Chapter Three: Breaking the Walls

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Hermione sat with the wall to her back and her knees drawn up to her chin. She lost track of time after Fleur and the Blacks left her there in the dungeon floor. It could have been an hour or a day for all she knew. Time kind of stood still when one was lost in the dark. Her mind was racing thinking of ways to escape though. Every attempt sounded far fetch to her because it depended on one of her captures making a mistake. That didn't seem very likely to her though. They might do it for fun though knowing how sadistic Bellatrix can be. Hell Fleur wasn't the innocent angel she first thought so her punishment could be ten times worst.

The thought in the back of her mind that was really nagging her was, 'did she really want to escape?' I mean she gave in so easily and the ache in her chest when Fleur isn't near her was getting worse by the second. Or it might all be because of the mark she now wears. The mark Fleur forced upon her. She felt that it was changing her already, because every time she thought about escaping the mark would start to burn.

She was hopeful that it hadn't been longer than a few hours since they left her, because she was starving and felt gross. Fleur had yet to come down with her food like she promised. At this point she didn't care if was a soggy piece of bread, her stomach was nearly eating itself in hunger.

She lifted her head when she heard the clicking of heels on the stone floor and magically the door reappears. Hermione knew who it was immediately by the way the burning ache of her mark started to weaken. Hermione blinked rapidly at the sudden harsh light. Her vision may be blurred by the light, but she could make out the shape and blonde head of Fleur.

"Good morning mon ami," her voice caressed Hermione's skin like a gentle breeze causing her to shudder. She drew her knees tighter, "You look…well you look like crap."

Hermione tilted her chin glaring at her, "I wonder why? It's not like I'm being held against my will by a mad French woman and her band of mad friends. Speaking of, where are the psycho sisters?" She looked past Fleur at the door. A plan was starting to form in her mind.

Fleur chuckled, "You are as cheeky as ever, my love. I told them I needed alone time with my mate. They were reasonably upset of course but they understand." She walked closer and the door disappeared behind her. Hermione sighed of course Fleur would make it disappear.

She crouched down next to her making Hermione shrink away, "After the first time I saw you that day it wasn't just your beauty that I fell in love with. But then I noticed your intelligence and wit and that drew me in deeper." Fleur smiled playing with Hermione's matted her, "I knew you were mine and I loved you but imagine my delight when I found you to be loyal and fierce. Beauty can only be taken so far if there is no substance under it."

Hermione snorted, "You love me? Is this how you treat a person you love! You kidnap me, twice! Torture and brand me after you had taken me against my will." She jerked her head away, "I would hate to see how you treat a person you have no love for."

Fleur slapped her lightly across the face, "I would be carefully with that temper of yours my love."

Hermione swallowed what she was going to say next. She didn't want to make it worse for herself.

Fleur chuckled standing up, "I do love that spirit Hermione but I shall love breaking it more." Fleur gestured with her hands, "This is the way it is with my kind. Dominance and submission, someone needs to be in control. It's just bad luck for you that I'm the one in charge."

Fleur turned around and walked to the middle of the room. She muttered under her breath conjuring a chair. "I imagine that you are starving, mon ami."

As if to confirm it, Hermione's stomach began growling, "Maybe a little."

Fleur twirled around giggling, "Yes only a little unless there's a beast in you tummy." She unbuttoned her jeans making Hermione's breath catch in her throat, "What will you do for a decent meal? Not those meager meals Bella wants to send down, hmmm? And a bath?"

Hermione swallowed, "I, it would depend…"

Fleur shimmed out of her jeans and Hermione's eyes followed them as they revealed her silky legs. "I want you to crawl over here on your hands and knees like the bitch you are and eat me."

Hermione's face blazed, "I, what? Fleur…"

"Hush I wasn't done mon ami," she admonished playfully tossing her shirt on her discarded jeans. "Eat me and you'll have your bath and meal. Since I'm feeling generous I shall even let you out of here for the day. But you don't then I'll do as I originally planned and fuck you like I did last night. I promise I won't be gentle this time."

Hermione swallowed, "I don't think…I don't know who to do that."

Fleur sat down letting her legs fall open, "I have complete faith that you will do well just like in everything else you do."

Hermione chewed on her lip nervously. On one hand a hot meal and a hot bath sounded heavenly, but on the other she wasn't sure if she could do what Fleur was asking. What if she was bad? And Fleur punished her harshly because of it. She was also sore down there and she didn't think another rough fucking would help that situation.

