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"…and now we just finish with this" Chuck explained handing back a hand towel and grabbing the aftershave bottle from his youngest son. They were inside Chuck's bathroom in front of the mirror and the kid was sitting on the marble countertop watching fascinated how his dad had just shaved.

"That smells so good!" Harold mentioned coming closer to Chuck to sniff him.

"I'm so glad you approve. And so does your mom" Chuck offered.

"Is she still doing dresses?" the little boy asked.

"Yes, she's working, but she should be home soon though" Chuck informed lifting the boy and carrying him to their bed.

"But why is she making more dresses? She has lots of them in there!" Harold protested pointing his right index finger behind Chuck, where their walk-in closet was.

"Lots of them, huh?" Chuck laughed "well those are her dresses, now she's making dresses for other people; she's presenting them next week so she needs to finish this week" grabbing the remote turning on the tv.

"Like the party she had the other time?" the kid commented "with people taking lots and lots of pictures?"

"Yes exactly like that" Chuck said still flipping through the tv channels.

"There!" Harold screamed "I love elephants" looking at the giant animals on the Nat-Geo channel.

"Okay, elephants it is" Chuck conceded.

Ten minutes later Blair walked into the room watching her husband and their youngest offspring still wade awake "well, well, well, shouldn't someone be on his own bed asleep by now?"

"Mommy!" Harold exclaimed "we are watching the elephants" he stood up and started jumping up and down on the bed.

"Wow, calm down sweetie" Blair came closer to kiss her son's forehead "I can see that" blowing up a kiss to Chuck "but it's late and you young man should be asleep"

"But there is not school tomorrow!" the little boy cried.

"I'm aware of that" Blair informed "but that's not the point, besides you are leaving early tomorrow morning, you need to rest"

"But Harry said he was going to sleep on the plane, I wanna sleep there too" Harold mentioned.

"And you can do that" Chuck assured him.

"Yesss!" they kid started jumping again.

"Great!" Blair rolled her eyes, Chuck spoiled their youngest child the most but then again she did the same too.

Chuck was taking their second son Harry and little Harold to his business trip to Greece, he was going there to check their newest hotel so with Henry away on his graduation trip with some of his classmates, Hunter their third son on a summer camp and his twin daughters helping Blair with the upcoming fashion show and the other two boys on school break Chuck offered to take them with him, he initially was going to be there for a day but now since he was taking his sons with him he was planning on taking some days off to show them around.

"He didn't want to go to bed without his bedtime story" Chuck announced as an explanation for their son still being up.

"I figured as much" Blair mumbled lying down on the bed with Harold between them watching the tv show.

"How was your day? Almost finished?" Chuck asked.

"Almost, we ran out of some of the fabric so we have to wait until tomorrow to get more and finish a skirt, but other than that, we are almost done" Blair explained.

"That's great, now you can relax, take a day off, go with the girls to a spa, don't overdo it, I don't want you getting sick" Chuck commented.

"I won't, I promise, and yes we have an appointment already… I miss you already" Blair sighed.

"You can still come with us" Chuck offered.

"No, I'll be way too anxious to relax" Blair shook her head "and won't let you guys enjoy your little trip, you have fun and when Henry and Hunter get back we can all go away for a week or something"

"Sounds like a plan" Chuck agreed.

"Oh, no, the show's over" the little boy protested.

"Oh, yes, you need to go to bed" Blair replied.

"But… but" the kid stammered.

"No buts little champion, you heard mom, time to go to bed" Chuck repeated.

"Oh-kay, but I still want my story" Harold pouted.

"Fine, go to your room, brush your teeth, I'll change and be there in five minutes" Blair conceded.

"Yay!" the young boy exclaimed.

"Come on, son" Chuck said lifting the boy from their bed.


Ten minutes later they were all in their pjs on Harold's bed ready for a story to be told.

"So what should we read tonight the 'Sleep Book' perhaps?" Blair offered.

"Dr. Seuss always helps" Chuck added.

"No, no, I want the story of the little angel tonight" Harold demanded.

"Ok, so here we go" Blair sighed.

"Are you sure?" Chuck whispered.

"Yeah, it's fine" Blair assured her husband the other day it took her by surprise and made her sad but now she could carry on "Once the King and Queen of the far away island got their beautiful pair of girls they felt happy, they were leaving their happily ever after and they never talk about having another baby but little they did know about a little angel sent their way a few years later.

The king and queen were busy and happy living their life, they were surrounded by people who love them a lot, the King's mother, sister and brother always came to their home to spoil the kids, equally the Queen's mother and stepfather, they went to visit their grandchildren every time they could, the queen's father and her other stepfather lived in another land but they made sure to see the children often, especially on Thanksgiving, that was the queen's favorite celebration, when the king and queen got married they decided to throw every single Thanksgiving party at their townhouse so all their family could be there, including the king's best friend, every year their house was full of people, food and a little bit of drama but above all joy, laughter and happiness, for so many years the king and queen had a great time until…" Blair stopped and she felt Chuck's thumb sweeping away a tear.

"One day at the end of summer the king and queen got some terrible news, the queen's father had a heart attack, he stayed at the hospital for a few days but the doctors say there was nothing they could do to help him, so the queen took her father back to his home and stayed with him until he passed away, after that the queen was deeply sad, angry, hurt… the king tried everything in his power to make her happy again but nothing worked out, her best friend too even her children were trying to make her feel better but it was hopeless, she was reacting to anything, that year they didn't have a Thanksgiving celebration because the queen was still sad and sick, until she fainted and the king had to call a doctor they ran some test and they have a great announcement to make, the king and queen were expecting a baby a little angel, the king was beyond happy about the news but he was worry about the queen's health…" Blair took a breath and continued.

"After that little revelation the queen understood life goes on, yes she was still sad and missed her father a lot but she was also extremely happy and excited about the new life inside her, she knew she had not only herself but that little angel to take care of, and the rest of her family too and little by little joy and happiness came back to the king and queen's home and they kept living happily ever after" Blair finished her story.

"I love you mommy" Harold said hugging his mother tighter.

"I love you too my little angel" Blair whispered feeling Chuck holding both of them for a few minutes.

"I think he finally felt sleep" Chuck mumbled.

"Yes, now you need to go to sleep too, you have a big day ahead of you" Blair announced.

"I can handle it" Chuck replied "are you okay?" leaving the boy's room.

"I'm fine, really" Blair assured him burring her head in his chest.

"I love you" Chuck sighed.

"I love you too" Blair murmured.

"3 words, 8 letters" Chuck repeated.

Blair looked up into his eyes "Always and forever" whispered against his lips.

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