued to the door as she prayed that her biggest nightmare wasn't coming true again. As Narcissa and Bellatrix walked into the cell, Hermione felt her heart stop, "Let me go, you bitches! I knew it was a mistake to trust you," her voice hoarse after all of her screaming. It sounded weak and small even to her own ears, "Why can't you just leave me alone?"

The sisters were eerily quiet but it was their eyes that frightened Hermione, cold and emotionless as they stood still at the door. All three women started at each other two seemed smug while the hazel eyes stared at them frighten and teary. When the blonde finally broke their staring contest she smirked and with a flick of her wand it left Hermione naked and cold chained to the wall.

Hermione struggled uselessly to cover her body, "Oh gods no, no. Just stay back," she whispered when the sisters moved closer. "Why are you doing this to me?"

Bellatrix cackle echoed throughout the cell as she moved closer gleefully circles her prey, "Oh looky here Cissy Muddy has a fit body." She taunted the scared girl, "It's a damn shame that a body like this was wasted on a girl like her, huh Cissy? And didn't I tell you Muddy that we weren't finished with you yet? I have plans to destroy this body and put it back together again like Humpty Dumpty."

The blonde chuckled at her sister's antics the blonde as she caresses Hermione's perky breast, "It would seem that her pathetic muggle parents did something right Bella. Yes you're right sister her body was made to be abused." She winked at the scared little girl, "We meet again Ms. Granger, if I didn't know any better I would think that you were stalking us."

Hermione bites back a moan refusing to think of how good it was starting to feel, "J-j-just let me go I promise that I won't tell anyone if you let me go. I swear."

Devious fingers toyed with her hard clit, "But we never got to finish with all of our fun the last time you were here Muddy." Bella's voice mocks, "After the effort we put into getting you here, it's bad manners to deny us our fun. Must be your Mudblood up bringing that's made you lack manners."

"Why are you doing this? Is this really worth your freedom after everything you did to keep it," Hermione desperately implores. All the while willing her body not to notice feel how good it felt to have Bellatrix's finger on her clit or Narcissa's hands on her breast. "Just let me go, please."

"No I don't think we will Muddy not only because I don't want too but because you belong to a very good friend of ours. She's practically family," Bella licked the Hermione's ear. Her laughter mocking the confused girl when her body responds against her will. "It's a shame that we can't fuck this tight little cunt. I mean not yet at least not until she breaks you in than you will be shared with us."

A familiar voice startles the trio, "Are you sure about that cousin?"

For the first time since she woke up Hermione felt like she was going to get out of this. She smiled at the approaching witch pleading softly, "Oh thank god please Fleur help me get out of these chains."

"Do be quiet Hermione. Don't speak unless you're given permission," she slapped the girl lightly across the face.

Hermione cries out more from the shock than being in pain. She stutters, "W-w-what…"

"Cissy, Bella testing out the merchandise already," she mocked the sisters as her eyes fall to the blonde's hands fondling the girl's breast.

The older woman shrugged innocently, "Sorry my dear but they were just there so you can't blame me for playing with such a pretty little toy."

Bellatrix snickers as her knife appears out of nowhere and she knick her side then licking up the blood. She gives an exaggerated moan, "Hmm you taste good for being dirty Mudblood."

Hermione cried silently, "Why are you all doing this to me?"

They laugh at Hermione confused crying only getting louder when Fleur slaps her again, "I said no speaking Hermione." Fleur stroked her face cooing when the younger woman breaks down further, "Aww mon petite don't cry. Although your tears are lovely but I'll explain if that makes you feel better. I'm Veela but you know this yes?" Hermione nods her head slowly, "Everyone thinks that we're dangerous and only out seduce men but non we cannot help that men are drawn to us. Veela is a strong creature and longs for someone to submit to us in every way and be our mate. We don't care if that is male or female as long as they are submissive to us. Its seems that she has chosen you Hermione."

Hermione shakes her head, "Why me?"

Fleur shrugs her delicate shoulders, "No one really knows it instinctually. It's the beast in us that chooses our mate."

Hermione sniffed, "You could have just asked me out instead of doing this and what about Bill. He is your husband. I'm sure that he will have something to say about you kidnapping his brother's best friend," she shook her chains to emphasize her point.

