Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, I only own the story I wrote. If I owned it these two would have been together after they ate the star fruit =D

(Sorry if it sucks =/ it's my first Kingdom Hearts fanfiction lol)

These blissful lips against mine make my mind go blank. I can't believe she is finally mine. I tighten my grip around her petite waist deepening the already passionate kiss. I feel her thin fingers entwine into my spiky, brown hair. I'm so glad that we can both breathe through our noses, because I don't want this to end anytime soon. She lifts one leg, wrapping it around my waist and jumping into my arms, not once breaking the kiss. I walk over to the bed laying her down and slide a hand up her thigh.

"Mmmm Sora...More." She says lifting her tiny hips, making my hand press into her fragile skin with more pressure. Putting her legs on the bed I pull her tight pink dress of, reveling her, already wet, light pink underwear and bra.

"Oh Kairi, you're so beautiful." I say snaking my arm under her back and unsnapping her bra. I slowly pull it off making her gasp at the sudden breeze on her now bare chest. "I'll make you feel really good tonight alright." I smile as i slide her underwear down her milky white thighs, tortuously slow, making her wiggle beneath me.

"Oh, Sora, please don't tease me..." Pulling them off faster I press my lips to hers, missing the sensation. When she's fully exposed I start to undress my self, quickly pull of my shirt and throwing it to the ground, then my pants and boxers at the same time. I stroke myself a few times before grabbing the condom.

"Kairi, baby, you ready?" Leaning down again a softly kiss her neck.

"Y-yes...Please hurry..." She says in between pants and shiver. Her half lidded eyes star at me wantonly, while her small back curves asking me to just do it already.

"Alright, here it goes." I role the condom on, before sliding in to her. "Mmmm Kairi...still so tight...feels good." When I get my self all the way in I wait, letting us both adjust to the feel.

"Me to Sora...So good." I start to move slowly at first then faster. I know we have done it before but I still don't wanna break her.

"Ah...Sora...Harder!...F-faster..." I listen to her commands, know what she wants, I slam into her hard and fast. She may not seem like it, but she's actually into light S&M, which really turns me on, because I am too.

"A-ah! Sora! I'm...gonna..." Before she can finish her walls tighten and loosen around my member, electrifying me and sending me over the edge as well. Panting I pull out ,laying beside her and wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Wanna...take a shower...together tonight?" I ask, breathlessly, wrapping my arms tightly around her.

"Yeah, in a minute." I can feel her smile as she buries her head into my bare chest. After some time we get up and go to the bathroom. Since we are already naked we just step into the tub, turning on the water and washing ourselves. "Sora, I Love You." Kairi says randomly kissing me.

"I Love You Too Kairi." I kiss her back feeling my chest tighten in happiness. When we finish our shower we dress in our usual night time clothes. Me in my boxers and Kairi in her underwear and bra.

We cuddle under the covers, Kai falling asleep first, exhausted from fighting all day, then having our fun. But who's complaining?...Not me. I smile to myself before falling asleep.