Fleur was smirking, she has been invading Hermione's mind easily since the first day. That little debate in her mate's mind was rather adorable. Little did Hermione know a rough fucking was something she was going to get on a daily bases. Oh well she'll let Hermione have her fantasies for now, there is no harm in it after all. But the circles that Hermione is running was making her dizzy, she must put a stop in it for now.

"Time is up, ma petite loutre. Do you eat me or do I fuck you?" Fleur taunted crooking her finger at her.

Hermione swallowed letting her arms fall to her side. She moved one leg under her hesitating in moving forward.

"That's right come to me," Fleur whispered.

Hermione glared drawing a deep breath placing her hand on the floor. She could feel her heart beating loudly in her chest. So loud that she was sure Fleur would have been able to hear her regardless of her being Veela. She knew without even looking that Fleur was wearing a smug grin. She can't understand why she just doesn't try and make a run for it when she had the chance. She doubts that she would make it far. The Black sisters were sure to be hiding somewhere, just watching everything.

She stopped just in front of Fleur's open legs dropping back on her heels. She touched her leg tentatively trying to marvel over how soft her skin is. She licked her dry lips ready to dive in so to speak but Fleur stopped her.

"Before you kiss those lips I want you to these," she tapped her mouth.

Hermione clenched her jaw leaning up, "I hate you."

Fleur chuckled slapping her a little harder this time, "Tell yourself that lie all you want my love but I don't believe you. Not one little bit ma petite loutre."

Hermione head snapped back, "You know this hitting me does not scream affection, Fleur."

Fleur smirked, slapping Hermione again hard enough to draw blood from her lip, "You like it. I can smell how wet it makes you, ma chéré. "

Hermione shakes her head, "No I don…" She moaned when Fleur slid her leg between Hermione's suddenly. She rocked pushing against her wet folds.

"No use in denying it, Mione." Fleur voice taunts her. "I want my kiss now."

Hermione closed her eyes sighing as she struggles with her traitorous body. No matter how much her mouth said she doesn't enjoy it, her body calls her out on the lie. She tightened her hands on Fleur's legs as she leaned to brush her lips against Fleur's full ones. She had to swallow back a moan when she tasted them again. She could feel Fleur shake with laughter but she decided to ignore it and get this kiss over with.

Fleur bites down on Hermione's lip making the other girl gasp in shock. The blonde witch takes advantage of it thrusting her tongue into Hermione's mouth. Hermione's hips start moving in their own accord and her hands tightens around Fleur's legs.

Fleur grabbed a hand full of Hermione's messy hair and pulls back harshly. "Non, you hated it that. I can tell," she chuckles. She pushed Hermione's head down toward her breast, "I have something else I know that you'll hate." She put a hard nipple in her mouth, sighing with each tentative pull. "Yes that's it ma chéré just like that."

Hermione moaned at the taste of Fleur's skin. She never tasted anything other than her lips before. She hated to admit it, even in her mind that she likes the way that Fleur tastes. It wasn't fair, how her body was betraying her like this.

Fleur threw her head, enjoying the gentle suction of Hermione's mouth. She sighed giving her head a nudge. Hermione got the hint and regretfully let the hard nipple go. She kissed her way down Fleur's body. The muscles of her stomach quivered slightly with every brush of Hermione's lips.

Fleur was so wet, but she's been wet since she came into the dungeon, just thinking about all the naughty things that she was going to make her mate do. No matter how much the girl protested, Fleur knew that Hermione enjoyed being dominated. In time she would come to crave it, that much she is sure of.

She had a small bet with Bella on how long it would take for her to have Hermione, heart and soul. She already laid claim on her body she just needed the rest.

Hermione stilled just above Fleur's center. She inhaled deeply, even her scent was intoxicating. Fleur groaned opening her legs wider, "That's ma chéré come get your breakfast."

The younger woman shot her a glare that even she didn't believe. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest and hear the blood rushing in her ears. She gave a tentative swipe of her tongue on Fleur's moist lips. She moaned taking another swipe, surer of her actions this time. She felt the hand on her hair tighten, letting her know that she was doing something right.

Hermione pushed her legs a little further apart and she settled between them. Her tongue coaxed the little nub from its hiding spot. The breathy moans above her gave the courage to be bolder. She sucks the hard clit into her mouth.

