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Set a bit after the Marine Cathedral, slight spoilers in it. Looks at the development of H/M's relationship as they juggle everything else in their lives, and so opens another door to another potential danger, being relayed through Haruka's dreams.
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The sun shone brightly through Haruka's window, occasionally being reflected by the blinds placed to shield from such a thing. As time progressed, the blinds did little to repel the undesired rays of light, as only more of them penetrated the defense.

What normally would have stirred Haruka, did not, as the blonde had eluded the sand man all night. Before becoming a soldier with a mission as crucial as hers, the sun and its persisting invading rays would have been a detested awakening; these days, the darkness worried her. She had little consolation found in a darkened room, and more in one where the sun was prevalent. If she slept, it was more likely during the day. With her activities as a racer, athlete, student, soldier, and whatever else could possibly be thrown in, there was little daytime for sleeping; so Haruka went without more often than not.

The horrors of her mission went to bed with her; they did not end with the battle, as may have been the case with the inner soldiers. She cursed them for this; for their naivety, their unwillingness towards the concept of sacrifice to the degree a mission as sensitive as theirs, required. At the thought of her own team, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto, she let her serious composure peel back a layer or two; especially with the thought of Neptune; Michiru.

Michiru was so insistent on dragging Haruka into the fight and Haruka so adamant on the idea of not being involved. She led Michiru on to believe the charming Haruka dismissed her as another fanatic follower of the great racer; when in reality, Haruka was petrified of the silence haunting her dreams, and knew this beautiful woman trailing her everywhere had a role in it somewhere. Try as she may, wish as she might, the wind would outrun the sea; the wind would outrun everything, until mirrored against itself. This in turn restored Haruka into the destined sailor soldier, Sailor Uranus.

The things a beautiful face can compel you to do, she grinned, though with sadness still behind it as she realized what came of events after that awakening.

Didn't figure her to be the "soldiering" type, Haruka mused still pasted to her bed, eyes cast at the ceiling. "Or intelligent…independent…" she spoke aloud, listing her partner's most defining characteristics that came at a surprise to the racer. "Talented…" thinking on her partner's immaculate ability to capture beauty in her arts; from her lemon balancing tricks on her violin, to include the sound produced, to her astounding artistic abilities in what she drew, painted, sculpted; it mattered not what it was, Michiru was the conquering goddess of the arts and more in Haruka's eyes.

"Beautiful." She spoke at last; the blonde knew it was the devil's temptation that she permits herself any attachment to this woman that she should not be willing to sever were the mission to call for it.

Always the damned mission, she cursed, allowing her resolve to crack a bit. Yet, she considered the inner soldiers again; once more, in spite. Thinking on how she once fondly envisioned the girls, prior to the mutual discovery of identities; so carefree, boy-crazed, academic stressed; young. Air-headed, Usagi. The largest of their concerns being an entrance exam; ours is the end of the world as we know it.

Then came the realization that these ditzy, young, love-sick girls were part of the pieces of the board game of fate; an abhorring realization these children were intended to aid in preventing the destruction of this world she had come to appreciate.

This did not bode well with Sailor Uranus; what was worse, it did not bode well with Haruka. As Sailor Uranus detesting these girls, they were merely a nuisance in battle. With the addition as Haruka, the sight of these girls anywhere, be it in uniform or not, brought Haruka to the boiling point.

How selfish, she would fume. For all they claim of love, of protection, of preservation, they have nothing to back it up; an inability to commit to sacrifice, if it's required. Haruka thought on Hotaru, whom was designated to destroy the world with her awakening as Sailor Saturn; once discovering this, Haruka and Michiru had of course sought to destroy the girl, regardless of her age, maturity, or benevolent nature everyone else had seen. It was fortunate Sailor Moon came through and intervened, as promised, though the fact she was willing the throw the world in the blender for the sake of one girl, was incredulous; Michiru, while usually infinitely peaceful, was equally displeased and infuriated with Sailor Moon, though showed considerable more restraint than her counterpart.

The home line rang throughout Haruka's apartment; though the soldier remained plastered on her sheets, attempting to let the rays soothe her into a trance while she carried on with her thoughts.

