Chapter 3: The Public Has Spoken

After disappearing off of Wumpa Island to escape the cops, the group appears in the city, where a parade is currently being thrown for Dr. Cortex's so-called "heroic deeds". The new guy, Wyatt Eagle, is freaked out by what just happened & looks at Aku Aku in fear.

Wyatt: "DUDE! Like, what the heck, man? What are you, some kind of magic, mystical-mask or something?"

Aku: "Actually, yes, yes I am."

Wyatt: "Ccccoooool!"

Crash: "Phew, that was too close! Man, what am I going to do now? If those guys wanted to arrest me, then who knows how many more are going to do the same!"

Coco: "Don't worry, Crash. We're going to find a way to hide you so that the authorities won't spot you, while at the same time finding a way to get to Cortex & reverse all of this."

Jade: "Uhh, is that a giant Cortex balloon I see?"

Crunch: "Where, oh heckie naw..."

The gang takes a gander at the Cortex balloon, & they're all disgusted by the positive attention that their one true enemy is getting. A band is playing, performers are cartwheeling down the street, confetti is everywhere, & the side crowds are going nuts for the celebration. This truly brings a grey cloud to Crash's heart, he should be the one getting all of this attention.

Wyatt: "This is, like, so totally awesome, dudes! I've been a huge fan of Dr. Cortex since I was a little Eaglet, he's a true hero!"

Crash: "Uhh, don't you mean I'M the true hero? What is wrong with you people, Dr. Cortex is bad news; I've been saving the world since 1996!"

Wyatt: "Hey! Dr. Cortex is so not bad news, you're the one who's bad news, dude! You should be ashamed of all the evil you tried to do to the world over the years!"

Crash: "ALL THE EV- sir, I'll have you know-"

Wyatt: "Have me know what? That you're a smelly, unlikable marsupial that's just mad that Cortex is getting all the love & not YOU?!

Crash: "Alright, that's it!"

Crash tries to get his hands on Wyatt & Coco tries to break it up.


Coco puts her hand over Wyatt's hooked beak to silence him.

Coco: "Listen here, you not-so-Bald Eagle! If you so much as try to say my brother's name in a loud manner, I will pluck every one of your feathers & cook you for dinner! Now, believe it or not, Crash is the hero & Cortex is the bad guy, he is tricking you. We're getting to the bottom of this once & for all! You got that, bird-boy?"

Wyatt is too happily distracted by Coco. Apparently, he seems to have a "crush" on her.

Wyatt: "I'll do anything you say, pretty blond-haired beauty!"

Coco gets a repulsed expression on her face as Wyatt won't take his eyes off her & stop smiling. Then the rest of the gang, including Aku Aku, giggles at Coco as they get the possible idea.

Crash: "Coco & Wyatt sittin' in a tree! K-I-"

Coco: "SHUT IT!"

Just then, Jade spots policemen walking towards them.

Jade: "Oh, fuzz! It's the police! What are we gonna do?"

Aku: "Quickly, we must hide Crash. Everyone, stand out in front of him!"

Crunch & Jade cover Crash, then Coco grabs Wyatt, who's in a "love-trance", & they also cover him. As the police are walking by, they see the gang standing unusually still & having nervous smiles.

Policeman: "Howdy there, folks! Really special day today, isn't it?"

Jade: *nervously* "Uhh, oh yeah! Really special! That Cortex sure is a hero!"

Crunch: "The best!"

Crash, crouched & hidden, then gets a low-voice & covers his muzzle, saying...

Crash: "Cortex sucks!"

The police then hear someone say it from behind the group.

Policeman: "Uhh, who said that?"

Coco: "Uhh, probably some idiot from far away who roots for Crash Bandicoot, you know, the bad guy?"

Coco then kicks Crash in the shins.

Crash: *whispers* "OW! That's the third time in the same leg!"

One of the policemen look at Coco in concern.

Policeman: "Excuse me, miss. Is everything okay?"

Coco: "I-I was just getting something off my leg."

Crash: "*sigh*, someone please kill me now."

Crash begins to lie down on the ground until the cops go away, but he lays his furry elbow onto Jade's tail.

Jade: "*loud-meow*"

Everyone looks at Jade & then starts laughing, even the police!

Jade: "Hey! Puberty is a serious thing!"

When everyone stops laughing, Crash is still heard laughing his butt off. Then the police see him, & that's when he stops.

Crash: "Uh-oh."

Policeman: "Well, well, well! Looks like someone's planning an evil scheme to ruin the parade!"

Other Policeman: "Crash Bandicoot, stay where you are! You are under arrest!"

Crash: "Here we go again."

Aku: "Everyone, run!"

The policemen calls other cops to the location, while the gang grabs Crash & run away from the scene. While the run, other people spot them escaping with Crash & they throw stuff at him.

Crunch: "Hey, watch the metal-arm, suckas!"

Woman: "Boo! You stink, Crash Bandicoot!"

Man: "Where's Dr. Cortex when you need him?"

A game is thrown at Crash's head. He grabs it to see which one it is.

Crash: "D'oh! "Cortex Boom Bang"? Heh, what a 'bomb' this was."

Coco: "Where should we go, Aku Aku?"

Aku: Into the alley! We can hide there from everyone else."

Crash, Coco, Wyatt (still hypnotized), Jade, Crunch, & Aku Aku head into the alley. They get away from the angry mob that was chasing them & opens a sewer cap & climbs down the sewer one by one.

Jade: "Ugh! Anyone got a gas-mask?"

Crash: "I dunno, guys. I'm kinda use to the smell."

Coco: "We know, because you practically been in here lots of times before."

Crash: "You mean Cortex has, you know, so that he could get the Crystals & defeat me?"

Coco: "Hey now, cut out the sarcasm. I told you we're going to find a way out of this mess. I brought my laptop with me so that we can track down Cortex & his new companion."

Wyatt: "Sssooo, you like laptops, huh? That's cccoooooool."

Coco: "Uhh, thanks?"

Coco turns around to see Jade looking at her with a grin.

Coco: "Not. One. Word."

Coco looks into her pink-laptop & brings up her radar. She can see the whole world on it, & she immediately gets a signal of Cortex's whereabouts.

Coco: "He's, in the city! I guess he's showing up for his own parade."

Crash: "Blergh."

Crunch: "How we gonna get to him? The whole block thinks that we Crash's henchmens or somethin' like that."

Jade: "I think I have an idea."

(end of ch. 3)