Fleur threw her head back muttering in hot French. Her hips bucked into Hermione's face, riding it, "That's it you filthy bitch, eat me. Oh fuck, you were made to be my bitch."

Hermione was going to protest but Fleur pushed her face deeper into her pussy. She had no choice but to continue or suffocate. 'Ron would love that,' she likes bitterly. 'Death by pussy.' She gasped, when she felt a sudden smack on the side of her head.

"Stop daydreaming," Fleur snapped. "But if you're having trouble concentrating I can bring Bella down here to help."

Hermione shook her head, whimpering desperately. That was the last thing she needed, Bella's sadistic ass down here. She sucked harder on the swollen nub, trying to make the girl above her come.

Fleur laughed, "I knew that you like it. Your lips were made eating pussy." She moaned rolling her hips in time with Hermione's tongue. The more the witch above her moaned and whimpered the bolder Hermione got. She slides her hand slowly toward Fleur's wet center. "Yes Mione, stick your fingers instead of me. Fuck me."

She tentatively slipped one finger inside of her. Moving slowly, trying to find the right rhythm, but Fleur had enough of the teasing. "Another finger, faster," she demanded.

She added another finger moving her hand faster. Hermione groaned, still not admitting that she likes this. She likes the taste and smell of Fleur. She likes the way she moved on her face. The way she felt around her fingers.

Fleur heard her thoughts, but she was too busy trying not to come too tease the girl. Fleur's head fell back, "Curl your fingers! Yes, fuck just like that."

Hermione felt her arm start to burn as her pace slowed down. After the last few days she felt weak but Fleur didn't care about that. She pulled Hermione's hair, arching her neck back. "Did I say slack off little girl? I am beginning to think that you want me to whip you. Or maybe you want Bella on that pretty little ass of yours."

She slapped her hard across the face. Hermione cried out and tried to block her face, but Fleur snapped, "If you remove your fingers I swear that you will regret it. I will make the last two days seem like a fucking day at the park compared to what will happen to you. Do you want that?"

Hermione felt tears prick at her eyes. She shook her head the best she could, "No please Fleur don't…"

"Shut up, you pathetic bitch," she growled. "You better make me come soon or I will lose my patience."

Hermione started thrusting her hand again, trying to ignore the way her muscles were protesting. She couldn't deal with another round of last night or the day before. She found her rhythm again, curling in time with each thrust. Her neck started ache from Fleur's tight grip. She wanted to ask her to let her go but she was afraid of her reaction.

Fleur growled rolling her hips off the chair, "That's it you pathetic whore. Oh right there, Mione. You like being my bitch, don't you? My mate…" She loved the girl's fingers inside of her, but she needed more. She needed that tongue on her again. She grabbed the other side of Hermione's head forcing face into her center. "Lick me, now."

Hermione whimpered she was going to have whiplash if Fleur kept this up. And her nose might get broken. She felt a slap on the side of her head again.

"Stop complaining you dumb bitch," Fleur growled.

Hermione forgot that Fleur could break through her walls so easily. She poked her tongue out, licking the hard nub. She heard Fleur hum above her, so she did it again and again. Her fingers and tongue worked together trying to push Fleur over the edge.

Fleur sighed rolling her hips in time with Hermione. In truth, she could have come a long time ago because she was already turned on before coming down stairs. But she wanted Hermione to work for it so she forced her orgasm back as long as she could. Hermione soft whimpers and tentative movements were just too much. She could feel the pressure building until it became too much.

She tightened her grip until the point where she almost pulled the hair from Hermione's head. "Oh fuck, right there. Oh god…"

Hermione felt Fleur's walls squeeze her fingers and it was a struggle to keep her pace and sucked the little harder. She managed to push through the resistance. She curled her fingers looking for that spot one more time. She was pretty sure that she found it when Fleur near came off her seat. She kept thrusting until she felt Fleur's shaking stop.

Fleur giggled patting the side of Hermione's head, "Not bad for your first time, mon ami." Hermione laid her head on Fleur's lap trying to catch her breath but she didn't remove her fingers just yet. "This was your first time, right? You didn't use that mouth of yours on anyone else? Say that obnoxious girl Lavender or even Luna?"

Hermione felt her cheeks redden, "No I've never…no Fleur."

Fleur laughed, "So I am your first, good. I shall take all your virginities as it should be, being your mate."