"He was a marriage of convenience so that I can stay in this country and to keep an eye on you," Fleur smile was sultry letting her finger trial down her face. "I have known that you were mine since the Triwizard Tournament when I saw you across the courtyard but I wanted to wait until you were old enough before I claimed you."

Hermione bites back a moan since the sisters were still keeping up their ministrations on her body. "And what about them?" She tried to move her body away from the prying hands.

Fleur chuckles, "They are old family friends. We go back several generations but no one knew not even the great Dumbledore nor did any of your professors know who they were to the Delacour family." She kisses Hermione's tear stained cheek, "I had them bring you in when I felt that it was becoming too dangerous for you to be out there with those idiots Harry and Ron. I cannot have my mate out there in danger because of a couple of fools."

Hermione shook her head spitting out venomously, "I'll never be yours Fleur because you disgust me. All of you disgust me."

Fleur smirked, "I love that spirit Hermione but I'll love breaking it even more."

Bellatrix cackled taking her sister's arm as she backs away, "And I'll love seeing you break Muddy, Fleur." She was positively gleaming as she conjures up a chair for her and Narcissa, "Just promise me that you'll break her hard and make it hurt."

Hermione glares at the deranged witch, "You all make me sick…"

Her rant was cut off by a moan when Fleur slid a finger into her wet passage. The French witch was practically purring when she reached the younger brunette's barrier, "I see that barbarian Krum nor Ron didn't get you in bed. I'm happy because I would've hated to have to hurt them because this is mine. It's always been mine Hermione."

She shook her head fighting her body's reaction, "Nooooo. I don't belong to you. I don't want to be here."

The sisters sat on the other side of the room hungrily following the movements of Fleur's hand when Narcissa quips deciding to put her two cents in, "Do try to say that without moaning next time dear. It would make it more believable until then we don't believe you, pet."

Hermione forgot how to form words as Fleur thrusts her hand into her breaking her virginity. She closes her eyes not wanting to see the smug grin that she was sure was on Fleur's face.

"That's it mon chéré your body loves this, " Fleur taunts. She removed her hand only to enter Hermione with two more fingers stretching her out more.

Hermione moans struggling to keep her body still, "Stop please."

The blonde witch thrust her hand harder and harder into Hermione, hitting her clit with every thrust, "But I can't mon ami your body is telling me go on," Fleur's voice dripping with false sincerity.

Hermione whimpered feeling the pressure build, "No it's not."

"Then why is your pretty little pussy flooding my hand? Why are your walls pulsing around my fingers? Hmm," the French witch taunted. Her accent got thicker as her arousal grew with every thrusts of her hand harder, pounding Hermione's pussy. "Why do I hear your breathy moans?" She leans her face closer, "Now enough of this non sense gave your mate a kiss, my love."

The younger girl turned her face, trying to bury her face in her arm but Fleur pries in out of her hiding spot. She squeezed her chin painful, "Lesson one you will never deny me what I want. This can either be painless or I can make it hurt so badly." To prove her point Fleur removed her hand hitting her aching center hard, all in one movement.

Hermione cries out, her voice strangled with tears, "STOP!"

One, two, five hits later each blow landing harder, "I'll stop when you kiss me of your own free will."

Hermione closes her eyes and bites her lip refusing to give in, "No."

Fleur hits her seven more times, landing in different areas, "I can make the pain stop if you just give me one little kiss."

Hermione whimpered her thighs and pussy burning after every stinging blow. Her jaw ached because of Fleur firm grip. She knew that the blonde could easily force a kiss but the French woman seemed to want it to be giving freely. She tried to hold strong but after five minutes of continuous strikes Hermione caved. The only sounds she heard through her pitiful cries were the voices of the Black sisters shouting encouragement to their blonde friend.

Unable to handle the pain anymore, she breathed in a shuttering breathe and she whispers a defended, "Okay."

The blows stop just as abruptly as they started, "I'm sorry love but I didn't hear you over the sounds of slapping skin and your cries."

The brunette swallowed hard. Fleur somehow made her little dig sound really sexy, "I said okay."

She lets go of Hermione's face and smirks playfully, "Okay what my dear?"

"I'll give you a kiss," she whispers.