"Time to get up, I guess." Saying aloud to the emptiness of her home; that never got old. She walked briskly, reaching for the phone on the kitchen counter.

"Yes?" she inquired, rather than delivering a good morning. A repeated night devoid of sleep is hardly worthy of "good morning"; screw the pleasantries.

"Ah, good morning Haruka." She knew that voice anywhere; Michiru. Glad I got up, she thought. Though she was curious as to why Michiru would not communicate with her using their intended soldier devices.

"Michiru? Good morning; is something wrong?" She only heard Michiru's gentle laugh in return on the other end. "Should there be?" she asked thoughtfully. "I'd be lying if I said we weren't used to it by now." Still wondering why Michiru had not bothered to contact her on their communicators. "That's very true…" Michiru paused, allowing the thought to sink in. "I was curious," she continued. "If we could talk; in person. Maybe some coffee or a walk in the park?" Michiru proposed.

Haruka immensely enjoyed spending time with her partner, even if it was business related. That feeling she so desired to soothe her at night into sleep, blanketed her as a warming embrace wherever Michiru was. Haruka would walk in somewhere she would meet Michiru, and feel the weight of the world, literally, lifted from her shoulders. It's never gone, or missing, she thought somewhat solemnly. It's shared, by Neptune; by Michiru.

"That sounds fine to me…how about a walk in the park? I'll meet you there in 30 minutes, if you're not opposed." Haruka knew Michiru really was not fond of coffee; Michiru only offered it for what she knew of Haruka's terribly sleep deprived form. The sea siren concerned herself constantly over her partner's weakened state, as a result of a dramatically reduced amount of sleep in her routine. Yet in the heat of battle, Haruka was still so vicious; so agile and nimble; she was an immaculate warrior, but she ran on fumes these days. Where she kept drawing the fuel from, was unbeknownst to the woman.

So when Haruka fell asleep in the middle of her talking, at the park, the coffee shop, the book store, or pool; Michiru did not wake her, only watch, in a protective, concerned manner. Occasionally brushing a hair from her eyes, or daring to even let her fingers linger on the taller woman's face, but otherwise just watching. Eventually the charming wind deviant would rouse herself from her sleep, ever flirtatiously, "Oh heaven did send me an angel to watch me in my sleep," she would say something to that effect with a wink, in an attempt to throw Michiru off the trail that the beautiful blonde was suffering internally; Haruka was at her most vulnerable whilst she slept, and she knew the aquamarine haired woman was well aware of this. Haruka fooled everyone but Michiru in doing so; Michiru knew her best of anyone, it would seem, as she had no one close to her at all, so that was an easy win.

"That sounds great; I think we need some time to appreciate nature anyhow." Michiru responded, "I'll see you soon, Haruka."

Haruka grinned, "Michiru?" Haruka said, attempting to get the woman's attention before she hung up; "Yes?"

"Try not to dress too attractive; I can't be bothered to spend the entire afternoon fending men off. You know I will anyways, but really…you make it hard for me to focus entirely on you."

A laugh on the other end, and a grand smile from Michiru; she knew the blonde couldn't see it, but Haruka knew what reaction most flirtatious comments would bring from Michiru, as she had often tested the waters with the petite woman.

"Well I will certainly try, Haruka. I wouldn't want you to be deviated from putting all your focus on me. I'll see you in a half hour." Traces of the smile still remained on her face as she hung up the phone in her own home. Michiru walked from her phone to where she herself had only recently risen from, the bedroom.

She intentionally picked one of her plainer, or what a classy woman as Michiru would define as plain anyhow, outfits in an attempt to do as Haruka requested, lest she spend the entire afternoon watching Haruka embarrass men in public.

On the other end, Haruka hung her the phone as well, but found herself leaning against the countertop laying her head upon her folded arms. "Just a couple minutes...that's all I need" the sleep deprived woman said to herself audibly, but quietly knowing well they would fall on no ears but her own.

Michiru found herself at the park a half hour later, as agreed upon, sitting on a bench, enjoying the splendor of nature. She looked at the birds and their beautifully crafted nests sitting high atop the trees surrounding her, the fantastically colored leaves to show the change of season, fall, was upon them.