Hermione removed her fingers and sat on her heels, "You shouldn't take anything Fleur. It's mine to give and I never gave them to you."

Fleur chucked looking at the girl fondly, "Oh Hermione, as much as I enjoy your spirit I do believe I'm going to love breaking it even more." She leaned forward slight and caressed her face lovingly, "Once you give in I imagine this will be even more enjoyable for you." Hermione opened her mouth to protest but Fleur silenced her, "Don't bother denying it. I can smell it," she inhales deeply.

Hermione swallowed thickly. She watched as Fleur's eyes changed to a bright yellow. It was unnerving to say the least, but it also made her insides clinch. As much as she tries to deny it everything that happened is turning her on. She hates that it, but loves it at the same time. Everything in her head felt muddled. She couldn't make sense at what she was feeling. All she knew is that she had to get out of here before she lost herself completely.

Fleur pulled Hermione up by the hair until they were face to face. Fleur nudge her gesturing to her lap. Hermione tentatively straddle her. Fleur placed Hermione's arms around her neck. Hermione wiggled around trying to adjust herself. Fleur bit back a groan when the other girl spread her wetness on her lap. There wasn't any time for that, at least not yet because Fleur had other plans for her.

She placed her hands under Hermione's firm ass, and stood up. Hermione yelped tightening her hold around Fleur's neck. She crossed her ankles behind Fleur's back trying to steady herself.

Fleur gave an airy chuckle and placed a kiss on Hermione's neck, "Do not worry my love, I would never drop you."

Hermione shivered at the hot breath on her neck, "Okay…"

Fleur muttered under her breath and Hermione knew that the door had reappeared. She buried her face in Fleur's neck, not to see who might be there to meet them. She was embarrassed at how dirty she must look. It's been days since she had a bath. She could only image on how badly she smelled. But what embarrassed her most was the fact that she was being carried around like a child. Not to mention the fact that she was naked.

She felt Fleur climbing the stairs and she tried to burrow herself deeper into her arms. She could feel her cheeks and neck start to flush. She could hear other people around her and her blush deepened. Fleur stopped speaking French to someone. It might have been one of the house elves but Hermione refused to lift her head and see who it was. She doesn't know how long she stayed like that, but the next thing she knew she felt Fleur patting her butt. She looked up realizing that she was in a large bathroom. She unhooked her ankles and set her feet on the ground.

Fleur smirked, "As much as I love you in my arm mon chéré I need to draw the bath and find towels. But if you are a good girl then you can hold on to me later." She leaned down brushing against her ear, "When I'm fucking your sweet little pussy with my large cock."

Hermione whimpered as the images flashed through her mind of her last encounter with Fleur's…uh cock. She let her arms fall to her side and she stepped back. Her mind was just one huge ball of confusion and she didn't know what to do anymore. She shouldn't be feeling these things about her kidnapper. She should feelings disgust and rage. Maybe it was the mark on her shoulder. Maybe that was the cause of her confusion.

Fleur laughed as she walked away to the other side of the room. Hermione took this opportunity to look around, noticing the large tub in corner of the room. It was as big as the one in the bathroom that Screaming Myrtle haunted. She can easy see it fitting 10 people at least. She wondered why the Blacks needed such a large tub that reminded her of a hot tub. She jumped startled when the water started to flow from nowhere. She watched as bubbles and water filled the tub in no time at all.

She noticed her reflection in a mirror and wrinkled her nose in disgust. She was filthier than she thought. And her hair looked a fright. She was sure that she good scare off anyone that looked at her. She turned her shoulder slightly, so she could examine the mark. It was a bird? A type of bird. Huge and scary looking? A Veela? Or something similar to it.

In with the corner of her eye she saw Fleur walk back into the room carrying towels. She turned away for the mirror frowning slightly. She knew that Fleur could have easily conjured some up.

"Get in Mione, before your brilliant mind thinks of ways to escape." Fleur said stepping into the water. She sighed relishing the warmth, "I must warn you I have very strong wards around the house and they would be quite painful if you try and get through them." She sat down gesturing for Hermione to join her, "Don't make this an unpleasant experience, love. I hadn't planned on punishing you, but I'm sure that I can come up with something if need be."