The French woman smirks, "I want a real kiss not a halfhearted one that you would give an aunt."

Hermione nods closing her eyes and puckers her lips slightly. She flushed at the mocking laughter coming from the other side of the cell. Fleur smirk widened as she leans forward to brush their lips together. Hermione breath catches at the first touch shocking her making her feel weak. Fleur deepened the kiss sliding her fingers back into Hermione's core. She flicked her tongue over Hermione's bottom lip asking for entrance. Hermione sighed opening her lips for the dominate blonde's tongue.

Fleur fucked Hermione's mouth and pussy in the same hard pace. Hermione's eyes were closed tightly as she continues to fight the overwhelming feelings Fleur was giving her. She moans losing the battle that has with her body when her hips start to move tentatively at first with Fleur's hand matching her rhythm.

Fleur lifts her mouth briefly, "Yes that's it Hermione move with me, fuck yourself on my hand."

The younger women whimpered canting her hips faster meeting every punishing thrust. The pressure in her belly builds until she was screaming into Fleur's mouth. Her body started shaking as her walls clamped down trapping the blonde's fingers. Hermione comes hard again when Fleur flicked her hard clit. She's shocked and appalled at her body reaction to Fleur's invading fingers.

She turned her head away still moaning at the aftershocks. Fleur turned her head back fighting for another kiss. She tried to resist but she's helpless and gives into the questing mouth. Their tongues duel for control. Fleur chuckled against Hermione's mouth as she took control over the kiss. After a while Hermione's lungs were screaming for oxygen and she tried to tear her mouth away but the stronger witch held her in place. Hermione whimpered and struggled weakly against the chains hoping Fleur will let her go.

She forgot about the sisters in front of her until she heard Bellatrix's chilling cackle and Narcissi's cool taunting voice interrupts her thoughts, "Yes Fleur I can see how much she hated that. After coming that hard it leaves no question to that fact."

This only renewed her fight as she struggles harder in vain against her chains and the mouth dominating her, how come this woman doesn't need to breath like I do. She sees spots behind her eyes and the pressure in her chests tightened as she feels herself fainting away. The tears flow faster, this is it, this is how I die. Death by kiss, Ron will have a good time with that one.

Mercifully Fleur lets go of Hermione's lips, leaving her to greedily suck in that precious air. The French woman laughter bounces off the walls, "I could have done without the commentary from you too but yes Hermione seemed to hate the way my fingers fucked her pretty little pussy. It was cute how you thought that you had a choice in the matter. Live or die it's my choice Hermione and the sooner you accept that the better it will be for you." She licks her tears moaning, "You taste good ma petite I wonder what you taste like sitting on my face after you lick my pussy of course."

The chains finally disappear and the girl falls to the ground landing on her knees. Crying Hermione tries to regain feeling back in her arms. After the pin picks died away she tries to crawl away from the witches hovering over her, "Stop please no more. I can't do that its unthinkable."

Fleur pushed the weakened girl down with her foot sitting on her back. Once again her lungs felt under pressure, "Get off of me."

The other three woman laugh at her weak attempt to get away. The unusually silent Bellatrix speaks up for the first time since Fleur took Hermione. Her voice a teasing sing song, "You're going to be mark like the animal you are."

Hermione felt her strength waning further, "No, no, no please don't just let me.

Fleur stroked her hair softly before pushing it aside for a better view of her back, "I'm going to burn my mark into you, Hermione. Now you can never hide from me because I'll always find you there's no escape. There never was."

Hermione cries harder pleading, "No please don't…"

But they refuse to listen to her pleas as two more sets of hands hold her down. Soon her pleading became loud screams of pain as her shoulder started to burn. She feels a strange power course through her body into every cells that are even her toes start tingling. She heard Fleur chanting a spell on top of her but she can't make out the words. The only thing she can focus on is the pain radiating throughout her body.

Fleur laughs as her family cress appears on the formerly unblemished skin, "Now sleep my pet because you truly belong to me forever. There is no hope for you now Hermione. There never was."

She feels a kiss on her sweaty hair and the pressure was finally lifted off her tired body. Hermione turns her head to glare at the trio but they just laugh at her poor attempt at intimidating them. She hears the trio leave the cell leaving her on the hard cold floor before she passes out from the pain.