We did it you guys, we finally did it, Chair and we got our happy ending 3

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"Ready for bed?" Blair asked to their youngest child.

"Ah-huh" replied the six year old kid coming out of the bathroom.

"Did you brush your teeth?" Blair enquired. The young boy flashed her a mega smile showing off his denture.

"Good boy" Blair praised "now it's time to get to bed sweetie."

"Where's daddy?" the little boy requested.

"Daddy was just…" Blair began.

"Feeding Junior" her husband finished for her.

"Did he like his new bed? I picked it myself this morning" their son announced.

"He loved it" Chuck assured him.

"I don't want him to die, like Monkey did, I didn't get to know him" the kid continued.

"Don't worry sweetheart, Junior is so young for that" Blair offered "he's going to be around for a while baby." Blair thought back to the moment Monkey died, Henry their firstborn was so attached to him that a few months later he went out looking for another mutt dog; they called him Monkey Junior who ended up just being Junior.

"Well... what about if we finish Harry Potter now?" Chuck mentioned. This was the third time they were reading the books; the little kid loved the fourth the most because of the dragons.

"No, no tonight" the boy protested.

"What do you want to read tonight then?" Blair asked.

"Tell me the story of the girl who always went after what she wanted" the child demanded.

"That story again, I see" Chuck mumbled lying next to this son.

"You love that story, don't you baby?" Blair murmured fixing her kid's pillow.

"I do, mommy, I do" the boy squealed.

"I know" Blair sighed kissing her child's head she started "Once upon a time in a very far away island there was a King and a Queen who wanted to be together, but a big bad dragon didn't want them to be happy. The king tried so many times to defeat the dragon, but it was big, and evil and spitted fire through his mouth, the king couldn't get close to him and that make him so sad, so he went to see the queen and told her they couldn't be together because he had failed, the dragon was still alive, living the king and queen sad, upset and broken; they loved each other very much but the dragon was getting on their way."

"One day" Blair continued "after crying so much, the Queen came up with a plan to finally get rid of the dragon, she loved the King with all her heart and soul, she just wanted for them to be together and happy, so she went to visit the king but he refused to see her. So the queen told the king's best friend she was going to see the dragon all by herself, as soon as the king heard about it he took his sword and went after her. He loved her very much, more than anything in the whole world; he didn't want the dragon to hurt her. So when the King got up there, to the cliff where the dragon lived, he saw the dragon spitting fire against the queen it didn't even notice the king getting close, so close the king drove his swords through the dragon's heart making it falling over the cliff."

"The King and Queen have finally defeated the big bad dragon, now they could be together and live happily ever after, and that's just what they did" Blair joyously finished the story.

"Yes, they did" the little child agreed yawning.

"Now it's time for you to sleep champion, you'll need all of your energy for tomorrow" Chuck informed.

"I can't believe Henry is graduating high school tomorrow" Blair expressed.

"Neither can I" Chuck whispered "good night Harold" kissing his little boy's cheek.

"Good night daddy" the kid replied.

"Good night sweetheart" Blair mumbled.

"Good night mommy" Harold sighed.

Chuck and Blair closed the door and walked away. "You know" Chuck whispered wrapping his arms around his wife's waist from behind, her back to his chest "I never did ask about the Queen's plan of that story after all."

"Oh, really?" Blair smiled "Well the Queen's plan was for them to fight together, that was the key, they should've had fought together since the beginning, the queen could've had distracted the dragon while the king fight against it, so the king could get rid of him and finally put behind his past and all the horrible things the dragon ever did to him…" then she turned around to kiss Chuck in the middle of the hallway.

"Thank you" Chuck murmured against her lips.

"Jeez, get a room!" someone protested behind them.

"Language" Blair admonished "and are you going somewhere?" looking at their eldest son all dressed up.

"Ugh, yes" Henry growled "and before you say anything, it's not by choice, Shopie wants to make sure our outfits for tomorrow are coordinated, whatever that means" rolling his eyes "so I'll just be out for an hour, I promise"

"Aw, you're going to be all matchy-matchy, that's so cute" Blair said.

"Mom, I love you, very much, but don't you ever use 'you' and 'cute' in the same sentence ever again" Henry replied "please."

"Fine" Blair sighed "be safe baby" kissing his cheek.

"Mom!" Henry fumed "I'm not a baby anymore, in fact I'm going to college at the end of summer."

"You'll always be my baby, it doesn't matter how old you are or where you are getting into" Blair explained hugging him.

"Great!" Henry conceded "Night dad" hugging Chuck.

"Good night son" Chuck whispered.

Henry walked away and before taking the stairs down he turned around just to see his father lifting his mother bridal style entering their room and smiled to himself.