Hermione rubbed her shoulder, wincing slightly. She's been through enough of Fleur's punishments to know that she doesn't want another one. She took one hesitant step after another, until she reached the edge of the tub. She swallowed before dipping her toe into the water. She shivered and sighed as the warmth washed over her. She stepped into the water trying to sit as far from Fleur as possible. But the Veela growled low making her scramble next to her. She sat close enough for their legs to touch.

She looked over for her approval. Fleur smiled barring her teeth making the shiver that ran down her back feel cold. She tried to but the other girl out of her mind and just enjoys her bath. She leaned back sinking lower into the water. She closed her eyes letting her mind drift away.

She wondered what her boys were doing right now. Whether or not they knew something was amiss. They should know that she would never just disappear with at least telling them in person. They might be looking for her right now, but they would have no clue that it was Fleur behind her disappearance. Who knows how long she will be here before she was rescued. It didn't seem fair that she was always caught in these situations. After the war she thought her life would become easier and quiet, but she's here…stuck in these place with a crazed witch and her closest friends.

Fleur was listening to Hermione's thoughts and as always she found it to be amusing. Her mate was stubborn, but that made everything so much sweeter. She knows the moment that she broke Hermione would be the sweetest thing ever. To know that Hermione would be hers completely and forever was making her body hum with anticipation. She couldn't wait for that happen, but she knew she couldn't push Hermione to hard. She didn't want her completely broken, just enough to realize that they were meant to be.

But that was something to think about later. Right now she wanted her mate to wash her up. She smirked, just another way to show her who's in charge. She nudged Hermione with her hip, drawing her out of her thoughts.

Hermione shook her head clearing her thoughts looking over to the other woman. "Yes, did you need something Fleur?"

Fleur smirked, "By a dear and wash my back, Mione."

She frowned, "I don't think I want too."

"Hermione," the girl shivered at the hard tone in her voice, "I wasn't asking if you wanted to. I'm telling you to wash my back." Her eyes turned hard, "Or do you need to be reminded on exactly who is in charge."

Hermione shook her head and clinched her jaw. Her strength was coming back, but she didn't think that was enough to overpower Fleur. Not to mention whoever else was in the manor. She had to bite the bullet so to speak and do as she says until she can come up with a plan. She looked around for the soap and towel, which she spotted next to them. She frowned wondering when that got there. She didn't remember seeing it before.

She reached over picking it up as Fleur turned giving her her back. She glared at the elegant back as she scrubbed hard trying to ignore the silkiness of the skin under her fingertips. She didn't like this. First she was forced to have sex with this woman and now she's expected to act like her slave? This insanity had to stop and soon.

Fleur was smiling unphased by the thoughts in Hermione's head. It didn't matter to her about Hermione's poor attempt at contempt. She could smell her arousal and she could hear the way her heart would speed up whenever her fingers grazed her skin. She can bitch and complain all she wants but Fleur was wearing her down.

Hermione started chewing on her lower lip, she was getting turned on. She shouldn't be but with happened down in the dungeon and now. Urgh this isn't what she wanted…is it? She shook her nope, nuh uh she needed to get the hell out of here before she lost herself completely.

She didn't know when she started washing Fleur's hair, but she had a handful of her silky golden locks. She massaged the shampoo into her hair and she heard a strange sound. It was a humming of some sort. Hermione titled her head a little to the left and leaned forward a little. She broke out into a reluctant smile, because Fleur was purring. She struggled not to find that endearing, but she did.

When Fleur was all washed and rinsed Hermione started to wash her up, but Fleur smiled playfully and pushed her hands away. "Mione," she admonished, "you're going to need help reaching your back. Come sit in front of me, and let me do that for you."

Once again Hermione flushed to the tip of her toes. She seemed not have control of her body and found herself seated between the Veela's legs. Her body stayed tense when Fleur pulled her against her chest. She felt Fleur's hard nipples poke her back.

She swallowed, "I thought you were going to wash my back."

Fleur playfully bite her neck, "That will come later, no worries my love. My hands will be all over you soon enough."

"No that's not what I meant," Hermione said but Fleur distracted her when she started rubbing her arms. She sighed deciding just to go with it for now. So she relaxed and sank into Fleur's body. Her body reacted to every brush and caress that Fleur did.

Fleur smirked, cupping one of Hermione's breasts while she reached behind her looking for the soap. She lathered up her hand before washing her breasts thoroughly. "You're such a dirty little girl, mon chéré." She rolled and pulled her nipples making them stand at attention. "You deny that you want my hands on you but look at the way they react to my touch."

