Search and Rescue

Two years ago the virus wiped out most of mankind, leaving the undead roaming the streets. A group of survivors known as the Guardians have been reunited for a secret, dangerous mission: to locate and retrieve Jack Frost, last known stranded deep within an infected city.

(Because all fandoms should have a good Zombie!AU . Based loosely on the movie rather than the books. Unbeta'd. I'm also not a writer but this idea would not go away!)


Two years ago, an unknown plague started spreading across much of the world. Before the authorities could try to limit its transmission it had already claimed thousands of lives. Once a person became infected, they had days left at most; so far the virus had a one hundred per cent mortality rate.

The worst part was that the people that died…didn't stay that way. As the death toll rose, rumours of the walking dead began to circulate. They didn't stay rumours for long.

Within a year, the virus had decimated most of the world. Governments had crumbled. The dead roamed unopposed through city streets and empty towns. Pockets of resistance formed, small groups that worked tirelessly, scavenging what they could, trying to maintain a form of civilisation. Survival depended on co-operation; those who struck out alone did not last long.

Some of the smaller groups began to develop a reputation; tales of heroism and incredible luck were spread by word of mouth, eventually reaching those able to transmit the information on the remnants of the Internet and other communication channels. There were groups that became known for their skills at retrieval, at protection, tracking or extermination. Among these was a small, almost legendary group known as the Guardians; a band of four unusual individuals, each with specific skills and a knack for surviving even the most dangerous of situations.

Over time, life began to take on a routine for the survivors. People struggled and lived day to day. Strongholds against the undead grew in size and number, and bandits roamed the wastes between them, battling for provisions away from the threat of the virus. For the Guardians, who had gone their own ways, their days took on a kind of normalcy that they had grown unaccustomed to.

And so, when the call came for them to reunite for one more mission, all of them accepted the challenge.