Chapter 1: Cortex Saves the Day?

In a giant Greenhouse in the city, tourists walk around the plant-filled location observing the new attractions: carnivorous plants. These evil plants use to try to stop our hero Crash Bandicoot in his past adventures, but the tour-guide explains how the man-eating plants are now friendly & will not eat anyone anymore.

Tour-Guide: "The carnivorous plants you see here won't bite any of you, so don't worry, he-he! Our years of taking care of these guys have changed their attitudes drastically, so now they are herbivores. Although, they can be a bit feisty when you try to clean their teeth, this coming from the woman that does it often!"

The tourists laugh at the humorous statement, then they take pictures of the plants while they, believe it or not, do poses & smile. Suddenly, an eruption from the soil occurs & the ground starts to shake. Everyone in the greenhouse starts to panic & scream, but the tour-guide tries to calm them all down.

Tour-Guide: "Everyone, please stay calm! It's possibly just an earthquake!"

But it's not an earthquake. Something big is coming from underground, it's roaring to get out! The soil becomes more & more bigger like a gigantic hill, it breaks & outcomes...


Old Tourist: "Giant Carnivorous Plant? That's it, I want a refund!"

Tour-Guide: "I think I fed this one too much!"

Female Tourist: "AAAAAHHHHHH!"

The giant plant unleashes a godly roar & prepares to attack & eat the people below him. But just before he gets the chance to, someone rushes in & stops it.

Male Tourist: "Hey, is that who I think it is?"

Tour-Guide: "It is! It's our hero!"

Everyone cheers, for they are saved by, DR. NEO CORTEX?! What's going on here? Why is everyone calling Cortex the hero? Why is he even helping out people, JUST WHY?

Cortex: "Halt right there, you foul beast! Leave these people alone or I shall blast you with my ray-gun! Go ahead & try me!"

Carnivorous-Plant: "RAWWWRR!"

Cortex hops onto his hover-glider & flies up into the air, then he shoots the giant plant with his ray-gun. The shots do massive harm to the plant, as it cause it to lean back & holler in pain.

Cortex: "& now to finish this once & for all!"

The man-eating plant lets out one more ear-wrenching roar as Cortex prepares to, fly into it's mouth? When he flies in, everyone gets shocked & screams in horror. Then the giant plant smiles & prepares to eat everyone else, when suddenly, a blast from inside the mouth comes from Cortex's ray-gun. The blast radius sends chunks of the monstrous plant flying everywhere. Does this mean Cortex has changed? What would prompt him to save all of these innocent people? & why is everybody calling him a "hero"?

Female Tourist: "Dr. Neo Cortex saved us from that giant plant!"

Crowd: "HOORAY!"

Old Tourist: "We should all get a refund!"

Crowd: "HOORAY!"

Cortex floats down on his hover-glider to his adoring public. Everyone surrounds him with cameras & autographs, they even have games of him: "Cortex TwinSanity"? "Cortex Team Racing"? "Cortex 2: Crash Strikes Back"? A little kid comes up to Cortex with a plushie of him.

Kid: "Mr. Cortex, sir, can you sign my plushie?"

Cortex: "Why certainly, anything for a nice young man like yourself!"

Cortex signs it, then the kid says thanks & runs off.

Cortex: "My adoring public, I'm happy to be your savior once again! I must go now to find any other big monsters that threaten our environment! Stay safe, & stay gold!"

Cortex flies out of the greenhouse. Someone new waits for him outside with a Power Crystal. It's a man, who has his face covered in bandages(No this is not Slender Man!). His stomach has a mouth with sharp-teeth & his eyes are on his chest. His whole body can be described as "inaccurate".

Cortex: "So, how did I do?"

Mysterious Man: "You're acting gets more horrible every day."

Cortex: "*groans*, okay, mister critic, do you have the Crystal?"

The man pulls out a Power Crystal.

Cortex: "YES! This plan wouldn't be possible if we didn't meet, I bet after working for that snob N. Brio you're finally more free to do the stuff you want to do?"

Mysterious Person: "*snicker*, you have no idea! After the accident that turned me into this, I'm now a powerful being, & I don't need to work for someone any longer. I'm my own man! I never though that having the power to change the events of society would be so much fun! The liquid from the beakers coursed through my veins & changed my blood, & now my brain is unlike any other!"

Cortex: "You got that right! But, uh, just out of curiosity, doesn't it hurt when you're like this? I mean, you have eyes on your chest & your stomach talks for Pete's sake! Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't know how people could stand to look at you this way."

Mysterious Man: "They see your enormous head."

Cortex: "Touché. Anyway, we must keep this up in order to get all the Crystals from the locations that we put them in, their power will cause chaos & I'll be able to stop them & get the Crystals! Then once I have them all, world domination will be waiting for me- err, I mean us! With me as the hero now, there's no way that this plan can fail! Isn't that right, Dr. N. Accuracy?"

N. Accuracy: "Oh, we got this in the bag! With Crash Bandicoot soon to be behind bars, nothing can stop us! The world thinks he's the bad guy now!"

Cortex: "YES! I have finally won! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey, aren't you gonna laugh with me?"

N. Accuracy: "Nah, I'm not the laughing kind of guy, I get stomach-aches that way."

Meanwhile on Wumpa Island,

Inside the house, Crash is watching the news on t.v. He can't believe his eyes, seeing Cortex being celebrated for his sudden heroic deeds sends a shock to his heart. One day he's admired & looked up to as a hero, then the next day he's forgotten & hated by the world!

Crash: "What...just...happened?"

(End of Ch. 1)