"I don't," she denied but the soft tremor in her voice was giving her away.

Fleur grinded her wet pussy on Hermione's bottom, "I think, no I know that you are lying to me and yourself."

She shook her head not able to find her voice anymore. Hermione tried to hold in her soft moans but it became too much for her. Her head rolled back onto Fleur's shoulder. Her hips rolled in time with Fleur's movements.

"Just think of how easier things would be for if you gave in," Fleur kissed along her neck. "It doesn't always have to hurt." She pinched Hermione's nipples making the girl hiss, "But then again a little pain is nice, non?"

She felt the heat all over her body and she didn't even care that it was Fleur, her capture making her feel this again. She needed…something anything to make this fire stop or she was going to explode. She sighed when she felt Fleur's hands drift lower, under the water. Hermione felt her heart thud in her chest. Fleur has never been this gentle with her. It was nice compared to the harshness she's experienced since she's got here.

"Put your legs over mine," Fleur whispered. Hermione obeyed automatically, draping her legs over Fleur's. "Good girl. Now let's see how much you don't want this." Fleur spread her legs, leaving Hermione feeling so exposed and open.

Hermione shuddered when Fleur's fingers brushed against her clit. She already knew what she was going to find, because no matter how much she denied it, she was wet. She felt like her whole body was throbbing with need. She felt rather then heard Fleur's chuckle. The deafening sound of the blood rushing through her and the pounding of her heart made it hard to hear anything. Her back arched when she felt Fleur pinch and roll her clit. Soft moans emitted from the back of her throat. She struggled not to react but once again her body betrayed her.

Fleur almost came when she dipped her finger inside and felt Hermione's wetness. "So wet my love or is that the water," she teased with lazy strokes. "I make you wet don't I?"

Hermione whimpered, "I…oh god. I don't know."

Fleur's lips curled, "Tell me the truth." She teased Hermione's clit, "Or I'll fuck you until you reach the brink and then I'll stop." She continued to pinch and roll her clit, "I'll make you beg for me to fuck you, but I won't. I'll feed you and send back to the dungeon and leave you aching. But before I don I'll make you drink a potion that stops you from coming. So no matter how much you play with your pretty little pussy, you won't until I decide you can."

Hermione groaned rolling her hips trying to get Fleur's hand where she needed it. "No please…"

Fleur nibbled on her ear and dipped her finger inside of her again. "Please, what?"

Hermione reached back and gripped Fleur's hair, "Please don't stop."

"Begging me already?" Fleur tssks, "And I haven't even started and you're already begging." The whole time she was talking Fleur started to speed up her strokes.

"No…yes," Hermione moaned.

Fleur smiled adding another finger while her other hand was busy playing with Hermione's nipple. "What did I say about telling the truth?"

Hermione whimpered her nipple burned because Fleur's pinches became harder and just shy of painful. And her fingers working inside of her, was making it so hard to think. She needed something, anything to push her over the edge. She knew that Fleur wouldn't give it to her unless she did what she asked.

"Please let me come," Hermione begged.

Fleur movements became faster, the water rippling and spilling over the edge. "You want me to make you come but you haven't told me the truth yet."

Hermione groaned, "What…what was the question?"

Fleur squeezed her breast hard, "Why are you all wet?"

Hermione yelped when Fleur squeezed her breast. "Ouch, Fleur…" her voice trailed off. She knew what Fleur wanted her to say but she was afraid of losing herself once she admitted it out loud. But on the other hand this burning ache between her legs was killing her, and she didn't think she would stay sane if Fleur left her like this for who knows how long. "You, you made me wet," her voice was barely above a whisper.

Fleur squeezed her breast again and removed her fingers from inside of her. "When did I make you this wet? While I was playing your perky little nipples," she asked as she raked her nails over the inside of Hermione's thigh.

Hermione tried to close her legs but the way she was sitting made it impossible. "No…yes…I was wet before then."

Fleur grinned, "Before then, mon ami? Well that means you were soaked when you eating your breakfast."

Hermione tried to push her hand away but Fleur's other hand grabbed her hair and pulled hard. "Don't push me away little girl," she hissed in Hermione's ear.

Hermione moaned in pain, "I'm sorry."