The musician had neglected to bring her violin as she wanted minimal distractions between herself and Haruka; she knew Haruka would thoroughly enjoy, as always, her melodies she wove with the instrument, but today was hardly a day for the arts. It was a day to understand Haruka; for her impenetrable walls she constructed towering all possibilities, Haruka could hardly hope to deceive the other woman. She knew her partner was troubled, deeply. She needed no premonitions, no use of her mirror, to know the other half of her partnership was crumbling slowly but surely.

Sleep may elude Haruka, but I will not allow the truth of it to do the same to me, she thought, resolved to help Haruka however she may. She tried always so hard to not let the personal relationship between her and Haruka become as that; personal. She knew just as well as her peer that the mission was paramount to everyone and everything. So it seemed silly to involve oneself in a situation where the personal, emotional bonds between Haruka and Michiru, carried over to Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune; the mission would surely be compromised, as it almost had at the Marine Cathedral.

Though Michiru was a patient woman, she was also an easily worried one. She was almost certain her partner had fallen asleep, no doubt in a position of relative distance from the phone, after ending their conversation. Michiru considered utilizing her communicator to summon Haruka out of her sleep, but she thought against it, wanting her companion to savor the little sleep she could. Haruka slept on and off, but it was hardly ever for long. The woman stood, wearing the "plain" clothes she had promised Haruka earlier, and proceeded to the closest coffee shop. She was confident by the time she returned from getting coffee, Haruka would be there waiting; most likely worried she was so late.

The darkness had blanketed Haruka once more; making the woman paranoid as always she was when she dreamed of these "things".

What will you do? The voice called; it summoned a response, almost on the lines of commanding one. It seemed a voice unwise to ignore.

What...? Haruka was without a clue, as most often she was in these instances.

What...will...you...do? It repeated again, slowly but still maintaining the same level of authority.

Haruka couldn't pretend to understand what the voice referred to; but these dark, dreary dreams typically hinted around the same thing; silence, apocalypse, sailor soldiers, the end. It all fed the appetite of her recently developed insomniac nature.

She chose to respond to nothing, as she had nothing to offer. This garbage was the reason she couldn't sleep at night; could it not leave her be during the time she managed to find enough tranquility to close her eyes?

These people; they will burn. They know this. They see images, as you do, of what's to come.

Who's they? Do they see the silence? Haruka tried to imagine a mass of people aware of the potential fate of the planet; this would surely plunge the planet into a state of chaos. This could not be allowed to happen.

They are those chosen to inherit the message, and enable their self disconnection; they know not of it's significance.

I'm afraid that offers no clarification, eerie voice. Haruka retorted, wondering why and how this bossy presence had nested itself into Haruka's thoughts; Her very private, solitude thoughts.

I'm here because you won't act on your own accord without a proper push, be it from a cliff or a mound; these people need to die, and they need to know why, Sailor Uranus, the voice offered in a stern unwavering manner.

MORE people? She thought of the death busters, and their endless schemes of extracting crystals from peoples hearts in an attempt to find pure hearts, which paralleled their own mission sadly. Why do more have to die? She asked the commanding voice.

Technically, Uranus, none have died, save but yourself and Neptune. To answer why they need to die, is simple.

As Uranus clung on desperately to this morose specter to elicit an answer for the further necessity of innocent deaths, it was ended as quickly as it began with the realization...


Haruka awoke herself with her legs giving way and sweeping her on her back. Evaluating her surroundings, she realized with a start she was where she last remembered; no longer leaning on the counter, but on her back rubbing her head from the impact of the fall.

Then recalling her reason for rousing herself from the "dream"; "Michiru!" Dammit!

Giving no time to consider the illusion having just occurred, the tall woman quickly put her hasty element to use, and quickly composed herself in her attire for the day. Throwing on a nice clean, white dress shirt, slacks, and a sand colored coat to match her slacks; dressing to impress, as always, and in a rush.

She sincerely hoped her partner had not mistaken her tardiness for apathy. While it was important to remain detached from her partner on a personal level, it was important to be united still.

With that, Haruka became a blur into the passing wind, rapidly departing her apartment to meet with the sea.