That surprised Fleur, because she was expecting more of a fight from the girl. She decided to push a little more and leaving longer, deeper scratch marks on Hermione's leg. She grabbed Fleur's hands but did not push her any this time. 'Maybe training her will be easier than I thought.'

Hermione tightened her hold but she didn't push her away again. "Yes! Yes okay I was wet when I was downstairs. I, it made me wet eating you," she screamed. "Please stop, Fleur."

Fleur grin turned smug but she stopped clawing at the girl's legs. She didn't let go of her hair though. "See? All you have to do is tell the truth and I won't hurt you." She forced her head to the side and kissed along her neck, "But maybe you're starting to like the pain."

Hermione tried to shake her head but Fleur's grip was strong and it was impossible to move. She forgot all about struggling though when Fleur's sneaky digits slid back inside of her. She gasped as they stretched her and filled her up.

Fleur bit and kissed along her neck until she reached her ear. She whispered, "Yes I think that you're beginning to like the pain."

Hermione's mouth fell open in a long moan. She tried to block out what Fleur was saying but her brain refused to deny how much her body was reacting to this. She rolled her hips up to meet Fleur's hand. She dug her nails into Fleur's wrist, "Oh god…"

"Not god mon ami, just me," Fleur chuckled. She flicked her thumb on her clit making Hermione's hip jerk. Fleur smirked, "But you can call me that if you wish. I think I like that."

Hermione was having a hard time concentrating on what she was saying. The only thing she was aware of was the way Fleur's fingers filled her up. The way her walls contracted as they tried to trap her in.

"You dirty little slut," Fleur taunted her. "You love this, don't you? The way I fill you?" Hermione closed her eyes rolling her hips in time with Fleur. "Its okay you can say it. Tell me that you like being my dirty slut."

Hermione couldn't think. She couldn't speak. She didn't even understand what Fleur was saying, because the only thing she knew or care about was the burning in her stomach. The way it coiled there, waiting to burst and break her. Her nails dug into Fleur's skin, making her hiss at the sharp and sudden pain. But it only made her go into frenzy, slamming her fingers inside the other girl. The water lapped over the edge of the tub, but neither girl cared.

Moans escaped Hermione's opened mouth every time her palm slapped against her clit. "Oh…fuck…Fleur," she choked out.

Fleur loved the way her name sounded when she said it like that. She knew that the girl will be hers completely, but if she wanted to fight or pretend than it just made the victory all the sweeter. She pulled her hair hard making Hermione's head tilt further. She smirked at the pained whimper while she bit down on Hermione's sweaty neck.

"Oh…" she gasped. Hermione felt her coil and burning explode and her eyes roll back.

Fleur growled biting down harder and curling her fingers trying to get more out of Hermione. She wanted this one to be different from the other ones she gave the girl. She wanted Hermione to know that she didn't force or manipulate her body. Well not completely anyway.

"That's right mon ami come for me," Fleur whispered. Slowly down to help Hermione ride out her orgasm, "I can feel you. Feel the way your walls are trapping my fingers. The way they are trying to keep me inside."

Hermione gasped and moaned as her body shook from the force of her orgasm. It wasn't like this the last time Fleur used her. She didn't completely understand the way her body was responding to this. The fucking traitor as her arms fell uselessly to her side.

She felt rather than heard Fleur's chuckle. Her heart was pounding too hard for her to hear anything at the moment. Her body collapsed against Fleur's. She felt her fingers slow to a stop, and she moaned when she pulled out slowly. Hermione shivered as her walls twitched and convulsed trying to keep them inside.

"Oh fuck," Hermione whimpered. She shuddered swallowing hard, "I…what?"

Fleur finally let go of her hair making the other girl groaning pain. Her neck creaked as it fell back onto Fleur's shoulders. She felt Fleur's arm circle her waist pulling her closer. She moaned when Fleur started to kiss her neck, licking at the sensitive part where she bit her. Another mark of ownership on her, but this one more visible than the one on her shoulder. She heard Fleur growl as she bit down harder and her insides clinched. She could have sworn that she heard Fleur say 'mine' but she hadn't removed her mouth. Hermione closed her eyes willing her body not to enjoy this.

Fleur finally let go, "I should finish washing you up. I have the meal that I promised you waiting already."

Hermione heard her stomach growl as soon as she said meal. She didn't realize how hungry she was until this moment. She moved to get off of Fleur's lap, but the warning growl made her rethink that quickly. She settled back and let Fleur work her hands all over her.

Fleur chuckled pushing her forward so she can wash her hair. She blushed when she realized that she was dozing off. She was practically purring it felt so good.

"Lean your head back," Fleur whispered in her ear. She did so automatically, "Good girl." She flushed in embarrassment. Only now realizing how compliant she was being, "No don't tense up. You were doing so well. Don't make me regret being gentle with you."

She willed her body to relax again. Fleur grunted satisfied and went back to washing her up. She hissed when Fleur washed the scratches on her leg. Another mark. Her body was full of marks. Fleur's marks. She swallowed blinking back tears, what's happening to her?

Fleur nipped at her neck playfully, "All done Mione. Up up we have guest waiting for us downstairs."

Hermione stood up, and her legs felt like jello. Fleur stood up with her, and she was glad because she was positive that her legs would have given out if she wasn't there to hold her up.

She looked down muttering, "Thank you."

Fleur smiled. It was a genuine smile not a smirk or predatory one that she has given her the past few days. It was that reminded her of their days in Hogwarts, when she was a friend. She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts because that girl didn't exist. She was never the sweet girl Hermione thought she was.

She frowned stepping out of the bath, and looked around for a towel. What Fleur said finally registered, "Did you say guests?"

Fleur's smile turned to a grin, "Yes. The Blacks have invited themselves over for dinner. Since they haven't seen you since this morning, they felt deprived."

Hermione swallowed, so it hadn't even been a day since the last the dungeon. "Yay," she says without any enthusiasm.

Fleur giggles bending down trying to find a dry towel, "Bella gets um upset when she's kept waiting, and trust me you will not like it." She glances up giving her a coy smile, "Or maybe you will. I've seen that you like it a bit rough."

Hermione narrowed her eyes, "Fleur…"

Fleur stands up, "Don't even bother trying to deny it. Need I remind you how hard you came all over my hands? Or how wet you got when I bit your neck? Or ran my nails down your legs?"

Hermione flushed looking away, "I don't know what you are referring too."

Fleur stalked toward her. Hermione step back not liking the look in her eyes. She backed up until her back hit the wall. She jumped when Fleur placed her hand on the wall next to her head. "Now what did I say about lying?"

Hermione eyes darted away, "Um…I'm sorry…"

Fleur winked leaning forward brushing her lips against hers, "You're being such a good little bitch, so I'll let this slide just this once." She smirked, "Don't make me regret being nice."

Hermione nodded rapidly, "I…thank you."

Fleur pushed herself off the wall, "Good girl. You can learn. You are just hard headed, but I like that about you." She patted Hermione's face, "I'm going to enjoy beating that out you. Come, I have worked up an appetite."

Hermione shuddered, "Um what about my clothes?"

Fleur felt the laughter bubbling up her throat spilling over her lips. "Oh my dear, you are so funny," she gasped. "You will not be wearing clothes in our home."

Hermione gapped at her, "You're joking. I can't walk around in the nude."

That started Fleur's laughter again, "You acted like you have a choice in the matter. No clothes for you unless I say otherwise. At least until you realize that you indeed belong to me, but even than I still might have you will be in the nude." She reached up brushing back Hermione's hair, "Think of it as an insurance of sorts. You can't try to run away if you are naked."

Hermione clinched her jaw refusing to rise to the bait. Naked or clothed she will come up with a plan to escape. But it will be easier if she could wander round the manor. She bit her tongue to keep her comment at bay. It wouldn't do her any good to start an argument, especially when Fleur is good spirits.

She heard Fleur clearing her throat, clearly trying to gain her attention. She looked frowning when she saw her capture fully clothed and her hair dry. She glanced down seeing the wand hanging idly in her hand. A plan forming in her mind. Maybe she can get ahold of the wand when Fleur was distracted. Of course it wouldn't work as well as hers, but in a pinch it should give her serve her well.

Fleur smirked, "Come; do not make me tell you again."

Hermione closed her eyes taking a deep breath. "Fine," she said through clinched teeth.

Fleur chuckled lightly opening the door not even looking back to see if the other girl was following her. She knew that she was she could feel it. The mark and their connection, she knew that Hermione was behind her. This was going to be an interesting dinner to say the least. Bella will not be able to hold her tongue. She couldn't wait to see how much control Hermione would have once the older woman started in on her. It will be fun. Not for Hermione, though but definitely for everyone else.